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You know, Tubularsock has heard from so many of Orange-Tweet’s supporters that “he’s learning the job”, “he’s cleaning the swamp”, “he’s a straight talker”.

And the only thing that these things have in common is he is NOT doing one of these things! NOT ONE!

Let Tubularsock start with the straight talker fantasy.

Talking in clichés IS NOT straight talk, it is simplistic talk about NOTHING.
Yes, it may be familiar to you but it says nothing.

To then interpret it into something meaningful doesn’t show you that TRUMP IS STUPID but just shows that YOU ARE STUPID!



And the humor value alone of Tweet “cleaning the swamp” is utterly destroyed by the people he appointed to his cabinet. Their combined IQ doesn’t reach the level of a dead rat but their ability to make a total mess out of everything they touch is down right impressive.

Tubularsock’s scum respect is at an all time high!


Rex Tillerson, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos. THE SWAMP GAS-ETTES!


And Tubularsock’s all time top pick of the three statements is “He’s learning the job!”

Oh no he’s not ……. show Tubularsock where there is ANY sign of that!

If anything he is just recycling one set of stupid decisions and responses for a much more regressive set of stupid decisions and responses.

Even President Dumb Shrub read one to two pages of summery of the things he signed.
And Obummer read sometimes up to eight pages.

But Trump gets stumped with anything more that 280 characters.

And all of those characters center around how he views his own character. Nothing like a complete imbecile ranting how “great”, “smart”, “rich” he is while being frustrated that his greatness is not widely understood.


A blind man in the dark can’t see any better with the lights on but this dumb-shit thinks that a standing ovation is some type of praise rather than “seeing” that it is people standing to stampede to the door!

And don’t fear ……… it ain’t going to get any better! Recycled shit is still shit even with an orange comb-over on top of it!

You see what we have here is the crystallization of the UGLY AMERICAN! The pejorative term used for a loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, ethnocentric behavior pattern of American citizens usually abroad.

The epitome of this behavior can be found within the membership of Mar a Largo Golf Club, Trump’s alter ego, though it is difficult to see much of a difference between his asshole behavior “at the club” and his asshole behavior in the Oval Office.

So until Tweet and Pence are flushed, it is probably best when you are out to just say to anyone who asks that you are Canadian.


Tube heading slingshot 2014






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Tube oh shoot


Many don’t realize just how influential Tubularsock actually happens to be in Washington, D.C.

At the current Wader’s Conference 2014 at the White House Tubularsock was lecturing the First Lady Michelle Obama on just how her current husband, the President of the United States has completely lost the ability to recognize BULL SHIT. Both his own which he is obliviously stepping in all the time and that of the Director of the NSA, General Keith Alexander and the that of the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

 As both Alexander’s and Clapper’s wives have been reported as saying, as reported by a staff member who was not authorized to speak on bull shit, “Our husbands spit out more BULL SHIT from their mouths on any given day than a bull with diarrhea.”

Wow. Now just how can Tubularsock get such information from their wives ….. hey just trust Tube! I only collect Metadata. No really!

So President Obama still insists that NASA’s collecting every phone call, email, tweet, and everything else on every America is only done to protect us all from the massive terrorist threat that is US!

And this information collected will ONLY be used to stop the terrorist except for the twelve known incidents called LOVEINT a flippant term used to describe NSA analysts who misused their surveillance powers to spy on romantic interests instead of terrorists.

 But hey, NSA is only collecting metadata right?

Well some NSA analysts were busy focusing on a little more than meta! One analyst was spying on nine women over five years, a woman analyst was spying on prospective boyfriends, another analyst was checking on whether his girlfriend was “involved with any government officials”, and another woman analyst was spying on her husband to see if he was cheating on her. Do you get the picture? Tubularsock just doesn’t have time to make this shit up!

Metadata my ass!

A favorite photo Tubularsock took as he and Michelle and the President landed in the Rose Garden this weekend.

obama bull shit

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM