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Now wouldn’t you know.

Tubularsock is sitting on Tubularsock’s deck which is right outside of Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA and Tubularsock’s squadron of retired carrier pigeons have once again gone out on a limb to bring Tubularsock this following coded message.

This time from ………. “E”.

Perhaps a close friend of James Bond’s “M”. Who can say or better said Who WOULD say? We are talking clandestine here.

Decoded Message FROM “E”:

“It is very hard to know who is telling the truth. However, This is from Right Wing media, so I am more likely to distrust this.  Where is the Left Wing media on all this? 

The people that I am more likely to trust, are saying people are making a fortune on anti-vaccine info, like

Dr. Mercola. So, everyone seems to be cashing in. 

I just know that I am vaccinated and had no bad reaction and 600,000 people have died from Covid.  Even Fox news had to admit that most all people in the hospital for Covid now are unvaccinated. 

Those are huge facts I can’t overlook.  I could site a bunch of docs who would dispute this anti vaccine info, but then you could just say they are all bought off. 

I get big Pharma is way too powerful, but they also have produced some life-saving meds, and stuff like Imitrex that was the only thing to stop my migraines for sending me to the ER. 

Many antibiotics still work very well for infections and saved my daughter’s life, so I have a different relationship to drugs than you do. 

I think it is fair to say unvaccinated people should have to test, if they won’t get vaccinated, if they want to be around people in a work setting., indoors. 

To some, that’s tyranny, to me,it just makes sense for public health. 

The Right loves to throw around “cancel” culture while they are busy outlawing history of blacks in schools that tells the bitter history of slavery that might put whites in a less favorable light. That, somehow, is not cancel culture.  I hate the slogan.”

Decoded Response FROM Tubularsock:


“It is very hard to know who is telling the truth.” The same government that brought you the Vietnam war, the war in Iraq, the war in Syria, the war in Afghanistan and at least another hundred conflicts is the same government that is bringing you the Covid-War.


The Right Wing and the Left Wing are the same wing. The talk sounds different BUT THE ACTIONS REMAIN THE SAME.

It is much like the billboard advertisement isn’t the same product when you buy it at the store!

SO, E ….. don’t trust anyone Alfie!

FIRST: Just what is Covid? Do you realize to date they have not isolated covid and still have no clue of just what it is!

And yet they have created an “experimental” shot NOT A VACCINE to deal with the issue which they don’t really (scientifically) know what it is!

I am not opposed to vaccines and as you say they have done some wonderful life saving things. Totally agree.

And within your own family there has been significant positive success. Tubularsock has no argument there.

However to date the Covid response IS A LIVE EXPERIMENT ON PEOPLE who have been mislead by not giving those who have rushed to “GET THE SHOT” the full disclosure of the dangers of the EXPERIMENT!

And the audacity of many in the “Scientific” community and our “representative” government to push ahead with AN EXPERIMENT directly conducted on the citizens without giving those in the test any information about the possible dangerous side effects now and in the future is appalling!

Seems to be right out of the Nazi playbook to Tubularsock and now add a number tattooed on your inner arm as your “Vaccine Passport” and things will be pretty much complete.

As dangerous, is the censorship of alternatives that have been used all over the world and help prevent and relieve Covid that are not allowed to be EVEN DISCUSSED in the U.S.! Exactly who is that suppose to “protect”?

Even Dumbo Dump promoted hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine and there was all this uproar but even the CDC have now listed it as useful with Covid with recommendations for more testing.

AND THAT IS THE POINT ………. testing!

Hydroxychloroquine as well as Ivermectin have been used for over forty years and both show signs of helping with Covid. And their side effects don’t produce death. Unlike this current “shot” that only has been tested 20 minutes and then put out into the public for TESTING!

“THAT is no way to run an airline” as the saying goes.

Hydroxychloroquine got a bad name because Dump mentioned it along with bleach. Lets not throw out the baby with the bath water here.

Even THE DUMP can stumble across a correct answer once in a while, even though statistically rare.

“I just know that I am vaccinated and had no bad reaction and 600,000 people have died from Covid.” Well, Tubularsock would just say that the first half of your sentence is correct and you DO KNOW to date but the verdict is still out on the future if you took the mRNA shot and the potential outcome remains to be seen. And as those in science say, “more testing is required”.

