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What voters are left?

The Old woman demographic votes with their vaginas so that means Hillary.

The Young woman demographic votes with their old grandfather fixations so that means Bernie.

The Christian Fundamentalists demographic votes with anything with a Bible and a cross on it so that means Cruz.

The totally bland, inane, underachiever demographic votes have shifted from Jeb so that means Rubio.

And the totally frustrated and/or stupid and/or insane and/or lost and/or plain fucked-up demographic votes go Trump.


So what demographic votes are left for the only candidate that would provide you with a tofu chicken in every pot, an American made All Electric Mercedes-Benz in every garage with that garage attached to a 5000 square foot All Solar Ranch Style House with a hot tube, Olympic-size swimming pool with FREE Margaritas served at pool side?

Yes! A Tubularsock America would provide you and your family with this lifestyle but ONLY if you vote for TUBULARSOCK FOR PRESIDENT 2016.


Now sure people always ask Tubularsock, “Just where would Tubularsock get this money to create this life style for ALL AMERICANS?”

It really is very simple.

Tubularsock would just stop blowing people up in the rest of the world and spend that money on AMERICA.

Without blowing people up, over time people would look at America and decide they too want this lifestyle and just start to copy it in their own countries.  You don’t have to force people to do something if they want to do it!

Remember: “money” is made up and its value is just an agreement so lets all AGREE that it is worth what we want it to be worth for our needs and if we all agree then it is worth what we want.

So VOTE for a TUBULARSOCK AMERICA 2016 and be saved! Amen.


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Some lose.

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Just in ……. The Tubularsock News Room and Sake Bar has just received word that by popular demand THE TRUMP POSITION has been TRANSVERSED!

“Yes it is true”, stated Tubularsock just before he boarded a trans-Atlantic flight to Constantinople, “THE TRUMP POSITION has been TRANSVERSED!” (photographic evidence below)

Asked why Constantinople?, Tubularsock explained, “By using an older airline and flying away from the international date line it is possible to reach Istanbul today but by paying airline ticket prices set in 330BC.”

When the New York Times reporter asked, “How could this be possible due to the FACT that there were NO airlines in 330BC”? Tubularsock reminded that reported that the New York Times has never had FACTS get in the way of their reporting before, why now?

Tubularsock went on to say that, “THE TRUMP POSITION being TRANSVERSED was due to an overwhelming amount of public support to “MAKE SURE” the position was permanent.

Tubularsock did confirm that there may be a possible active conspiracy between “lone-wolves” in England, Canada, and Ohio.

In fact, it is rumored that a crazed train engineer has taken over the train heading toward the “TRANSVERSED ZONE”!

This is a Tubularsock News Room and Sake Bar LIVE COVERAGE UPDATE! Stay tuned.

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Oh! If for some reason you are attempting to truly understand this post you may want to refer to the previous comments made on the previous post A TRUMP POSITION as well as having three or four cups of warm sake …….. that’s what Tubularsock is doing on his way to Constantinople. And as they say in Turkey, “Alkış ve haber gazetelerde okuduğunuz herhangi bir şey inanmıyorum!”




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So as we Americans proceed with the rigged circus of elections the age old question has reared its ugly head, once again.

If you recall it was only around 2007 that the BIG question was: “IS BARACK OBAMA BLACK ENOUGH”?

And how could anyone forget Joe Biden’s convincing comment in calling Obama the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,”

Ahh YES! “bright and clean”! There’s just not many of those kind of knegros in the land of the free!

But of course we all know that Barack came from a “white-stock” U.S. mother and a father that is a “black-stock” Kenyan. So, Barack was watered down from PURE white which makes him biracial! And biracial are ALWAYS BLACK. BUT NOT WHITE!

And we all know that the U.S. of America is in its post-racial-period so we, as a country, are past all that concern over race. After all we elected one of those “bright and clean” ones to be our President!

Now that it is 2016 we have a new issue IS BERNIE OR HILLARY BLACK ENOUGH?

mirror mirror on the wall who’s the blackest of them all?

mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the blackest of them all?

You see the establishment media has been on Hillary’s team from the beginning. The first clue, Dr. Watson, was elemental. They just didn’t cover Bernie. Even when his crowd sizes were larger than Hillary’s and Trump’s. Not a peep! It was like he never was there.

