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Give Tubularsock a break! All of these fucking progressives running their hypocritical bull shit about non-violence and all that shit while the black communities have been having to deal with these fucking murderous motherfucking cops every day. Non-violence my ass! Tell that to the cops.

It’s these same progressive asshole that still back Step-An-Fetch-It Obummer as he keeps ass fucking America.   And they’ll swing over to Hillary and her same corporate ass fucking ways. They seem to like it!

No this is not a time for non-violence. This is a time to come out in force and threaten the power structure. It’s the only thing they really understand. You have to become so unpredictable and dangerous that EVERY TIME a person is shot and killed or beaten to death by the cops, the city irrupts.

That is the only thing that gets their attention is when they have to call out the National Guard.

When that happens the protestors need to back off and wait until all is calm and as soon as they leave create havoc again. And just follow this pattern until the cities and the cops involved have to change their behavior or commerce is interrupted.

You don’t have to burn thing down. Ok, maybe a few cop cars for the drama of it but the real power is shutting down commerce and that can be done by causing enough disruption that people stop shopping out of inconvenience.

And remember, you’re out gunned. So the confrontations have to be city wide with small disruptive tactics all over the city at the same time. Do you think the Viet-Cong guerrillas won over the American forces because they faced them off? No, it was because they used tactics that appeared and disappeared EVERYWHERE!

When you meet a superior force, dissolve and reconfigure elsewhere. This is a continuous activity. And can go on for months.

The cops are killing people everyday. And it’s the black population that is taking the heat. So ask that question again …… “Why are they burning down their city?” GET REAL! They don’t own it.

But the trick is continual struggle and disruption over an entire city not just in the neighborhood. That becomes scary and forces change to happen because the bottom line in our society is profit and if that starts to take a hit change will occur because it becomes too expensive for the system NOT to change. They sure won’t do it because they give a shit about YOU!







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Tubularsock was hacking into the NSA cafeteria menu today and causing dietary heartburn. It was a small cyber hack but just enough not to be noticed.

Tubularsock has an entire sector in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA that deals with hack, hack, hacking!

Now, Tubularsock has even developed how to pass the blame off onto the Russians or the Chinese or even the North Koreans. Really it’s easy.

Now, it’s best not to take credit for a hack because the U.S. has a new law that allows the U.S. military to bomb you if you are found to have disrupted our precious motherland, ahh, fatherland or is that homeland? Tubularsock just can’t keep those Nazi word speak statements straight.

Anyway Obama signed an executive order to protect us from the evil that is sneaking into every computer on every lap in every cafe in the United States of America! Thank be it to GOD, or is it Goggle or maybe Mac. Ok, something where an Apple’s involved!

Anyway thank’s to them.

You remember back when the 2015 State of the Union Address was delivered Step-An-Fetch-It said that Congress must do something about Cyber Crime. Well way back on February 12, 2013 Step-An-Fetch-It had issued Executive Order #13636 which had set the Cyber ball rolling.


The first thing it did was to “. . . protect the country’s critical infrastructure” from cyber attack. You know the infrastructure that is falling apart because all our money is going off to fight the two dozen wars we are involved in. That infrastructure!

Then it was to “. . .engage with international partners to promote internet freedom . . .” and allow through that internet the ability for NSA and the U.S. military hacker units to read all the other leaders private emails and communications. Because of the freedom loving nature of the United States.

And building on that by “. . . shaping a cyber-savvy workforce and moving beyond passwords in partnership with the private sector.” So as to further dissolve protection of your privacy and civil liberties.

All in all the Step-An-Fetch-It Administration provided these principles in its approach to strengthen cybersecurity:

“Whole-of-government approach

Network defense first

Protection of privacy and civil liberties

Public-private collaboration

International cooperation and engagement.”

But even with all of this hyperbole the North Koreans hacked into Sony and fucked around because of that Comedy Movie Sony produced about the assassination of the great leader. Or at least they said it was the North Koreans.

And now, this week Step-an-Fetch-It’s emails have been hacked by the RUSSIANS!

Well, there is no proof provided that the Russians did it but Step-An-Fetch-It is still pushing the propaganda about the evil Russians ……. Tubularsock wonders if the general American even gives a rats ass any more.

Now this has all occurred even after the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) was created by Executive Order on February 25, 2015.

You see CTIIC was created for the purpose of “connecting the dots” regarding malicious foreign cyber threats to the nation and cyber incidents affecting U.S. national interests.

It’s the old connect the dots game. Well, Tubularsock figures they didn’t.

But the President said that the “New Tools” we have put in place “. . . will be used to go after the worst of the worst of malicious cyber actors. It just might be more honest, in Tubularsock’s mind, to go after ……. The United States Government! And cyber crimes are not the only crimes the .S. Government has committed!


