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Tubularsock’s New Years Revolutions

Well HOT DAMN! It is 2023.

The thing about new years is that they come EVERY year. So where’s the surprise?

But hell, IT’S TRADITION so why not make believe that it has meaning.

Ok ………. meaning FOR WHAT?

Now, now don’t fret over the answer. Not even a little. All “New Years” is, is MORE FAKE MEANINGLESS BULL SHIT! Without a real bull.

And sure, you can dwell on “where’s the bull” that left all this shit BUT you’re not a fucking rancher so why do you care.

The fact is ……. the bull shit IS REAL!

Going with the TRADITION Tubularsock has made a list of his Revolutions for this new year.

FIRST: Tubularsock is going to start a cool d’état and overthrow the Government of the United State and put somebody into the Presidential position that is “cool”.

So far WE have had a rogues’ gallery of questionable “leaders” who would make the
Al Capone Gang look like a child’s birthday party.

And yet OUR public keeps turning around and sticking their hand in the fire AGAIN thinking that the new lines of bull shit is more pure than the last lines of bull shit. And then they get burned AGAIN!

It really is just a simple matter of “SHIT IN SHIT OUT”!

And these last two “leaders”?

One an egotistical maniac and the other a dead man walking.

THAT FOLKS is not leadership!

Nor is the rush toward gender or race any way to choose a leader.

How about looking for a LEADER for a change rather than a Corporate Paper Doll.
You know, someone with courage for changing things up and representing the citizens that are paying the bills.

Sure, Tubularsock is available. Just ask.

SECOND: Tubularsock is going to promote BOMBING ENGLAND.

Sure, ask why.

Tubularsock dislikes Monarchy. A dysfunctional group whose time has past because in-breading is disgusting and paedophilia is even more disgusting!

THIRD: All promoters of the Covid mis-information campaign by the WHO and the CDC, NIH, FDA and all those slimy Pediatricians that pushed Covid-Shots to kill children!

And might as well add all those “doctors” who haven’t the ability to tell their own ass from a hole in the ground who promoted the Covid-Shots to kill their own patients without understanding that that would affect their income. Dumb-shits-in-white!

FOURTH: Draw and Quarter Anthony Fauci!


And for just deserts ………. throw him to the DOGS!

Ahhhh, Tubularsock feels better already.

FIFTH: Bomb Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada for starters.

Why you ask?

BECAUSE WE CAN! Isn’t that why the U.S. has all those bombs?

Now Tubularsock could go on, Tubularsock’s list is much longer but you may get the point.

New Years Revolutions can always be tweaked next year …….. Hey, It’s TRADITION!


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The Railroads want their workers to work ALL THE TIME and make the RR huge profits.

And this can only happen if the rail road worker doesn’t have paid sick-leave and no days off to keep the profits gushing into the pockets of the owners.

And the new RR contracts have pushed this concept. Some Unions have accepted this! Those Unions should be disbanded and reformed to actually FIGHT for the membership.

But the largest RR Union and three smaller ones have rejected this rip-off-contract that does nothing to improve the working conditions of the workers.

SOOOOO, Buydone siding with the capitalist pigs has asked Congress to pass a law to force the RR workers to accept the Capitalist Bosses’ Demands. This is all done under the LAB0UR RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT.

This ACT gives the government the power to intervene in labor disputes and stop labor unions from going on strike.

And then the OLD BAG OF SHIT (aka the President) has the nerve to act like the Democrats are a “pro-labor”, pro-worker party. Give Tubularsock a break!

The House passed the bargained contract that has been rejected by the major union and passed to put forth this fucked-up contract.

Then the House passed an amendment to the contract to add the paid sick days proposal knowing full well that that won’t pass the Senate.

This way the Democraps ACT like they support labor when in truth THEY DON’T and neither does Buydone!

The railroad corporations reported more than $1 billion profit in the third quarter. So they really can’t plead poor, now can they.

The entire contract is being held up over paid sick time! And Tubularsock agrees with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass when she stated: “A multibillion-dollar industry that is engaged in buybacks, that has doubled its profit margins during the pandemic should not be able to force its workers to come in when they are sick and injured”.

At this moment it remains to be seen how this entire thing works out but Tubularsock has a suggestion to the unions if they are FORCED TO STAY ON WORKING.

Just don’t come into work. And that is not easy if you can’t pay your bills for yourself and your family. And you’d get fired. Not the best option for sure.

Can you imagine how many ways, if one put their mind to it, you could “fuck up the works”!

Tubularsock has spent just a little time in a railroad switch yard. This is the place where the train cars are put together to form the train car destination and order of a train.

It works by of having a switch engine “arrange” the cars by moving the cars onto spur tracks and putting them in order of delivery so as to drop off cars at their destinations rapidly without dismantling the cars order thereby saving time and confusion.

Several misplaced cars could cause major delays and if cars were placed going to destinations in the opposite direction as intended ……… delays, delays, delays.

Hey, mistakes do happen, you know.

And then the old time “throw a wrench into the gears of the machines”. This is meant literally. Maintenance is primary in maintaining a “well oiled” machine.

Just imagine the trouble of a “broken down” train engine at certain bottleneck areas on a train line. Two would cause even more delay …… and three, four. Would be suspected as a plan. Yep!

And those are the easy ones ……… open your minds rail workers. STOP THE CHOO-CHOO’S!

Until the downfall …….. be safe and cheers ……. WOOO-WOOO!

WHOA! Hot damn!

Tubularsock and his entire news team ……. ahh.

Ok, Tubularsock and Tubularsock’s news team in Tubularsock’s mind has happened on A REAL LIVE PERSON who is REALLY living his life and taking his great photos in Romania.

And Romania has “a large common boarder with Ukraine”.

So because Oakland, CA where Tubularsock has his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington , D.C. (see Bunker Tour) doesn’t border on Ukraine Tubularsock has found a living person who can see and has seen Ukraine. Not bad.

The following is a comment that was made on Tubularsock’s last blog post BUT just so you don’t miss this information Tubularsock has decided to Highlight It as a blog.

Think of it as LIVE coming from Tubularsock’s News & Information Service (TN&IS)!!!

Note: The information provided has been substantiated by Tubularsock’s own research and Tubularsock is in agreement with the information provided.

And Tubularsock wishes to acknowledge and thank Imagynasium for doing all the work here.
You can see his blog at

Imagynasium says:
October 2, 2022 at 11:55 am  
I’m glad that in the USA there are still people who have the freedom to express their thoughts … I live in Romania, which has now been transformed into a US military colony … the geographical proximity to the war in Ukraine, makes the geostrategic position of my country, to be very important … for this reason, propaganda and censorship, are more intense than during the communist period, from which we broke up in 1989. These instruments of social pressure are used to force the Romanian people, to support the involvement of NATO, in a war that is not ours and that we do not want … but, as in the communist period, reality cannot be changed by propaganda and censorship, but only the perception of reality.

… unlike the rest of the world, Romania has a large common border with Ukraine and we know what is really happening there … more than 500,000 Romanians live as a minority in Ukraine and there are several hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees, who settled in Romania … these two sources of direct information, make the war propaganda ineffective … most Romanians know the truth from direct sources. I wrote these things to understand that I have a different perspective, on the war from Ukraine and the situation from Europe, in general … I think that you, as an American citizen, would be very outraged if you knew what was really happening, with those many billions of dollars, made available by your government, to support the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the industrial sabotage Act, on NS 1 and NS 2, things are very simple … you Americans, should know best that the sixth US fleet, is equipped with advanced military technologies (including satellite monitoring systems) , which are paid with a lot of money by the American people. Having such technologies, I think it is impossible for the US Sixth Fleet to not know what is happening in the Baltic Sea … any person who knows a little about the current military capabilities, knows that some ships belonging to the US Sixth Fleet, were so close to the place of the sabotage, that the automatic anti-submarine protection systems would have triggered the alarm for suspicious submarine activities.

… otherwise, it is publicly known that a helicopter belonging to the US Navy, flew intensively over the area of the sabotages, before they occurred … to be precise, I can say that we don’t know what happened there under the water, but we know for sure, that the sixth US fleet knew and approved what happened there … that means, he is either the author of the sabotage, or he is an accomplice to sabotage … both situations being equally reprehensible!

In support of these arguments of military logic, can invoke the economic interest of the USA, to sell expensive liquefied gas in Europe … at this moment, Europe has no other alternative and will change its dependence on cheap energy from Russia, with dependence of expensive energy from the USA … in this context, it is only a matter of time, until the economy of the European Union will collapse due to non-competitiveness … in this context, the American military presence in the European Union will be combined, with a domination and control, over advanced European economies … which, from a financial point of view, represents a much higher stake, than the war from Ukraine, For any geostrategic analyst, it is obvious that the USA needs the European Union, for the future big confrontation with China (the real opponent of the USA, in the world), and the European Union will not come willingly, in this future inevitable conflict.

