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Tube Judge Heading


Now Tubularsock was looking back …….. Tubularsock knows, the Obummer only wants Tubularsock to look forward but Tubularsock is so fucking obstinate!

So looking all the way back to the Ferguson Grand Jury and that fucking St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and the fact that his daddy was shot down while  performing police duties by a black man when Bobby was 12 years old would be enough for any man with integrity to step down from his role as County Prosecutor to avoid even the hint of “conflict of interest” assertions.

But no, Bobby says he is over that and he can rise above the psychological scaring to be fair ………… sure.

Which brings us to Grand Jury witness #40. The FBI interviewed witness #40 and informed McCulloch that her story was-bat-shit-crazy. No not in those words. Only Tubularsock would have used those words if he had been on the FBI team but alas, he was not. But Tubularsock has always wanted to be in the FBI so he could flash his badge as his wallet flapped open like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Yes, perhaps a 12 year obsession of Tubularsock. But he was older than that when the TV show aired but hey, shit sticks with you.


Anyway the FBI informed Bob that witness #40 was fucked-up but he allowed her to present her version of the Ferguson drama not once but twice! She was called back because of her “journal” entries.

She states that she saw Brown put down his head and charge Officer Wilson and Wilson shot this unarmed black man in self defense.

The Grand Jury stated that they believed her.

But there was a small detail that wasn’t expressed to the Grand Jury that County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch had been told by the FBI ***BEFORE*** she was called to testify ………..


Hell, picky, picky, picky!

Yet witness #40 testimony was accepted as truth and the Grand Jury decreed that there wasn’t enough evidence to indite Wilson! CASE CLOSED! gavel

Oh yeah …….. “the rule of law, not of men” is really only good if the “men” have integrity. And integrity seem to be in short supply in our culture at present.

Now the woman who was Witness #40 is nuts ……. you know “insane” but still on the streets.

So when it came out that she wasn’t going to be prosecuted for lying to a Grand Jury it didn’t surprise Tubularsock. Hey! She’s fucking bat-shit nuts!

What didn’t surprise Tubularsock as well is that no one is prosecuting St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch for stacking the witnesses. Funny how on TV cop shows tampering with a jury is like the fucking crime of the century. But not so much under “real” law.

Little 12 year old Bobby knew that witness #40 was “lying”! The FBI told him so. But he still let a known lier who he knew had not been in Ferguson at the time of the incident  to testify as a witness. He was not deceived HE KNEW!

So Tubularsock figures that the make up of the St. Louis County Grand Jury must have been a group of very fine citizens of different races that are fixated at their 5 year old selves and this has shown how persuasive a fixated 12 year old can be on younger fixations.

The big question for Tubularsock is, why do they call it the Justice Department? Tubularsock is going to have to go to the dictionary and look up JUSTICE. There must be a new definition.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM


You know what? Tubularsock doesn’t EVER think of Missouri much. Like, NEVER. It’s a place that just appears in the abstract as one of the worst places to be. And Tubularsock guesses that one would have to be pretty fucking stupid to live there.

Now yes, Tubularsock is being very narrow minded here but he’s really not sorry for that.

Part of the reason for Tubularsock’s attitude is that he still holds a grudge from that entire Missouri Compromise thing. Fuck Missouri and fuck Maine too!

And fuck old James Monroe as well come to think of it, for even signing the Missouri Compromise.

And after listening to the Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson open his big pig mouth and speak………


………… Tubularsock would burn down Ferguson in a heartbeat single-handedly!

Now Ferguson isn’t the only city in the United States that has a clueless racist douchebag for a police chief but you couple that with Missouri’s governor, Jay Nixon who is pretty close to Howdy Doody (at least in the head) as one could be and it leads Tubularsock right back to “one would have to be pretty fucking stupid to live there”.


So here we have a former slave state with an overwhelming white police force and an out of balance white political establishment attempting to calm a situation with enough armed force to show how fucking scared they are. And so a candle-light vigil turned into a violent burn down the town meet and greet.

And the armed military-style response only did what all armed military-style responses always do all over the world ……. heighten the resentment and intensified the outrage.

So then the scene calmed down a bit when the State Highway Patrol took over and replaced the goon-squad known as the Ferguson Police Force with a calmer approach.

The leader of this band of merry-men was the Token-Blackman, Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who could relate to the plight of the community. Being that he was from that area.

Yet as the Molotov Cocktails came out again in defiance of the 12 midnight curfew even the Token-Blackman ordered more teargas! And what would one really expect with any kind of curfew?

A 12 midnight curfew laid down by the power structure would automatically create a need for Tubularsock to go out and get a corn chip from SevenEleven at 12:01. Fuck curfews!

So now the Howdy Doody Governor has called out the National Guard to protect ahhh, just who are they protecting?

Oh yeah! Like eighty of them are protecting the COMMAND CENTER! Right, the Command Center like what’s up with that shit?

Maybe the National Guard should be stationed to protect the community from the fucking police department!

And even though Hoody Doody has said that he was going to remove the National Guard they are still present even though the conflict ended as soon as the curfew was lifted. Surprise, surprise ………

But the National Guard remain in Ferguson but are 100 percent there to guard the cops and only the cops.

Even fucking Attorney General Eric Holder, the White-Blackman, (or is that Uncle Tom?) has expressed a deep concern “that the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message.” 

No shit Dick Tracy! And usually Eric is firmly on the side of expansive government power!

But they really should keep the National Guard there because as soon as the Grand Jury puts out its findings and finds the police officer Darren Wilson free and clear of any wrong doing the fucking town will erupt again ……… guaranteed!

And just why will that happen?

Come now ……….

12 people make up the Grand Jury

7 men and 5 women

3 “African Americans” 1 male 2 females

9 “whites” 6 males 3 females

according to St. Louis County Circuit Court administrator Paul Fox.

Now that isn’t the problem. This is basically the demographic percentage of the racial population of St Louis County.

No, the REAL problem is the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch.

Ol’ Bob is tasked with the job of presenting the case to the Grand Jury. He controls the evidence presented!

And why is Bob the problem?

Well several of his family members are cops for starters. And you may have already figured this out but none of his family are black.

But the whole banana is that in 1964 his father (a cop) was shot and killed by a black man at a public housing complex. McCulloch was 12 when his father was killed.

Bob says he will be fair and impartial and Tubularsock believes he will be. As well as any 12 year old with a dead father who was shot by a black man would be.

So with Bob McCulloch presenting the evidence Michael Brown will be shot again!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM