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tube-globe-headingWE DIDN’T DO IT!

Well as we all know there is no such thing as climate change and if there were WE have NO IMPACT on our earth.

Earth changes are the EARTH’S FAULT and if not, then at least the Russians!

Now forget about Fukushima. Nuclear Power is CLEAN and yes at the moment Fukushima is still pumping tons and tons of radio active material into the Pacific Ocean but don’t you worry …… it’s a big ocean.

And now that we have CLEAN COAL we can all rest and we’ll have our in coming Orange President promoting it and all the coal miners that voted to bring back their BLACK LUNG disease will have jobs.

And hell, less trees world wide only means more toothpicks and less oxygen over the long haul but you’ll get used to it!

No. Climate change is just the earth telling you to move to another planet, soon. But has nothing to do with we humans and our life style.

It’s all those scientists who have made it all up! JUST HOW COULD WE HUMANS BE DOING IT?













Tube heading cutain


You know, every once in a while people come up to Tubularsock and say, “Tubularsock, why is the world so fucked up?”

Now first, the fact that they call out Tubularsock’s name alerts Tubularsock that they are addressing Tubularsock specifically. And that is satisfying because it tells Tubularsock that these people that say, “Tubularsock, why is the world so fucked up  . . .” are putting their question to someone who KNOWS the answer.

That alone should give YOU a huge sense of relief. Do you feel better just knowing that? Tubularsock does.

In their annual survey, Win/Gallup International found that the United States is considered the number one “greatest threat to peace in the world today” by people across the globe.

That was the findings from their End Of Year (2013) survey that has been conducted every year for 37 years. And they do this survey according to Win/Gallup International because “this survey is compelling and is undisputedly the world’s first and longest global survey of its kind”.

But funny thing. That survey was so compelling that after the 2013 survey conclusion that the United States was the number one threat to world peace Win/Gallup International decided (after 37 years) to no longer conduct that survey. Which just goes to show you that if it’s Climate Change information, the Fukuyama Nuclear Disaster, or War Findings the best way to improve the truth is to NOT REPORT ON IT ANYMORE. Ahhh, now that’s settled.

1. Now the reason the United States has found itself in this situation is not because when it comes to arm sales the U.S. stands head and shoulders plus a head and shoulders plus a head above all other nations in the world. In fact, in 2010 fucking Obomber approved a 60 BILLION DOLLAR weapons deal with that sick and deranged Saudi dictatorship, the biggest arms sales in U.S. history!

2. Nor could it be because when 111 nations of the world called for the BAN on the use of the cluster bomb the United States would not sign the treaty and then proceeded to sell cluster bombs to the Saudis and supported their use of them against the population of Yemen!

“Obama has himself previously planted and detonated banned cluster bombs in crowded civilian areas of Yemen and killed several times more civilians, including some 21 children and 5 pregnant women, than were killed in the Boston Bombing.” (Robert Barsocchini, 5/3/15 Washington’s Blog)

Just think of the above statement when you watch Obomber sing Amazing Grace in front of that congregation in Charleston for Rev. Clementa Pinckney. And when he talks of those who “terrorize and oppress”. If that congregation had had any intelligence at all they would have gotten up and walked out on that mother fucker but oh no, they all “did their duty” oblivious to the baby killer they were singing with …….. shame on them, shame!

3. Nor could it be that the United States is the only country in the United Nations that will not ratify The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.

The reason is because it forbids both the death penalty and life imprisonment for children!

During his 2008 campaign for President, then-Senator Obomber described the failure to ratify the Convention as “embarrassing” and promised to review the issue. And now it’s 2015 and well, ahhh.

No none of the above are reasons why the world believes that the United States is the number one threat to world peace. bell alarm

The reason is because we ARE the number one threat to world peace.  And we as a people are delusionally sound asleep to ourselves.

But as things move along as things do it is painfully becoming obvious that it is doubtful that our institutions can pull America out of its trough. 

In fact if you really look at the truth of “our?” Congress and “our” President you will quickly realize that “our” own government is AT WAR WITH US!

According to Gallup only 8% of the American public have any faith in Congress!

A huge number of American citizens believe that the government is no longer serving its own  people.

And as Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the 39 Senators who voted against the TPP deal, stated, “They won the vote, but lost the trust of the American people . . . It is remarkable that so much energy has been expended on advancing the things Americans oppose, and preventing the things Americans want.”

And the amazing thing about all this is NOT GRACE but the fact that what we have as a so called leader is an empty, pathetic, sad example of a man that has no grace at all and that is sadly amazing.


