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Is there life after death? YES! At least in the realm of maimed-stream-media!
Now you all know that Tubularsock is always attacking the maimed-stream-media for their lack of journalism and their lack of integrity and their incestual relationship with the government especially the White House Press Corps.

And Tubularsock also continuously attacks the STUPID AMERICAN PUBLIC for, well, being STUPID!

Well Tubularsock is going to report to you A RAY OF HOPE! Ok, maybe a sliver of hope but at least a chance that hope does exist for more than a nano-second.

PBS showed the Fourth Of July Fireworks Show that was held in Washington, D.C.

And Washington,D.C. was foggy and overcast. Now that tells you a lot! And it goes way beyond the weather!

You have heard of “The Fog Of War” but this was “The Fog Of Fireworks Display”. Really, an entirely new field of study that Tubularsock has enter into.

PBS’s LIVE-COVERAGE was hindered by the fog. You know the fireworks were shot into the sky and blew up in the fog. And many cities that put on fireworks displays when they find that the weather is going to hinder the performance will postpone the display until an evening that it can be seen.

But we are talking about Washington, D.C. not just ANY city. And if there is any place on earth that is captured by the “The Fog Of Fireworks Display” it is Washington, D.C.!

So PBS’s LIVE COVERAGE was not that impressive because the fireworks would go off in the fog and so somebody figured out that it was kind-of stupid to show fogged fireworks.

So without informing the viewers PBS’s LIVE COVERAGE was intermingled with Washington, D.C. fireworks from other years in order to have something to show on screen. And that in itself is normal because PBS and all the other maimed-stream-media are specialists at news manipulation SOOOO business as usual!

EXCEPT the viewers noticed! Ok, take a deep breath and get up off the floor. Tubularsock knows that the impossible happened …… THE VIEWERS NOTICED!

This may even be proof that there is a God! Tubularsock isn’t going that far but a miracle did occur!

The viewers noticed that:

The fireworks were in the fog and the Capitol Building had scaffolding around the dome

AND THEN there was a clear night sky and the Capitol Building had no scaffolding around the dome AND THEN the fireworks were in the fog and the Capitol Building had scaffolding around the dome.

Tube 1000 words

Now THAT is some tip-top viewing!

Almost as good as the BBC 9/11 video footage when the reporter announced the collapsing of World Trade Tower Center building #7 while the building referred to was still standing behind her.

That time viewers missed it until later when it was brought to their attention but by then The Fog Of 9/11 had set in.

All in all for a brief moment in the annals of time THE VIEWERS NOTICED and that may just be a new public trend.

Was this enough to awaken them to the fact that Clinton and Trump are REALLY ONLY PUPPETS.

Or is just an anomaly?