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Tube heding 2013 FP

Do you know what I just love about Tubularsock? His redundancy. Yep, Tubularsock has that rare ability to repeat the same shit about the same issues Ad nauseam. And he is not even ashamed of it! In fact, if the truth be known …….. Tubularsock views it as an art form.

Well, “they” have propped up Dick Cheney AGAIN. Well, after all it is Halloween Season (boo!).

It’s like DEAD MAN WALKING ……… ain’t that a bitch!

Dick somehow has found time to pay another ghoul to write another book and is hocking it again on all the TV channels. Which once again proves that ol’ adage, TV is for the brain dead.

Yep. As you know Tubularsock gave up his TV over 40 years ago. The bottom line was simple: Tube would rather DO IT than watch it. Whether it’s basketball, football, porn, or chess. So friends of Tube email him and then he checks it out on the web and even having it filtered through the world-wide-web it still takes Herculean-strength to withstand the bull-shit!

So Dick was on the Bill O’Reilly Show (how surprising) and he actually states aloud after some verbal diarrhea and wondering that what the United States gained as a result of the war in Iraq was that Iraq now does not have weapons of mass destruction.

Over a trillion dollars later and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead and maimed and thousands of American soldiers dead and maimed and untold numbers of men, women and children tortured by American sickos and Dick Cheney is still able to sit on American Television and say that what we have gained is what Tubularsock KNEW before we shocked and awed them! FUCK THAT SHIT!

At the least. And Tubularsock means AT THE LEAST Dick Cheney should be hoisted up by his god damned testicles and gutted on public TV as a show of how disgusting all Americans should be about this abhorrent malcontent!

Extreme, you say?  Not anymore than a women being flogged for driving in Saudi Arabia.

Tubularsock’s mother always said, “Be careful with those who you associate with, those influences rub off!”

I listened to mom!

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Tube Art Heading 2013

It was just a few years ago that Tubularsock was sitting back minding his own business and happened upon a scientific study that was showing how certain electronic heart replacement equipment was susceptible to certain cell phone singles, microwave singles and some other types of electronic signals.

At first Tubularsock didn’t pay much attention except it just happened to cross Tubularsock’s mind: If someone found the right electronic combination could one assassinate Dick Cheney by cell phone?


So a few days later Tubularsock went back looking for that article on cell phones and heart devices. Well, not to be found ………. anywhere. That article disappeared off the web.

That was all Tubularsock needed to corroborate in his mind that YES one could, with the right cell phone assassinate Dick Cheney.

Now lets get something straight right here ……… Tubularsock has NO interest in assassinating Dick or anyone else for that matter. But the ONLY reason Tubularsock would NOT want to see it happen is that he would have to put up with all that patriotic adulation if somebody popped him.

Cheney evil

He’d become a martyr and for weeks on TV we’d have to watch all that shit about THAT SHIT. BUT that is the ONLY reason that Tubularsock can come up with …… god, I just couldn’t handle that shit about THAT SHIT!

Well, Tubularsock figures that by this time you are asking yourself, “just where in the fuck is Tubularsock going with this”?

Well, this week in the BBC Tubularsock has found proof that his assumption was correct all along: “Mr Cheney’s doctor disabled the heart defibrillator’s wireless function in 2007 to prevent would-be assassins from interfering with it and causing a fatal heart attack.”

Now it looks like the only way we can get rid of Dick is to have Seal Team 6 (what’s left of them) helicopter down and shoot the fucker and dump him in the ocean. Just another Tubularsock thought.

No, really it’s a good house cleaning tip.

No Dick It's for you


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tube special report

Tubularsock went out for Sashimi last night at a favorite Japanese restaurant. And what is Sashimi good for without Saki or maybe I should rephrase this.

Tubularsock went out for Saki last night and some Sashimi happened to fall on a plate with a big glob of wasabi, a pile of fresh ginger and radish shavings.

Now you know that a large hot saki is a nice treat so after the meal I ordered a small hot saki for desert. All in all …….. someone else was driving.