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Japan: Comic Relief

Well if you haven’t heard, Japan or perhaps just the government or at least some of the Japanese people or many of them or over half of them or at least the number that will allow this to happen but “THEY” are going to re-start the Sendai Nuclear Plant even after their knowledge about the risks as exampled with the continuing Fukushima disaster that is like the gift that keeps on spewing!

The Sendai Plant will be the first nuclear plant to reopen since 2011.

Ok. That’s not the funny part. Now Tubularsock does admit that he at times has a bizarre sense of the absurd but this is got to take a cake. Or at least a muffin.

The local officials have voted to reopen the Sendai Nuclear Plant EVEN THOUGH IT IS ONLY 40 THAT IS 4 ….. 0 MILES FROM THIS:

tube fuck volcano

Mt. Ontake erupted just a month ago …….. just so you are clear Sendai Nuclear Plant is only 40 miles from this active spewing volcano!

Care for funnier?  The Sendai Nuclear Plant is also only 31 miles from Mount Sakurajima, an extremely active volcano which erupts on a regular basis.

Now what could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Now there is active anti-nuclear opposition but the government wants to restart Japan’s nuclear industry because ………….. TAPCO owns the government. So the people don’t really get a say UNLESS they shut down the country.

Oh don’t count on that ……… some people have even moved back to the Fukushima area because the government said it was safe to do so.

It is so safe that Tubularsock is going to open THE FIRST EVER tanning spa where your tan comes from the “inside” out in just a matter of days. What could be better?

No tanning beds …….. you just sit on the spa’s deck and tan away. EVEN AT NIGHT!


With pre-cooked sushi from the sea.

Reservations available, reasonable rates for the unreasonable.

contact: phone 1-800-burn-baby-burn (no collect calls accepted)

Now don’t think some silly people are not attempting to warn the officials.

Like the scientific authorities.

Oh did Tubularsock mention the INCREASE in seismic activity in the area?

Oh well. As the Japan Times stated:  “Sendai reactors [are] vulnerable to eruptions [and] could cause a nationwide disaster, said Toshitsugu Fujii, University of Tokyo professor emeritus who heads a government-commissioned panel…”

But not to worry ……… The Government regulators RULED OUT a major eruption!

The Government regulators RULED OUT a major eruption! Tubularsock just had to repeat that. So perfect, The Government regulators RULED OUT a major eruption! Now come on …….. that’s funny!

What a relief  ………

まあええと、Tubularsock は… 常に言うように私のために戻る。こんにちは友人  ( Translation: Well hey, as Tubularsock always says …….. back to my sake.)

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Tube heading slingshot


Tube Direction


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Tube Heading Nuke hot dog


This is rich! Shanghai, China had another huge pollution problem a week or so ago. Yeah, the “air” was so thick with shit that visibility was only about a 150 feet. That is some thick pollutant in the air. So what did the Chinese government do?

  1. Stop all coal burning and moved to solar energy?
  2. Stop all driving of autos and trucks and go back to the bicycle?
  3. Evacuate all the residence of the city and move them to safety?


They changed the pollution standards so the new pollution level was considered SAFE for human consumption.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the Chinese government don’t you?


But don’t worry. When the radiation levels in the areas outside the “stay-here-and-fry-zone” of Fukushima became dangerous what do you think the Japanese Government did for their people?

  1. Immediately decommissioned all nuclear plants and shifted their power source to wind?
  2. Evacuated all the residence of Japan and move them to a safe haven like Shanghai?
  3. Got plastered on sake?


They  just changed the levels of dangerous levels of radiation to a higher level and declared it safe.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the Japanese government don’t you?

クソのナットとは **

Not to worry, not to worry. When after 911 New York City was one huge cloud of asbestos and concrete dust the EPA declared that the air was safe to breathe.

OR after BP filled the Gulf of Mexico with oil and then to hide it dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of Corexit into the water the American Government said that the water was safe to swim in and the air in the area was just fine.

OR after the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown the radiation detection monitors on the West Coast of the U.S. were reading inordinately high so the U.S. Government turned them off and stopped monitoring for radiation. Declaring that every thing was safe.

Of course you know what Tubularsock said about the American Government don’t you?

Are you fucking nuts?***

Now you may have noticed a pattern here. Yes?

Well each government body does this in order to keep “progress” alive in their economy even though the people might be dead.

So, rest assured ……..



*Are you fucking nuts?

** Are you fucking nuts?

*** Are you fucking nuts?


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