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Ok. Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington, D.C. in Oakland, CA. and this thought floated through and with the agility of a stealth bomber I plucked it from the ethos.

What do YOU ……… an American citizen living in America ……. what do you have to do with bombing a Syrian?

Really. What has a Syrian done to YOU lately? What harm has a Syrian caused YOU?

In most cases only a handful of YOU have ever even seen a Syrian let alone talked with one.

So ………. would you blow one up?

I wouldn’t.

And when YOU start to think about it, how about an Iraqi? Or a Pakistani?

Just what have they done to you personally? Anything at all?

An Afghan? Would YOU leave your house today and go blow up an Afghan?

Do you have cause? Have you even met one in your travels?

And yet, we have killed hundreds of thousands of them. Men, women, and children.

But what has EVEN ONE done to you?


Can you actually say that YOU have a beef with a Syrian or an Afghan? How about a Pakistani? How about an Iranian?


YOU don’t have a beef with them, YOU don’t even know one.

So why are we so accepting with bombing them?

Tubularsock is still trying to grok why we “had to” kill so many Vietnamese?

Bombing their homes, killing their water buffalo, Agent Orange-ing their jungle, napalming their families.


I personally have never had a beef with a Vietnamese, EVER!


Syria has never attacked the United States.

Vietnam has never attacked the United States.

Iran has never attacked the United States.

Pakistan has never attacked the United States.

Iraq has never attacked the United States.

Afghanistan has never attacked the United States.


Do you notice some kind of a pattern here?


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Ok. What exactly is the real issue with Syria?

Let Tubularsock give you a quick rundown ……….

The Assad Government is currently in control and “we” are trying to destabilize Syria by supporting the “rebels” because Iran, Russia and Hezbollah back Syria.

And if Assad “wins” it would put Iran on the front burner of prestige in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the “rebels” are primarily Al Qaeda and even the ones that are not are extremist elements of Islam and if they win they would form an anti-American government. The kind that we have been attempting to eliminate in our silly “War on Terror”. The kind that would become a beach-head for training and implementing attacks in Europe and maybe even in the “homeland”.

So I guess you would have to wonder why we are backing the very Al Qaeda that we have FEARED for so long. Why would we support the very enemy that we have created an entire “brand-name” for ….. The Terrorists?

On top of that the Obomber Administration demanded that the Syrian government allow UN investigators into the area where this recent chemical attack has taken place to check out the facts on the ground. No sooner than the agreement was made between Syria and the UN for inspections Obomber and Kerry pushed the UN to call off the investigation completely!


Tubularsock thinks that when the truth comes out the rebels (“our guys”) implemented the chemical attack JUST-LIKE-LAST-TIME when chemicals were used.

Gee, how can the U.S. justify bombing the Syrian Government (meaning any fucking civilian in the way) if the rebels are shown to be the chemical attackers?

The presumption of Obomber to even think that the U.S. some how has the right to bomb a sovereign country that hasn’t attacked us is an act of aggression. 

This is against International Law and against the U.S. treaty agreements that the U.S. has signed. WTF!

But as always, Tubularsock has the solution.


Yeah, it’s Tubularsock’s new campaign.

No really. If the U.S. followed Tubularsock’s advise and BOMB ISRAEL FIRST immediately we become allies with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians for starters plus a whole range of other Middle Eastern countries and the U.S. in these times of cost savings could stop dumping billions of dollars down that Israeli drain.


And just think what would happen to the Israeli Lobby. Those fuck-sticks would have to go out and get real jobs rather than sucking off the tit of the United States.




You got to admit it has a ring to it.

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Kerry:tube heading

Ok. Let Tubularsock get this straight, “THIS international norm cannot be violated without consequences,” stated John Kerry. Now is this really real or is this some type of Onion satire.

The United States has just about broken every international norm that there is in the past fifty years and still John Kerry can stand and with a straight face and perfectly groomed hair tell the world that there must be consequences for the use of large-scale chemical weapons attacks.

