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I know you must be kidding
I know it can’t be so
I don’t even think it’s funny
Like a looney-toony show
It is rather sad and disruptive
For one to have to know
As if the swamp has risen
And gummed up all the flow
I stand in waders to my chest
Knowing I just must go
And yet my feet are planted
That’s why I’m being slow
The economy is booming
If you believe what you’ve been told
Don’t pay attention to the stores
as they stand in line to fold
And the job rate is as high as it has ever been
But working three jobs to cover one has got to be a sin
And with all the farmers put on welfare to cover tariff loss
With foreclosures and suicides that’s pretty heavy gloss
Oh did I mention factory job loss and infrastructure troubles
Not to worry, not to worry just stay inside your bubble
But hell, our wars are working really fine with record profits made
And if we add a couple more we can cover up the shade
And rest assured with all of this that I have shared between us
NEVER WILL IT BE SOLVED, BY OUR …… “extremely stable genius”!


Tube bust through heading


Now here is something that you won’t believe. Tubularsock has discovered an operative TIME MACHINE. Hey really, it is up and running and YOU haven’t even noticed!

It’s amazing at several levels. First, it’s right in front of you. Second, you don’t have to climb into it. Third, it is operating as Tubularsock writes this information to you.

Fasten your seat belt, expect tubebulence!

It appears to Tubularsock that this new 21st century TIME MACHINE was plugged in a long time ago maybe all the way back to Babbling-Alzheimer-Ridden Reagan but no matter, it is manifesting NOW so that is where we are in TIME MACHINE present moment time!

The United States has become a combination of (perhaps due to cross wiring within the TIME MACHINE)  the end of the Roman Empire combined with the ultimate Fascist State. ( jump back, fucking Hitler!)

The government and the corporation are one and the same, hence: Fascism!

Now, Tubularsock knew there’d be doubters.

Fucking look at the facts …………. everything the United States Government does is TO PROTECT NATIONAL INTERESTS.

Now the American public THINKS that THAT is them but it is not! PROTECT NATIONAL INTERESTS is capitalistic profit and control speak for their profit and their control! That is the reality, period!

The United States Empire Direction is crumbling and this was foretold by putting a BLACK Man in the WHITE House. See the color contrasting problem?

The White Power Structure needed a scapegoat so what better scapegoat than a Black Man. Especially a Black Man who only looks FORWARD! (He’d fucking freak out if that fucker looked back!)

And just like the Roman Empire we have troops and mercenaries throughout the world destabilizing areas so to conquer them as servant-states. (in the old days they were called colonies but we’re past that, we’re modern!)

ALSO our economy and monetary policies are crumbling because we have sunk to a belief that denial is the operative solution.

It is all falling apart as it did for the Romans. Wow, time flies …………

At the same time as the Roman Empire is crumbling (476 C.E.) and the Fascist State is solidifying (1930’s AD) we have a Caliphate forming before our very eyes. We are talking about the 600 BC here!

Wow! This TIME MACHINE is awesome!

No really, tell Tubularsock ……… how often have you seen the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Fascist State and the formation of a Caliphate ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

Which only goes to prove that TIME IS AN ILLUSION.

But this is the 21st Century for Christ sake! Top this:

Add to all of this THE COLD WAR!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, THE COLD WAR too!

You get the fall of the Roman Empire …..

You get the rise of the Fascist State …..

You get the formation of a Caliphate …..



A box set just in time for the holiday season!

And if you act now Tubularsock will toss in ***** AT NO EXTRA CHARGE*****

Joe Biden’s new hit single: “FOLLOW YOU TO THE GATES OF HELL”

gates of hell tube biden

SO ACT NOW  ******* ONLY $19.95



Ok, Tubularsock got a little carried away here. Shows you what happens when the dream of short term profit overcomes long term thinking.

In such a short time period the U.S. came from “saving the world” from the clutches of evil Fascism and destroying Communism to being the ultimate Fascist-Police-State and attempting to bomb-drone-and-torture the world into lockstep-order TO PROTECT OUR NATIONAL INTERESTS.

Well it’s not working. Self interest will win the day and it may be a surprise but other countries in the world have their own self interests too.

It will be fun to see Germany, Russia, and China form an economic bloc. The old day fascists and commies finding their home grown roots against the present day U.S. fascist-police state.

What will the TIME MACHINE  show us next? Just maybe Tubularsock will have figured out the dials and buttons in the TIME MACHINE  by then. Ahh, what adventures await.

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Tube heading slingshot 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.33.13 PM

tube dime bummer




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Part two story

part three story




part four story

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So let Tubularsock hear this again. The government is “shut down”? Well I will bet anyone, that if tonight you go into Georgetown and try and get into the bars or restaurants you’d have hell to pay to get in!

And somebody shot at the Capitol Thursday afternoon and IT WAS THE Capitol Cops and the FBI and god only knows who else that rushed to the rescue guns a-blazing. They were able to bring down an unarmed mentally unstable black woman. Wow. But we are all “safe”! And the big news is that those cops weren’t being paid to kill people because of the shut down. Boy, Tubularsock is impressed. Killing for free, NOW THAT IS DEAD-A-CATION.

