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Funny how things work out sometimes. Tubularsock was just sitting minding his own business as he tends to do on Mondays. And Tubularsock got to thinking about his old friend Vlad and what he was up to, so Tubularsock called him on his Bunker-Secure-Phone.

Tube:Vlad phone

Now the BSP is a low tech NSA proof phone that connects to Vlad’s house, or palace or whatever. He’s got 20 Palaces he can spend time in as well as 58 aircraft at his disposal. Oh yeah, and then there is that £47,000 toilet but who counts. After all the guy is worth $70 Billion according to those who say they know. 

Anyway Vlad and Tube were commiserating over all the shit Obummer is laying down against Vlad’s friends with all those economic sanctions. Obummer announced the new asset freezes and visa bans against rich or politically connected members of Putin’s inner circle. Seventeen Russian companies and seven of Vlad’s associates.

Wow, what a sore looser Obummer happens to be. After all his net worth is a pauper sum of $12.2 Million. Hardly enough for a cup of coffee in today’s market place.

But, wait a minute, Obummer stated that, “The goal here is not to go after Mr. Putin, personally. The goal is to change his calculus with how the current actions he’s engaging in in Ukraine could have an adverse impact on the Russian economy.”

Oh gosh. Could these sanctions against Russia possibly have an impact on OUR economy?

Or Europe?

Well, damn straight!

That is why these sanctions don’t apply to Gazprom. Gazprom is a major Russian energy consortium and provides natural gas to Ukraine and much of Europe. The question becomes will Europeans be willing to pay twice the price for natural gas this winter in order to allow the United States to attempt to pressure Russia and be the big boy on the block?

That is why the U.S. has left Gazprom alone for now but if and when Obummer attempts to up the ante with sanctions against Gazprom that is when China and others will be happy to take as much of that natural gas that Russia can supply.

And if and when this showdown occurs Russia is already planning how to survive economic sanctions: how to sell its goods in rubles. People will buy because Russia is too big of a producer to ignore.

And China and Russia could easily form a real non-dollar bloc dealing in Yuan or rubles and this will affect the worlds economies. No longer will the dollar hold as significant of a position.

Now Tubularsock has trouble balancing his own Bunker-Check-Book so there is no pretense that Tubularsock is the last word on explaining the world’s economic issues but when Tube figured Vlad may need a short-term loan we penned an agreement.

Tube&Vlad Agree

To be sure, Tubularsock’s bunker will be warm this winter ……. it pays to think ahead!

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Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

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Tubularsock has been extremely busy recently. It’s spring! And every spring Tubularsock takes time away from blogging to wash and clean all of his underground bunker windows. 

Starting from where Tubularsock sits in his top floor corner office overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA all the way down to the underground-ground-floor.

Needless to say it’s a large task.

But the world moves on. Regretfully I’ve seen this film before. 

Somehow in “freedom” loving America we are getting a distorted view of the EVIL RUSSIAN …….. see, I told you it’s an old movie.

Now Tubularsock just wants to clear up a little something for you just to save time.

This Ukraine-Mess was created by the United States, PERIOD.

All-that-that-stems-from-that is the U.S. attempting to BLAME Russia.

U.S. imperialism marches on and the American public is fed shit news from the likes of the New York Times giving up “journalism” to become a mouth piece for another government war, AGAIN!

Now wouldn’t you think that after Michael Gordon and Judith Miller’s false Iraq War propaganda that the Times’ editors would pay a little more attention to the crap being presented on the Ukraine?

Especially this latest bit of bull shit that Michael Gordon has been involved in over the photo proof that Russian “special forces” are involved in stirring up trouble in the Ukraine …….. like the U.S. “special forces” aren’t involved.

The Times’ has had to backtrack from Gordan’s story on covert Russian activities because the photographs proving the thrust of the story were brought into question.

Yes, Tubularsock was just as surprised as you over this entire matter.

You see the photos showed a “person of interest” with a long beard and a military patch on his camouflage shirt. Like an undercover special forces solider would wear a military identification tag right on his shirt. And a camouflage shirt at that! No really, check this out.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 2.33.05 PM

Well. Not to be overshadowed by the NEW YORK TIMES’ mis-information Tubularsock took it upon himself to track this “undercover” military special forces fellow down and took this photo which Tubularsock feels PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT who may have planted this guy in the Ukraine.



The CIA has this manual that was published in 1985 under William Casey (a true little prick) titled “Indications of Political Instability in Key Countries”.

In this manual the CIA states that “. . . demonstrations are successful destabilizing influences when they gradually increase in size and intensity, spread to other cities, increase in the number of days they take place, and when government repression of the demonstrations escalates”.