Well, Tubularsock couldn’t agree more. Finally John Kerry is going to hold the United States responsible for its large-scale use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. The U.S. saturated that land with that deadly chemical and caused hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese CIVILIAN deaths and birth defects and ruined the farm land.

Agent Orange even caused death and disease within the American military with continued health issues to this day.

Wow! John Kerry is something. Do you think we will detain and arrest the CEO and the Board of Directors of Monsanto? How many Air Force generals will be detained? Wow. This is going to be big!

And gosh, now that we are on a roll I’ll bet John Kerry will follow up on the use of depleted uranium, the chemical element of Atomic number 92, a dense radioactive metal used in weapons that the U.S. has used in Afghanistan and Iraq. And even though we all know that EVER surgical strike placed in those countries missed every civilian, John will investigate and hold those in the Bush and Obombmer administration to the letter of INTERNATIONAL NORMS.

Golly gee! And the use of NAPALM will be ended by John as well. That is a chemical product that has been widely used by the American military. Do we have enough prison space in the Prison-Industrial-Complex to house all of these guys?

Not-to-worry, not-to-worry. With all of that American exceptionalism we are up to the task in order to bring ourselves up to INTERNATIONAL NORMS!

Now you have to admit that John can only do so much. It will take some other great governmental official to bring America up to International Norms around torture, attacking nations that haven’t attacked us, and droning the world at leisure. Hmmm, I wonder what Henry Kissinger is doing in his spare time?

xplow copy

OYG …….. Tubularsock has wandered off track.

John Kerry the Secretary of State wasn’t talking about the American Government’s role in chemical weapons but Syria!

Now just how did Tubularsock get so far afield?

“The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard, it is inexcusable and — despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured — it is undeniable”. (John Kerry)


Of course. Droning a wedding party, poisoning a nation, or contaminating a population is not a “moral obscenity”. It is saving a people from themselves.


Fuck you John Kerry! You are a piece of work.

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Tube heading CIA

Oh Pleazeee …….. spare Tubularsock! The papers from the CIA that shows that the CIA was involved in the overthrow of the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government of Iran back in 1953 and helped to install the DICTATORIAL Shah are now(?) revealed?


Ok. How many of you in America didn’t know this?

Ok ……… the six of you stand over there.

Notice Tubularsock didn’t ask how many of you in America don’t give a shit.

Anyone who wanted to know this already knew it.

For the rest of you, well you don’t give a shit!

Does anyone really think that “knowing this” fact changes anything? Well it doesn’t.

Let Tubularsock fill you in on a little top-secret-secret. That is what the CIA does!

If you added up the number of innocent individuals that have been killed because of CIA involvement since 1953 you’d find that the death rate of Hitler’s antics in comparison were chump change.

And yet ………… this revelation matters? FUCK NO, to coin a phrase.

Now in case you missed the back story ………. The entire deal was centered around Iran‘s plan to nationalize its oil industry causing the British oil companies to lose out so the CIA and the British intelligence service, the S.I.S., funneled $5 million to back a coup that prevailed and set up a pro-Western government.

But what is important to note is that Iranians working for the C.I.A. and posing as Communists harassed religious leaders and staged a bombing of one cleric’s home in a campaign to turn the country’s Islamic religious community against the government.

And the reason Tubularsock wants you to take notice of this little fact is that that is the tactic used by the CIA and the FBI right now in order to try and make you fear THE TERRORISTS. It is called a “false-flag” operation. You know ……… attacking oneself and blaming it on the other guy so YOUR people get upset and back you up. EVEN when YOU created the problem but your people are not aware of that part. The fake Gulf of Tonkin Incident that got the American people hyped about going to war with Vietnam. The fear of Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s which is a bit of a switch because it was based on the fear of him doing something rather than anything that he did.  And just for fun, just where does 911 fit into all of this?