But when it became clear that there was some kind of bias in favor of Hillary the establishment press started to cover Bernie except they used their photos and headlines to focus on Hillary in a positive light and Bernie not so much.

So that is why presently we have a big push from the establishment to convince all of us that the Clintons HAVE ALWAYS LOVED BLACK PEOPLE and were there during the civil rights struggle standing shoulder to shoulder with their BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS fighting the good fight for freedom and justice for all.

Even Congressman John Lewis who was a major leader within the civil rights movement in the 1960’s  joined in to cast doubt on Bernie Sanders’ involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

He stated that, “I never saw him. I never met him. I was chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee for three years, from 1963 to 1966. I was involved with the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, the March on Washington, the march from Selma to Montgomery and directed (the) voter education project for six years. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President (Bill) Clinton.”

But funny thing, Congressman Lewis in his statement doesn’t say WHEN he met Hillary and Bill. The way that statement was stated IMPLIES the Clinton’s were involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60. They weren’t! Bernie was involved!

Congressman Lewis just lied or just misdirected his statement to make it appear the Civil Rights Movement and the Clinton’s were tied together?

In Congressman Lewis’ own words in a section contributed by him in 2001 in the book by Janis Kearney, Conversations: William Jefferson Clinton, From Hope to Harlem he states, “The first time I heard of Bill Clinton was in the early 70s . . . think I paid more attention to him at the 1988 Democratic Convention . . . But it was one of his aides, Rodney Slater, who actually introduced us in 1991”.

You do the math …… 1963 ……. 1991. If Tubularsock is not mistaken, the Freedom Rides were over!

As for Hillary she went with her church group to hear Dr. Martin Luther King in 1962.

Hillary was 13 years old. And was not on the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.

But the way the now establishment Lewis stated it one could be made to believe that Hillary and Bill were in the middle of it all. THEY WERE NOT!

It is obvious to Tubularsock that Congressman Lewis knows which side of his chit’lin is buttered on!

And then there was Time Magazine.

There is photographic evidence that Bernie Sanders WAS involved in the Civil Rights Movement. He was involved in the sit-in at the University of Chicago administration building protesting discrimination against blacks in university owned housing.

“I took the photograph of Bernie Sanders speaking to his fellow CORE members at that sit-in” stated Danny Lyon the student photographer at the University of Chicago, making pictures for the yearbook, the Alumni Magazine and the student paper, The Maroon.

Lyon (now a celebrated photographer) verified that the photos that he took included Sanders and that Time Magazine and the Clinton machine that have attempted to discredit the photos as not being Sanders have done so to misinform the electorate. Oh no, say it isn’t so!!!

The CORE sit-in that Bernie helped lead was the first civil rights sit-in to take place in the North.”

Now will the Black voters in South Carolina which are significant and the Black voters in general be fooled into thinking that Hillary and her Banker-Class will do more for them than Bernie and his economic reform program?

Guess it depends just how awake the Black community happens to be.

WE SHALL OVERCOME is only worth something if all the people wake up to the game being implemented. The sad truth is that to date it’s the LIE that wins.

Hillary is a LIE just like Obummer is a LIE …….

So far in America, THE LIES HAVE IT!


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Now, as Tubularsock writes this it is nearing midnight in Moscow. And it’s near noon in Oakland, CA which makes drinking Vodka permissible in both time zones according to Tubularsock’s rules. Of course morning Vodka does have its place too.

Tubularsock has never, to date, disliked a Russian. All the Russians that Tubularsock has met over the years have all been likable. Now, granted Tubularsock is working with a limited sample but it’s the only sample Tubularsock has.

Now Vlad, who Tubularsock has never met, is an oligarch unlike Obummer who is a puppet of oligarchs. Both are working from SELF interest and both have a lot invested in their “trade” of power and money.

ObamaPutin Bogeyman

But Tubularsock doesn’t really have any experience in being an oligarch nor a puppet of the oligarchs in the direct sense. But Tubularsock does have direct experience with being a person.

So lets look at the Russian/U.S. American dis-harmony which has been propagated Tubularsock’s entire life. It is all BULL SHIT!

Tubularsock bets you 50-bucks-American that Tubularsock could bring one hundred Russians and one hundred U.S. Americans together and work out any differences we all have. Don’t think so? Tubularsock doesn’t see your 50 bucks on the table!