By sabotaging NS1 and NS2, the USA won the industrial production capacity of the European countries, but sent the cheap energy of Russia, to the opponent China … only the future will tell us, if your strategies made a good choice, or not!?

I close this message, thanking you for quoting me on your blog and I hope that in the future we will exchange information, about how the world is seen, from two places so far away and different from a social, economic and historical point of view (of course, as long as censorship from my country, will allow me to do this)!

Sorry for the quality of my expression in English, but I have no training in this regard!
My only “teacher” was … Hollywood!

It may be necessary to acknowledge here that Tubularsock’s knowledge and use of the Romanian language is somewhat limited as in “Buna, numele meu este Tubularsock.
Ca o bere?”

Please Note: Tubularsock wasn’t even going to bother with the Sabotage Of The Nord Stream Pipeline. You know, it’s another going nowhere investigation with no conclusion of who did it but plenty of pointing fingers ad nauseam at everybody and their brother.

An investigation where each group has an agenda always leads NOWHERE!

However it just happened that Tubularsock commented on File 516 of Dan Cristian’s photoblog! ( and from that Tubularsock got filled in to the pipeline sabotage from a European perspective in a comment Dan posted there.

Dan happens to be closer to the action than Tubularsock in Tubularsock’s underground bunker in Oakland, CA so it sparked an interest and the rest is below.

Thanks Dan for the jump start!
File 516 – Cosmic Cafe – Bucharest, Romania.

Now the U.S. main stream press started off with Russia being responsible. That may fly if one was a deaf, dumb, blind mute but with anyone with a somewhat usable brain that line of bullshit doesn’t fly.

But now the question seems to be ……. who would do it and why?

Russia was able to just turn on and off the pipeline so where would be the logic of blowing up their own pipe line.

Now even with the above information John Brennan, former CIA director, stated on national TV THAT RUSSIA DID IT but only the brain dead would believe that asshole anyway. Of course the news commentator continued on without a backward glance.

And one does have to wonder about the U.S. 6th fleet doing back flips in the area but they were just performing military maneuvers centered around pipeline sabotage.

Does remind Tubularsock of the military maneuvers taking place on 9/11 focused on planes attacking the Twin Towers. Hmmmm, ahh just coincidence.

But Tubularsock wouldn’t put it past the U.S. doing it but it just seems too obvious.

Who else has the money and the military technology to pull this off?

Tubularsock rules out Russia right off the top …….. no advantage for them to do it.

NATO can never get their shit together so forget them.

If the U.S. did it why do it during military maneuvers? Seem a little too obvious and really dumb.

So who else?

Well let’s jump to Tubularsock’s THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THIRD CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER! (music cue: dun-duuuuun!)

Now let’s take a look at the ideas behind “THE GREAT RESET”.

Klaus Schwab and his boys and girls know that to move to a WORLD CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT the countries and their populations have to be brought to their knees and then they’ll agree (under duress) to be governed by the NEW WORLD ORDER!

By blowing up the Nord Stream Pipelines Germany’s industry, which depends on cheap energy from Russia will be de-industrialized and go broke. And rather fast too.

And the destabilization of the rest of Europe will fall prey to the NWO as well!

The NWO power structure could easily hire, equip, and direct the underwater drones that were used to blow three holes in the pipelines and timing it with the recent activity of the U.S. Navy so as to cast possible blame on the U.S.

It just seems to Tubularsock that the entire timing of the sabotage is a little too obvious to be done just hours after the U.S. Navy sailed off. Is the U.S. that stupid? (That is a difficult question for Tubularsock to answer under the circumstances.)

All in all one should spend some time looking into the NWO and then go off to the rifle range with your AK-47 with an extended magazine and practice firing at a target of the face of Klaus Schwab!

Om Shanti.

This morning Tubularsock was checking out Tubularsock’s new highly effective STUPID METER. The great thing about this meter is that it has those flashing LED lights with the dead give away that if it is flashing red-red-red it means extremely stupid.

Just driving past the Pentagon the damn flasher goes off —— EVEN IN THE OFF POSITION. Guess some things are not that difficult to recognize.

It appears that for some time the Pentagon has been passing out large sums of money to conduct GAIN OF FUNCTION research. You see, in our world today we don’t have enough to worry about so we have to go out of our way to CREATE diseases that DON’T EXIST IN NATURE and build them SO WE CAN PREVENT THEM even though they don’t exist UNTIL WE CREATE THEM!