However the second half of your sentence, the number Covid deaths, can not be determined by you or anyone because the quality of the number counts are in an entire mess and CAN NOT BE VERIFIED!

And that alone is not good science!

And all this business about the un-shot vs the shot-up people is all just a name game of coercion with absolutely no evidence EXCEPT the information that both the shot and unshot can get and pass the disease. THERE IS NO GOOD-GUY HERE!

And now all the hype that the unshot are the only people that are in the hospitals now with covid is horse shit personified! Tubularsock doesn’t care whether Fox News or MSMBC says it it is all hyperbolic drivel!



So what is this, “I think it is fair to say unvaccinated people should have to test, if they won’t get vaccinated, if they want to be around people in a work setting., indoors.”

What may be “fair” is ALL people get tested as often as necessary.

And here is where Tubularsock gets off the train.

“Cancel” culture is a huge topic that Tubularsock could rage on about but first Americans would have to get some culture at a higher level than WalMart!

Cheers, E. And thank you for your email and ideas. Stay safe and don’t get canceled by no cultcha’.


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Wow, another day in Tubularsock’s living hell!

Sitting comfortably in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s underground bunker (see Bunker Tours) another missive crept in.

Tubularsock just has to retire those carrier pigeons.

This missive is from CS, a wonderful fellow that Tubularsock respects and really likes as a person but is a little too gullible, in Tubularsock’s view, when it comes to the current government brainwashing.

Of course, CS will disagree vehemently. But he’s wrong! Oh sure that’s an opinion. On the other hand he just has another point of view than Tubularsock and we disagree on other issues as well. That’s what makes him fun!

Tubularsock read this article CS sent, a University of Pennsylvania article from an esteemed research institution, (see footnotes) and this is Tubularsock’s response.

And Tubularsock thanks CS for his contribution to Tubularsock’s on going attempt to enlarge the conversation. And yes, Tubularsock will gladly accept a beer and conversation to help clarify our differences!

First: the mRNA is NOT a vaccine!


A clear warning sign is when the nomenclature from the start is not squarely telling the truth, it points to questionable final results.

In fact, currently studies have shown that the mRNA shot has created minute blood clotting in a large number of recipients some that have even killed many recipients.

Even those in the 18 to 24 age range!

Research has shown, still pending, that the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine has a negative impact on the immune system and triggers thrombi and blood coagulation.

The recorded vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” published by the US – CDC and in the EU are attributable to the presence of graphene oxide nano-particles.

Second: “rigorous research” when there is huge profit to be made MAY just lead to an outcome that is a little less scientific than it is showing the “correct” results that are wanted.

It has happened in the past with devastating results on people who “believed and trusted”.

An example of that has been exposed in the “opioid crisis”. But take a look at the false “science” that centers around the pharmaceutical industry’s huge number of law suits and pay outs over the years.

When accepting lawsuit payouts as a built in business expense should alert one to something. Don’t you think?

And YOU are now going to believe them when the dollars signs are larger than the Empire State Building? Come now.

If you are, Tubularsock has this Golden Gate Bridge that he’s selling ….. cash!

“Part of the safety watch on these new biologics will happen through the regulatory process . . .” ! * YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Refer back to the Opioid Crisis!

“ . . . adverse events tend to appear in the first two months after vaccine administration . . .” ** HOWEVER THE nRNA IS EXPERIMENTAL and it won’t be even understood for years to come!

IT IS AN EXPERIMENT ……. GET IT! AN EXPERIMENT THAT RESULTS ARE UNKNOWN UNTIL …………….. SOME FUTURE DATE! Just what is so difficult to understand here?

The spinoff health effects are unknown …… but Tubularsock personally finds nothing wrong with three headed babies!

“Pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions are testing different boosters currently, using both new sequences of the spike protein mRNA and combinations of existing vaccines to augment immunity.”***

But this may be the entire problem! Where NATURAL immunity causes less need for boosters and is a healthier approach.

“Epidemiologists estimate over 160 million people worldwide have recovered from COVID-19. Those who have recovered have an astonishingly low frequency of repeat infection, disease, or death. That immunity from prior infection protects many people now where vaccines are not yet available.

