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Here’s an idea from Tubularsock. Maybe we should look at the facts about all this war crap.

Let’s follow the bouncing ball and see if an intellectual basket can be made.

First bounce: In the United States’ 250 years of existence we have been at war with somebody 229 years. Which as a country we have had ONLY 21 years of our history OUT OF WAR!


Second bounce: The merchants of death, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamic, Northrup Grumman, to name just a few rely on death and mass destruction in order to maximize revenue and profiteering. THAT IS WHY THEY EXIST!

And by extension if you are an employee of one of these merchants of death YOU TOO are a war criminal!

And by further extension if you are a TAXPAYING CITIZEN you too are a war criminal for supporting your government.

But hey, death and mass destruction is what this country was founded upon! You know, IT IS OUR TRADITION! Just ask the Native Americans / Indigenous Peoples.

The United States NEVER had an honest view about true democracy in our entire history. The wealthy have been in control of the true POWER but the story goes that the people choose their own representatives by “fair and honest” elections.

The humor value of that belief is so outlandish that holding a straight face while saying it aloud is extremely difficult ….. UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THE POLITICAL CLASS. They are experts in bull shit!

In the U.S. of today we don’t live in a democracy, but rather in an oligarchy. In reality, a 21st Century corporate, technocratic, bio-medical, national security state. And THAT is why the “citizen” HAS NO CONTROL over what is happening to them.

“But we live in a democracy” is ONLY a repeated mantra of ignorance!

Free Throw: POPPYCOCK!

That is what is truly going on here and it would be best that you awaken yourself to the nonsense being perpetrated upon you. Empty talk being used to scare you and keep you off balance.

Have you noticed how the ultimate end of the world Covid has drifted into the end of the world Ukraine? With some free floating balloons to keep you occupied for levity.

The Game being played is to keep YOU occupied so the power elite can keep us all controlled and from Tubularsock’s vantage point it seems to be working rather well.

NOW’S THE TIME to throw the wrenches into the machinery and bring it all tumbling down.

And that will take the “regular” citizen to STOP AND NOT COOPERATE with the system.




Games over.

The question is ……… did you win or lose?

Guess it is time to check the score board.
And it sure as hell is not going to matter what happens in 2024!


Oh my, Tubularsock is awed once again with the U.S Air Force and their war with BALLOONS.

This seem to be a period when our brilliant tracking devices that we use to PROTECT OUR SKIES are showing signs of ahhh, not working very well. If at all.

You see, it is thought by the American people that their military is on top of their surveillance game and is protecting our population from intrusion from the sky.

Well, guess not.

Now we have all heard, ad nauseam, about the Chinese weather balloon that floated above the U.S. for days before the U.S. finally shot it down at a huge cost to our military budget to the tune of several millions of dollars.

But hell, the military has the money. It’s the homeless that don’t.

Anyway, because of the Chinese WE now have decided to look up …….. and shit, the sky is crowded up there.

There has been three other “balloons” shot down this week. But what confused our military is that the Chinese floated in at 60,000 feet while the three other “balloons” floated in at 20,000 feet.

See the confusion?

The sky is BIG and our military protectors are DUMB! And it is best to look at different altitudes when protecting the sky.

Anyway to make a short story long the three lower flying “balloons” were classified by the Pentagon as “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Cleaver yes?

“I’m not gonna categorize them as balloons,” said Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of NORAD. “We’re calling them ‘objects’ for a reason.”

The Lame Media are pushing questions like, “Are they UFO’s?”

But of course they are UFO’s ……. they are unidentified flying objects!

And three that were recently shot down weren’t identified BECAUSE THEY SHOT THEM DOWN. WTF?

After they are blown to kingdom come just how are you going to identify them?

But they did notice that they seemed not to have an identifiable propulsion system and they were shaped in an octagonal as well as a long and cylindrical design.

Yet once you blow them up from a distance, so much for detailed descriptions.

SO THEY REMAIN UNIDENTIFIED as well as a possibility of war with alien beings that came in peace but now have declared war on us from afar.
DUMB, just may be what we have proven to be.

Tubularsock supports the Aliens only because Tubularsock KNOWS that no super intelligent being from outer space would take the time to visit THE DUMBEST PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM!


But a very important side-note that has to always be prevalent in one’s mind when there is a flurry of activity that comes out of nowhere and causes a large active attractive incident that seems out of left field. And that is ….. just what is the government trying to shift your attention to and away from? Heads up ……… something is up that they don’t want you to notice. THAT IS OBVIOUS!

Now go back to what you were doing before Tubularsock sidetracked you.

But you’ll notice for the next couple days that Tubularsock has given you a correct summary of our Earthly Conundrum!


Well the times they are a changing and the fucking woke have become a pain in the ass! And that doesn’t matter that much to Tubularsock because Tubularsock just really doesn’t pay that much attention to the fucking woke culture.

But when they interfere like some moral overlord with their emaciated thoughts and rant and rage over “proper speech” of others, well FUCKEM’!

Case in point this week is the uproar with Joe Rogan and his off the cuff comment, “. . . the idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous. That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza.”