Now that there is some sound reasoning if Tubularsock has ever heard of sound reasoning.

Think on this: The Pentagon pays out billions of dollars to create dangerous pathogens that don’t exist in order that if they did exist we would be able to protect ourselves with vaccines that would protect us from these deadly pathogens that never existed until we created them!

Don’t ask …….. it’s Pentagon Thinking. You know, kill the enemy while they are friends so as not to risk these friends that could become an enemy.

No really, Generals don’t become Generals because they are intelligent. They become Generals because they avoid war zones and “General” from a desk in an underground bunker and merely by attrition they move up the ranks. This goes for Admirals as well but now they use Zoom!

Now yes this has been a long introduction to end up in Ukraine but damn, here we are and what better way to enter into GAIN OF FUNCTION research. THEY WERE ALREADY DOING IT FOR US!

You see there are international treaties against Gain of Function research like the Biological Weapons Convention. But you can’t be naive enough that you thought that the U.S. is trust worthy enough to really follow mere treaties that have been agreed to and signed, do you? Well good. WE DON’T!

And if you don’t believe that this current scamdemic was created in the Wuhan Lab which was FUNDED BY THE U.S. then you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box! BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE IT CAME FROM AND WHO PAID FOR IT!

And then when the giant neon sign lit up saying the U.S. has “No Gain of Function” labs in the Ukraine and just to THINK the opposite means you had fallen for EVIL RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA you should have KNOWN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that we had Gain of Function” labs in the Ukraine.

All our mainstream media IN UNISON led you to believe that we didn’t BUT WE DID AND HAVE HAD THEM FOR YEARS ………… in fact the U.S. has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone.

Well gosh, our main stream media seemed to have an inability to count WHEN IT COUNTS! Nothing new there, however.

But never say that Tubularsock can not leave this topic on a low note. The UN Security Council recently convened an emergency meeting to address the issue of Ukraine’s biological labs.
(You remember, the bio-labs we said didn’t exist.)


But the BUYDONE Administration boycotted the meeting entirely. That means that the US was given an opportunity to make its case before the international community, but that would mean the U.S. would have been exposed in it’s own lie so what does a renowned “freedom loving” country do under these conditions?

Pull a no-show instead. You know, I’d be there but I missed the bus and the dog ate the homework!


Oh well, at lest Tubularsock attempted to leave the subject on an up-note. Got to be worth at least 3-points plus a free throw.


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Well once again we have to endure the 4th of July.

Talking about fantasy land. All nations have their “traditions” which are usually made up crap from the past.

What Tubularsock likes most is the irony of the United States going off EVERY year and buying billions of dollars of fireworks from our evil enemy CHINA.

You remember China, the freedom hating nation that is so dangerous to world that the U.S. has to parade its’ Navy ships off their coast to show them we are a REAL freedom loving world power.

Or to simplify, MY firecracker is BIGGER than YOUR firecracker!

You see, the GOOD OLD DAYS, weren’t.

And those that continually look back usual stumble.

WE AS A NATION are not just stumbling but many want it to “get back to normal”.

“NORMAL” is a dead end street!

What we need is to create a new consciousness and NOW!

If we continue down the continuous forever war mode ……. we’re dead. The fall of Rome showed us that.

And if all there is to do here is stack up money, like it means something, we are dead.

But alas, if we gave up the money pursuit how would we buy fireworks?

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Is the Corona Virus more dangerous or less dangerous than a napalm attack on your village?


That is the question that Tubularsock has been asked anytime Tubularsock is in a discussion where the subject of “getting the vaccine” comes up.

The current Vaccine IS part of Science and those who are marching like lemmings into the sea are the guinea pigs.

You do realize that YOU ARE PART of the experiment. Right?

That is if you live through both shots, many haven’t.

But you are reading this, congratulations you have made it through the FIRST STAGE of the experiment.


Now you may think that Tubularsock is being mean spirited here but look at it.

The same people that told you that WE HAD TO GO TO WAR with Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM are the same people that are telling you to get an untested vaccine. One that may not even work!

Now they tell you.

And because of the nature of its makeup it is NOT a traditional “Vaccine” but a brand new concoction that may cause genetic disruption in the human body 5, 10, 20 years from the date you put that shit in your body!

Hey, Tubularsock is not fucking making this shit up ……. LOOK IT UP!

The same people that told you that 9/11 was pulled off as a total surprise by 19 fucking Arabs with box cutters who entirely, totally, completely, and surprisingly outwitted “the most powerful nation in the world; are the same people that have told you that this UNTESTED Corona Virus “vaccine” is as safe as “mother’s milk”!