And this is exactly what the CIA is up to. Hence, the bearded guy standing out in the crowd to PROVE it’s the Russians that are stirring up the trouble.

The CIA has also been prime movers in the control of the media ……. especially that media that feeds information to the U.S. and Europe.  In Kiev and western Ukraine, the media was rallied to support the demonstrations against the Viktor Yanukovych government. But when it comes to the pro-Russian demonstrations in eastern and southern Ukraine, the Western media has been urged to be critical or out right neglectful of that coverage.

But this is what the CIA does. Destabilize populations so the U.S. can control them.

A good example of this destabilization tactic has recently been exposed with the ZunZuneo scandal, the so-called Cuban Twitter. 

ZunZuneo is the name given to a social networking platform that was largely a replica of Twitter, set up in 2010 by the United States Agency for International Development and contractors hired by the agency. The purpose was to build a base of unsuspecting Cuban users, and then introduce rumors and misinformation to destabilize the country’s socialist government.

The USAID is ostensibly a humanitarian aid organization but the rest of the world knows that they are chuck full of CIA and U.S. Military agents. Many NGO’s are used to carry out political operations and distribute money to opponents of any government that resists U.S. imperialism.

And if all that isn’t bad enough we can always call in contractors from private security companies to handle the necessary murder that has to take place and to train people to be terrorists much like we did in Syria. Remember we paid to have private contractors train al Qaeda. Just how counter-productive do you want to be UNTIL you realize that as long as destabilization takes place the U.S. keeps control.


Also a little side note:

Do you recall that at least three of the 911 hijackers were trained by the United States military within the United States?

And that the CIA helped to train and arm bin Laden and the boys.

It’s called blow-back when we train a group and they later turn on us ……. it happens all the time.

Is it counter-productive?

Or is it the REAL PLAN?

As long as the American public are destabilized by fear/protection they will be controlled.


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Who says art isn’t fun. As stated in Tubularsock’s last post George-The-Smaller exposed his art to the public at the Bush Center in Dallas.

Art is in the mind of the beholder and Tubularsock beheld George’s “art” and the best that can be said is that George has a long way to go as a painter but he does do a very good Barney!


But so did Adolf Hitler do a great dog.


Now don’t get Tubularsock wrong here. There is no comparison between George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler. First off, Adolf was intelligent.

But George-The-Smaller was the guy that so many people said they wanted to have a beer with before his election and he left office with an extremely low popularity rating. Most wouldn’t want to share a pretzel with him today.

Oh, ok there are still some brain-dead within our country who would be able to relate to him. But the IQ level would be in the single digits.

But the shame of all this is that George W. Bush should be in prison for Crimes Against Humanity but instead he is attempting to pass himself off as a “painter”. Does horse shit get any thicker that that?

Bush Hitler Paint

Now the idea that is being actually promoted here is captured in the title of Bush’s exhibition: The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy”  First off, if you repeat something often enough people start to believe it to be true. Unless you paid attention and then you’d realize Bush couldn’t wipe his own ass without Cheney telling him how to hold the toilet paper. “Leadership”? ABSURD!

As for “personal diplomacy” that too is equally ridiculous. The best description of Bush is that he is just a piss-ant. It’s sad but true.

Second off ……..  Adolf WAS an artist.

hitler art work

George IS NOT!

bush art

And then there is Bush’s rendition of Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin bush

 Bush’s portrait of Putin has a bit of a back story …….. hence, that is why Putin looks like that to George.   You see George feels he has captured Putins “real” character based on an encounter he had had with Putin. In the interview on the Today Show with his daughter, Jenna asking the questions George revealed that Putin had “dissed” Barney (Bush’s dog) one time by saying, “You call it a dog?” And then Vlad proceeded to say that HIS dog was bigger! And then a year later when Bush was on a visit to Russia Vladimir says, ‘Would you like to meet my dog?’ And according to Bush “. . . out bounds this huge hound, obviously much bigger than a Scottish terrier, and Putin looks at me and says, ‘Bigger, stronger and faster than Barney.’”

2D274905544406-today-bush-putin-140304-01.blocks_desktop_medium   As a result, his painting of Putin, at least to Bush, reflects a character who thinks ‘my dog is bigger than your dog’ is something to crow about. Tubularsock doesn’t see much character in any of Bush’s work except maybe his toes in the bathtub and Barney.


And really, don’t stop and think about this ……… two grown men both with the ability to press the RED BUTTON and blow us all to hell ……  and they live with these petty thoughts. SCARY!   Now Vlad is an “artist” as well ………… In fact back in 2009 Vlad sold “snowfall seen through a window” for 37 million roubles ($1.15 million) at a charity auction.



Wow, maybe Bush and Putin should take art classes together!


