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Tubularsock knows you are busy putting on and taking off your mask and in order to expedite your political knowledge Tubularsock has created this summary so as only to tax your brain cells on a basic level.

The TRUTH can come to you in many forms and of course by now you must have realized that Tubularsock ONLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH and yes it is sooo obvious.

The Force IS you! Enjoy.








Tubularsock has a very good solid friend that is like one of those “God-people” and there is no question that if one looks for “credentials” this friend has studied many spiritual systems in depth, and has noticed—and conveyed to Tubularsock, the observation of many sages that “Everything is God”.

“All is working together for the ultimate good—no matter how it appears at a given moment”.

Now to lay this on Tubularsock’s God given cynicism is a lot to take in but Tubularsock is willing to go along for the ride and see what “spiritual” insights that may appear.

So lets see if we can get “Out of the Closet”!
“DEMOCRACY must be saved” is a bull shit talking point the Democrap’s have attempted to use against Plump-Donald.  Obummer and Wasserman Schultz REMOVED Bernie Sanders in 2020 and 2016 respectively from a chance at the Presidency by pulling the rug out from under him. You know one of those democratic moves Obummer speaks so highly about. That is an example of Democracy at work? Right?

Drump’s holding a stranglehold on the Republican’ts? Is that any different than Obummer holding a stranglehold on the Democrap’s when with a phone call he bargained Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar all to jump ship on Bernie when Obummer gave the word. Democracy? Sure it is ………….

The “system” is being exposed by Trump—and for anyone who cares to look at the Democrap’s ACTUAL actions they fair no better.

Obama, Clinton, Biden —scoundrels dressed up in their Sunday go-to-meetin’ suits—fooling the people with their “smooth-sly bull shit” acts.

Trump doesn’t have a Sunday go-to-meetin’ suit, yet his ability to rawly expose the system run by scoundrels of his own making as he speaks of “cleaning-the-swamp” is equally impressive!

Both sides of the fence—Democraps and Republican’ts are completely corrupt but The Dump has thrown a monkey wrench into the mix and exposes the corruption right out in the open AND NOBODY STOPS HIM FROM DOING IT. Ahh, the first dictum: Law and Order, out the window! To make that work SOMEBODY has to say NO!

IF you don’t think that fucking Nancy Pelosi with her fucking $24,000.00 refrigerator filled with fucking custom ice cream and her fucking husband doing insider trading isn’t corruption and on top of it totally DISCONNECTED from the “people” she should be representing, then you haven’t caught up to the system as it is in reality.

Now Nancy does represent very well, as a corporate whore is paid to do, the REAL people she does the bidding for BUT IT AIN’T YOU SUCKER!

But as Nancy plays the Ice Cream Game and ACTS like she is a real living person (HA!), Donald rushes about in his golf togs calling “Make America Great”, the phrase he stole from Ronald Reagan, having no interest in doing that but settling rather on ME, ME, ME!

Even Bernie can’t be excluded. He has a blind spot that still believes in the system.
And that belief caught him off guard two times and you’ll see him climb on his horse again believing that the likes of Senile OLD JOE and CORPORATE WHORE KAMILA will listen to “progressive voices” for change. Dumb move!

Bernie still hasn’t gotten, after all these years, that the only way for so called progressives to win over the rotten core of the American political sewerage (aka, the Democraps and the Republican’ts) is to roll in Tanks and blow them to pieces.

Hell, when it’s finished ……… call it Democracy!


But alas, As Tubularsock’s “God-person” said, “All is working together for the ultimate good—no matter how it appears at a given moment”. REMEMBER?

And that is best summed up by Bradley Blankenship, a Prague-based American journalist, political analyst and freelance reporter, when he wrote:

“Trump may have accelerated Washington’s downward trajectory by embarrassing the US on the world stage and self-imploding the US economy over a mismanaged Covid-19 response, but most understand that this is reflective of the US itself and not just Trump alone. After all, a country that could actually produce a Trump presidency and then follow that up with a very obviously mentally deteriorating 77-year-old (soon to be 78!) is unfit to be the world’s foremost power. It is also merely a fact of history that empires don’t last forever.”

Amen Brothers and Sisters!

And the best Tubularsock can come up with in Tubularsock’s Cynical Spiritual Quest is
that It may be time for the American Society to stop and focus on some self-reflection!

Scary, right?





Well from the controlled news media it has been announced that Dead On Arrival has “won” the Presidency of the United States of America.

And of course the Orange Cadaver is having his tantrum right on schedule.

AHHH, life is so predictable in a controlled society.

Makes you feel safe ……. right?

There was once upon a time that Tubularsock would at least “hope” that our society would learn from it’s mistakes and improve the world for ALL people.

Tubularsock knows ……. silly.

But the writing is ALWAYS on the wall which makes graffiti not only an art form but a fundamental library of knowledge.

Now it is always interesting to ask the simple question to those people who are jumping up and down for Dead On Arrival’s win.

Have you read his past policies? This is the guy you want making future policy? Get real! Just how stupid are you.

And in truth Joe should make sure that his food tester bites into every dinner before he eats because Kamila is a climber from the Hillary Clinton playbook. Like a total bitch!

Tubularsock would just say, “watch your back”.

And as for policy. Have you looked at her background? They call her a “progressive” but she is as progressive as a Southern Democrap!

No, Tubularsock is afraid that things are NOT going to get better. This roller-coaster is rigged for down.

And do you think that the Senate staying in the position to block any “progress” of Old Joe is a coincidence? Well, no surprise there. It is part of the formula.

It is part of the cover provided by our wretched and controlled “democracy” so nothing changes for the money elite but allows that whoever is in power to have the excuse of not being able to pass any legislation to help the regular people.

You’ll watch the Republicn’t stand up and say WE MUST stop deficit spending and balance the budget and Democrap’s say we must help the people with a stimulus package BUT the rich have already robbed the treasury so Old Joe’s hands are tied.

Same playbook when Obummer was President. When he had control of Congress he didn’t pass shit.

Then when is lost control of Congress it became the excuse why he couldn’t pass shit!

But the Banks and Wall Street bailout Obummer was able to pull off …….. any questions?

And yep, The Orange Cadaver’s tax bill and the Covid stimulus gave the rich the money and the citizens pocket change.

Does it appear that both parties are in this together?

So don’t expect anything new because the game is rigged and YOU ain’t in the club house!

Ah, you poor bastards …….. foiled again!


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