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Tubularsock is going to relate a story to you that involves Tubularsock. And in truth it is rather “poetic justice” at one level because as you know Tubularsock puts out a lot of attack words toward our political leaders mostly because of the hypocrisy in their words and the injustice and inhumanity of their actions. Usually due to the ideal they say we hold dear and their actions that run counter to those ideals.

Hypocrisy really angers Tubularsock.
So does Intolerance !

My focus here is intolerance.

Years ago Tubularsock was involved with a group of people who were fighting discrimination against Black people in housing. Our group was a mixture of people of different backgrounds all focused on freedom for people/families of any ethnicity to be able to live where they liked.

At a televised city meeting Tubularsock was confronted by a group of the Aryan Brotherhood who attacked Tubularsock on his position calling him “Nigger Lover”. Only the presence of TV cameras and security prevented “Nigger-loving” Tubularsock from being physically assaulted by the Aryan Brotherhood.

Recently an issue arose within Tubularsock’s blogging neighborhood that Tubularsock entered into with his opinion.

The issue centered around outrage on the part of a Black blogger over Transgender discrimination issues being compared to Black discrimination issues. And the trigger point was the “Bathroom-use” controversy in North Carolina about which the Federal Government has taken legal actions in order to protect against Transgender discrimination.

The Black blogger’s blog rapidly devolved into an attack on Transgender people as “. . . you weird fucks stayed in the goddamn closet, just a cozying up to one another” and then more and darker insults demeaning gays and trangenders followed, until the blogger concluded with, “Goddamn it! Shut the fuck up over this gay rights bullshit SHIT already!!! It ain’t ALL about you!!!!”

Now Tubularsock expressed in his comment back to this blog that the issue of intolerance toward the Transgender community was no different than any other intolerance toward any other group.

And the fact that the author was spewing out hate toward a group that she didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand just brought up for Tubularsock all the hate that has been spewed toward the Black community from people who didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand people of another race.

The entire point Tubularsock was making was intolerance toward “others” is what Blacks have had to put up with and the Black blogger attacking another group is exactly what Blacks have had done to them.

The Black blogger’s response echoed the Aryan Brotherhood shout-down from Tubularsock’s past, but this time it was a Black blogger and Black commenters calling Tubularsock a “pink assed motherfucker”, “an idiot and a fool” and “a sick racist”!

And the topper, “hermaphrodite dude”!

So, from “nigger lover” to “hermaphrodite dude”. Is this some kind of life progression? Tubularsock doesn’t seem to know what it quite means yet. But for sure over all these years Tubularsock hasn’t stood still! Name calling and innuendo as if we were on a playground running “The Dozens” is a little childish for adult dialogue. The spectacle of hate directed toward the messenger is alive and well!




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So the lack of compassion for other people’s problems because you think you have the ultimate pain, and the belief that  discrimination against YOU is worse than the discrimination and pain experienced by other groups: This is a blindness. It’s insane to debate who has suffered more pain through discrimination and intolerance throughout history and into the present — Blacks, Jews, Indigenous peoples, homosexuals, gypsies, fat people, Muslims . . . the list is endless!

The question that needs to be addressed is the mindset that leads to intolerance of, discrimination against, and the outright murder against “others”.

This is not to minimize the horrid, grotesque conditions and demeaning atrocities of slavery or of genocide or gas chambers but groups that have endured that kind of torment should be the last people to condemn and demean others. Standing against the integrity and freedom of people to be as they are and condemn them because you don’t understand why they are “that” way is the recipe for this violence to continue.

It is way past time to embrace a solidarity against intolerance, not to fight over whose pain and degradation wins the prize for being the worst. Hell, when it happens to YOU …… you get it and why on earth would you want to pass it on to others?

This can lead to and has led to the “divide and conquer” tactic of those who continue to stir up minorities against each other so that the power structure can maintain control. It is an age old colonial tactic which has been very effective.

It is INTOLERANCE that needs to end: This thinking that “They are not like me and so there is something inherently wrong with them”.

Life is a projection and what you put out is what you receive back at you.