But in truth, there is a bit of deception here. The auction organizer said Putin had painted the picture in 20 minutes and then a professional artist filled in the details. Hey! He’s Russian, that’s just how they do art there! But all in all art critics are not overly impressed with Bush’s work. It seems to be a basic agreement that George’s work is basically very simple-minded. But Tubularsock agrees with art critic Deborah Solomon when she said, “I think a lot of us wish he had become a painter as opposed to a president. We all could have been saved a lot of trouble.”    Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Tube clock heading 2014



Today Tubularsock was searching out other peoples information from his top-floor-corner-office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA .

Most amazing is that this illusion that we each have created for ourselves seems to be totally insane when it appears in the group consciousness and played out.

Tubularsock knows every thing except the things he doesn’t know which is every thing.

So. Tubularsock’s observations and theories for this week follows:

In the middle of all this Ukraine stuff and Russia moving tough and the U.S. and NATO (which is also the United States) sanctioning themselves silly, Vladimir Putin gets a divorce. Simple as that. Seems 30 years of marriage and two kids later, well se foi, gone!

Now in truth this has been going on for nearly a year but during this “crisis” the Mrs. and Vlad finalized their divorce. And you know it’s real because Vlad’s presidential website no longer makes any mention of Lyudmila.

Wow, DE-friended. Harsh.

Tube:Vlad and

Is that why Vladimir penetrated Crimea? As a projected get back for what he wasn’t

getting from Lyudmila?

Nope. Sorry. 

No, Vlad has been busy with Alina Kabaeva starting back in 2008 and he’s well taken care of in that department. Kabaeva can bend her body like a pretzel as pictured above and she is a bit younger than Lyudmila.  Kabaeva is now a deputy, or representative, of the State Duma. Putin might have actually married her in 2013.

Tube Kabaeba

Now, come on. Isn’t this just fun shit to know?

Vlad is just a regular schmo running Russia like any male and pumping iron, not to show off to the United States but to fulfill the younger woman syndrome. Classic.

Now what organ is it again that seems to direct the male-mind into action and “drive” their foreign policy decisions?

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.23.33 AM

The world renowned war criminal George-W.-Bush-The-Smaller has just had an “art” opening called, The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy.

Now a lot of artists don’t have the connections to get their art shown but George has his George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. And he had his daughter, Jenna plug his opening by using her position as an NBC “correspondent” on the Today Show.

Gosh, an “interview” by Jenna Bush with the world renowned war criminal George-W.-Bush-The-Smaller! His show will feature world leaders he worked with and painted and Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin made the list.

But what isn’t generally known by the public at large is that Tubularsock was first on the scene and took pictures of some of the paintings that were NOT shown.

Tube cameras manhole

Tubularsock entered through the side entrance with his cameras in tow and took these shots …….. no really, Tubularsock does this kind of thing.

If you can’t trust Tubularsock who can you trust?  

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 10.51.33 AM


torture 1


But the most personal painting of George W. Bush’s repertoire is this one from the collection. Lynne and Dick Cheney in a private moment. Doesn’t it just capture the “beat me, beat me” that is so part of Dicks personality.

tubecamera cheney

The only problem with Bush’s show is that it really is prison art but Bush will never go to prison. For this war criminal to have an art show outside of prison is the real crime!

And so to round out all this bull shit in the greater reality of the illusion there is this:

The latest Fort Hood military nut case is such a surprise AGAIN for the military brain-dead.  The Army may never learn the motive of the Fort Hood rampage because Ivan Lopez is dead, said Chris Grey, a spokesman for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command based in Quantico, Va. 

Tube gun slant

Ivan Lopez made no effort to target specific soldiers he just shot everybody AS HE WAS TRAINED TO DO IN IRAQ!   “There was no premeditated targeting of an individual,” said, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, Fort Hood’s commander.

The 34-year-old Lopez was undergoing treatment for depression and anxiety while being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, base officials said. He was able to buy his gun at the same gun store that sold the last Fort Hood nut case his guns. The gun store is just a few miles down the road from the Fort Hood entrance. 

How convenient.

So think of all of this as you finish your day. You don’t have to reconcile any of it. Because that’s Tubularsock’s job.

Putin is doing nothing more than projecting his male image by strutting about with no shirt on and moving his military around like a dildo.

Bush is painting pictures with as much swagger as any guy who was a “cheer-leader” in his college days and was willing to kill hundreds of thousands of men, woman and children to prove to himself and others that he wasn’t a wimp like his father.

And the Army is still trying to figure out that if you train a person to kill and then turn him loose that the fact that he follows his training is a surprise to them.

Yes, life is an illusion and when played out in the group consciousness IS like …. total insanity! 

Now that is what Tubularsock calls comforting!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM