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Oh, my, my. Tubularsock has been so busy adding another story to The Tubularsock Underground Bunker in Oakland, CA overlooking Washington, D.C. that Tubularsock has let several interesting bullshit Maimed-Stream-Media-Tales pass by on their way to history.

I suppose you realize that when you add a story to an underground bunker you go down but the end result is up in the way you view it from the bottom floor. But enough about basic engineering and forward to the American fabrication of the world.

Now Tubularsock does admit that any game involved with balls should be outlawed but that thinking is very counter to world thinking. And Tubularsock feels that when it comes to football (American Style) the shape of the ball is not ball shaped. While the shape of the football (World  Style) is the proper shape of a ball as in all balls are in the shape of a ball EXCEPT the American football and its shape is just not ball shaped.

Which is the fundamental shape of American foreign policy in that we may be out of shape but we want the world to be in our image.

Which leads Tubularsock to the first order of business today, FIFA and its corruption. Wow, that was a slick segue if you ask Tubularsock.

Now we know Tubularsock is really on top of his game but even an imbecile has known that FIFA and its officials have been known for bribery, money laundering, fraud and are so corrupt that for years they have been taking under-the-table money on top-of-the-table.

If you don’t know, FIFA’s Central Committee is a rich old man’s club that does everything in secret so we’ll never know who gets what and how. It has always been corrupt and just now the U.S. has stepped in with arrests and indictments of FIFA officials in Zurich.

Just like the U.S. another “surge” with worthless results. It’s a bitch saving the “free” world!

Tubularsock with Sepp Blatter, President of the FIFA.

Tubularsock with Sepp Blatter, President of the

Wonder why just now all this anti-corruption is happening? There are two pretty clear reasons. And neither are based on any high moral stance by the United States which lacks the capacity for ANY moral stance at all.

Side note: Tubularsock finds it interesting that the U.S. government can find the time and the money and the concern over corruption in soccer in the world federation but massive corruption in military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan that has already shown to be overwhelming hardly gets a glance from the Justice Department. And speaking of massive . . . . Banking corruption is looked upon as too big to fail and EVEN WORSE the WAR CRIMINALS in our current and past leadership get to have a free ride! So it is Soccer that is the root of all evil?

The United States lost it’s bid for having the World Cup Show to RUSSIA and QATAR.

And gosh, Qatar is an American ally no matter if it’s a brutal dictatorship and got the 2022 World Cup Show.

That’s all good BUT RUSSIA got the 2018 World Cup …… ahh, there’s the rub!

And who was America’s honorary chairman for the U.S. bid committee, which promoted America as the best place to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup events?

Bill Clinton!

And guess what? In 2014, the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, set up by the Qatar government to ensure a successful FIFA world cup, awarded the Clinton Foundation between $250,000 and $500,000; the State of Qatar donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Funny how that looks to Tubularsock. Bill Clinton is chairman of the U.S. bid committee which doesn’t get in the running but Qatar who doesn’t even know how to play soccer gets the bid to have the World Cup Soccer Event. And the Clinton Foundation makes off like bandits. If this was a fist fight could it be said that Bill threw the fight for monetary gain? You bet your sweet bippy!

Bill told NBC in a recent interview, “I don’t think there is anything sinister about trying to get wealthy people and countries that are seriously involved in development to spend their money wisely in a way that helps poor people and lifts them up.”

Funny thing here the workers on the Qatar World Cup building projects are primarily migrants from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal whose passports have been taken away and are forced to work in 106 degree temperature. With at least one worker dying on the job every two days. Is this what Bill means by “. . . helps poor people and lifts them up”? Maybe he’s talking about death and heaven.

But did the U.S. Justice Department only become “morally” concerned about FIFA’s corruption in order to attempt to keep Russia from hosting the 2018 World Cup?

Well like some, Senators Menendez and McCain, have called on the FIFA Congress to elect a new FIFA President that would deny Russia from hosting the 2018 World Cup.

And this makes this entire corruption moment seem like interesting timing. Doesn’t it?

Or perhaps the interest of the U.S. Justice Department that felt so compelled to take action on FIFA officials RIGHT NOW for corruption was due to the fact that there was a good chance that Israel was going to be suspended from the FIFA like South Africa was in the 1960’s for Israel’s Apartheid practices against Palestine.