And just this morning I saw three army helicopters fly over on their daily “commute” run so the generals don’t have to sit in traffic.

And I haven’t heard that the 5th Fleet have packed up their Tomahawk Missiles and boogied home.

And the CIA is still ramping up their covert training program in Syria.

The military-operated  Arlington National Cemetery will remain open but the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC, which provides food to 8.9 million low-income women and children, will be out of money.

military graves

And Tubularsock thinks that making sure that dead military people at Arlington are taken care of but NOT assisting women, infants, and children with food is exactly America’s priorities. You know the ol’ destroy the village in order to save them concept!

And of course, The Federal Reserve is a self-funded agency and so will remain operational. You remember they print their own money. How convenient. In fact that might be the way we could fund the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. Nah …….. too easy.

But rest assured Congress still get their pay checks on time, but their staffs don’t get paid.

And Obummer will still be banking his paycheck too.

“That’s the way you do it, money for nothin’ and the chicks for free . . .” (Dire Straits)

However what is unfortunate is what Morgan Stanley’s analytical team came up with while discussing the potential cost of the shutdown. Just because Congress says they have shut down the government, ALL THE COST FOR RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT REMAIN COSTING THE GOVERNMENT (That’s us by the way.)

In fact, to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars A WEEK! You do understand that all the government debt interest still has to be paid to the banks. Would somebody explain this to the Congress of the United States.

But Tubularsock isn’t scared. Because we have “QUANTITATIVE EASING”. I am so relaxed.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

The “fiscal cliff”?

I love these made up terms. “Fiscal Cliff” is just a bull shit phrase. There is not a “fiscal cliff”! It is all make believe. It’s kind of like the tooth fairy on steroids.

Every once in awhile a group of industrial nations get together and decide to “forgive” some African nations’ debt because the nation can’t pay it off. So everyone signs a piece of paper usually with several pens and much fanfare. The result? A clean slate.

Now it’s true that the end result is that the industrial nations sell off the natural resources of the country to “private enterprise” and walk away with everything and the people remain poor but they were poor already so nothing changes for them. BUT the rip off is only because of greed NOT NECESSITY.  No one ever thinks about sharing the spoils with the people.

You see ……… it’s all made up. Debt doesn’t exist, money doesn’t exist, VALUE is made up in an arbitrary system.  It’s not real! Nor is this “fiscal cliff” real.

Who do we all “owe” this money to? Bankers? Other governments? Friends of a friend that your brother’s bookie knows? Who?

All of this is based on agreement not on anything physical. So why don’t we default? That would surely change the structure. Who would come after us? Oh gosh, Moody’s would devalue our rating? Give Tubularsock a fucking break.

Now think! If you took a French postage stamp in the U.S. and put it on your envelope to send your letter to France it would be returned. And the same goes if you reverse this process from France. Why? Agreement. A French stamp can come from France to the U.S. and be delivered and a U.S. stamp can go to France and be delivered. It’s the same distance, it’s the same envelope, it’s the same delivery. BUT it is not within the agreement!

Agreement. Simple.

You see the stamp or the money or the debt or the value of anything is all based on AGREEMENT. And the agreement is arbitrary. So even the agreement doesn’t exist.

It’s a moving target.

So let’s agree to excuse all debt and start new.

Wow. Now that was easy.

You’re scared aren’t you. What would happen to “my wealth”? You say.

Gosh. I really hate to break this to you BUT YOU DON”T HAVE ANY!

No, THEY told you you did but you don’t.

Think. Yesterday your house was worth $555 thousand but today it’s worth $200 thousand. What changed? Your house is the same. It has the same windows and doors.

The property it’s on is still the same. But your “wealth” has diminished. And this all happened while you were watching the Big Game on TV.

What happened?

The agreement changed. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ARBITRARY!

Same goes for the “value” of your money, your “retirement”, your “social security”.

You were lead to believe it was there for you. IT ISN’T!

So what can you do?


  1. watch more football
  2. burn your house down
  3. start buying guns and artillery in large amounts for your neighborhood
  4. learn survivalist skills at you local senior center
  5. take a bomb making class at you’re local google app store
  6. meditate then go out and kill
  7. smoke a little Afghan hash (I only include this idea so when you do any of this above the press can link it to marijuana use. All evil stems from marijuana use according to the press.)
  8. Just start blowing shit up!

Now don’t you just feel better?

But really, what can one do?

Well there is only one way to bring down a system.

NO! Voting is for wimps!

Guerrilla warfare. It’s the only way. The Vietcong won against the French and the Americans in Viet Nam. Al Qaeda won in Iraq and Afghanistan against the U.S. and NATO.

In both cases the Imperialist forces were technologically more advanced but they retreated.

Well, the American worker can bring down the corporate infrastructure the same way.

The worker as guerrilla ……… limitless!

Just be creative and good luck.

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