I want you…me too

This is a paid political announcement and does not reflect the editorial position or implied endorsement of any political candidate even if TUBULARSOCK is by far the best and most qualified candidate running for President of the United States of America in 2016.

The following is a paid political message:

Tube loons


Loon vote wine


Within the body politic there is always an assortment of citizen that are not “courted” by the mainstream candidates and thereby never get their voices heard, even if they are for the birds.

Tubularsock is attempting to collect the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe freedom as well as the beer swelling, sports fixated, TV addicted, obtuse Americans that seem to dominate the American culture.

Using this political strategy Tubularsock plans to sweep to VICTORY in 2016.



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The German Economic News  reported that a current Princeton/Northwestern University study has discovered that, The United States is no longer a democracy. Well no shit, Dick Tracy!

It takes two Universities to study and come to THAT conclusion?

Even a fucking beer swigging, football watching, wife beater, with a sixth grade education has figured that out just sit’en on his fat ass! It’s just that he doesn’t give a shit!

You see the Universities discovered that “. . . political decisions no longer serve the needs of citizens, but the interests of a small economic elite”. Wow. That’s as surprising as “fish have fins”.

Where in the fuck have these “educated people” been! Fucking DisneyLand?

And sit down because they discovered that in the realm of foreign policy it is the COMMERCIAL INTERESTS not the American citizen that the U.S. Government represents.

And they found that, “In the United States, the majority does not rule . . . As soon as a majority disagrees with the economic elites or organized groups, the majority loses . Although in the US the majority principle is incorporated in the Constitution, we note that even if fairly large majorities want a certain policy, they do not get it “.

The researchers determined that the U.S. government has become an oligarchy or a Corporatocracy. This means that a very few among the privileged and wealthy are literally controlling everything.

And Congress and the President do not have as much power as the American people previously thought but are controlled by the elite.


Now there is no surprise here for those who have wanted to see the truth but most Americans believe that their VOTE counts for something. IT DOESN’T! It is all a sham.

And you can vote for Hillary or Jeb but you’ll get the same government. These people are just puppet figure heads and nothing more!

Tubularsock just can’t figure out why something so obvious is refused to be seen by the general American public.

Regardless of whether we face it or not it will not remain this way. It will either be the American public forcing a demand for change and going to the streets in mass or a collapse from within from the weight, just because shit is heavy, and that weight will bring us down.

Either way it will not hold!


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Now today Tubularsock was in the process of cleaning his underground solar panels that provide off-grid power to Tubularsock’s top floor corner office of his underground bunker that overlooks Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA when Tubularsock started to think about sex.

Now it is almost a proven fact that when you are in the process of cleaning, your mind wonders off to thoughts of sex. No really, it’s kind of scientific.

And maybe just the monotony of cleaning reminds one of the monotony of the “missionary-position” of sexual intercourse. No really, it’s kind of scientific.

Now if Tubularsock just thought of the hedonist’s position toward sexual intercourse, a voluptuary thought indeed, then that could be satisfactory. But no, Tubularsock’s thoughts penetrate to a deeper level. That of the role that religion plays within the sexual formula. No really, it’s kind of scientific.

Now, I know many of you are going to say, “There goes Tubularsock and his prurient interests again”. But no, Tubularsock is ONLY doing this for YOUR prurient interests because if you have not stopped reading this yet then you are wondering, where in the fuck is Tubularsock going with this? And really, Tubularsock knows that you too are interested in Tubularsock’s almost scientific pontifications.

Well sex and religion go together as well as gonorrhea and syphilis so to speak.

Religions have always been interested in sex ….. in THOUGHT and in DEED. No stone is left unturned here.

Every religious organization (Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque) have lessons in sex usually for those who are getting married. And sometimes instruction in celibacy for teen groups.

So because the fundamentalist religions are so voicetress about their views on sexural behavior in our society, Tubularsock will start with them.

The fundamentalist religions don’t want ANY fun in sex. Sex is a duty to produce more fundamentalists for the “flock” so that it increases. Much like chickens but not because according to the fundamentalist religions having sex with chickens is “a sin”!

ABORTION  is “a sin” and against the WHITE MALE GOD LAW as well. But killing a child with a drone is fine because of “GOD’S WILL”.

And killing an entire village is a   “A JUST WAR”.

Having sex before marriage is “a sin” according to the WHITE MALE GOD and so is teaching young adults “how babies are created” because it may stimulate an interest in sex.

Showing how to prevent pregnancy is NOT ACCEPTABLE because it may increase sexual activities among young unmarried adults who are without knowledge or foresight statistically having unprotected sex like rabbits which is “a sin” as is having sex with rabbits!

Do you see a pattern here?

Yet, the brain dead which make up the bulk of the fundamentalist religions say way more bull shit than any truth but they just keep repeating this shit which actually should be “a sin” but isn’t!

And to top this all off there are some who feel that demonic spirits can be transferred to you during sex and/or sexual activity. And to others, like Tubularsock, who thinks that that must be some great sex!

dot space

And then there are the Catholics.

Now the Catholics too want to be in control of the sexual activities of their followers and just about everything about sex is “a sin” including thinking about it!

The amazing thing here is that the teaching and direction of proper sexual behavior is directed by Priests or Nuns who have vowed NEVER to have sex and even worse never have had it!

Sex outside of marriage is “a sin” and can get you excommunicated but like many “sins” there are ways around that. Usually by money and prayer.

Once again the only sex that is considered acceptable is that which increases the “flock” and the more the merrier.

And the use of condoms are prohibited and is “a sin” because it prevents pregnancy which is the ONLY reason for sex and the logic goes that using a condom creates the possibility of sex for fun and pleasure ……. and we can’t have THAT!

tube get real

And once again ABORTION  is “a sin” and against the WHITE MALE GOD LAW. But killing a child with a drone is fine because of “GOD’S WILL”.

And killing an entire village is a “A JUST WAR”.

But the cool thing is Papal infallibility and that’s a neat little package that says when it comes to Church dogma the Pope in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, (which is another way to say he was voted into Popehood) defines the doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church. Much like the buck starts here. And the Pope hasn’t had sex at all (in theory) so there you have it!

                                                           dot space

The Mormons almost take the cake when it comes to religion but only because it’s a “modern” day religion formulated by Joseph Smith in the 1830’s. A little late compared to other religions.

Some believe that Mormonism is a cult but Tubularsock still hasn’t figured out where a religion and a cult part company. Oh well.

Mormonism is just an upgrade religion using the same basic Christian stories but those stories were formed from the Book of Mormon which Joe said he transcribed from “. . . a buried book made of golden plates”. The angel Moroni revealed their location to Joe and he dug them up and worked out the translation.

Be that as it may, it is clear that when it came to sex it was only good for creating more offspring for the flock like the aforementioned religions but with a twist. In order to do that task multiply wives were needed so early Mormons believed in the sanctity of polygamy.

Sex out of marriage is not permitted which may have accounted for the most common name for patrons of motel sex being Mr. & Mrs. Smith. A fact, Tubularsock will leave to your imagination.

But true to form with the rest of the Christian Religions Mormonism believes that ABORTION  is “a sin” and against the WHITE MALE GOD LAW. But killing a child with a drone is fine because of “GOD’S WILL”.

And killing an entire village is a “A JUST WAR”.


                                                                  dot space

Now Protestantism in general is any of those European religions that broke away from the Catholic Church back in the day. And the Protestants disagree among themselves over all the silly little rules they each came up with but they all agree that sex is “a sin” unless in marriage and ABORTION  is “a sin” and against the WHITE MALE GOD LAW. But killing a child with a drone is fine because of “GOD’S WILL”.

And killing an entire village is a “A JUST WAR”.

dot space

Now Tubularsock doesn’t really care what one believes. And Tubularsock doesn’t even mind religious minded people spinning their belief mantras and through example showing others why one should join their “flock”. That is all well and good.

What Tubularsock sees as an abomination is ANY group attempting to DICTATE how things should be and attempting to force it on to everybody else.

Believe what you will, practice it but DON’T force it onto others!

Now how fucking simple is that?

The force is you, use it wisely.


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As we all know as Americans that when it comes to raising money for running for President of The United States candidates ask THE PEOPLE to send them a dollar or two to help with their grassroots campaign. And each American voter from each of the Incorporated Political Parties, there are two AND ONLY TWO because we are a democracy, use those dollars to promote their candidate.

The first thing Tubularsock is changing is the two party system! No, don’t get Tubularsock wrong there will still be only two parties, AND ONLY TWO because we are a democracy, but the current Democrats and Republican Parties will become one party called RepubliCRats because they represent only the corporate state anyway. And then there’ll but Tubularsock’s party called DemocraTube which will represent the PEOPLE.

Oh sure, everything else will be in place. You know, like ONLY the DemocraTube Party and the RepublicRats Party can debate each other on national TV because we are a democracy. And any voices that are divergent from the standard tried and true rhetoric will be dismissed as quacks and conspiracy theorists because WE ARE a democracy and a democracy ONLY EVER has two political parties!

Of course secret PACs are ok because that is where the PEOPLE secretly put money into campaigns and secret campaign money from the PEOPLE is another form of transparency because WE ARE A DEMOCRACY!

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As Tubularsock sits on his underground deck that is just outside of Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in the underground bunker which overlooks Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA Tubularsock is thinking about religion and politics.

There has always been religion in politics and to this day it still plays a part in the propaganda of candidates’ beliefs. What religion does the candidate adhere to and will that religious belief affect the candidate’s decision making process.

