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Just what is it about this constant “forever war” syndrome that we find ourselves in as a country?

Are YOU really that afraid of OTHER?

And just what is it that we don’t understand about people in another country risking their lives to protect their country from aggression?

Wouldn’t YOU protect our country from aggression from a foreign country if they were attacking us?

So just who is this fabled AGGRESSOR?

Well, that’s simple ………… THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. None other!

Now recently we have gone through two Presidential election cycles where the WAR ISSUE was a major factor. And in both cases the winners were Obummer and Orange Tweet both of whom indicated that they wanted to alter the country’s direction away from “foreign wars”.

Oh sure, the American public bought it …….. they always do.

Historically you’ll find that the American public has ALWAYS been against going to war. In fact, in most cases you’ll find that it is true of most populations world wide.

So why is there so much war?

In the first three months of 2017 U.S.-led bombing reached 10,918 bombs and missiles dropped on Syria alone. A country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

After 16 years we are still fighting in Afghanistan. A country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

We have totally destroyed Iraq but are still fighting there. Another country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

Have you noticed a trend here?

Let’s, for the fun of it, jump back to Vietnam for a second. The number of people we killed in Vietnam and the numbers of American that were stupid enough to go to “protect American interests” and die in a complete an utter failure is just shameful.
The arch enemy that was Vietnam “won” that war and remained “communist” and THEN in 2016:  “HANOI — The Obama administration announced Monday that the United States would fully lift a longstanding U.S. embargo on lethal arms sales to Vietnam . . .” (Washington Post 5/23/16)

So all it took was an arms deal to be friends? Think on this. All those people dead and now we are selling arms to Vietnam that will kill more people?

OMG ——The Russians! We have to protect ourselves from those aggressive Russians so we threaten them with economic sanctions, nuclear first strike, we place missiles in Europe pointed at them, we build up American military forces at their boarders AND WE CALL THEM AGGRESSIVE?

Yet, the U.S. makes exceptions to sanctions against Russia by lifting bans on Russia’s sales to us of Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines. “It is worth mentioning that Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines, possessing unparalleled performance US firms have yet to match, will be used to launch payloads into Earth orbit for the US Department of Defense.” (Activist Post 1/7/16)

And, “The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday eased economic sanctions on Russia, allowing some cyber-security transactions with the Russian Federal Security Service . . .” (USATODAY Feb. 2, 2017)

So the U.S. can agree to trade contracts and cooperation with Russia, BUT WE CAN’T AGREE ON PEACE WITH EACH OTHER?

And what do we agree with the Russians on?

Rockets??? So, where is all this “fear” we are supposed to believe in that Russia is so dangerous?

Cyber-security transactions??? After all that fear of Russians hacking the last election?



And just check out American oil interests in partnership with Russian firms!

But hell, that’s not all!

Look into JUST the Trump Family contractual agreements with CHINA alone. It will make even your eyes become slanted!

Finally, Tubularsock will save your reading time and just bottom line this for you.









Well it is crystal clear that Orange Tweet has sold out to the neocon war machine. And because of that we sure can’t work with the Russians!

Nope! It’s the old fucking Clinton-Bush-Obomber-Zionist-Wahhabi Conspiracy all over again.

This could all be settled if we BOMB ISRAEL FIRST and then SAUDI ARABIA! But can’t do that because that would clear things up and where would we sell our fucking bombs?

No, business is just too good.

Oh, by the way Mr. and Mrs. Merica, send your children to their death to protect OUR NATIONAL INTEREST. Fucking morons ……. drape it in red white and blue!



Tubularsock has been studying mating dance rituals to develop Tubularsock’s NEW THEORY ON AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY.

For one reason it is just a “click-bate” technique to trick people into reading about American “relations” with North Korea. Yes, there is a lot of fucking around!

Have you ever wonder why North Korea ALWAYS seems to want to provoke it’s neighbors by sending off missiles into the, ahhh ocean?

Now at first it may seem odd Tubularsock admits. But it really isn’t when you look at the REGULAR SCHEDULED EVENT. It’s springtime again.

Every spring North Korea’s neighbors (South Korea and Japan) along with our very own antagonist, the United States join together to play WAR GAMES off the coast of North Korea ……… Every fucking spring!

And when your neighbors tend to run their bombers and their battleships and their missile launchers up and down your coast with a “play-like” attack scenario, well it just may APPEAR aggressive. Don’t you think?

