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Tubularsock is having a little bit of trouble with this Putin-Trump-Thingee.

Now what does it tell you that Donnie and Vlad met in “secret” under “rib vaults, and flying buttresses” in The Presidential Palace’s Gothic Hall in Helsinki?

Followed by a wider working lunch in The Hall of Mirrors.

Think on this, just a moment.

The Gothic part may show that Putin has been influenced more than we have been led to believe by Pussy Riot, the feminist Russian punk-rock collective based in Moscow.

Pussy Riot may seem a little Goth at times to Vlad and Donnie’s proclivity toward grabbing pussy makes it a great reminder of the “pee-pee-tape” so as not to have to remind Donnie of Vlad’s influence. Always best unsaid though loud and clear.

And then of course ………. The Hall of Mirrors.


On the one hand there is the problem that meddling in our elections is something new and our moral high ground on this activity is ludicrous. Like we have never done this constantly to nearly every country on the globe. What was the CIA created to do anyway?

So lets get this straight, once again.

Killery DID NOT lose the election because of Russian meddling!

Killary lost the election because she IS/WAS a lying, conniving, corrupted corporate-Democrap bitch!

Plain and simple!

And the American public knew it.

Can we lay that to rest now?

And hasn’t it been convenient that Killery’s total corrupt rigging of the Democrap primary edging Bernie out has all but disappeared. EVEN BY FUCKING BERNIE!

Talking about collusion ……. fuck Bernie too!

On the other hand …….. that fucking pee-tape must be one hell of a show! There is no doubt that Vlad has got Dump by the balls! Wow, that is gross just thinking about this!


And then third …….. Tubularsock is in favor of working with the Russians and ending this neo-con cold war bull shit.

Remember back in 2009 Step-en-fetch-it-Obummer and Killery-of-state wanted to “reset” U.S. relations with Russia. So why all this backlash when Dump is going after it?

The U.S. might try something new this century and get along with others rather than attempting to control others. Tubularsock knows how unreasonable this seem to the rabid and stupid deplorables but they seem to love their Imbecile-In-Chief and with his love fest with Vlad we might get peace in our time.

Oh sure, if it all goes well Dump with get brand new hotels in Moscow AND Vladivostok and the rest of us will get sauerkraut for dinner.

Hell …… that is pretty good faire for peasants!





Funny how this works. Not 12, not 14,  were indicted for manipulating social media to promote social division by mimicking grassroots political activity. All in favor of Trump?

So 13? Remember 9/11? Symbolically in your mind the sequence 911 = emergency.

And 13 symbolically means unlucky or “be careful”.

Oh please ………….. give Tubularsock a break here. Do “they” think this is going to work? That it is the evil Putin behind it all?


You have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running about the country LYING every third word for the entire election cycle.

You have Donald Trump grabbing pussy and flaunting his fat old orange body about like he was some savior or something.

You have Hillary Clinton cheating and manipulating the DNC with her cronies in tow.

You have the Democraps and the Replblican’ts spending billions of dollars to project total BULL SHIT onto the American citizen.


Lets stop right here and look at the number of PR firms that are employed by the CLOSED TWO PARTY SYSTEM. And what is the purpose of a PR firm?

A PR firm’s job is to lie, cheat, scam and manipulate by any means possible to make a product (candidate) look exceptionally good. In fact, THE BEST!

Using social media, news feeds, human interest stories the full spectrum. Tubularsock is talking about millions upon millions of dollars. Thousands of employees implementing and saturating positions and beliefs and ideas in order to make their product (candidate) look like the BEST candidate since sliced bread you’d ever seen.


And it was all done on social media?

Now so far there isn’t any hard cold evidence that has been presented to the public only words, and innuendo.

And just maybe we may be going after all this in an incorrect manner. Rather than looking at the scammers just maybe we should be looking at the scammed.

At what point ARE YOU responsible for common sense?

At what point ARE YOU responsible for making decisions by investigating information BEFORE you believe it?

At what point ARE YOU responsible for critical thinking?

Usually, most people tend to BELIEVE what they want to believe even when all the factual information is to the contrary. It is just easier.

Oh Hillary is a woman, that must be good!

Oh Donald is rich, that must be good!

Oh Bernie is a socialist, that must be bad!

Oh Jill sat at the same dinner table as Putin, that must mean something!

The entire thought pattern of the nation is continually manipulated at ever level whether it is standard jingoism and rally around the fucking flag to using the “best” tooth paste to show off your shit-eating-grin!

YOU are managed day in and day out!


Tubularsock is not being an alarmist here but you’d better wake the fuck up because there is ONLY TWO SIDES.

Those who control you,

And you.

And unfortunately you have acquiesced to slavery as freedom!


