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Tubularsock has been contemplating as Tubularsock sits in The Tubularsock Semi-Palatial corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tours).

Reaching over the case of Wild Turkey and pushing the Saki bottles to the side Tubularsock takes up Tubularsock’s spyglass and peers NORTH in search of Canada.

Never one to be shaken, Tubularsock is confident that Canada is “up” there.

And as sure as “Loonies and Toonies” are part of the Canadian lexicon, Tubularsock is writing this to all the Canadians that are being threatened by their government to freeze their funds in their bank accounts if they attempt to give or receive financial support to anyone the government deems unacceptable.

This is all part of the emergency rulings the Canadian Government has put into place against “unacceptable” protests.

Well here is Tubularsock’s idea to end this provision created by the government … FUCK THEM!

The truckers initiate a new protest and no one has to confront the police or even march and dance in the Canadian cold. This protest if organized correctly could bring down the entire banking system!

EVERYONE that supports freedom and backs the truckers go off EN MASSE and remove their money from their bank accounts. And the stated goal is not to return that money to the system until the government capitulates their draconian measures.

It’s the old RUN ON THE BANKS!

It would work rather quickly Tubularsock feels. WHY?

The economy becomes erratic and an erratic economy causes lost profit. And the longer the citizens hold out the deeper the potential losses.

Remember over the past two years the government didn’t give a shit for your livelihood and kept you from making a decent income. Turn the tables and hold your money from the system.

And when money isn’t making the rich richer the reaction is intense! And hell, you as a citizen aren’t making much on interest anyway. Your loss isn’t much at all but your gain of freedom is immense!

So, in solidarity with the aims of the Canadian Truckers Tubularsock presents this idea and just hopes that they can pull it off.


Friday night Nov. 16th at the first anniversary of their eviction from Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street held a concert at Manhattan’s Le Poisson Rouge nightclub.

The celebrity’s and local artists that performed donated their time and the performance was held as a “bailout for the 99 percent”. Nice.

Here is the concept:

Thousands of people are loosing their homes because of medical debt so Strike Debt (an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street Movement) are taking the money they acquire from these concerts and have begun erasing people’s medical debt by infiltrating the debt-collection industry. Sweet!

According to Fabien Tepper’s article in Yes! Magazine :

“The tactic is to buy private debt the same way collection companies do—on the debt market, at tiny fractions of its original worth—and then cancel it in hopes of freeing debtors from their piled-up medical bills. It is hoped that the action will bring debt servitude to the forefront of our national conversation.”

The concert raised more that $293,000.00 and because they will be buying discounted  debt they will be able to buy up 5.9 Million Dollars of debt! They will be able to bail-out nearly 4000 families.

It is interesting to note that 62% of all bankruptcies are directly caused by medical debt.

The Strike Debt movement emphasizes that they are NOT doing “charity” or “forgiveness” of debt but rather “solidarity and mutual aid.” Yates McKee, a Strike Debt organizer says, “We’re calling for this to be a political act of economic non-compliance, we are intentionally withdrawing our consent from this system.”

As Tubularsock sees it  ………… it is creative steps like this that will began to shift the system and Tubularsock hopes this is just the beginning.