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Hillary $15


According to Fortune Magazine Hillary Clinton spends around $1400.00 on her pantsuits. They are designed by Nina McLemore who also have Elizabeth Warren and Janet Napolitano as clients.

McLemore states that Clinton doesn’t venture beyond the pantsuit because McLemore believes that, “Once the brain makes a conclusion about a person, based on a first look, whether that impression is positive or negative, it’s done; it’s not just a first impression, it’s a stamp.”

McLemore further believes that, “TV is where charisma and attractiveness count far more than substance.” Something Richard Nixon figured out as it was happening even though he lacked charisma and attractiveness AS WELL AS substance!

Now Clinton’s “blah” uniform: boxy blazer, shapeless slacks, simple shirt, statement necklace and sensible shoes don’t come cheep.

The pantsuit runs $1400, the “simple shirt” runs $200, the statement neckless can run from $300 to $1500 so say $600, the sensible shoes around $500.

So for Hillary to look “charismaly blah” it costs about $2700.00 not counting undergarments which Tubularsock will assume are cotton boxer shorts due to the lack of sexual interest in her from her sexually crazed husband. Granted the undergarment thing is speculative on Tubularsock’s part.


So it cost $2700.00 to look Clinton-blah. And she has dozens of pantsuits. So 12 x 2700.00 = $32,400.00.

Now Hillary says that $15.00 an hour is too much to pay a worker. She has backed $12 but Bernie has forced her up to $15. Or that’s what she says to get votes right now. Don’t count on that, folks …….. she’s a lier.

But it would take a 180 – $15 dollar hours to pay for ONE of Hillary Clinton’s blah outfits which is 22.5 — 8 hour days!

It would take 2,160 hours to dress Hillary 12 times.
(and Tubularsock doesn’t included the deductions from the paycheck for worker’s comp, taxes, and health care)
180 hours for one pantsuit set up

22 1/2 — 8 hour days to dress Hillary once

270 days to dress Hillary 12 times

or around 9 months of work.

And Hillary has said that businesses can’t afford to pay $15.00 an hour but she has been willing to vote YES on BILLIONS of dollars on war …… she never says we can’t afford THAT!

So the average Joelet can work an 8 hour day and still can’t pay for a decent lifestyle.
And Hillary is just above ALL THAT. You know, from the helicopter people even look small.

And yet, why is it that working women, Blacks and Hispanics support her?

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