Well go watch the game and have another beer. That will show them!


Tube heading news cycleREALLY?

Tubularsock finds it difficult to believe that the agency (CIA) who has been tasked with overthrowing countries (even democratic ones) and manipulating elections all over the world is now all of a sudden telling us the “truth”?

None of you can be that naive!

It has already been discovered that it wasn’t a “hack” but rather an “inside leak” and the “leaker” is known by Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan.

The “leaker’s” motivation was “disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the ’tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders”!

Furthermore the “hack” software used can be purchased on the “dark web” by ANYONE and it is an outdated Ukrainian/Russian software.

one way dead end

Maybe the Democrats should spend their time and “clean house” rather than point the blame for losing this election to fucking-orange-twitter-man and the “Russians”!

And just a personal note: Is Tubularsock going to believe a man named Clapper? Not without a penicillin shot!

And what is all this neocon Russian shit anyway?

The Russians have 10 military bases outside Russia with an estimated 45,000 personnel.

The United States has 900 military bases in 130 countries outside the U.S. with an estimated 150,560 personnel. With a total worldwide military personnel of 1,302,941.

Now I ask you …….. WHO’S THE AGGRESSOR?

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Now where does Donald Trump find the nerve to say that the election is rigged and that he may not automatically RALLY AROUND THE FLAG of our grand democracy and support the winner of this election.

In our grand history ALWAYS the loser BURIES HIS HATCHET and joins the winner to unite the nation to go forward. That is one of the fundamental principles of FAIR AND FREE ELECTIONS.

And yes ………. But the caveat rests on FAIR AND FREE now doesn’t it.

So where could Donnie get an idea that the election is rigged?

Gosh …….. maybe we should really look.

The first “give away” is how strong of a reaction has come from the ESTABLISHMENT.
Just about, like cockroaches, every politician in the club came out of the woodwork to tell us that there IS NO QUESTION that the elections in the United States of America are FAIR AND FREE!

John McCain, dead man walking, stated that “All Arizonans and all Americans SHOULD be confident in the integrity of our elections . . .” . Oh yeah, YOU SHOULD?

Jimmy Carter believes that the idea of rigged elections are “unfounded and irresponsible”! But Jimmy always has had an inability to identify political deep water and was a “true believer” in the system. Even now. “The Carter Center notes that no election is perfect and that there will be isolated administrative incidents in U.S. elections as in every election conducted around the world. However, these incidents should not call into question the integrity of the entire election.”

The only issue with this analyses is that the rigging of key state voting machines with malware can throw an election in either direction and without a PAPER trail, there is no hard proof!

And Hillary, released a letter, written to Bill from George H.W. Bush as he handed the Office of President off to him calling Clinton “our president” as an example of the club rules of handing over leadership.

But within Clinton’s leaked emails, John Podesta explained to Clinton’s staff how some believed that Obama committed voter fraud in the 2008 Colorado election. Clinton’s “inner circle” believed that to be true.

President Barack Obama said this week “no serious person” would believe the presidential election could be rigged. But in 2008 Barack stated when asked about a rigged election, “Well, I tell you what it helps in Ohio, that we got Democrats in charge of the machines.”

“But look, I come from Chicago,” Obama continued, “so I want to be honest, it’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes, Democrats have, too.”

Funny how he forgot this time around, isn’t it? Well no problem because NO SERIOUS person would think that!

And John Kerry believes that in the 2004 election Bush’s people purged Democratic voters from the rolls, engineered long lines at Democratic precincts, and even deliberately rigged computerized voting machines to take votes from Kerry and give them to Bush. These theories mostly focused on the state of Ohio, which would have won Kerry the presidency.

But really, NO SERIOUS person would think that!

Oh and wasn’t there some kind of Florida rigging in 2000? Oh no, the Supreme Court said that Florida didn’t have to recount the questionable vote totals so ALL’S GOOD!



Yeah, now we can all rest assured that American Democracy is well and good and fair and free!

And whatever you do don’t look at Hillary rigging the Democratic National Committee to edge out Bernie. No, THAT RIGGING WAS ALL PART OF THE CLINTON MACHINE’S PROCESS. It was all done among friends!

So, let’s all get comfortable. Like Tubularsock has said all along …. THE FIX IS IN!
All that is left is the counting but that has already been done by Hillary’s People.

Tube logo pres

Just where, oh where could Donald Trump come up with such an outlandish idea!

NO SERIOUS person would think that!




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Hillary $15


According to Fortune Magazine Hillary Clinton spends around $1400.00 on her pantsuits. They are designed by Nina McLemore who also have Elizabeth Warren and Janet Napolitano as clients.

