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If there isn’t a crisis, it appears, there isn’t any news! So right there you can see that it’s still all the same no matter how much you protest.

President Elect Tweet’s transition team is like a “war zone”!

Who is in?

Who is out?

It is no surprise that “draining the swamp” is way more difficult in reality than in rhetoric and trying to keep “lobbyists” out of positions is like going to a snake farm and hoping for no snakes.

And having President Elect Tweet express that “Only he knows the finalists” to be chosen with names ricocheting around the press like firing a shotgun in a steel box doesn’t provide much stability.

Oh well, what good is a cabinet anyway when the guy shoots from the hip. Tubularsock figures it’s at least somebody he can talk to.

The best thing is getting his kids cleared for government secrets. He seems to at least trust them so in order to have open discussions and not end up like Hillary and her open-to-all internet server President Elect Tweet is protecting himself upfront.

The speculation from EVERY direction will keep this process hopping for weeks and the one interesting thing about short-attention-span-Tweet is that he will “fire” any of the “chosen ones” at a drop of a Make America Great Again hat!

But no matter, Tubularsock is conducting his third lesson directing President Elect Tweet with a step into a Foreign Policy/Domestic Policy combo. This will help Tweet understand that there is a connection with what happens outside the country and what happens inside the country. This a big step for President Elect Tweet but after all it IS our third lesson!



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Now Tubularsock is proud to announce to all you Americans out there not to worry. As you may recall Tubularsock has been hired to tutor President Elect Tweet in some simple governmental tactical issues to better prepare him to lead our questionable great nation.

Tubularsock is collecting his salary per single instruction for two very solid reasons. First, “our leader” has a short attention span so he may just stop wanting instruction and second President Elect Tweet at times, in his past dealings with workers, ran out on the bill.

Tubularsock in the last instructional lesson used the tactile method of learning by not only conveying the existence of Congress but by having Tweet “FEEL” the bricks and mortar. And on top of that President Elect Tweet took and past the True or False Quiz on the existence of Congress.


Now on to lesson two ………….looklike-senator-tube

We are taking baby steps to insure comprehension.



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Tubularsock often bites off more than he can chew. But when that happens, THEN REALITY SETS IN ………. DAMN!

Well just think how President Elect Tweet feels now. All that puffed up “I’m bigger and better” rhetoric is now coming home to roost. OH SHIT, comes to Tubularsock’s mind.

Of course for all Presidents and leaders the most significant factor for brilliance and success goes all the way back to what your mother used to tell you ……….. “you’ll be judge by the friends you keep” and when you look at the sleaze convention that make up President Elect Tweet’s transition team all you see is the ultimate collection of “Shit-For-Brains” that has EVER gathered.

This is just down right scary!

Leading the team WAS New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie …….. that pretty well says it all. From there it goes down hill.

But they shifted to Mike Pence this week because President Elect Tweet didn’t have any bridges to deal with yet!

Christie has been bumped down to vice chair of the transition team, a position also held by Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, and others. That group would make an Alferd Hickock movie look like a comedy!

But there is, for instance, Ed Feulner. It’s unclear what his position is exactly, but Feulner was the former president of the Heritage Foundation and that shows just how steep down hill President Elect Tweet’s trajectory is headed!

But much like Obummer,  President Elect Tweet appears to be leaning heavily on Washington insiders to fill cabinet positions, despite promises to “drain the swamp” in Washington. But swamp creatures work well together, but not for the citizens.  But hey, the votes have been counted so fuck them!

But all is not lost ………… ok, maybe it is! Yet, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip! President Elect Tweet according to Politico states that “. . . his positions are eclectic, improvisational and often contradictory”. President Elect Tweet has listed several different party affiliations over the years and has revised or reversed his stances on progressive taxation, abortion, and government involvement in health care.

So the key here seems to be that he has a short attention span!

But as this Sleaze-For-Success band of merry MEN plot out President Elect Tweet’s future leadership, Tubularsock has been hired to just teach some basics to OUR NEW LEADER.


Everyone needs to start from the beginning ……..


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