And now that we are on the subject ………. when you have Vice President Dick Cheney in the White House bunker on September 11, 2001 being informed that a hijacked airliner was headed for Washington, D.C. and then asked by a military aid, “. . . if the orders still stand?” and he responds, “Yes, the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”.  And then that hijacked airliner hits the Pentagon without any attempt to intercept that hijacked airliner ……………….. AND ONE IS LEAD TO BELIEVE THAT “WE” HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ATTACK? BULL SHIT!

Keeping yourself in ignorance does not make you or your family safe ………



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Tube bulb electode heading

Wow. Tubularsock often wonders who actually puts news stories together like this.

Is it really thought out and does it have an underlying message?

OR are they automatically chosen randomly?

Which if true, would mean the synthesis of group consciousness.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.17.04 PM



Snowden gets a year stay in Russia:

“Russia’s action today is a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the United States. It is a slap in the face of all Americans,” Republican Sens. John tuberussaMcCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said in a joint statement. “Now is the time to fundamentally rethink our relationship with Putin’s Russia.”

Just where in the hell does McCain’s and Graham’s MINDLESS CHATTER come from anyway? Really, “ . . . a slap in the face of all Americans.” Somehow Tubularsock didn’t feel it from Russia but I do get a pain in the butt from these two assholes!



On July 9, 2013 Masao Yoshida (58), the manager at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant at the time of the melt down, died from esophageal cancer.

Tepco doesn’t recognize his health problems to be professional ( caused by radiation ).

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Tube NSA Heading

The wonderful thing about Congress is the fact that they are ALWAYS so …… well, on it.

Now after sitting on their, ahh …… brains, they are all activated over the NSA and the fact that the NSA will not release any information to Congress. Well it is all top secret, after all. Obummer tries to calm Tubularsock’s fears by telling me that I’m all safe and snugly because in our “check and balance system” Congress has oversight over what the NSA is doing and all is just working the way we were taught in 8th Grade civics.

But let Tubularsock give it to you in Obummer’s own words …….. “These programs are subject to congressional oversight and congressional reauthorization and congressional debate. And if there are members of Congress who feel differently, then they should speak up.”

So Congress rushed the doors of knowledge to find out the FACTS so they could do their oversight, reauthorization, and debate. Ok, they’ll do that right after they get back from their three week break. No really, this is an important issue about freedom vs a police state so as soon as they get back …………

As Congress rushed off they did say breathlessly that these NSA programs were such revelations to them all. Nobody ever told them (The programs are all top secret, after all.) how massive and invasive these programs were meant to be! Wow, total surprise, total surprise!

Tubularsock figures Google searches don’t work in Washington, D.C. for some reason. And simple logic and common sense seems in short supply as well.

NSA asks and receives a ZILLION dollars from Congress to run their secret programs and Congress is then surprised that all this spying is happening. What in the hell did the members of Congress think that that billion dollar file storage unit in Utah was going to be used for a Mormon dance hall?

So if Congress is so surprised about the NSA why did they all condemn Snowden for giving them the information that the NSA won’t give them? Maybe they should be giving him a fucking medal for doing something that Congress doesn’t have the power or ability to do.

Now when the members of the House spoke up as Obummer requested and attempted to remove funding to the NSA and stop the spying on all Americans it was the Republicans who made a stand and supported Obummer along with the Democratic Party’s leadership with Nancy Pelosi in the lead and voted it down.

But what is significant to anyone who is paying attention is that Nancy supported the NSA under Bush as well but acted like she didn’t. So did many of the Democratic Party leadership.

So Nancy Pelosi and 82 Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Peter King, Steny Hoyer and 129 Republicans to keep supporting the NSA spying on all Americans. Now that is bi-partisan collaboration if I’ve ever seen it. Who says the two parties can’t work together to keep the American public enslaved!


But the vote was close because 111 Democrats and 94 Republicans voted against oppression. Now can they keep that up and shift the tide from a police state mentality to an open society without government spying on the citizens? Stay tuned.

