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Rules On This Road …..

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  1. David Rhodes says:

    Tube, Just listened to an interview with Andrew Basevich (hope the name is spelled correctly) whose book “Betrayed Trust” advances the thesis that the all volunteer army has caused the American people to abrogate their responsibility to decide questions of war, giving Washington the sole power to use the military in any way it wishes. The concept of the “citizen soldier” he contends is a vital check on the reckless deployment of American military force. If all of us had a price to pay and a sacrifice to make in the event of war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, might have been more thoroughly debated and scrutinized if not prevented. Your thoughts? Dave Rhodesf

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome Dave Rhodes and thank you for taking the time to share with Tubularsock this information.
      Of course, it was kind of you to ask for my thoughts on this thesis of Andrew Bacevich and you know well that after you open the barn door and let Tubularsock out you’ll get what you have asked for come hell or high water.

      Now, I haven’t read Betrayed Trust so I haven’t seen the data that he presented in order to come to this conclusion but the Tubularsock-gut-level response is bullshit!

      The reason for this response is rather simple. “The concept of the ‘citizen soldier’ he contends is a vital check on the reckless deployment of American military force.” So Bacevich thinks that the Korean and Vietnam wars were not a “reckless deployment of American military force”? And that somehow the fact that the draft was in existence during both of those wars bringing “citizen soldiers” to the front lines of stupidity kept the fucking U.S. of A from “RECKLESS DEPLOYMENT”!

      That doesn’t seem to hold up in my book.

      Now because Tubularsock doesn’t have all the facts presented by Bacevich he is open to correction of his opinion but I think a very strong case could be made that “reckless deployment of American military force” is more often the rule than the exception.

      The larger issue for the military running wild is the fact that the American public are so easily bamboozled by the lies and deceit of those in government plus the total lack of any responsibility for those in government that do outrageous and dangerous things.

      Forget the “citizen solider” lets create the CITIZEN CITIZENS!

      I’d be happy for your thoughts on this subject if you care to present them. There is plenty of space to respond on this page Of Rules Of The Road. Thanks Dave.

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