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Posted: January 21, 2023 in classified documents

Tubularsock’s New Years Revolutions

Well HOT DAMN! It is 2023.

The thing about new years is that they come EVERY year. So where’s the surprise?

But hell, IT’S TRADITION so why not make believe that it has meaning.

Ok ………. meaning FOR WHAT?

Now, now don’t fret over the answer. Not even a little. All “New Years” is, is MORE FAKE MEANINGLESS BULL SHIT! Without a real bull.

And sure, you can dwell on “where’s the bull” that left all this shit BUT you’re not a fucking rancher so why do you care.

The fact is ……. the bull shit IS REAL!

Going with the TRADITION Tubularsock has made a list of his Revolutions for this new year.

FIRST: Tubularsock is going to start a cool d’état and overthrow the Government of the United State and put somebody into the Presidential position that is “cool”.

So far WE have had a rogues’ gallery of questionable “leaders” who would make the
Al Capone Gang look like a child’s birthday party.

And yet OUR public keeps turning around and sticking their hand in the fire AGAIN thinking that the new lines of bull shit is more pure than the last lines of bull shit. And then they get burned AGAIN!

It really is just a simple matter of “SHIT IN SHIT OUT”!

And these last two “leaders”?

One an egotistical maniac and the other a dead man walking.

THAT FOLKS is not leadership!

Nor is the rush toward gender or race any way to choose a leader.

How about looking for a LEADER for a change rather than a Corporate Paper Doll.
You know, someone with courage for changing things up and representing the citizens that are paying the bills.

Sure, Tubularsock is available. Just ask.

SECOND: Tubularsock is going to promote BOMBING ENGLAND.

Sure, ask why.

Tubularsock dislikes Monarchy. A dysfunctional group whose time has past because in-breading is disgusting and paedophilia is even more disgusting!

THIRD: All promoters of the Covid mis-information campaign by the WHO and the CDC, NIH, FDA and all those slimy Pediatricians that pushed Covid-Shots to kill children!

And might as well add all those “doctors” who haven’t the ability to tell their own ass from a hole in the ground who promoted the Covid-Shots to kill their own patients without understanding that that would affect their income. Dumb-shits-in-white!

FOURTH: Draw and Quarter Anthony Fauci!


And for just deserts ………. throw him to the DOGS!

Ahhhh, Tubularsock feels better already.

FIFTH: Bomb Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada for starters.

Why you ask?

BECAUSE WE CAN! Isn’t that why the U.S. has all those bombs?

Now Tubularsock could go on, Tubularsock’s list is much longer but you may get the point.

New Years Revolutions can always be tweaked next year …….. Hey, It’s TRADITION!