You can open to loving or you can open to hate.
You can open to tolerance or you can open to intolerance.







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When Tubularsock wins the election in 2016 and becomes President of the United States —— THINGS WILL CHANGE!

Tube Rocks

Now it is true that Tubularsock’s Super-PAC doesn’t have much cash because like Donald, Tubularsock funds his own campaign. Tubularsock’s vast sums of wealth have been acquired from speaking at many Wall events. And all Tubularsock Wall events are the biggest and tallest!

Just last week Tubularsock spoke for over three hours to the Sheetrock and Plasterers Meeting in an undisclosed area and the transcripts of that speech will be forthcoming as soon as all the other candidates release their speech transcripts, Hillary.

As usual, Tubularsock took questions and gave answers and all those answers were just GREAT and really FANTASTIC and the answers Tubularsock provided were THE GREATEST AND BIGGEST AND TALLEST answers anyone could have given. EVERYBODY LIKES TUBULARSOCK, TUBULARSOCK GETS ALONG WITH EVERYBODY! And if that isn’t enough Tubularsock can make DEALS! You just can’t do better than Tubularsock!


Tubularsock figures that you may haven’t had the time to noticed the following:

Whether you vote for Donnie, Hillary, or Bernie none of them offer ANY solutions for,

1.  the permanent war on terror

2. the neo-liberal economic policies where the rich get richer and you get poorer
(note: that won’t change by breaking up the big banks)

3. the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus

4. an expanded Bill of Rights

5. the US/NATO presence in 130 countries

6. the establishment of complete electronic privacy

7. full governmental transparency

8. a bail out of the $1 trillion student loan debt
(note: that isn’t the same as free college tuition in the future)

And the list could go on …….. aren’t you happy that Tubularsock knows Americans have a short attention span.


Bernie is the only one who actually has at least some integrity (besides Tubularsock) and does offer at least some hope of real change in the corrupt direction that this country is immersed in at this time and for some time, maybe 200 some years give or take.

Hillary is so corrupt that it will be business as usual.

And Donnie-boy …….. well, he’ll create dysfunction just at a faster rate than Hillary who will speed the decline of the United States into the abyss.

So bottom line for sanity in our time ……. Tubularsock 2016

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Well Tubularsock was just fucking around in his top floor corner office overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA ……. you know dusting and stuff.

Tubularsock started a research session on the Clintons and the information is just generally depressing. If those two and their offspring aren’t quintessentially the most fucked up examples what inbreeding can produce Tubularsock doesn’t know what is!

So, setting Tubularsock’s poison-pen aside for the moment Tubularsock thought he would express his own outer-view relationships.

Tube in high places

Now that that is cleared up let Tubularsock just mention the White House Corespondents Dinner. You’d think that a room filled with that many totally worthless main-stream-media eunuchs would be totally BORING. Well, yep …… you are correct. What a sad, sad, sad, collections of waste product spewed out into a banquet-room. It is somewhat amazing to see so much DISCONNECT-FROM-REALITY present in one room and really in truth if some trusty-terrorist-group would have blown up all of them ……… the world today would have been a much better place. Sad to say it didn’t happen!

And really, even though Step-en-fetch-it-obomber is rather a good example of how some “black’s” don’t have comic rhythm (hey, some “blacks” can’t dance) Tubularsock really doesn’t want a Comic-As-President!

Now Comedian Larry Wilmore, who Tubularsock finds a luke-warm-comedian, did the old “DRONE” joke which didn’t go over well or as well as last years Obama DRONE joke. Exactly what is WRONG with these people?

Ok, here is a really funny appropriate joke for next year’s White House Corespondents Dinner: “Did you hear that a drone was dropped on the White House lawn by the House of Saud and blew Sasha and Malia to bits throwing their entrails all over the White House Christmas Tree? It’s become the 29th page of the unreleased 28 pages!”

Wow, awesome ……. Tubularsock can tell a great joke. Too bad, a missed opportunity, because next year it will be jokes about Bill’s “Tell-Tail-Mark” on his penis!

What ever happened to Dick Gregory? Oh yeah, he’d never be invited …… he was into truth.

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