McLemore states that Clinton doesn’t venture beyond the pantsuit because McLemore believes that, “Once the brain makes a conclusion about a person, based on a first look, whether that impression is positive or negative, it’s done; it’s not just a first impression, it’s a stamp.”

McLemore further believes that, “TV is where charisma and attractiveness count far more than substance.” Something Richard Nixon figured out as it was happening even though he lacked charisma and attractiveness AS WELL AS substance!

Now Clinton’s “blah” uniform: boxy blazer, shapeless slacks, simple shirt, statement necklace and sensible shoes don’t come cheep.

The pantsuit runs $1400, the “simple shirt” runs $200, the statement neckless can run from $300 to $1500 so say $600, the sensible shoes around $500.

So for Hillary to look “charismaly blah” it costs about $2700.00 not counting undergarments which Tubularsock will assume are cotton boxer shorts due to the lack of sexual interest in her from her sexually crazed husband. Granted the undergarment thing is speculative on Tubularsock’s part.


So it cost $2700.00 to look Clinton-blah. And she has dozens of pantsuits. So 12 x 2700.00 = $32,400.00.

Now Hillary says that $15.00 an hour is too much to pay a worker. She has backed $12 but Bernie has forced her up to $15. Or that’s what she says to get votes right now. Don’t count on that, folks …….. she’s a lier.

But it would take a 180 – $15 dollar hours to pay for ONE of Hillary Clinton’s blah outfits which is 22.5 — 8 hour days!

It would take 2,160 hours to dress Hillary 12 times.
(and Tubularsock doesn’t included the deductions from the paycheck for worker’s comp, taxes, and health care)
180 hours for one pantsuit set up

22 1/2 — 8 hour days to dress Hillary once

270 days to dress Hillary 12 times

or around 9 months of work.

And Hillary has said that businesses can’t afford to pay $15.00 an hour but she has been willing to vote YES on BILLIONS of dollars on war …… she never says we can’t afford THAT!

So the average Joelet can work an 8 hour day and still can’t pay for a decent lifestyle.
And Hillary is just above ALL THAT. You know, from the helicopter people even look small.

And yet, why is it that working women, Blacks and Hispanics support her?

too late





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When Tubularsock wins the election in 2016 and becomes President of the United States —— THINGS WILL CHANGE!

Tube Rocks

Now it is true that Tubularsock’s Super-PAC doesn’t have much cash because like Donald, Tubularsock funds his own campaign. Tubularsock’s vast sums of wealth have been acquired from speaking at many Wall events. And all Tubularsock Wall events are the biggest and tallest!

Just last week Tubularsock spoke for over three hours to the Sheetrock and Plasterers Meeting in an undisclosed area and the transcripts of that speech will be forthcoming as soon as all the other candidates release their speech transcripts, Hillary.

As usual, Tubularsock took questions and gave answers and all those answers were just GREAT and really FANTASTIC and the answers Tubularsock provided were THE GREATEST AND BIGGEST AND TALLEST answers anyone could have given. EVERYBODY LIKES TUBULARSOCK, TUBULARSOCK GETS ALONG WITH EVERYBODY! And if that isn’t enough Tubularsock can make DEALS! You just can’t do better than Tubularsock!


Tubularsock figures that you may haven’t had the time to noticed the following:

Whether you vote for Donnie, Hillary, or Bernie none of them offer ANY solutions for,

1.  the permanent war on terror

2. the neo-liberal economic policies where the rich get richer and you get poorer
(note: that won’t change by breaking up the big banks)

3. the reinstatement of Habeas Corpus

4. an expanded Bill of Rights

5. the US/NATO presence in 130 countries

6. the establishment of complete electronic privacy

7. full governmental transparency

8. a bail out of the $1 trillion student loan debt
(note: that isn’t the same as free college tuition in the future)

And the list could go on …….. aren’t you happy that Tubularsock knows Americans have a short attention span.


Bernie is the only one who actually has at least some integrity (besides Tubularsock) and does offer at least some hope of real change in the corrupt direction that this country is immersed in at this time and for some time, maybe 200 some years give or take.

Hillary is so corrupt that it will be business as usual.

And Donnie-boy …….. well, he’ll create dysfunction just at a faster rate than Hillary who will speed the decline of the United States into the abyss.

So bottom line for sanity in our time ……. Tubularsock 2016

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The Presidential Race has been worse than a sitcom and the scary part is that one of these questionable individuals will REALLY BE the next President of the United States of America!

And just how does one compare them against each other?

Integrity? Well, Bernie has a little but the rest of them absolutely NONE!

Truthfulness? Well, they are political animals after all, so ………. NONE!

Transparency? Ok, Tubularsock was just kidding.

So that leaves you and Tubularsock with only one option ………. Hand Size. Which leaves Hillary with no hands at all.


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