Hmmm, interesting timing indeed.

Tubularsock DOES see a silver lining in all of this because in our dystopian world the U.S. didn’t carpet bomb Zurich in order to save us all from the soccer-terrorists who need to be eliminated “over-there” before we have to face them on our shores!

God Bless AmeriKKKa.


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THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG: a bin Laden story.

Now everyone knows when it comes to fowl stories Tubularsock is on top of his game. Some even go as far as to say that Tubularsock is for the birds. Whatever!

Tubularsock just loves a good story and as luck would have it it is, THE SAME OLD STORY.


So let’s start at the beginning.

Mohammed bin Laden and his tenth wife Hamida al-Attas fucked and had little Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden.(an interesting fun fact is that Bin Laden’s name was as long as his 6’ 4” body when he became an adult. Could that have been some kind of sign?)

Osama’s dad had 58 children from 22 wives but as Sharia Law requires he only had four wives at a time. Damn rules!

Now like any good Moslem dad Mohammed divorced Hamida soon after Osama was born. ( Which may or may not tell us something about what Bin Laden was like as a baby.)

And Bin Laden’s mother then married a man named Muhammad al-Attas, who worked at the bin Laden company. (Sure, Tubularsock wonders just how many of the 22 wives ended up with bin Laden company employees. Just one big happy family. Just imagine the Christmas party, oops.)

Ok. Let’s fast forward ……… is this fun or what?

There is enough agreement that Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was born. In fact Tubularsock has not seen any documentation to date to question that this did not occur.

The problem? How did, when did, and who did die and was it bin Laden at all. There’s the rub!

So what is clear is bin Laden was born from there on, a story but “facts” ….. NOT SO MUCH!

It has been reported that Osama was 6’4” or maybe 6’6” tall. Or maybe less. It occurred to Tubularsock that math and measurement was an early achievement of the Arab World but no one even thought about getting out a measuring rod?

Remember The Navy Seals AFTER THE SUPPOSED KILLING of Bin in his bedroom laid down beside his crumpled bloody body to judge how tall he was ….. wow, those Navy Seals are kinky fuckers and none-too bright.

With all the equipment that they carry no one thought a measuring tape could be handy? Very poor planning if you ask Tubularsock. (you may have noticed no one has asked Tubularsock)

And after the unarmed old man in his bathrobe is blown apart by massive gun fire THEN they start to wonder if it was Bin or not? (side note to self: don’t hang out with Navy Seal bat-shit-nut cases)

In terms of personality, bin Laden was described as a soft-spoken, mild mannered, left handed man who used a cane.

Because Bin never exhibited any Fred Astaire moves it was assumed the cane was for health reasons. His bodyguard CONTENDED Soviet chemical weapons were to blame for his malady but reporters SPECULATED that kidney disease was the cause.

The CIA BELIEVED that bin Laden had Marfan syndrome or kidney disease.(Wright, Lawrence. The Looming Towern. New York: Vintage, 2006.)

The CIA THOUGHT that the possibility of kidney disease was credible. They concluded that bin Laden did not need dialysis, but does suffer from kidney stones.(Robert Windrem. “CIA is looking for a few good doctors.” NBC News, Dec. 29, 2004.)

On July 1, 2002, Time Magazine reported “. . . that physicians who analyzed photos of bin Laden determined that he PROBABLY suffers from secondary osteoporosis, which is often related to diabetes and kidney trouble”. (“Bin Laden Alive as of Late December”, Reuters; Sun Jun 30, 2002.)

Are you getting the picture? CONTENDED, SPECULATED, BELIEVED, THOUGHT, PROBABLY these are descriptive words for we don’t know shit about bin Laden’s true health condition.

Tube science rockets

Now David Ray Griffin, who Tubularsock has very high regard for concluded that Osama bin Laden died in late 2001 or 2002. But when you look closely at Griffin’s claims his evidence is based on rather weak information, if you ask Tubularsock. (you may have noticed no one has asked Tubularsock)

David Ray Griffin states the following five things from his article “Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?” to show that Bin Laden is dead:

“1. The CIA up until mid-December 13, 2001, had regularly been intercepting messages between bin Laden and his people. At that time, however, the messages suddenly stopped, and the CIA has never again intercepted a message. (maybe he figured out he was being listened to?)

