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Guantanamo Gone! …….. THE STORY

Now Tubularsock has come up with another brilliant idea but I’m not going to tell anyone until I can secure a government contract to carry it out.

Ok. I can hear you right now saying aloud …….. “How could you, Tubularsock, acquire a government contract?”

My-my, such little faith ……….

Now even at the risk of making Obummer look good, here’s the plan.

Side note: Some parts of this plan have been redacted in order to protect the identity of the agents who are risking their lives for our nation.

In order to close Guantanamo we establish a top secret project called EEE-RACE.

It will be run by the CIA but will be subcontracted to a little known private corporation known only as Xsock,Ltd. (clever, yes?)

And here is how it will work.

First: Xsock,Ltd. will order 254 black plastic bags and a 107 rolls of standard duct-tape.

In order to hide any attention to these purchases agents will purchase these materials over a period of six months at different hardware stores in different locations throughout the nation.

redacted 1

Third: The current detainees will be bound and gagged and a black plastic bag will be placed over their heads (in a very respectful way) and duct-taped in place.

Side note: These activities are so familiar that the detainees won’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Four: The detainees will be placed into air cargo planes with loud Grateful Dead tunes being played in order not to alert the detainees that things are changing for them.

Five: Each and every detainees will be dropped off exactly at the location where they were kidnapped with a new passport and an envelope with $50,000.00 in cash.

Side note: This process will be known in the secret files of the CIA as REVERSE-RENDITION  or R-R for you acronym types.

redacted 2

and ship it to China to join all the Trade Tower debris that Rudy Giuliani so quickly removed.

redacted 3




The United States Government will deny the Guantanamo Bay “Detention” Camp ever existed. Just another concoction of conspiracy theorists.

The United States Congress will convene a Select-Committee to investigate the situation. They will fly to the Bahamas for a six week FACT-FINDING-TOUR only to discover that Guantanamo is in Cuba.

Side note: You know how all islands look alike.

Obummer will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden and tell the main stream media that when he promised to close Guantanamo he had meant the military base NOT the “Detention” Camp that never existed.

The main stream media for their part will copy down verbatim what Obummer

said and then ask the obligatory question about Michelle’s Jay Crew dress.

Ahhh, all’s quiet on the Western Front.

redacted 4






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tube heading columnTNT


Well Tubularsock has been thinking about this entire Assata Shakur regurgitation from the FBI. And all I can come up with is that the FBI has been having a very good showing in the Just-How-Inept-Are-We category.

No, seriously.

The FBI has a great track record in organizing the not-so-bright and then convincing them to do something stupid in order to be caught as terrorists. But sadly, for the FBI, everyone has learned how to connect the dots and discover that it is the FBI itself that set up the entire plot as an entrapment scheme to make themselves look good. You know, like they are doing a good job or something.

However, when it comes to a real terrorist plot or a real terrorist attack the FBI seems to be so busy running their own fake-terrorist-schemes that they miss the real deal.

Enter Assata Shakur! Over thirty years ago Assata Shakur escaped from prison and made her way to Cuba. She is 65 years old now and the FBI has just proclaimed her the first woman on its list of most wanted terrorists. Do you think this is some type of feminist advancement program for the FBI? The reward for her capture and return has been doubled to $2 million.

Give Tubularsock a break. I’m not scared. When you read about the kangaroo trial she was put through and the racist jury that convicted her maybe the terrorist title should be placed on New Jersey’s Judge John E. Bachman and the 12 racist folks from Morris County.


This is the best distraction the FBI can come up with? How pathetic. 


While Assata was on the run after her escape she lived as a fugitive for several years. The FBI circulated wanted posters throughout the New Jersey and New York areas but her supporters put up “Assata Shakur is Welcome Here” posters in response.

Tubularsock suggests bringing forth a new poster campaign for 2013 ……..


Shakur Welcome


You’d think the FBI would actually put their efforts concentrating on present day dangers rather than going back 30 years and puffing up their feathers. Yes, it is really embarrassing. 