Moving forward, policymakers should include natural immunity as determined by an accurate and reliable antibody test or the documentation of prior infection (previous positive PCR or antigen test), as evidence of immunity equal to that of vaccination. That immunity should be given the same societal status as vaccine-inducted immunity. Such a policy will greatly reduce anxiety and increase access to travel, events, family visits, and more. The updated policy will allow those who have recovered to celebrate their recovery by informing them of their immunity, allowing them to safely discard their masks, show their faces, and join the legions of those vaccinated.” ****

Third: And then add in all the false and misinformation that has been put out by our own government and health agencies and we now have an information disaster on our hands as well a health disaster.

Testing alone was a sham. The guy who invented the test that was being used by the government to determine Covid infection, Kary Mullis stated ON THE RECORD that his test WAS NOT INTENDED NOR CREATED for that purpose! And was NOT accurate in the way it was being used.

Kary Mullis explained that with a PCR test, “you can find almost anything in anybody” and “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.”

YET …….. the government and health agencies used THAT test ANYWAY! And still are!

Producing faulty number counts and information. Setting up a pandemic ONLY because their inept handling of the situation. EITHER BY IGNORANCE OR INTENT!

And there is plenty of evidence in both directions. Tubularsock figures searching in BOTH directions will lead you to the truth.

But then if you throw in the October, 2019, Event 201, the pandemic simulation exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation …….. well all bets are off!

Just coincidence? Sure!

Tubularsock remembers the “Just Coincidence” terrorist drills concerning airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers ON THE VERY DAY IT HAPPENED.

Funny the timing of those “just coincidence” moments isn’t it.

You don’t think so? Care to explain it then?

Tubularsock figures that Fauci’s next move will be to blame it on Arabs with “box cutters” for all this false information!

Forth: Censorship and information control has gotten out of hand if we are still even pretending that we live in a free country.

When the President of the United States comes right out and says that he is in favor of the censorship of “misinformation” Tubularsock expected Joe to then shut-the-fuck-up and walk off the stage. Thereby living up to the words that he speaks.

Nope! He meant “misinformation” of others not his own words!

Too bad. Tubularsock had thought that the time had come for real transparency.

Oh well, Tubularsock is a dreamer after-all.

This is such a huge sink hole for discussion: “MISINFORMATION”

Now in truth, where do we start? This dictum, if followed, would require a total rewriting of American History ……….. and advertisements and movies and religion. Just to name a few!

Perhaps there is a better solution. Why not PUT ALL THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS OUT THERE in the public square and discuss and debate them.

If Tubularsock is not mistaken isn’t that what FREEDOM OF SPEECH is all about?

We’d have to get rid of the likes of CNN, FOX, PBS, MSNBC right off the bat because they ONLY PUSH the accepted propaganda of the establishment so that would not really be much of a loss if we are seeking “truth” rather than “misinformation”.

There is no such thing as “misinformation” only misunderstanding of that information not being true. Which calls for you, dare Tubularsock say, TO HAVE TO THINK!

But having the government or tech-corporations to determine THEIR thinking for you is a road paved by mind control and has no place in a free society.

And we better wake up to this authoritarian rule or all we’ll be doing is redecorating our prison cells!

It is really up to you. This entire vacs/non-vaccer set up is just another diversion to keep the population off balance so as not to really comprehend we are being screwed by the power structure. Nothing new here, folks. Business as usual.

AND THEN FIFTH: Just what is all this crap about people that are not shot-up being dangerous to people that are shot-up?


The shot-up people are supposed to be protected so how is a non-shoter a danger?

But the shot-up people can STILL SPREAD COVID and can STILL GET COVID so why shouldn’t they still ware masks to protect their fellow citizens?

The supposed risk is that the non-shoters have a higher chance from dying from Covid than those shot-up BUT THAT ISN’T FULL PROOF because there have be some “breakthrough shot-ups” that have died.

So even THAT story the Government and Health Authorities have given out about the safety of being “shot-up” isn’t fully true.


*/ ** / *** (article CS sent)



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Well, we are all planetary souls after-all.

Which made Tubularsock realize that we all must be awake to the perverted in our midst and to call that out to our interstellar fellow beings.

Working together for a better interplanetary future.


May you have space to think this through …………………


As Tubularsock was sitting in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in Tubularsock’s Underground Bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA Tubularsock received another electronic missive from Dianysia (a real person and follower) who communicates with Tubularsock from time to time when the cosmic order gets out of whack.

Needless to say we communicate often!