Well some Jews freaked out as they tend to do. Mostly the Jewish organizations that ONLY exist to rake in the money for themselves to DEFEND against antisemitism.

And because of their “outrage” it tends to cause more antisemitism than they prevent!

A group of people that continually cry victim-hood most often time get what they project.

But now before anyone reading/hearing this gets all pushed out of shape, Rogan’s comment just happens to be a true statement. You may not agree but if you do agree it doesn’t make you an antisemite. What a stupid, closed minded thought which only weakens the entire concept of antisemitism.

But when it comes to jokes, off the cuff musings and regular comedy routines there has to be an edge to dance along but has to have an element of truth in the process.

If you are “thin-skinned” don’t tune in to Joe Rogan or Tubularsock for that matter because you are going to get truth ……… even if you don’t want it or like how it is presented.

Which bring us to one of the best comedians ever. And one of Tubularsock’s favorite routines which hit the subject ON THE HEAD PERFECTLY!

In today’s woke debauchery and their orgy with words and meaning David Steinberg is a PERFECT solution.

Tubularsock would love to hear your comments and positions on all this woke crap and what YOU believe is going on to drive this level of stupidity in our society today. As you can see, Tubularsock doesn’t have a position on this topic … NOT!


Tubularsock has a question.

According to many members of Congress and many in the State Department and Military: CHINA IS OUR ENEMY!


Yet, China was the United States’ largest supplier of goods imports in 2020. To the tune of $434.7 billion that year.

And as for U.S. JOBS ……..475,000 jobs were supported by goods exports to China and 283,000 jobs were supported by services exports to China.

That is 758,000 jobs in the U.S. that have been created to trade with China.

SO ……… China is our enemy and are spying on us SO WHY ARE WE TRADING WITH OUR ENEMY?

It has always been a bewilderment to Tubularsock that the U.S. spy’s on China and Russia and Germany and England and France and Spain and Japan and ………………….

But when others “spy on us” we are appalled and shocked. Go figure.

But all this current balloon baloney in truth is MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING!

The Chinese have a very extensive and far reaching satellite technology program only second to the United States. So why balloons?

It seems high altitude balloons have some advantages over satellites. Under harsh environments at 68,000 feet above the Earth they have long endurance times, which can achieve sustained and wider coverage for regional observation and detection, according to the Chinese Academy of Science.

The high-altitude balloons are harder to spot by radar and don’t have predictable orbits like satellites.

Over the past two years the Pentagon has spent around $3.8 million on balloon projects. And plans to spend more than $27 million on the inflatable tech in fiscal year 2023.

The balloons, according to a Pentagon report, will collect data and transmit information to aircraft and may eventually be used to scan for hypersonic weapons developed by China and Russia.

Say what? “. . . scan for hypersonic weapons developed by China and Russia. Could that mean SPYING on China and Russia?

No! WE wouldn’t do that …….. we’re the GOOD GUYS!

But enough of this background material Tubularsock wants to get down to the explosive nature of this entire issue.

The Chinese has stated that their weather research balloon went off course and ended crossing into U.S. air space. And you have to give the Chinese credit for that excuse. But it becomes a bit more difficult to defend when two other balloons crossed into U.S. territory as well. The Chinese seem to not be very good at old fashion balloon balance.

So it would appear that that much exposure may be more of a message than a mishap.

When the U.S. flies our spy planes near China we call that conducting a routine surveillance mission. And we have had incidents over boarder crossing in the past by our spy planes.

But balloons do have a bit less control than jets. Just sayin’.

None the less we just had to BLOW THAT BALLOON UP!

It’s the macho thing to do!

Now for Tubularsock that is the funniest part.

In order to protect people and property the Buydone Administration waited for THE EVIL BALLOON to pass into the Atlantic Ocean space before blowing it up.

Now think on this!

Any information that that balloon had collected had already been sent to China so blowing it up at that point didn’t destroy any “spy” information.

And then to blow it up over water complicated recovery. DUMB. But that is not new for the U.S. Government!

And the cost of this macho stunt …………….

Well, first the U.S. military had to roll out a $334million F-22 which cost roughly $70,000.00 to operate per hour.

And you know you can’t just send one up alone so it just has to have a sidekick. At least one.

And then at about 58,000 feet while the EVIL BALLOON was hovering at about 65,000 feet our $334million F-22 fired a $472,000.00 AIM-9X Sidewinder missile and blew it up.

Well, not all the way up. More like brought it down into the ocean where “recovery” could proceed.

And now this is where the real cost begin because EVERYONE has to get CREDIT for saving AMERICA SO:

“The F-22 was supported by an array of Air Force and Air National Guard fighter jets and tankers, including F-15s from Massachusetts and tanker aircraft from Oregon, Montana, Massachusetts, South Carolina and North Carolina. All pilots returned safely to base and there were no injuries or other damage on the ground, a senior military official told reporters in a Saturday briefing.”

And THAT was all for an unarmed


Spare Tubularsock!

Tubularsock’s real question is, Just how many assholes fit on a head of a pin?