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Now the debate is on and the circus that NEVER STOPS GIVING has moved up down THREE notches.

The Clinton campaign has invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of the debates as Killery’s guest. If you aren’t hip to Mark Cuban he’s a brash billionaire who has taken it upon himself to publicly shame Trump throughout the 2016 campaign. You know, stuff about Trump not releasing his tax returns and the facts of how Trump is in truth a very poor businessman.

Well, just what was the Killary Campaign thinking?

One really should know that you don’t want to one-up a sleaze like Trump but the Killary Campaign aren’t all that smart it appears.

Trump has now invited former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers, offering her a seat right next to Cuban. COULD IT GET BETTER THAN THAT?

Yep, it can!

“When Juanita Broaddrick heard Bill Clinton’s mistress Gennifer Flowers could be attending the first presidential debate as Donald Trump’s guest, she says that might be an opportunity she would welcome, too.” (The American Mirror 9/25/16)

You remember Juanita don’t you? Juanita Broaddrick accused the then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978 while he was campaigning for governor.

From Juanita’s point of view she believes that her presence at the debate would bring attention to the fact that Killary “. . . is not for women’s rights when it comes to Bill Clinton’s victims”! And she would remind Killary’s supporters how Killary, “. . . covered up and attacked so many women her husband sexually abused and had affairs with”.


So now Tubularsock is just waiting for a front row seat for Monica!

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