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Posted: November 26, 2015 in Thanksgiving

Tube Turkey 2015

Turkey Holocaust 2015

Well let’s dispel the Pilgrims, Ok?

You have been lied to.

Your parents lied to you.

The schools lied to you.

Even your favorite History Teacher lied to you.

Your pastor lied to you.

The President lied to you.

In sum ……. you have been lied to, period.

Thanksgiving doesn’t exist as described to you over your lifetime.

It is a story made up to look grand. But it is only a fictional story.

The fucking Pilgrims were not all smiley faced to break dry old bread with the fucking Indians who didn’t exist because the Pilgrim weren’t dining in India!

And just to be clear ………….. the Pilgrims were NOT a tolerant people because they had that Christian Cross stuck up their rectums and hell you have got to admit that is just not pleasant.

Now, much much later ol’ Ben Franklin proposed that the Turkey become the National Symbol because they were so prolific in the Colonies. A prophetic sign if Tubularsock has even known one when you look over the political landscape today.

But the Bald Eagle was chosen to become the national symbol which is rather a prophetic sign when you realize that the Bald Eagle was on the endangered species list.

Yet we insist on bringing all our dysfunctional families together to once again eat and drink and watch fucking football and think something is “happening” in our lives worth saving. There isn’t! The illusion that you are living is a lie ….. wake-the-fuck-up!