Tubularsock bets you also that Tubularsock could “talk-down” a Black man with a knife without shooting him ……. it’s not an art form, it’s an intention!


The Washington “bubble” and the Moscow “bubble” work the same way EXCEPT the United States has double-crossed the Russians more than the Russians have double-crossed the United States ………. hands down!

But how could THAT be any surprise?

The United States has double-crossed our African-American Population as well as our Native American Population our entire history …….. so what’s new?

Shameful as it is ……. the truth hurts!

Oh how Tubularsock digresses.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States made a DEAL with the Russian Federation that the United States would NOT SUPPORT NATO in attempting to build military forces in countries that bordered Russia.

Tubularsock has always been amazed that the Russians fell for this. All they had to do is to look at EVERY treaty the United States made with the Native Americans to see the LIE THAT IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

And SLAVERY and JIM CROW……….. where in one’s fucking logic could ANYONE trust a mind set like that? FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY?????? Horse shit!

But the Russians did.

But rather than the United States living up to it’s “integrity”, it worked to “Contain-Russia”!

But in truth, who should be contained?

The United States has a military budget of a zillion dollars and military intrusions to match. The Russians don’t! The Chinese don’t!

The United States has attacked more countries in the world today than China and Russia combined! In truth, Russian and China look like pacifist in comparison.


If the United States can make “economic treaties” and become “trading partners” with both Russia and China, why exactly can’t we stop this aggression toward one another?

Well the easy answer ………. war profiteering! All of them make big bucks in war sales!

Hey, haven’t you heard ……… the business of business is business.

But on top of that the game of natural resources and who controls them is paramount, or “we the people” are made to believe so.

The US military is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world.

“Energy consumed per active duty military and civilian personnel is 35 percent higher than the U.S. energy consumption per capita, which is amongst the highest in the world. While consuming that amount of energy, DoD (Department of Defense) emitted 73 million metric tons of CO2, corresponding to over 4 percent of the total emissions in USA.” (The Daily Energy Report, 2009)

The DoD uses 360,000 barrels of oil each day. There are only 35 countries in the world that consume more oil than the DoD.

So what we have here is the need to consume oil at that high rate in order to maintain our continuous wars for oil control so we can maintain our supply of oil which we depend on to supply our oil in which to fight our oil wars.


So wouldn’t it be easier to just cut the military?


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Tube ready headingIf stupidity grew on trees the United States would be a wonderland of forests!

Tubularsock has been informed by the New York Times that Obomber has called for an increase of heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other equipment to NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe.



Well because it’s a move that administration officials said is aimed at deterring Russia from further aggression in the region.

Now this will be paid for by a budget request of more than $3.4 billion for military spending in Europe in 2017.


Well, you see somehow the New York Times and the Obomber Administration has gotten mixed up. Lying will do that.

un-intel intel

Somehow the United States’ overthrow of the government in the Ukraine has gotten turned around as Moscow’s aggression and that the 85% of the Crimean People’s VOTE to join Russia is construed as Russia’s annexation of Crimea — an annexation that neither the United States nor its European allies recognize!

If lies grew on trees the United States would be a wonderland of forests!

So what does all this mean?

The candidates that are being put up for the next wave of WAR all agree. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Bernie, or Hillary, or Jeb, or Donnie, or Ted with the Bible up his ass, they ALL support WAR.

Yet the majority of the American population is tired of war.

If voting-mattered grew on trees within the United States there would be barren ground!

The ONLY candidate that would STOP WAR and close U.S. military bases and take that money savings and apply it to DOMESTIC INFRASTRUCTURE REPAIR AND FREE EDUCATION AND IMPROVE HEALTH CARE IS ……. Jill Stein of the Green Party!

Haven’t heard of her …….. no surprise is it?

You do realize that if you compare Jill’s platform with Bernie’s, well Bernie is the same old same old head up his butt Bernie!

Now Jill is a WOMAN but she isn’t a corporate-whore like Hillary.

Jill, actually has INTEGRITY!

If integrity grew on trees, the United States has been too long under water!

So bottom line if you want change in a positive direction in this country of ours you’ll have to get off your butt and see the alternatives.

You know, Tubularsock hates to break this to you but the Democan’ts and the Republican’ts will change NOTHING in your lives ……. El ZERO!




If CHANGE grew on trees …… cornucopia could happen!

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