 2. On December 26, 2001, a leading Pakistani newspaper published a story reporting that bin Laden had died in mid-December. ( oh! a leading Pakistani newspaper, then it must be true)

 3. Osama bin Laden had kidney disease. He had been treated for it in the American  Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, at which time he REPORTEDLY ordered two dialysis machines to take home. (see below)

 4. In July of 2002, CNN reported that bin Laden’s bodyguards had been captured in February of that year, adding: “Sources believe that if the bodyguards were captured away from bin Laden, it is likely the most-wanted man in the world is dead.” (maybe they were on break)

 5. The United States has since 2001 offered a $25 million reward for any information leading to the capture or killing of bin Laden. But this reward offer has produced no such information.” (until now)

But when you look at all five of these examples and follow them out they are all based on conjecture NOT HARD FACTS. Even Number 3, the Dubai hospital information can be called into question if you look at it.

The one reported “fact” that bin Laden was in the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001 and according to CBS News “. . . was being given kidney dialysis treatment in a hospital in Pakistan . . . the night before the 9/11 attacks” was first reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The story was drawn from a leak from French intelligence (according to The Guardian) and not only provided bin Laden’s hospital visit but also the story that the CIA Bureau Chief “. . . was seen in the lift, on his way to see Bin Laden, and later, it is alleged, boasted to friends about his contact. He was recalled to Washington soon afterwards”.

The hospital “emphatically” denied that bin Laden was admitted to the hospital and the CIA denied that their bureau chief visited. Oh gosh, just who can one believe?

And then there is the kidney dialysis treatment itself.

CNN reporting on Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, speculation that bin Laden had likely died of kidney failure was then supported by CNN’s medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta who proceeded to evaluate A VIDEO with some earlier photos of bin Laden and concluded “. . . that he appeared to be in the last stages of kidney failure”.

From this Tubularsock would not go on record that bin Laden died in 2001 or in 2014 either. But what is clear is that whatever story the United States Government comes up with will be and is A LIE. That is the only FACT Tubularsock can draw from all of this bullshit.

Oh, but there’s more ……. wouldn’t you know.

According to Salon, in the article, The Many Deaths of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011 Justin Elliott writes:

“The false reports of Osama bin Laden’s death began almost immediately after Sept. 11, 2001, and persisted at a rate of at least once or twice a year, every year. The reports — generated by (usually anonymous) statements by American officials and a dizzying array of foreign sources — often generated international headlines.

Here’s a sampling:

July, 2002 FBI counterterrorism chief Dale Watson tells a law enforcement conference of bin Laden: “I personally think he is probably not with us anymore, but I have no evidence to support that.”

August,2002 Popular conspiracy-mongering radio host Alex Jones announces, citing high-level Bush administration sources, “that bin Laden died of natural causes and that his family has given the body to the CIA.” Jones added, “they’re gonna roll him out right before the election, he’s on ice right now.”

May, 2003 French military analyst announces that bin Laden was killed in an American air raid in Tora Bora shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

February, 2004 Iranian Radio reports that bin Laden was captured in the Afghan-Pakistan border area “a long time ago” — but the official announcement was delayed because “Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the presidential election.”

April, 2002 The Israeli press picks up an account from a radical Muslim London newspaper: “We now report that the al-Qaeda organization has announced the death of Osama Bin Laden.”

September, 2006 French intel document says that Saudis believe bin Laden had died of typhoid in Pakistan.

June, 2008 Citing two unnamed officials, Time magazine reports that a recent CIA study has concluded bin Laden has long-term kidney disease and “may only have months to live.”

April, 2009 Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari tells the media that his country’s intel services “obviously feel that [bin Laden] does not exist anymore”’

But even here Justin Elliott shows bias by starting off his report with “The false reports of Osama bin Laden’s death . . .”

An interesting link that Tubularsock found in these travels to find bin Laden is:

You will discover here that Osama bin Laden has spent more time dead than living. Which in itself is an amazing feat for this amazing man.