THEY DON’T KNOW! (And today there is even questions about mother’s milk.)

What is known is that every shot that Johnson & Johnson gives they receive $2,000.00.


So Science isn’t the problem when it is Science but in this case Science has been bought up by the Pharmaceutical Corporations and the WTO has been bought up by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and when profit is the motive THE PEOPLE LOSE!
Fucking look it up!

But more importantly ………… there is an alternative to vaccines like supplements as quercetin and zinc and vitamin D, as well as lifestyle changes like healthy organic food, exercise, and sunshine and even generic drugs like malaria medicine and ivermectin that can help fight off the disease and avoid hospitalization or death.

EVEN Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine is now recommended by the CDC for use in treating Covid. Hard to say it but The Orange Dump WAS CORRECT on that but you can feel better because he was still incorrect on the use of injecting bleach so all is not lost, he’s still an idiot!

But the real give away for Tubularsock is the attempted complete censuring of alternative information that has been put in place.

If the medical establishment was REALLY interested in protecting people’s health and not just creating huge profits they would have pushed for a complete spectrum of health alternatives.

THEY HAVEN’T! Censuring alternative information has been the answer and just look at the outcome:


You can still get Covid.

You can still pass Covid.

You still have to keep social distance.

You still need to wear a mask.

You still not to meet in large groups.


You can still get Covid.

You can still pass Covid.

You still have to keep social distance.

You still need to wear a mask.

You still not to meet in large groups.

WOW. They sure have convinced Tubularsock~~~

Well, what can Tubularsock say?

Today Tubularsock, once again, is sitting in Tubularsock’s corner office on the very top floor of Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, DC from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

AND as Tubularsock often does when he is composed with his feet crossed upon the top of his massive well used desk, Tubularsock reads government reports. How fun is THAT, right?

Anyway reading the newly released “Capitol Riot Time Line” which is redundant for anyone who understands why we as a country are so ill prepared for any kind of emergency.

It is the perfect cookie cutter example of why Russia and China are so far ahead of the fumbling idiots we call our “government”.

Remember way back in the “Way-back Machine” how it took the “Government” to act to defend the country on 9/11? EVEN AFTER or come to think about it, BECAUSE OF the Air Force’s decision to send defensive jets in the wrong direction to confront the “incoming” jet liners. That had already hit the Trade Towers.

Well, as Tubularsock always has said, “Who needs Terrorist when you have the United States Government standing in for them?”

Anyway, the funniest information produced to date in the “Capitol Riot Time Line” is this:

“3:37pm the Pentagon sent its own security forces to guard the homes of defense leaders. No troops had yet reached the Capitol.

. .. the first contingent of 155 Guard members were at the Capitol. . . Dressed in riot gear, they began arriving at 5:20 p.m.”

Now stop and reread this bit of information.

THE NATIONAL CAPITOL WAS UNDER siege and the military sent “security forces to guard the homes of defense leaders”, but didn’t arrive at the NATIONAL CAPITOL for nearly 2 hours later!

Ahhh, priorities.

And people ask, haven’t we won the war in Afghanistan, YET?

But don’t fret because we clearly lost that war in Vietnam but after all that death and destruction we NOW sell arms to the Vietnamese Government. Oh my, that was an Obummer idea.

You see “WE” have to counter our evil enemy, CHINA!

You remember China, right?

The Chinese ARE ALWAYS ON THE BRINK of war with us so we sell arms to the tune of $1.8 BILLION to Taiwan because China is a threat to China? Oh my, that was a Dump idea. Well, and extended idea that we have been engaged in “forever”!

Dump can’t formulate ideas unless it would be a gold statue of himself with huge hands!

And the EVIL CHINA that we have to be afraid of and just CAN’T TRUST we have economic contractual ties with and a trade deficit of $540 BILLION mainly due to OUR CONSTANT NEED of computers and accessories, cell phones, and apparel and footwear.

Damn Chinese! Making us buy all that stuff! And they are our dangerous enemy! Can you imagine the trade deficit if they were our friends?


From the beginning of Tubularsock’s birth last century, Tubularsock has been told that RUSSIA was the scary enemy that will kill the Easter Bunny and CRUSH Christmas and bring the dreaded COMMUNISM right into Tubularsock’s kitchen!

No really, they even had films about it ………… AND THE BOMB!