Now to pull off this round of spy control Obummer had to pull out all stops and rush the NSA top guns into the House to scare the members into THE FEAR OF THE TERRORISTS! (a la Bush & Cheney)

And to punch it up a notch the closing of all the embassies in the Middle East all of a sudden because of the EXCELLENT work of the NSA had just done in exposing the increase in “chatter” between the major players of Al Qaeda. Wow, and what perfect timing.

Interesting question: How many American citizen’s phone, emails, Facebook entries, Twitter statements, internet posts had anything to do with Al Qaeda “chatter” in the Middle East? 

But the fear of THE TERRORISTS is never complete without the reminder that THE HOMELAND is in constant danger.

Rep. Michael McCaul a Texan Republican and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security states that the State Department warning is significant because al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is probably the biggest threat to the U.S. and are “ . . . the  faction of al Qaeda that still talks about hitting the West and hitting the homeland. And their expertise is chemical explosives, hitting the aviation sector, as we saw with the underwear bomber. So we are on a high state of alert.”

Let Tubularsock remind you about the underwear bomber (2009) because he seems to come up as the constant fear of the HOMELAND. He’s kind of like the Santa Clause of terror except he carries his presents in his shorts.

The NSA had “chatter” at the time about the underwear bomber but no real concrete information. The guy gets on Flight 253 in Amsterdam without a passport, with a oneway ticket he purchased in cash and with no luggage. (Now, who would suspect?)

It was the passengers and the flight crew that stopped him from his attempt to blow the plane up with a bomb style that had detonation issues. Not the NSA, the CIA, or the FBI.

Now, exactly how does reading your emails and listening in on your phone calls make the HOMELAND safer again? 

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Tube money heading 2013

It is always fun to watch all the outrage and grandstanding and the performance art around something like the realization that the NSA has been collecting data on the world and every single American citizen’s phone conversations, email exchanges, and feces discharges for years.

And it is so non-threatening that it is kept all TOP-SECRET!

And then we have the word games. Kind-of-like the Scrabble-of-lies that Obama, Anderson, Clapper, Feinstein, Pelosi seem to attempt to perfect during each Sunday morning political game show that the phoney-media perform weekly.

You see when the government states that it is NOT collecting information on Americans or anyone for that matter you have to understand the meaning of COLLECT in the terms of the NSA.

To the NSA, acquiring information like every phone call you make, every email exchange you take part in and every shit you perform IS NOT “collecting” information. That is called ACQUIRING INFORMATION.

COLLECTING INFORMATION to the NSA is only when the government “selects or tasks” that acquired information for “subsequent processing.” At that point it considers it “collecting” the information.

So acquiring tons of information and storing it into their data base forever is just acquiring information to the NSA and therefore denying “collection” on every American in their view is not lying because they don’t do that. They only collect information on selected American citizens.

Now how fun is that!

But better than that is the fact that the NSA acquires 3 billion phone calls each day and something in the order of 20+ terabytes of data per day.

Now granted these number are fluid and not exact and to prove that to you Tubularsock will admit right now that I have increased my data and phone use by half just to see if I could bring the NSA to a tipping point. To date my increase of 3 new phone calls per day and my data of 36KB per day has not thrown the NSA data capacity into chaos but how would Tubularsock really know because it’s TOP SECRET!

But think on this …………

Edward Snowden’s information, was released to the public, that the NSA was spying on everybody on June 9th and today is August 3rd. That is 56 days ago. In that time the Congress has discussed the NSA spying, the public has discussed the NSA spying, the world governments have discussed NSA spying, the mass media has followed Snowden to the ends of the earth and back and spent a great deal of time in the Moscow airport washroom and even discussed NSA spying, and they even propped up Dick Cheney to give us his criminal opinion about the subject and yet the NSA is still collecting 3 billion phone calls each day and something in the order of 20+ terabytes of data per day.

So you do the math:

56 x 3 billion =

56 x 20 terabytes =

And now Congress has gone off for their three week vacation but the NSA hasn’t.

Talk about treading water. We are going to drown in this police state.

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