So all the attack toward Seymour Hersh and his article on the re-death of bin Laden on May 11, 2011 is just another bin Laden death. The only thing it lacks is the Dairy Queen sightings with Elvis.

But it could be the true death of bin Laden or it could just as easily NOT be his final death.

So it might be helpful for a quick “fill in the blanks” historically for you and this little video made by Tubularsock in 2007 may help you recall what all this Afghanistan business was all about.



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Tubularsock was sitting counting just how many concussion grenades he had put under his pillow last night before he went to bed. You can never be over prepared.

Tubularsock prefers the MK3 offensive grenade designed to produce casualties during close combat while minimizing danger to friendly personnel. Friendly personnel of course being Tubularsock.

The MK3 is very handy for demolition tasks in enclosed areas and very effective against enemy soldiers located in  bunkers, buildings, and fortified areas. The only factors  present on May 2, 2011 in bin Laden’s compound were two steel doors to blow out and the death of an old man in his bathrobe.

When the Navy Seals dropped by Black Hawk Helicopters into Osama bin Laden’s compound on May 2, 2011 the lights of Abbottabad had been shut off and the ISI guards of the compound were taken off their watch and the Pakistani military was on stand-down and the Seals knew that they would have to blow out the heavy steel doors on the first and second floors of the stairwell and they knew when they reached the third floor they had to enter the second door on the right.

As the two Navy Seals entered the room bin Laden retreated into the bedroom and he was followed and shot to pieces in his bathrobe. He was an old invalid who was just gunned down by two heavily armed assassins from the United States Navy Seals.

These Seals were not brave men, not heroic men, not even decent men. They were just assassins who killed people in cold blood. The fact that bin Laden was old and sick and in his bathrobe in his bedroom when he was gunned down, well ……… it’s called murder.

we are all one CIA

Rob O’Neill always wanted to be a little chicken-shit sniper and got himself into the Seals. He is best known for his claims that he made in November, 2014 that he was the murderer that fired the head shots that killed the unarmed, bathrobe wearing, sick old man in his bedroom Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.

Matt Bissonnette in his book No Easy Day documented his participation in the raid. He does not identify the man who fired the fatal shots at Bin Laden, referring to him as simply the “Point Man”. Bisonnette himself admits to firing his weapon at Bin Laden after the fatal shots were fired by the “Point Man” when Bin Laden was already “In his death throes”. Or in other words shooting the unarmed, bathrobe wearing, sick old man in his bedroom as he was “In his death throes”!

Think on this for just one minute ….. two assassins kill a sick, old, unarmed man in his bathrobe in his bedroom.

After these two embarrassing Navy Seals exposed their job description Rear Admiral  Brian Losey and Force Master Chief Michael Magaraci issued a public statement, saying:

“A critical tenet of our (The Navy Seals) ethos is “I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.”

And now you see why!

But just how could there not be a Hollywood film about this horrid, embarrassing event?

And of course the title: The Sick Old Unarmed Man Murdered In His Bedroom.

Oh sorry, Tubularsock forgot. That was the working title the final commercial title was


And just how exciting was it …… daring, dangerous, VICTORIOUS!

Oh sure, there was one small, tiny, little problem …… it was ALL a lie.

Funny how that works but it was draped in the fucking American flag and it inspired 12 year old boys to become big “brave” men and go off to kill. Oh sure, our society has become sick enough now that even some girls want to participate.

Now that would be enough if it wasn’t for Seymour Hersh and his article published in the London Review of Books.


Oh, hell yeah! Tubularsock and you, we already knew that but Hersh fills in the blanks.

And here’s the cliff note version:

The CIA followed the secret currieries, especially one, that over time lead them to the

Abbottabad compound. Not true.

Using TORTURE the information attained lead them to the Abbottabad compound. Not true.

They discovered a “treasure-trove of al Qaida active information” in the compound. Not true.

They buried bin Laden at sea. Not true.

They weren’t sure if bin Laden was in the compound. Not true.

The operation was risky. Not true.

There was a “fire-fight” that the Navy Seal encounter and had to fight their way into the compound. Not true.

