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Just what is it about this constant “forever war” syndrome that we find ourselves in as a country?

Are YOU really that afraid of OTHER?

And just what is it that we don’t understand about people in another country risking their lives to protect their country from aggression?

Wouldn’t YOU protect our country from aggression from a foreign country if they were attacking us?

So just who is this fabled AGGRESSOR?

Well, that’s simple ………… THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. None other!

Now recently we have gone through two Presidential election cycles where the WAR ISSUE was a major factor. And in both cases the winners were Obummer and Orange Tweet both of whom indicated that they wanted to alter the country’s direction away from “foreign wars”.

Oh sure, the American public bought it …….. they always do.

Historically you’ll find that the American public has ALWAYS been against going to war. In fact, in most cases you’ll find that it is true of most populations world wide.

So why is there so much war?

In the first three months of 2017 U.S.-led bombing reached 10,918 bombs and missiles dropped on Syria alone. A country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

After 16 years we are still fighting in Afghanistan. A country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

We have totally destroyed Iraq but are still fighting there. Another country that never, ever posed a threat to the United States.

Have you noticed a trend here?

Let’s, for the fun of it, jump back to Vietnam for a second. The number of people we killed in Vietnam and the numbers of American that were stupid enough to go to “protect American interests” and die in a complete an utter failure is just shameful.
The arch enemy that was Vietnam “won” that war and remained “communist” and THEN in 2016:  “HANOI — The Obama administration announced Monday that the United States would fully lift a longstanding U.S. embargo on lethal arms sales to Vietnam . . .” (Washington Post 5/23/16)

So all it took was an arms deal to be friends? Think on this. All those people dead and now we are selling arms to Vietnam that will kill more people?

OMG ——The Russians! We have to protect ourselves from those aggressive Russians so we threaten them with economic sanctions, nuclear first strike, we place missiles in Europe pointed at them, we build up American military forces at their boarders AND WE CALL THEM AGGRESSIVE?

Yet, the U.S. makes exceptions to sanctions against Russia by lifting bans on Russia’s sales to us of Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines. “It is worth mentioning that Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines, possessing unparalleled performance US firms have yet to match, will be used to launch payloads into Earth orbit for the US Department of Defense.” (Activist Post 1/7/16)

And, “The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday eased economic sanctions on Russia, allowing some cyber-security transactions with the Russian Federal Security Service . . .” (USATODAY Feb. 2, 2017)

So the U.S. can agree to trade contracts and cooperation with Russia, BUT WE CAN’T AGREE ON PEACE WITH EACH OTHER?

And what do we agree with the Russians on?

Rockets??? So, where is all this “fear” we are supposed to believe in that Russia is so dangerous?

Cyber-security transactions??? After all that fear of Russians hacking the last election?



And just check out American oil interests in partnership with Russian firms!

But hell, that’s not all!

Look into JUST the Trump Family contractual agreements with CHINA alone. It will make even your eyes become slanted!

Finally, Tubularsock will save your reading time and just bottom line this for you.










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Well Tubularsock was just fucking around in his top floor corner office overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA ……. you know dusting and stuff.

Tubularsock started a research session on the Clintons and the information is just generally depressing. If those two and their offspring aren’t quintessentially the most fucked up examples what inbreeding can produce Tubularsock doesn’t know what is!

So, setting Tubularsock’s poison-pen aside for the moment Tubularsock thought he would express his own outer-view relationships.

Tube in high places

Now that that is cleared up let Tubularsock just mention the White House Corespondents Dinner. You’d think that a room filled with that many totally worthless main-stream-media eunuchs would be totally BORING. Well, yep …… you are correct. What a sad, sad, sad, collections of waste product spewed out into a banquet-room. It is somewhat amazing to see so much DISCONNECT-FROM-REALITY present in one room and really in truth if some trusty-terrorist-group would have blown up all of them ……… the world today would have been a much better place. Sad to say it didn’t happen!

And really, even though Step-en-fetch-it-obomber is rather a good example of how some “black’s” don’t have comic rhythm (hey, some “blacks” can’t dance) Tubularsock really doesn’t want a Comic-As-President!

Now Comedian Larry Wilmore, who Tubularsock finds a luke-warm-comedian, did the old “DRONE” joke which didn’t go over well or as well as last years Obama DRONE joke. Exactly what is WRONG with these people?

Ok, here is a really funny appropriate joke for next year’s White House Corespondents Dinner: “Did you hear that a drone was dropped on the White House lawn by the House of Saud and blew Sasha and Malia to bits throwing their entrails all over the White House Christmas Tree? It’s become the 29th page of the unreleased 28 pages!”

Wow, awesome ……. Tubularsock can tell a great joke. Too bad, a missed opportunity, because next year it will be jokes about Bill’s “Tell-Tail-Mark” on his penis!

What ever happened to Dick Gregory? Oh yeah, he’d never be invited …… he was into truth.

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You remember the old adage, “You don’t get something for nothing”, right? And in today’s world you don’t even get something for something! Whether it’s job numbers or economic growth it is all a shimmer, an imaginary glow built on shifting sand. And as often than not your castle will take a hit if not fall down completely.

So you listen to the predictions and the forecasts and you think that you are “in the know” BUT the lie is deep and the entire monetary system is just an agreement. It is NOTHING or EVERYTHING by agreement.

That is why you don’t have a chance ……. you can save and end up with nothing, you can spend and end up with nothing, and you can go deeply in debt and end up with nothing. Pretty much it’s NOTHING!

You see we have been trained to believe that having something is important and we have been trained that what we have is the definition of who we are. And yes we have fallen for it.

We NEED the new iPhone, car, house, mate, child, clothes, shoes, hair style to define OUR POSITION in the lie in which we live survive. And the first sign that you have been suckered into this labyrinth is when you agree to wake up at six AM take your car and sit in a long, slow-crawling line of cars inching along to cubical land where you sit on a computer all day doing meaningless tasks until the magic AGREED upon number of 5PM.

The magic AGREED upon number of 5 opens the door that allows you to go out and get in you car and sit in a long, slow-crawling line of cars inching along back to your bed.

Oh sure, there are variants to this scenario but the results are the same …….. you live in slavery to your THINGS!

Because you think your THINGS define your POSITION and your WORTH in the society in which you live survive.

And here is where the depth of OUR conditioning shows through the cracks. Tubularsock has been observing a group of “homeless” people who “work” a particular corner in the city in order to make their income. It is THEIR corner and they “work” it in shifts from 6AM to about 7:30PM every week day and 9AM to 4PM Saturday and Sundays.

Each one of them have an iPhone and they seldom sit during their shift but rather are active walking the line of cars that are waiting at the stoplight. They are friendly and polite and on task. And from Tubularsock’s vantage point VERY successful.

But the point is THEY ARE AT WORK! A job that is not any freer than a cubical except for the tan. They are following a tried and true business model and are successful and they have the “stuff” in clothing and iPhones to prove it.

And in truth, may not even be homeless but rather “self-employed”.

Now some people enjoy their work and some people don’t. But the bottom line is the less you define yourself as what you do and what you have and what you are programed to believe you need the greater real freedom you feel and THAT is the way out of slavery …………





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Some days Tubularsock just has to leave Tubularsock’s Top Floor Corner Office in the underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA and just mingle with his fellow citizens.

You know the feeling, perhaps.


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