As Alice Walker so compassionately put it, “. . . the US government can now offer two million dollars for the capture of a very small, not young, black woman who was brutally abused, even shot, over three decades ago, as if we don’t need that money to buy people food, clothes, medicine, and decent places to live.” (


It truly is astounding, yet in this America that is led by a step-and-fetch-it-Negro who is a slave boy to the white corporate power structure, Tubularsock, for one, is not surprised!


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Tube Heading 2013 yellow





You may not have noticed because the American mess-media seems to think Benghazi is the only thing that is going on in the world, well except maybe, OJ attempting to get a retrial in Las Vegas. But in little ol’ Guatemala the court there has convicted former dictator Efrain Rios Montt for genocide and crimes against humanity.


Now that is embarrassing. GUATEMALA! A country that 90% of U.S. citizens couldn’t find on a map if you outlined it in red has a court system that can hold a former leader responsible for his actions. And right here in the land that continually mouths the platitude: “we are a country of laws not of men” is so busy “looking forward”, in Step-An-Fetch-It-Obomber’s terms, that we have missed putting the entire Bush administration in jail for the same crimes as Rios Montt!


But not to worry. The fix is in. And has been for a very long time. And now that Step-An-Fetch-It-Obomber has joined the ranks ………. well now, just how can the Black call the kettle …….. U.S. war criminals stand together.


Rios Montt is being held responsible for his deliberate killings by his armed forces of at least 1,771 members of the Maya Ixil population during his 1982-83 rule.


He had them murdered in cold blood.


The current President of Guatemala Otto Perez commanded troops in some of the bloodiest regions of the war under Rios Montt. President Otto Perez says, that there had been no genocide in Guatemala. However it all depends on who is carrying the gun, doesn’t it.


Fun side note: During the trial, one prosecution witness implicated Perez in atrocities, saying that troops under his command burned down homes and killed unarmed civilians during the conflict that killed up to 250,000 people.


Efrain Rios Montt didn’t do this all alone ……….. his accomplice RONALD REAGAN.


Yes, “Ol’ Death Valley Days” himself.


It was Ron’s administration that provided military arms to Rois Montt.


Fun side note: If you were to buy a gun and  give it to a bank robber and during the robbery with that gun the robber killed the teller, you would be an accomplice to that killing. However if you do that same thing but the recipient is a dictator you get a library in your name.


Now if you want to take the time and follow Reagan’s devastating blood-soaked unprovoked aggression and unflinching embrace of some of Latin America’s most unsavory dictators feel free. All the information is out there. And Tubularsock encourages you to do so before the historical record is white-washed and “re-interpreted” like Iran-Contra.


Reagan’s extreme mind set about communism led him to a hemispheric foreign policy characterized by simple-minded formulations. The result was a staggering death toll. An estimated 70,000 or more political killings in El Salvador, possibly 20,000 slain from the Contra war in Nicaragua, about 200 political “disappearances” in Honduras and some 100,000 people eliminated during a resurgence of political violence in Guatemala.


The Reagan Administration provided the guns, bombs, helicopter gun-ships and training. And the training is still going on at what was once called The School of the Americas which changed its name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.


A funny side note: Basically it should be called The Torture Training School or School of Assassins. And this is what your government does in its spare time folks while you watch American Idol!


There is no historical evidence that during the eight years of the Reagan-The-Butcher’s reign that he was ever morally troubled by the bloodbath and even genocide that occurred in Central America with his assistance. Maybe that is the reason the old shit got Alzheimer’s disease and frothed at the mouth!


No, Tubularsock has no sympathy for that psychopath!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM











Tube heading CIA


“U.S. approaches allies as it tries to boost the rebels, including with possible military aid.”

“The administration said last week it was rethinking its opposition to arming the rebels . . .”

“. . . noting that the U.S.’s main concern is the use of chemical weapons by Assad.”

These statements are all from the Associated Press which makes anyone who knows what is actually happening in the real world wonder who the Associated Press is associated with as they continue spewing this meaningless banter.

Let Tubularsock clear up any doubt about this entire Syrian mess. It’s pretty simple really.

The U.S. doesn’t like Iran and Syria has the support of Iran.

Iran and Syria don’t like Israel and the U.S. supports Israel.

The U.S. has been involved it supplying and training al Qaeda going back to Ronald Reagan.