Tubularsock has decoded the following message:


Dianysia here:

With a favor to ask:

I was just out on a glorious bike-ride, sun, perfect clouds in a perfect blue sky, trees refulgent in their mid-summer green glory, flowers of every color and design—and my own mood even and harmonious.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: I was “ here, experiencing the glory of the creation of God.”.

Why, then I asked myself, do I keep seeing this glory through the “lens” of a year and a half of COVID?

Isn’t COVID largely on the wane? Why can’t I DROP the LENS? Let it go . . . ? Forget it . . . ?

And as I initially criticized myself for not being able to DROP THE LENS OF COVID, what came to me suddenly was:


Covid was and is a MESSENGER to humanity, I believe.

Whether it’s the aspects of humanity’s warring, destructive, and conflictive consciousness out -pictured for us to see, or a messenger arriving by some other means, we are not meant to “go back to the way things were” because THE WAY THINGS WERE HAS NOT CHANGED!

Vaccine or no-vaccine, cure or no-cure: The disastrous and destructive policies that affect the whole planet have not changed.

In Chinese medicine and in holistic medicine in general, when illness appears, the WHOLE ORGANISM, THE WHOLE LIFE of the individual is looked at. The principle is that illness is an indicator that the life—physical, emotional, relational, functional —of the person is out of balance in one or more ways. The WHOLE must be looked at, addressed, and brought back into balance.

I see Covid as a messenger of this for Humanity and for the world..

A vaccine—or other “remedies” for relieving or eliminating the symptoms of Covid— are addressing only the SYMPTOMS, not looking for underlying causes of the dis-ease.

When only symptoms are addressed, and not underlying causes, another “messenger” will eventually appear—usually just in another form.

And the favor I ask of you, Tube, is that you remind us—your readership—of some of the glaring, but generally kept out of mainstream media’s focus—gross imbalances negligences, injustices, and violences that are a continuous “given”, the “background noise” of the planet.

The population may be able to brunch again but what about OUR SACRED PLANET?

What about Humanity?

I would turn my part over to you and ask that you elucidate what this messenger has been asking us to wake up—AGAIN—to, to stay awake to, to demand healing for. . .


Oh, thanks a lot Dianysia.

You get all the insightful and overarching themes and you leave

Tubularsock with sweeping up the wretched scumbag causes plaguing
this “planet of the remedials”!

A Tubularsock specialty!

Well the very first “issue” WE as a nation happen to have is that stacks of money and stacks of stuff will make us happy.

And if we could only get that two car garage and green lawn with that fucking WHITE picket fence then our personal world will be HAPPY!

SO we’ll work a dead end job that we hate and robotly walk lines of cubicles and partition our lives accordingly in order to make payments on our programed dream we were tricked into and NOT turning out the way
THEY told us it would.

WE HAVE BEEN TRICKED! Over and over again.

Your parents tricked you, you trick your children and they will trick theirs and the spiral continues to go down.

The government that you were told represented YOU ……. doesn’t!

You know that but you still act like it does! IT DOESN’T!


The United States is THE NUMBER ONE TERRORIST GROUP in the world but many Americans still believe that our country is good. IT’S NOT!

The American National Anthem should start with …..


It may be time to STOP!

If you haven’t noticed THE PEOPLE outnumber the power structure.

And the power structure works to put the whites against the blacks and the browns against the yellows and the men against the women and the trans against the straights and the religious against the atheist. ALWAYS AGAINST EACH OTHER!

BUT if regular people woke up and would see that they are being played so as to remain weak AS EVERYTHING IS BEING TAKEN FROM THEM things could quickly change.


It really is up to each and everyone of us.

As Albert Einstein stated, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Simple but VERY difficult because ………… I WANT TO KEEP MINE!

Now it would be easy to spend all this digital ink on how fucked up Biden, or Trump, or Obama or Bush ARE but why bother. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME PRINTOUT!


We can dwell on the total sell out “press” like Rachel Maddow or Amy Goodman or Nicolle Wallace, showing that women are as vacuous as men when it comes to the propaganda news shows.

Or the totally brain dead show, “The View” with Whoopi Goldberg which is a slap in the face to any thinking person! What fucking garbage!

It has got to be the money because ALL of these women were “out-there” when they started. They were a breath of fresh air, but time and fame and money and the realization that to keep it you can NO LONGER make waves. And have caused them to sell out to the corporate agenda.

And to put the nail in the coffin.