To date with a projected end date of 12/21 the U.S. still buys the RD-180 (РД-180, Ракетный Двигатель-180, Rocket Engine-180 which is a rocket engine designed and built in Russia to supply the U.S. space program.

When the U.S. placed sanctions on Russia for the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, U.S. lawmakers banned the use of the Russian engines but then had to partially lift the ban when they discovered just how much the United Launch Alliance (ULA) space contractor’s relied on the Russian-built engine for lifting our rockets into space.

Remember this is our EVIL ENEMY of all time!

And yet, on the flip side, U.S. businesses have invested $9.2 billion in Russian companies.
Some U.S. brands have operations in Russia, including McDonald’s, Ford and ExxonMobil.

McDonald’s has opened hundreds of restaurants in OUR EVIL RUSSIAN ENEMY CITIES since 1990.

HOW CAN THIS BEEEEEEE ……… are you scared yet?

Sooooo, somebody is filling we citizens with a bill of goods that DOES ADD UP but only for the huge amount …. FUCKING HUGE AMOUNT ….. of money that flows into the military-industrial-complex AND WE PAY FOR IT!

But real health care for we citizens or maybe someday a fifty cent stimulus check?

OHHHHHHHH dear, where could we find the money?

Oh, pass the ammunition. We can ALWAYS “SHELL” out for that!

Now it is difficult to find an ultimate hypocrisy in our world of hypocrisy but Tubularsock just has to say that Bill Clinton being ask by Vice President Kamala Harris to engage in a CONversation about “empowering women” has to take the cake!

The occasion for this SUCK IT moment was the grifters paradise, Clinton Global Initiative along with Howard University’s Empowerment Of Women Conference.

And of all people to ask “how to empower young girls and women” is Bill Clinton!

Got to admit, Tubularsock would understand if the focus of the conference was how to avoid predatory sexual deviates calling Bill in may be advantageous BUT EMPOWERMENT?

But the best that boy could do would be to advise, “spit it out!”

Seriously ……… the guy who pal’d around with Jeffery Epstein on his island and jet and who was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick as well as Leslie Millwee accusing Clinton of sexually assaulting her three times and Paula Jones accusing Clinton of exposing himself to her as well as sexually harassing her. THIS GUY!

AND then there was Kathleen Willey accusing Clinton of groping her without her consent. THAT GUY?

Or the consensual extramarital relationships with Gennifer Flowers and the famous blow job by Monica Lewinsky!

THIS IS THE GUY Kamala Harris asked to speak about Girl and Women Empowerment?

Tubularsock has had several feminist activist friends that were so “excited” about “our first woman Vice President of “color”. But it is not color or gender but integrity they should have been looking at! And when it comes to integrity, Kamala just didn’t just miss the boat she’s missed the entire fucking dock!


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Tubularsock once again finds himself sitting in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

Leadership is not only at the lowest point in peoplekind’s history but we are rapidly rushing like a bat out of hell only to discover that “going back to normal” is hyper regression to doomsday.

What a wonderful time in the history of peoplekind.

Buydone has bombed Syria to show them that HIS shriveled up old limp dick is not much bigger than the Orange Dump’s.

So nobody seemed too impressed by the action even though it is just another war crime committed by the “Leader of the Free World”!

Tubularsock can not help but laugh at that title …. the height of bravado horse shit!

And getting out of Afghanistan just won’t happen right away regardless of our signed agreements.

Do you believe the Generals jack off to Afghan Hip-Hop?

So thank God that we are back to the mass shootings as the pastime for America!

It has passed baseball as the national sport.

Oh, and be sure to send out all those prayers and cares to the dead and their families.

But don’t fret, there’ll be more.


And wow all that bitching and moaning about Amazon and Jeff’s evilness.


You don’t like Jeff Bezos fucking you up your ass?


You could stop him in his tracks but that would mean you’d have to stop buying from Whole Foods. Stop buying from Amazon.



Every time you buy from Bezos YOU help him keep his workers in wage slavery and pathetic health care.
So you see, YOU are supporting Jeff.


Tubularsock stopped buying from Amazon and Whole Foods years ago and haven’t looked back.

So could you …… make it a lifestyle choice and then tell your friends to do the same.

THE ONLY way change comes to THIS system is not by protesting in the streets or signing petitions but by causing economic harm to corporate business.


And when that becomes significant you’ll see rapid change in the corporate order of things!


And now, let Tubularsock not leave you in despair over the state of worldwide affairs with this bit of Tubularsock wisdom.

Correcting YOUR consciousness changes ALL consciousness.