Funny side note: The U.S. supplied and trained Bin Laden and his boys so they would attack the Soviets in Afghanistan. They ended up attacking us …….. remember.

Al Qaeda is at the center of the “rebels” who are attacking Assad and attempting to topple his government. So the idea that Obama is “rethinking the opposition to arming the rebels” is ridicules. The question really is, will we ever stop arming them.

The U.S. wants to topple Assad so as to weaken Iran’s presence in the Middle East.

The U.S. and Israel both are frightened about Iran building a nuclear bomb.

Funny side note: Back when Dick Cheney was running Haliburton they sold nuclear components to Iran. That is where Iran got its ability to build its nuclear power plant and its ability for making a nuclear bomb. These components were banned from being sold to Iran by a U.S. embargo but Dick went ahead and sold them anyway. No …….. neither he or Haliburton were held accountable.

Iran wants a nuclear bomb to protect itself from the U.S. and Israel. And you really can’t blame them. The U.S. and Israel are wacko-crazies!  stamp copy

ENTER CHEMICAL WEAPONS (a-la Saddam Hussein)

Funny side note: It was Ronald Reagan who sold Saddam Hussein the chemicals that were used to make weapons. (Have you noticed a recurring theme?)

And now it has been revealed that it was the U.S. under the contract of a private contractor who trained the “rebels” in the use of chemical weapons and IT WAS THE REBELS THAT USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS NOT THE ASSAD GOVERNMENT! This is what former war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte has discovered and she and fellow members of a four-member U.N. human rights panel have indicated.

And still the U.S. is “. . . saying it’s highly likely that the Assad regime, and not the rebels, has been behind any chemical weapons use in Syria.” (Obama via Bush playbook)

So here is the bottom line: When the next inspired FBI/CIA terrorist attack occurs in the United States and the new found terrorist use their training in the use of chemical weapons to explode a sarin laced bomb ……… don’t even act surprised. Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Wow ……….. what a surprise. Or …… not really!

The FBI was informed by the Russian Secret Police that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was involved with radical Islam. This happened in November, 2010. The FBI said that they investigated the family and found nothing that appeared as a potential security threat.

And yet, when asked, the FBI said that they had NO KNOWLEDGE of the bombing suspects after the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The CIA also sent the FBI an intelligence report on Tamerlan linking him as a potential security threat linked to a Chechen terrorist organization in 2011.

The FBI placed Tamerlan on a terrorist watch list. That was after they had found him and his family NOT to be a potential security threat.

The CIA had him on a terrorist watch list as well.

And then six months before the Boston Marathon Bombing the Russians again sent information to the FBI and CIA about Tamerlan allegedly meeting six times with a known Chechen terrorist, Gadzhimurad Dolgatov, in a fundamentalist Salafi mosque in Dagestan (Russia).

And Home Land Security had suspicions about Tamerlan because the agency received tips in 2012 about his ties to extremists connected to a Boston mosque.

But here’s the odd part ………..

With all this “terrorist-watch-list” malarkey, neither the FBI, the CIA, or Home Land Security knew that in 2012 Tamerlan Tsarnaev left the country to go to Russia and was able to enter Russia without the Russian Security Services stoping him. I guess it has to do with who you work for ………

Then Tamerlan was able to continue to Dagestan (a Republic of Russia) which is in the heart of the world’s heaviest military occupation by the Russians and take a “workshop” in terrorism put on by the “Caucasian Fund” in cooperation with the  Jamestown Foundation which is engaged in recruiting residents of North Caucasus to work in the interests of the United States and Georgia. Or in other-words anti-Russian! The entire purpose is to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia. I guess it has to do with who you work for ………

CIA Brothers

Tamerian then flies out of Russia without any intervention by the Russian Security Services and flies back into the United States without any intervention by the FBI, CIA, or Home Land Security! I guess it has to do with who you work for ………

As Craig Murray, the former US Ambassador, human rights activist and whistle blower, states: “This scenario is simply impossible in the real world.” I guess it has to do with who you work for ………

What we have here folks, is just another example of the FBI/CIA training terrorists and then either losing control of their assets or letting the terror happen to keep the American public in fear of potential terrorism.


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