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Pussy Riot — Fuck Putin

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wait a minute …………

Pussy Riot, the feminist punk rock band from Russia, are amazing.

They pulled off a political stunt in a church and all shit broke loose.

The established order is shocked, shocked, shocked!
The church is upset ………….
The putin-dictatorial-government is upset ………
And Amnesty International is upset ……… but for different reasons.

Three of the women in Pussy Riot are on trail in Moscow right now.
The judge is a woman and must have trained the Gitmo judges because anything the government presents is licked up like warm shit but any evidence that the defense puts up is rejected. They call that justice in Russia just like we do here.

Their stand, against the soviet-style-putin-government, brought down the house.

It’s a Gitmo Style Trial being conducted similarly to the old-soviet-dictatorial-kangaroo-court.

Which makes Tubularsock think, “. . . did the Soviet’s really win?”

Is Pussy Riot really trying to wake us up to the fact that the judicial system in the U.S. is as fucked up as any soviet-style judicial system. Rather embarrassing don’t you think?

Now you know if you denounce both the Church and the State at the same time, the power structure can’t stand for that.

And you know, that pissing on the cops boots is going to get you in big trouble. Whether the cop is the Church or the State. Not because it “really-matters-really”, but because it has to matter to keep the facade in place.

Now because of this political show trial Tubularsock has been listening to Pussy Riot and they are punk-anger for sure with a feminist twist. If you like punk music then you’ll like Pussy Riot. It’s angry enough for Tubularsock. I like them and if you don’t then fuck you!

Now the three woman of Pussy Riot that have been charged say they were not disrespecting the Church. They were reciting their prayer to the Virgin Mary to throw Putin out. And what better place to conduct a prayer than at the alter of the Christ Saviour Cathedral in Moscow. They have been charged with “hooliganism motivated by religious hostility”.

Granted, their prayer style was a bit unorthodox, but Christians are so unforgiving. Makes Tubularsock wonder about all that turn the other cheek crap.

As Tubularsock always says, “God forgives, Tubularsock doesn’t!” So fuck the Christ Saviour Cathedral in Moscow and may the Virgin Mary defecate on their heads. Amen.

As for “hooliganism” the Russian government must be kidding …….. right?

Talking about the pot calling the kettle black.

These woman could get up to seven years for their protest and if they do then Putin and his corrupt soviet style “democracy” bull shit will be exposed for what it happens to be.

Freedom of speech isn’t worth anything unless you use it. Most Americans don’t even get what they are losing and think that they even still have it.

When a government tries to scare the people from standing up and saying NO the basic fabric of democracy is torn.

Russia is still far away from being a Democracy and the U.S. has moved closer to the Soviet model so you can see we are all one big happy family. So don’t complain!

Check these out:  and

Kind of makes Tubularsock want to burn something down or blow something up. When’s the next flight out of Oakland to Moscow?

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