But the thought did cross my saki-mind (kind of like “monkey-mind” but way mellower) that raw fish may not be all that raw any more. The amount of radioactive water leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant (60 billion becquerels per day which translates to 21.9 trillion bq per year) is now rather out of control. Don’t be alarmed but it was stated by Robert Jacobs, a nuclear technology historian, in an RT (Russia Today) interview that, “There is no reason to believe that radiation leaks at Fukushima will be contained by 2020, so the Tokyo Olympics can become impossible.”

Now doesn’t that blow your mind.

Now the great news is that Fukushima radiation levels are 18 times higher than previously thought and that was determined back in August, 2011 so Japan’s nuclear watchdog agency raised the severity of the leak from “level 1” which is considered an “anomaly” to a “level 3” which is a “series incident”. This is all based on an eight-point scale used by the International Atomic Energy Agency for radiological releases.

Fukushima has been out of control from day one and it took until August of this year (2013) for Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to ask for international help!

Scared yet?

You see, all that stuff they taught you in grammar school science class does have some helpful information. Like the currents in the oceans MOVE AROUND in a regular pattern and the water off the coast of Fukushima will move along and end up passing the West Coast of North America.

And the fish swim around in certain migration patterns so even if you catch a tuna off the coast of Alaska by golly it’s the same tuna that was feeding off the coast of Fukushima.

Of course the fish are tested for safety by the EPA. Well, no the EPA doesn’t test fish.

Oh. So the NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) test for fish safety, well, not really but they do tract the debris that is still showing up occasionally on the West Coast from Japan. Well then the FDA. Yes, the FDA does test for radiation but not often and the last time they did the tests on tuna which do migrate from Japan to the fishing waters of the West Coast showed NO “detectable levels of radionuclides so far”.

But the testing is random and there is an agreement between the U.S. and Japan that keeps the FDA from extensive testing. Feel safe?

Another important factor is that right after the Fukushima Radiation Crisis happened the EPA  pulled 8 of its 18 radiation monitors in California, Oregon and Washington because  they were giving readings which SEEMED too high. 

There is a world wide nuclear disaster and the reading SEEMED to high! Yes you read that correctly. And we pay them for this?

And during a world wide nuclear disaster the EPA (for your safety) increased

the allowable “safe” exposure levels for radiation:

A nearly 1000-fold increase for exposure to strontium-90;

A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for exposure to iodine-131; and

An almost 25,000 rise for exposure to radioactive nickel-63.

Now how thoughtful IS THAT! 

The EPA’s new radiation guidelines also allow long-term cleanup thresholds thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever judged safe in the past.

You see the EPA just didn’t want you to worry so in a nuclear disaster they just stopped their radiation monitors and increased your exposure rate to a higher “safe” level and it’s ALL GOOD!

Wow, that was easy.

Fun side note: In case you don’t recall, it was the EPA that told New Yorker’s (after 911) that their air was safe to breath after all that asbestos laden concrete dust particles hung in the air. And to this day large numbers of people have respiratory problems. 

You can now see just how the EPA works out those little pesky health issues.

Fun side note: Speaking of government investigations remember when NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) did their investigation of the World Trade Towers after 911? Remember when they were asked if explosive were used to bring down those towers? Remember their answer was NO! Remember they then were asked if they had tested for explosives? And their answer was NO! 

Wow, that was easy.

Remember when independent researches discovered “military-grade nano thermite (an explosive compound) in the dust of the World Trade Towers and asked NIST to investigate that. Remember NIST answer was NO.

Wow, that was easy.

So the great thing is that our government is consistent. Feel better?

Now if you reflect back to your grammar school science class again another bit of useful information is that the Earth also has AIR CURRENTS. You’d almost start thinking that the Earth is all one place and that just because we drew lines on maps and called each place a different name that maybe, just maybe, we are somehow interconnected. 

cube globe

Anyway the wind currents from Japan go toward North America and published in the International Journal of Health Services, was a scientific study that looked at both infant and adult death rates during the time when Fukushima occurred, as well as in previous months and years within the United States.

During the 14 weeks prior to Fukushima, for instance, infant deaths had been declining by 8.37 percent, while in the weeks following the disaster they increased by 1.8 percent. Among adults, a 4.46 percent death rate was observed in the weeks after Fukushima, compared to 2.34 percent, which is about half that rate, a year prior.