But somehow ALL the news outlets lead with stories like NORTH KOREA THREATEN NEIGHBORS WITH RENEWED MISSILE LAUNCH. Well, no shit Dick Tracy!

Or better yet, NBC banners, “North Korea Threatens U.S. With Nuclear Strike Over War Games!”

And of course Arms Sales To The Region increase and so does the rhetoric of just how “CRAZY” Kim Jong Un happens to be to “threaten” his neighbors. And it is left that HE’S the “crazy-one”!

YAWN ……………..

A different side of the same coin is all that American military buildup along the boarder between Poland and Russia and then promoting the idea that Russia is so aggressive!





The United States has 735 (2005) known military bases around the globe but this number fluctuates a great deal. The number changes by the U.S. military changing the definition of what constitutes a “military base”. And the presence of “military personal” has different definitions at different times such as using “Special Operations” and other forces.

Those special categories are almost certainly operating from undisclosed locations which the size is unknown.

And the “drone operations” have a variety of “bases” some unknown.

So it is a numbers game but there is no question that the U.S. has far more military bases outside its boarders than any other country in the world by a factor of 33 and a third!

One just might interpret that as a bit “aggressive” and the end result is a lot of animosity toward the U.S. even from it’s “allies”.

It is an infrastructure for war but our propaganda is such that we are a “peace loving nation” with the caveat that you “believe it or we’ll kill you”!

It really should be obvious by even the brain dead that all this shit is made up! It only exists if the United States goes out and “kicks the dog” so to speak.

And in order to insure Arm Sales we’ll poke anybody!

Oh, and you thought we were doing it to protect ourselves and bring democracy to the peoples of the world.


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In the world of “facts” Tubularsock likes to apply basic science. Only because science = temporary-truth because in using the Scientific Method the theory is presented and it is open to other scientists to duplicate the theory using the same methods to duplicate the results. If that happens the best that can be done is that the theory becomes a working theory and remains that because it at anytime may be disproved with new information. At that point the working theory becomes a “new” theory until it has been “proven” by duplicate recreation. This process IS what science happens to BE. And to be “true-science” the process is continuous and there can NEVER be an end point!


However, A FACT as defined by Merriam-Webster is “a piece of information presented as having objective reality” .

An “Alternate Fact” is just a really cool way of lying and sounding like you are telling the truth because you used the word “fact”.

BUT an “Alternut Fact” is just a cool way of out facting a fact with an objective reality that is not on the same plane as a “regular” truth and is more truthful than truth due to the truth being generated by a direct line moving at a constant velocity with respect to a fixed point or an objective reality! See, simple Science!

Which brings Tubularsock to the following Alternut Fact and if one wishes to PROVE something beyond a shadow of a doubt ……….. take a picture!




NSA Heading




Now why is it that YOU and Tubularsock, as American Citizens, have to depend on the RUSSIANS to hack the emails of our politicians so WE AMERICANS can read the truth?


Perhaps it is because we are continuing being lied to by Hillary, Trump and the rest of our political establishment.

“I did not have sex with that woman”. Thanks Bill, we know, we know.

“I am not a crook!”. Thanks Dick, we know, we know.

“We KNOW that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction” Thanks George W. we know, we know.

“The NSA DOES NOT spy on Americans”. Thanks James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence. We know, we know!

“The North Vietnamese regime . . . conducted further deliberate attacks against U.S. naval vessels . . .”. Thanks Lyndon, we know, we know.

A “. . . report that’s been pretty well confirmed, that [9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta] did go to Prague and he did meet with a senior official of the Iraqi intelligence service . . .”. Thanks Dick Cheney, we know, we know after even the CIA told you this was a false report the day before you said it on TV!

A committee in the House of Representatives in 2004 identified “237 misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq that were made by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Secretary Powell, and National Security Advisor Rice. Thanks, we know, we know.

“Osama bin Laden DID IT from a cave!” We know, we know.

And sure steel buildings free fall into their own footprint from office fires BUT ONLY THREE TIMES ON ONE DAY IN ALL OF WORLD HISTORY! We know, we know.

So somehow when Hillary’s and Moderator Wallace’s exchanges in the last debate defended this “intelligence knowledge” that the Russian’s did it ……… we should pause and just wonder where that number 17 that Hillary used came from. Who said so?

Clinton: “We have 17, 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyber attacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin. And they are designed to influence our election. I find that deeply disturbing.”
Trump: You have no idea.
Clinton: I am quoting 17, 17 — do you doubt?
Trump: Our country has no idea.
Clinton: Our military and civilian –
Trump: Yeah, I doubt it, I doubt it.
And then the moderator, “Wallace: “. . .The top national security officials of this country do believe that Russia has been behind these hacks. Even if you don’t know for sure whether they are . . .”


