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Olympic Gold 2012?

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Who gives a shit who jumps higher, runs faster, sits longer, or drinks Coke?

Who gives a fuck if BP Oil, BigMac, GE, BMW, or Dow Chemical screw up the earth and support the Olympics 2012 all at record speed?

Who cares?

The Olympics are just another lie to keep the masses sitting on their sofas getting fatter and fatter (pass me that oily BigMac, will ya?)  as they watch professional athletes perform shit like any good trained dog. And their bone is a lucrative contract to push the corporate agenda. Wow. How exciting.

Does it really matter who jumps highest? Really? Does it affect you and your family? So what is the deal with this crap?

Yet. You’re sitting there watching it. But some people would sit and watch who can piss farthest or crap longest too. Tubularsock’s example ……. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both gold medal winners with more to come. Hmmm, more to come …… forget it!

The world continues to go to hell in a hand bag and all we keep getting are games and circuses. Even the best juggler drops the ball sometimes.

Tubularsock, of course, was shocked when it was exposed that the U.S. team’s uniforms were made in China at $1945.00 a unit. Boy, those Chinese workers are sure getting some high wages. Many of them make a full 10 cents a day I guess.


There are 530 American athletes that get these uniforms. They wear them once at the opening of the 2012 Olympics. That means that if you watch this show as the team walks out into the stadium you will be looking at $1,030,850.00 worth of clothing. Are you impressed yet?

Thanks to Ralph Lauren and the Chinese the American Olympians look like a military green beret outfit. Yeppee! Or a little girl scoutish – boy scoutish! This is fashion?

And to add just a little bit of color to all this ………. George Bush’s daddy buys his suits from the same Chinese factory that produced the Olympians suits and he can’t even stand up anymore.

Now if only somebody could blow something up in London so Mitt could tell us all that he was correct in questioning the English government on shoddy security. That is what Tubularsock would call a race to the finish!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

I know you may not care but Obummer dropped by Oakland today to pick up some cash from his faithful ATM-supporters.

But you may want to explain this to Tubularsock …………

Obummer was in San Francisco and flew out of SF at 11:25am headed for Reno, Nevada. Now that in itself isn’t of interest.

What is interesting is he departed Reno, Nevada at 2pm to arrive in Oakland, CA at 2:50pm.

San Francisco is right across the bay from Oakland. But the trip from SF to Oakland takes a bit longer by way of Reno. Hey! Who is paying for this joy ride anyway?

Now at 3:20pm Obummer attended a fundraiser at The Scottish Rite Center Temple but it was closed to the press. And I guess that means that whomever he talked with was unknown. Another transparent moment for Obummer.

All the press reports mention that he attended a fundraiser at the Scottish Rite Center Temple but no one seems to know who was there. Were they Scottish? Was it Rite to go after their money? Were they Biblical money changers from the Temple? NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW.

But you can put your mind at rest, the place was surrounded by cops for two city blocks in all directions. The Scottish Rite Center Temple is built like a fortress so he was safe. The cops even had a boat in Lake Merritt which is directly across the street. I guess they were expecting a possible attack from sea!

Now at 8:35pm Obummer was off to the 1%ATM in Piedmont, CA where he  panhandled to some heavies at the private residence of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan. Tubularsock wanted to go to meet and greet because it is only about fifteen minutes from the Tubularsock Bunker but I was a little shy of the $38,500.00 entry fee.

And then at 7:55pm Obummer was at the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland to “deliver remarks” at a campaign event where the little people can stand in line and pay $100 to $7500 for the opportunity to see this colorful black man whip it out and remind them that America is moving “FORWARD”.
















Wow. Some people are just plain stupid ……….. “Forward”?



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Here’s the question:

What is the difference between a 24 year old kid planning an attack on a movie theater in Colorado and killing a group of people he doesn’t even know and President Barack Obama and his boys sitting around ever Tuesday planning who they are going to kill in Afghanistan, Yemen, or Pakistan?

A) nothing.

B) nothing.

C) nothing!

So ……………

Why all the “heartfelt” concern?

If you dig through the bull shit long enough ……… you’ll find the bull.

People that find war as an answer are unhappy people.

The dead in Colorado are simply “collateral damage”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, let’s go watch some football, America!


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Hillary and the Boys

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What do you know about Syria? No really. What do you know about the Assad Government in Syria? Really.

Tubularsock would venture to say NOTHING.

And Tubularsock can assure you that what you see on your silly TV from those silly buffoons that pose as “journalists”, a misnomer if there ever was one, is nothing even resembling the truth. Nor are they really there to provide it.

Sure you already know that! And who has time to really trace down what are really the issues in Syria let alone why we are suppose to solve them?

But here is a summary of what you have been propagandized to believe:

Assad is the bad guy.
He runs a brutal government that victimize his people.
He and his wife are disengaged from the harsh life of their people.
The “people” have risen up to throw off the chains of their dictatorial government.
The “people” want democracy.
The Chinese and Russians are providing (that means selling) arms to the Assad government so it can brutalize the people.

Sounds like this is a job for SUPER-COUNTRY aka The United States of America.