Whenever Tubularsock puts out that putting women into office wouldn’t change things much, the push back is heavy until Tubularsock points out as examples Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

With those three all Tubularsock can vision is a bubbling caldron and “DOUBLE DOUBLE toil and trouble”!

So the bottom line question is —– WHERE ARE WE GOING?

We live in an extremely unhappy country. How does Tubularsock know?

The HUGE amount of PRESCRIPTION DRUGS taken by the American public EVERYDAY.

The MASSIVE amount of street drugs taken by the American public EVERYDAY.

The OUTRAGEOUS number of daily killings taken place in every city and town throughout the country.

The DAILY TOLL of domestic violence taking place in the U.S.

The continued number of sex crimes that take place daily in the country.

The outlandish number of Suicides that occur everyday. EVEN AMONG THE YOUNG!

The formidable number of WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY the U.S. commits on a daily bases throughout the world.

The OVERWHELMING number of homeless people on the streets in a country that prides itself as the richest nation in the history of the world.

And not finally but finely enough, it’s just that Tubularsock needs a neat double shot of Wild Turkey, the drunken-side of an alcoholic nation!

None of these are signs of a “happy country” because a “happy country” would not have these issues.


Appears to Tubularsock ………….. the wrong fucking way.

And still Tubularsock can continue with the mundane,

Biden is bombing Syria,—a country our troops are in illegally— while Rachel Maddow is STILL obsessing over “Russiagate”.

Portland, Oregon hit 112 degrees and Vancouver Canada hit 116 degrees— while government officials argue over “to carbon-tax or not to carbon-tax” . . .

Are you kidding?

Bezos’ Amazon cancer continues to swallow up the planet as we dumbly
continue to buy from it, crushing out small, independent businesses.

(Tubularsock is starting his 2nd double shot of Wild Turkey)

At the very least, let us start to take responsibility for what is not being attended to.

If we don’t, who will?

So, Dianysia as you can see it’s best not to get Tubularsock started!

Thanks for your komunikacija as Tubularsock says in Croation.

Dok se opet ne sretnemo, Tube.


Now just one minute.

Just how DOES ANYONE fall for this?

First: If you are fully vaccinated you can still catch Covid.

Second: If you are fully vaccinated you can still pass Covid to others.

So exactly what is the logic in mask wearing?

In the California Capitol in Sacramento there is an increase in Covid cases among the staff.


But why weren’t masks not mandatory anyway for everyone?

First: If you are fully vaccinated you can still catch Covid.

Second: If you are fully vaccinated you can still pass Covid to others.


Unvaccinated legislators and employees are REQUIRED to be tested for covid twice a week.

Vaccinated legislators and employees have been asked to be VOLUNTARILY tested for covid twice a week.

And yet:

First: If you are fully vaccinated you can still catch Covid.

Second: If you are fully vaccinated you can still pass Covid to others.

Now just what is wrong with this picture?

Well, ahhh, ok.

Well, at least real science would keep track of “breakthrough infections” to study just how well the covid vaccine is doing …….. right?


California has aligned itself with the federal Centers for Disease Control Prevention, which stopped collecting nationwide data on mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases last month.

Thereby assuring no real evidence of just how effective the covid vaccine happens to be.

Ahhh, the mysteries of “true science”.


First: If you are fully vaccinated you can still catch Covid.

Second: If you are fully vaccinated you can still pass Covid to others.

Wow, thanks for clearing that up Tubularsock!


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Well once again we have to endure the 4th of July.

Talking about fantasy land. All nations have their “traditions” which are usually made up crap from the past.

What Tubularsock likes most is the irony of the United States going off EVERY year and buying billions of dollars of fireworks from our evil enemy CHINA.

You remember China, the freedom hating nation that is so dangerous to world that the U.S. has to parade its’ Navy ships off their coast to show them we are a REAL freedom loving world power.

Or to simplify, MY firecracker is BIGGER than YOUR firecracker!

You see, the GOOD OLD DAYS, weren’t.

And those that continually look back usual stumble.

WE AS A NATION are not just stumbling but many want it to “get back to normal”.

“NORMAL” is a dead end street!

What we need is to create a new consciousness and NOW!

If we continue down the continuous forever war mode ……. we’re dead. The fall of Rome showed us that.

And if all there is to do here is stack up money, like it means something, we are dead.

But alas, if we gave up the money pursuit how would we buy fireworks?

Oh well, back to the drawing board.