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Tubularsock has been muckraking around Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see BUNKER TOUR).

And as so often happens while muckraking one can become depressed by the state of events.

Not Tubularsock! Tubularsock finds it funny. Yeah. Tubularsock dares it to get worse. Will there ever be a time when worse is worse. Well we as a civilization are sure working overtime on this downward progression. WE WILL succeed!

Let’s take Ukraine. Let’s slaughter the women and children! The U.S. doesn’t give a shit. WE were the ones that created the war in Ukraine in the first place ……. see how well it’s working out. REALLY! It is going according to plan.

You see when WE elected a dead man for President it just wasn’t good enough. We needed a dead man agile enough to actually keep his head up his ass for long periods of time. Voilá old dead Joe Buydone. Sweet!

Then you mix that up with a small penis, SHORT in stature, questionable comedian with shit for brains willing to kowtow to neo-Nazis and you have the beginnings of a very odd comedy. Zelenskyy fit that to a tee!

And then you add the Shakespearean element “the evil devil” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

OMG! Could it get any better than THAT?

And that is just on the foreign policy front.


We still have the PLAN-DEM-IC taking up “mind-time”.

You see, it just happens that people that took the “COVID vaccines AND BOOSTERS” are dying like flies in a Raid commercial. Yep. And of course the “medical professionals” are just stumped about this SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME (SDS).

But THEY ARE SURE that it has nothing to do with the Covid shot. Now that sure is comforting.

Pretty much it come down to “trust a doctor—- then die!”

The interesting thing here is they don’t know what is causing it BUT THEY ARE SURE that it is not the shit in the Covid shot.

Pretty much like “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” kind of an argument.

But relax because you can rest assured that Pfizer and Moderna are allowed to kill you and not be held accountable. That’s business.

And really, how could we close out our 2022 year without summing up THE ORANGE WONDER?

For a guy who is not President the press just can’t pass him by for a moment. If it wasn’t for Donnie would there be any news?
It seem to be the only continual news story to exist.

The January 6th Committee has wrapped up its investigation. Spent stacks of public cash and did it all before Christmas break.

And the result? Ahhhhhh.

Don’t hold your breath.

It is now up to the Justice Department to prosecute Dump. Perfect!

Just how many years will that take EVEN if they rush to do it.

Let the Beatles explain it with just a little Tubularsock adjustment:

“Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Stating point of view

Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, wasting away
Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for evermore

Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m (a hundred and four?)”

Yet, Tubularsock can’t let you go without Tubularsock’s regular Christmas cheer.

This hits the heart of Christmas for Tubularsock so have a good one.


Isn’t it interesting that the government can’t seem to get shit done to help “the people” but the minute the corporate overlords demand action the political class stumble over themselves to provide whatever is necessary to keep everyone “in their place”.

President Buydone repeated carrier and union talking points. He touted the 24 percent wage increase as something “historic.” But the truth is that that wage increase is spread out over five years!

And once you factor in that the workers’ have gone three years without any pay raises at all, this amounts really to a cut in real wages after inflation is factored in. Thanks a lot Joe!

Tubularsock has a theory that the reason one of Buydone’s sons chose cancer and died and why another son became a coke addict was because with a father like Joe …. either go or blow!

And as for the public …….. the next time a Democrap spouts off about being the party of labor will somebody cram that statement right up their ass!

And the gull of Nancy and Chuck acting like their “outside amendment” of pushing for 6 sick days with pay” rather than including it in the main bill was created as ALL SHOW AND NO GO! Fuck them both. Kind of makes Tubularsock regret that that “hammer-attack” hadn’t been directed at Nancy!

Now of course, that is not to say that the Republican’ts give a damn about those who actually work for a living ……. they are the one’s that blame inflation on wages of those that work.

And wow …… our foreign policy is geared and heavily greased for the ol’ profit motive as well.

Ukraine has nothing to do with our money supply …… we’ll just make it out of thin air so we can murder the women, children and men of Ukraine. And YOU thought we are there to protect democracy! SUCKERS!

No, whether it is making money off the backs of working slobs or killing and mutilating women and children doesn’t really matter. What matters is profit. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

So what is the solution?

Wouldn’t it be fun to see ALL UNIONS join in a TOTAL WALK OUT in protest just before Christmas! SHUT IT DOWN AT ALL LEVELS.

Even the Reindeer Union! And shit on Santa’s boot!

Ideas can be left for free in the comments. And let’s go for creative solutions. Eating the rich is so old school!


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The Railroads want their workers to work ALL THE TIME and make the RR huge profits.

And this can only happen if the rail road worker doesn’t have paid sick-leave and no days off to keep the profits gushing into the pockets of the owners.

And the new RR contracts have pushed this concept. Some Unions have accepted this! Those Unions should be disbanded and reformed to actually FIGHT for the membership.

But the largest RR Union and three smaller ones have rejected this rip-off-contract that does nothing to improve the working conditions of the workers.

SOOOOO, Buydone siding with the capitalist pigs has asked Congress to pass a law to force the RR workers to accept the Capitalist Bosses’ Demands. This is all done under the LAB0UR RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT.

This ACT gives the government the power to intervene in labor disputes and stop labor unions from going on strike.

And then the OLD BAG OF SHIT (aka the President) has the nerve to act like the Democrats are a “pro-labor”, pro-worker party. Give Tubularsock a break!

The House passed the bargained contract that has been rejected by the major union and passed to put forth this fucked-up contract.

Then the House passed an amendment to the contract to add the paid sick days proposal knowing full well that that won’t pass the Senate.

This way the Democraps ACT like they support labor when in truth THEY DON’T and neither does Buydone!

The railroad corporations reported more than $1 billion profit in the third quarter. So they really can’t plead poor, now can they.

The entire contract is being held up over paid sick time! And Tubularsock agrees with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass when she stated: “A multibillion-dollar industry that is engaged in buybacks, that has doubled its profit margins during the pandemic should not be able to force its workers to come in when they are sick and injured”.

At this moment it remains to be seen how this entire thing works out but Tubularsock has a suggestion to the unions if they are FORCED TO STAY ON WORKING.

Just don’t come into work. And that is not easy if you can’t pay your bills for yourself and your family. And you’d get fired. Not the best option for sure.

Can you imagine how many ways, if one put their mind to it, you could “fuck up the works”!

Tubularsock has spent just a little time in a railroad switch yard. This is the place where the train cars are put together to form the train car destination and order of a train.

It works by of having a switch engine “arrange” the cars by moving the cars onto spur tracks and putting them in order of delivery so as to drop off cars at their destinations rapidly without dismantling the cars order thereby saving time and confusion.

Several misplaced cars could cause major delays and if cars were placed going to destinations in the opposite direction as intended ……… delays, delays, delays.

Hey, mistakes do happen, you know.

And then the old time “throw a wrench into the gears of the machines”. This is meant literally. Maintenance is primary in maintaining a “well oiled” machine.

Just imagine the trouble of a “broken down” train engine at certain bottleneck areas on a train line. Two would cause even more delay …… and three, four. Would be suspected as a plan. Yep!

And those are the easy ones ……… open your minds rail workers. STOP THE CHOO-CHOO’S!

Until the downfall …….. be safe and cheers ……. WOOO-WOOO!