Oh gosh, America can’t intervene we just can’t disrespect another country’s sovereignty.

What kind of a country would do such a thing? Certainly not one that believes in the rule of law!

And then Hillary tells the world that Russia and China, “. . . will pay a price” for standing with the Assad government.

Sounds like the same old bull shit to Tubularsock.

Now who do you think has been training and selling arms to the “rebel” side of the equation? Yep. The CIA. In fact, you can bet that it was the CIA who helped to get this entire thing started. No really, you can bank on it. The arms dealers have and they will sell to all comers.

And who is the number one arms dealer in the world today?

China? ………….. no.

Russia? ………… no.

Cuba? ……….. no.

Well, the freedom loving, war hungry United States.

Now like in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria does the United States, Russia, and China really care about the people of any of those countries? Fuck no.

As always, each of their perceived “national interests” are the ONLY thing that is really of interest to them.

So here is the question that Tubularsock has been wondering.

Just WHO believes any of this shit?

Just WHO is Hillary trying to communicate with at these international meetings?

Not the people of the United States. Obama would bomb the crap out of them if he decided to “protect our national interests” or even worse “protect us from terrorists!”.  So the American public doesn’t have to be considered.

So who is she talking at?

Look at these slim balls in their fucking blue suits and their empty hand shakes. Do any of them care about people? Do you think any of them care about people?

Well, they tell you they do but their decisions always end in this:

But for them it’s back to the fancy hotels and their jets and off they go to destroy the next country on their corporate agenda.

And the people? Get real!

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Give me a fucking break! There are no terrorist plotting inside the United States!
Why is Tubularsock so sure?

Easy. No room.

You see, the FBI is running around playing like they are al-Qaida terrorists and successfully setting up questionable-intelligent-people by not only encouraging their thoughts about doing some kind of harm but by providing them with the money and the means to carry out their fantasy.

Yes. It is called entrapment and every FBI …. “capture-of-a-terrorist”  …… is created by the FBI.

Then you see all the suits standing around the podium with a bank of American flags behind them telling we the citizens that, “Once again the FBI has saved the homeland from the evil-doers.” Aren’t we, in the FBI, just great?

And the “co-operating informer” IS ALWAYS some guy with a criminal record. And if he helps the FBI he gets a lessor sentence for some crime he has already committed. And THAT crime he committed was without the help of the FBI. In other words The Informer IS the criminal and he’s used to make some angry sap a terrorist-criminal by setting-him-up.

Now the FBI has been called on the carpet for this sort of questionable activity for some time and Tubularsock has brought it to your attention before. What grabbed my attention today was the statement in an article in USA Today .


Rezwan Ferdaus is the guy who was caught last September (2011) for planning to fly remote-controlled model planes packed with explosives into the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol. Sweet.

Ferdaus is going to plead guilty to two counts. One for attempting to provide material support to terrorists (the FBI) and two for planning to destroy federal buildings by means (money from the FBI) of an explosive (provided by the FBI).

Ferdaus pretty much couldn’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag but …… enter the FBI!

Now the FBI entrapment was the usual modus operandi but what got Tubularsock is this statement in the article:


Now when Tubularsock read FEDERAL EMPLOYEES  the FBI wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. The first thing that came to mind was a group of custodians in a federal building sweeping up terrorists or perhaps postal clerks making terrorists stand in long lines for explosive postage stamps.

So what’s up with the term FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ?

Now just who is USA Today trying to fool? And more importantly why?


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM


Just what can you say. Jimmie Carter hit it on the head in his recent opinion piece in the New York Times. The United States of America has lost “. . . the moral high ground in human rights”.

Bush and all that killing shit that HE caused!

And Obama doing the same killing shit but has gotten “into it” with his fucking “Killer Tuesdays” meetings.

Wow. This is the fucking change YOU worked to get?

Hey, three cheers.

What delusional clap-trap!

Can you really get your mind around choosing who you are going to kill this week?

Can you see yourself sitting around rationalizing that any male from “0 to ever” being 
kill-able? If they are in range of a “thought to be” —- terrorist? Well,
maybe-kind’a- sure, he’s a “kind of fits the bill” —- terrorist.

Or saying, “you know that collateral damage WILL take place”
But that’s only women and children …………

Let me translate:

They aren’t YOUR women and children.
They aren’t YOUR sons.
They aren’t YOU!

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
That is Article 1, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United States signed this agreement.

Need I say more?

This is where Jimmie Carter ends.
But where did this all begin?

The United States of America was created out of a larger genocide than the Holocaust.

We killed our way across America, killing any people that “were in our way” and taking their land!

We enslaved people in chains using slave labor and to build this country.

We have killed our way around the world in the name of “American Interests”.

And are currently on a killing spree in the Middle East and Africa.

And for what?

        So we can have cheap crap?

Are you in favor human rights?

Or just if they cover your family?

The only people who win at wars just make more money.

The only people who lose at wars just get the heart ache.

And it’s called: “winning the hearts and minds”?

Barack or Mitt
Same Corporate Shit!

Don’t vote,



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………… get it?

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only they will dominate ……….. not you ………… except at your level.