One of Osama’s wives stood in front of him as the Navy Seals entered the room. Not true.

The Pakistani Government was not informed beforehand of the attack. Not true.

Saudi Arabia, had been financing bin Laden’s upkeep since his seizure by Pakistan in 2006. TRUE!

Now get this straight …… Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were OUR close allies in the WAR ON TERROR. See anything wrong with this picture?

Osama bin Laden had been in the custody of the Pakistani Government since 2006 and Saudi Arabia was supporting bin Laden’s upkeep. EIGHT YEARS!

“ A former senior Pakistani intelligence officer betrayed this secret and informed the U.S. in return for much of the $25 million reward offered by the US.” TRUE! (Seymour Hersh)

“ At the Abbottabad compound ISI guards were posted around the clock to keep watch over bin Laden and his wives and children. They were under orders to leave as soon as they heard the rotors of the US helicopters.” TRUE! (Seymour Hersh)

“ Pakistan’s army and air defense command would not track or engage with the US helicopters used on the mission.” TRUE! (Seymour Hersh)

Now all of this is just a quick glimpse into the lie that is America. And Tubularsock encourages you to read Hersh’s description of what transpired with the bin Laden murder.

As you get into the details it will remind you of the Uncle Remus story of the Tar Baby.

You remember that the Tar-Baby is a doll made of tar and turpentine used to entrap Br’er Rabbit. The more that Br’er Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled he becomes.

In modern usage, “tar baby” refers to any “sticky situation” that is only aggravated by additional involvement in it. And Obama’s involvement in the Osama bin Laden murder fits Br’er Rabbit’s problems to a T!




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Do you recall when Angela Merkel’s emails were the subject of hacking by the NSA? And she was all pushed out of shape because she THOUGHT Germany was an ally of the United States. And to show just how close the United States was to that concept when Germany asked the U.S. to sign an agreement to stop this spy activity the U.S. had the audacity to say ……… NO!

That was back in 2013 and in addition it was discovered that according to the British newspaper The Guardian the NSA was able to monitor 35 world leaders’ communications in 2006. A memo said the NSA encouraged senior officials at the White House, Pentagon and other agencies to share their contacts so the spy agency could add foreign leaders’ phone numbers to its surveillance systems.

Now jump to last weeks email hack of Obummer’s emails. And all the hype created BECAUSE IT WAS THE RUSSIANS! And they aren’t an ally. So not being an ally of the United States would put you in the position of NOT TRUSTING the United States. And being an ally of the United States puts you in a position of NOT TRUSTING the United States.

Tubularsock see the same old pattern being played out …….. you can NOT TRUST the United States. Really, Tubularsock knows it’s old news.

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However according to the U.S. Government’s new military doctrine created by the US Army, Win in the Complex World 2020-2040  provides the basic concept that is based on ever-changing variables. “The enemy is unknown, the geography is unknown and the coalitions are unknown” states the document. So as for allies in the course of the 21st century “. . . each friend can become the enemy. Friends and enemies can be changed arbitrarily“.

Now that is sure comforting but it goes back to Tubularsock’s premise, “you can NOT TRUST the United States”. Pretty simple if you ask Tubularsock.

And in this “new?” view presented by the U.S. Army, the current practice is clear in the current training mission of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in the Ukraine. This entire Ukraine take over by the United States overthrowing an elected government will not be (nor has it ever been) an isolated incident , but rather part of a comprehensive, new strategy. Or same as it ever was!

In this new document several principles are to be considered for future military successes, “. . .  the US military has to be active in social media and controlling the public display of conflicts.”

The entire US approach will be a global presence with troops  in the entire world before a possible outbreak of a conflict. In addition storing weapons in hiding and on bases to respond in time of war as quickly as possible.

This entire current “Atlantic Resolve” strategy of  US soldiers and war materials in Eastern Europe is part of this new military program.

So, just how is 2020-2040 any different in military policy than 1940-2015? Sounds like an instant replay except we have let our “allies” know that “Friends and enemies can be changed arbitrarily”! So, Tubularsock figures that at least some honesty is better than none!

Which brings up a basic axiom, ONLY AN UNHAPPY PEOPLE SUPPORT WAR. 

Think on that.

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