Oh “the who said so” was JAMES CLAPPER and Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security with words like:

“The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident . . .”

We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts . . .”

“. . . are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.”

“the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques . . .”


You know, “scope and sensitivity” just doesn’t cut it for Tubularsock.

Trump for all Tubularsock dislikes the guy is correct …… “Our country has no idea”.

So, Tubularsock just would like to take this opportunity to thank Vlad for his contribution to American Democracy. It is sure a round about way to get any political truth when we have that “free press” all over the place but hey, Thanks Vlad!

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15 Years … Happy Birthday 9/11




No really, 9/11 wasn’t an INSIDE JOB … it was an out-sourced job … The United States out-sources ALL it’s terrorist activities! It’s the American Way!



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Now Tubularsock will admit from the outset that many times Tubularsock will incorporate HUGE generalities to make his points. For example, all Americans are stupid!

Now Tubularsock knows at least six Americans that are not stupid so right there Tubularsock should know better. Or all blacks have rhythm. And Tubularsock knows that is not true from experience. Tubularsock watched Obummer himself destroy that stereotype in his Amazing Grace song-fest. YES HE CAN’T!

Or General Custard wore Arrow-Shirts. Ok, maybe only because he dated Sioux.

All that being admitted Tubularsock just has to postulate: Are the youth of today just fucking stupid with their use of social media and the computer?

Now Tubularsock is not talking about the stupidity of posting photos of their private parts out on the web. Who really cares.

No, Tubularsock really wonders at their lack of awareness of what their computer is connected to once they press, send!

And Tubularsock’s case in point:  HONOR STUDENT TO JOIN ISIS ARRESTED BY FBI.

Jaelyn Deishaun Young (19) graduated from her Mississippi high school with honors.


Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla (22) graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in psychology.



Now, Tubularsock could state that at least two people in Mississippi are stupid but that is not really true. Being from Mississippi, in Tubularsock’s opinion, puts you under suspicion of being …….. well really stupid. Ok, ok ….. at least a high probability.

These two were arrested by the FBI for “. . . attempting and conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist group”.

And they BOTH CONFESSED to the charges!

So exactly what did they do?


That is what they did.

And guess what ……….

The FBI has nothing better to do than to monitor the internet for Mississippians who want to join ISIS. Sure enough.

Now lets get this straight …… if a Mississippian went off and joined the Marines, the American ISIS, that would have been praised.

No these kids wanted to join the ISIS …. the ISIS that is not the Marines.

So the FBI arrested the couple at the regional airport for TRYING TO TRAVEL TO SYRIA TO JOIN ISIS!

The FBI interacted with Jaelyn online back in May. This is called entrapment in the old days!

She posted on her TWITTER ACCOUNT that the only thing that was keeping her from traveling to Syria was her need to earn money. ON HER TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!

Jaelyn and Muhammad got themselves married so they could travel together in a Muslim country without a chaperone.

In June the first FBI agent passed Jaelyn off to a second FBI agent posing as an Islamic State facilitator. This is called entrapment stage two.

That FBI “facilitator” helped her with the plan to cross from Turkey to Syria.

Jaelyn confided that, “We don’t know Turkey at all very well (I haven’t even traveled outside US before.)”

Hadn’t Jaelyn heard the old Army advertisement, “Join The Army And See The World”?

Both Jaelyn and Muhammad expressed disappointment and impatience with the slowness of getting their passports EVEN AFTER they paid $340 to expedite passport processing.

And funny thing here is that when the Saudi-actual-terrorists obtained their expedited visas from the Bush Administration so they could ENTER the U.S. to fly planes into building on 9/11 there was no delay at all. But hey, they were coming IN and the FBI didn’t notice.

Now Tubularsock can understand why they wanted to expedite themselves out of Mississippi. That does show intelligence. What Tubularsock doesn’t understand is WHERE’S THE CRIME?

First, they hadn’t joined ISIS.

Second, they hadn’t sent ISIS any money.

So to date this is merely a “thought” crime because all they have done is buy plane tickets to Turkey and express their plan to join ISIS. But, if convicted it will cost them a $250,000.00 fine and twenty years in prison.

And if you really look at this would ISIS or prison be any worse than living the rest of your life in a town called STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI ? Think about it.

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