Now there was a lot of controversy over this study and the opinions broke down on pro-Nuclear and anti-Nuclear lines. But the wind currents do travel from Japan to North America and there were tested documented studies that showed the increase in radiation in MILK, RAINWATER, and the general FOOD SUPPLY in the United States after the disaster and there was no debating that!

As Haruki Murakami, the renowned and Tubularsock’s favorite Japanese novelist stated, “This time no one dropped a bomb on us . . . We set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives.”

But it is way bigger than that. The Chernobyl death toll was 985,000 people mostly from cancer and that “accident” was contained.  In April, 2012 the Japanese government officially announced that the severity of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster had reached level 7 and yet news media in the U.S. and Europe still don’t report what is happening and what the potential risks are and that the fact that it is OUT OF CONTROL! “While the spread of radiation to the West Coast of North America was casually acknowledged, the early press re-ports (AP and Reuters) ‘quoting diplomatic sources’ stated that only ‘tiny amounts of radioactive particles have arrived in California but do not pose a threat to human health.’”*

*In real terms this is “A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation”! (Michel Chossudovsky (Editor),

But Tubularsock is not concerned! I just bought two bottles of saki for tonight. Forget the Sashimi!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM


So let Tubularsock hear this again. The government is “shut down”? Well I will bet anyone, that if tonight you go into Georgetown and try and get into the bars or restaurants you’d have hell to pay to get in!

And somebody shot at the Capitol Thursday afternoon and IT WAS THE Capitol Cops and the FBI and god only knows who else that rushed to the rescue guns a-blazing. They were able to bring down an unarmed mentally unstable black woman. Wow. But we are all “safe”! And the big news is that those cops weren’t being paid to kill people because of the shut down. Boy, Tubularsock is impressed. Killing for free, NOW THAT IS DEAD-A-CATION.

And just this morning I saw three army helicopters fly over on their daily “commute” run so the generals don’t have to sit in traffic.

And I haven’t heard that the 5th Fleet have packed up their Tomahawk Missiles and boogied home.

And the CIA is still ramping up their covert training program in Syria.

The military-operated  Arlington National Cemetery will remain open but the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC, which provides food to 8.9 million low-income women and children, will be out of money.

military graves

And Tubularsock thinks that making sure that dead military people at Arlington are taken care of but NOT assisting women, infants, and children with food is exactly America’s priorities. You know the ol’ destroy the village in order to save them concept!

And of course, The Federal Reserve is a self-funded agency and so will remain operational. You remember they print their own money. How convenient. In fact that might be the way we could fund the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. Nah …….. too easy.

But rest assured Congress still get their pay checks on time, but their staffs don’t get paid.

And Obummer will still be banking his paycheck too.

“That’s the way you do it, money for nothin’ and the chicks for free . . .” (Dire Straits)

However what is unfortunate is what Morgan Stanley’s analytical team came up with while discussing the potential cost of the shutdown. Just because Congress says they have shut down the government, ALL THE COST FOR RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT REMAIN COSTING THE GOVERNMENT (That’s us by the way.)

In fact, to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars A WEEK! You do understand that all the government debt interest still has to be paid to the banks. Would somebody explain this to the Congress of the United States.

But Tubularsock isn’t scared. Because we have “QUANTITATIVE EASING”. I am so relaxed.

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One thing, of many, that I like about Shelby Couttland’s poems is that she is fearless with her opinions and provides such a powerful voice for truth.



When the whites call me a “nigger,” it makes me want to kill.

When blacks call me a “nigger,” what the hell? Are they for real?


Rappers use that word and they claim it steals the sting.

But you know that you are lying, the white man pulled your string.


The money that you make from rapping to their tune,

Does it comfort you at night when you’re staring at the moon?


Black children buy your songs and they hear you rap that shit!

And then, there you go; you’ve scored another hit.


Is it really worth the selling out and to know your soul is dead?

Or do you even care because you’re bringing home the bread?


Pull up your sagging pants and go get an education.

Stop rapping about niggers; get off the white plantation.


They sold us just like cattle and…

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