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Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. in Oakland, CA when his telegraph started dot, dot, doting. Immediately Tubularsock thought “it must be an old message”. The telegraph hasn’t been used as a means of communication for a long time.

It was a message from the blog site which is a great site to follow. It posts a variety of articles which cover a wide range of subjects. If the Huffington Post could do half as well Tubularsock would pay more attention to them.

The article that was posted under GUILLOTINE DETROIT WATER & SEWERAGE! was   from Common Dreams: UN to Detroit: Denial of Water to Thousands ‘Violates Human Rights’

The bottom line of this article was that the city of Detroit is shutting down the water to people that can’t afford to pay their water/sewage bill for a very odd reason, Unemployment.

You see the city has a poverty rate of 40% and a very high unemployment rate.

The United Nations was asked to look into this mess and has stated that ““The households which suffered unjustified disconnections must be immediately reconnected . . .”

Good luck with that.

The Detroit City Council has proceeded to approve an 8.7% increase in the water rates. And the Water Department has increased it’s disconnections in June to 3,000 a week!

But the U.N. has the nerve to believe that having water is a natural human right.

What will they think of next!

It is interesting to note that the power brokers in the city are aggressively pursuing  privatization of the cities water and sewage.

A Tube note: For an excellent researched post on this subject check out:  “Heads Up! I Am About To Go The Fuck Off! If You Have Delicate Sensibilities, Stop Reading!”

So Tubularsock has come up with this great protest idea that he is putting out to social activists in Detroit.

Have all those poor people that are affected collect in plastic garbage cans all their shit they can no longer flush and after three days take it and march to city hall with it in tow.

The name of this campaign ………  We Ain’t Taking Your Shit …. Here’s Ours!

Can you imagine 3000 a week in June. That is 12,000 shut offs. And say a family of four……. that is 48,000 shits! And that is a conservative estimate.

And just how long would the police force face off tons of shit. Damn the health risks alone!

And if you were arrested the benefits would be running water and a toilet that works.

Well enough! Tubularsock is going to go polish his telegraph key pad.

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Tubularsock was ask by the blog site Deconstructing Myths to contribute an article to their Mic check guest blogger series.

The opportunity is simple: To open information up to a broader audience than Tubularsock presently has and to present that information within a forum of enlightened and creative people .

 Deconstructing Myths is the creation of Jeff Nguyen, a multi-talented  fellow with the stated goal of  “. . . shed[ing] light on some of the important issues of our time.” And to find “collective solutions” to the problems found in our world today.

But the largest focus of Jeff’s work to is “. . . to deconstruct the myths many of us have been raised on through the powerful influence of the media and teachings of the dominant culture.”

That works for Tubularsock!


So the bottom line is simple …………. to read this Tubularsock blog post you too will have to travel to:


And I want to thank Jeff for this great opportunity ………… I am sure all of you will agree, “Tubularsock needs all the help he can get!”


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Part two story

part three story




part four story

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The ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has successfully captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city after a short four day siege.

Now they are moving in to “shock and awe” Bagdad.

According to a second-story-reliable-source and his dog (Omar) who were both unauthorized to speak about anything about anything spoke a lot about this.

According to this source Tubularsock has ascertained that the ISIS has entered Bagdad and proceeded to pull down the huge stature of Donald Rumsfeld.

tube friend help bagdad

This action took place just moments ago and lucky for you Tubularsock was there, LIVE!

Donhead bagdad

These photos PROVE this Tubularsock story as it happened when it does.

Oh sure, Tubularsock’s “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news” will keep you updated……. TRUST ME!

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Granted that Tubularsock has been distracted by Jay Z cheating rumors being denied by reality star Casey Cohen. She says they ‘Have Never Been Intimate’! Well, rest assured that Jay Z and Tubularsock have “never been intimate” either. Feel better?

And then just getting Kimye married off to Kanye was enough to put Tubularsock over the edge. What with trying to arrange baby North West in the proper position so not to cry or poop during the ceremony.

It’s great to start off in married land with a head start in family planning.

And with that fabulous Givenchy Haute Couture white gown you’d almost mistake Kim for a virgin. But you’d quickly realize that you have been deceived when the his-and-hers leather jackets came out. You could tell neither were virgins!

Now Kimye is on her third husband and the bets are already down that West will be her third divorce. Wow, Tubularsock can never rest with this news.

It seems that the odds are high enough to put money on it!

Supposedly, 73 percent of people who have been divorced twice already also see their third marriage end in divorce. What’s more, people who have a family member who has been divorced are 75 percent more likely to get a divorce than those who don’t. And for Kimye her mother is ending #2 and her sister is in the process of getting a divorce from #1. 

Just how can Tubularsock process all this and still have time to come up with this thought provoking question?:***

Have you ever thought why American teachers are being evaluated and held responsible for their students testing scores as an indicator of the teachers competence?

While the corporation (DynCorp) that trained all those Iraq police and military in Mosul who ended up running away from the ISIS fundamentalists and even throwing off their guns and stripping off their uniforms as they ran are not taken to task for spending billions of dollars and FAILING to train those police and military?

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Have you heard Obummer or even one Congress member suggest that DynCorp be even evaluated for their poor performance? Has anyone ask for our money back. Has anyone stated that we won’t hire DynCorp again?

And yet a teacher is criticized for poor performance if the students don’t pass a test!

Yes, this is an essay question and Tubularsock expects all work to be handed in post-haste.

*** answer to above ….. multi-tasking WITH A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN!

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