And here lies the fundamental problem. Can one really trust a decision making public which believes that there is an ultimate WHITE MAN in the sky that oversees ALL individuals whether those individuals even believe in this ultimate WHITE MAN in the sky?

No STOP …….. think about this, really.

Say, you are sitting on a bus and this person comes and sits down next to you and proceeds to explains to you that, “A WHITE MAN in the sky speaks to me and I respect that and I live my life from his direction”.

Besides getting off at the next stop as quickly as you possibly can and walking to work, exactly what would you think of that?

But hey, people can believe in any religion freely in America. We were founded on Freedom of Religion except for the Puritans who escaped from England because of religious persecution and then persecuted any religion that wasn’t their religion.

And if somehow you really think that the “Pilgrim FATHERS” sat down with the Indians and shared a meal after killing the Indians and stealing their land under the idea of “Divine Providence” from A WHITE MAN in the sky, well think again. (Hey, the “Indians” weren’t even “Indians” …. damn!)

Think of that the next time your kid comes home from school with that Pilgrim Hat on and a picture of a turkey. And people wonder why kids don’t know anything by the time they leave High School? And YOU did? …………. Fuuuuck!

And then you have the good tolerant “Pilgrim FATHERS” of Massachusetts who in 1692 conducted The Salem Witchcraft Trials that lasted for three months. They arrested 200 people and ended up hanging 19 of them, crushing one man with heavy stones, stoning another man to death and executing two dogs suspected as accomplices of witches. Surprisingly, a possible offshoot of the current Republican Party.

But sure we had some “good-guys” too. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson both who were early colonists from the Massachusetts Colony who were banished for their religious beliefs and fled to Rhode Island. They had the audacity to believe that there were other ways to practice a religious belief of the WHITE MAN in the sky.

Slowly other religions proceed into the colonies but they were all based on the WHITE MAN in the sky in one way or another.

Oh sure, Tubularsock has taken the shortcut in explaining religion in America but religion still plays a large part in politics today.

And on todays religious field you have all those tolerant WHITE MAN in the sky religions attempting through politics of dictating controlled lifestyle choices of others who may or may not even believe in the WHITE MAN in the sky.

And these religions, as always, want to control YOUR personal penis and/or vigina.

You see, even though the WHITE MAN in the sky and his MAN-SON were all powerful and knowing they were illiterate and couldn’t read or write. So THEIR WORD was written down by men BUT NOT IN ENGLISH.

Wouldn’t you know. But through a series of translations into different languages before it got to English and after several sections and tablets were destroyed because they didn’t fit the established power holders, of different human time periods, narratives ……. Bam! Like the big bang theory the WORD OF WHITE MAN and SON were presented in the form of the NEW and the OLD TESTAMENT.

Now you know it’s the truth because the men who wrote it said it was the truth and there you have it folks


From there it has been pretty much a downhill slide. Amen.

Now there is no question that Tubularsock could go on but really that is religion in a nutshell and the nuts follow it as closely as they can from their INTERPRETATION.

As the course of the 2016 Presidential Election plays you’ll see just how religion will find its way into every nook and cranny.

You’ll see just how Hillary will just love family and church and you’ll also see how Bill will be transformed into a virgin in front of your own eyes!

And the Republican Party as a whole will be master-bating to the Lord’s Prayer at their Convention but they will call it Communion because it is more acceptable to the rank and file who will be master-bating themselves but they’re just disgusting!

And Tubularsock will run a clean campaign by sitting with the WHITE MAN in the sky and will explain to HIM how he really fuck up his creation by giving all those imbeciles FREE WILL!

May The Force Be With You ……. you are going to fucking need it!

181/2 months to go!

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In every political campaign there are many strategies that are used to gain support for the candidate. And every campaign has stops and starts in their direction to a winning outcome.

How a campaign frames their outreach to communicate with the many diverse power blocks that exist within a country as large as the United States presents many problems for the candidate and his staff.

The political strategists within Tubularsock For President 2016 campaign has settled one issue with his base and have brought his followers back into line with even more enthusiasm than before.

Yet another issue has presented itself that hasn’t been solved by Tubularsock’s staff. They know that the solution is simple if they only could figure it out.

Tube black vote


Because Tubularsock feels that he wants to listen to the rank and file of his party he has put out a call to any of his supporters that can figure any flaws in his campaign that need correcting.

Yes, Tubularsock is sitting down face to face with the people of this great Nation and having A Conversation.

Can YOU help?


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A major shift in the Tubularsock for President 2016 campaign has occurred. In a bare chested move Tubularsock has been able to activate his base and even was able to solidify the ALMOND joy SUPER PAC to swing their massive political organization into his camp. And put all the nuts in a row so to speak.


Even Vladimir Putin has conceded to the political suave moves of Tubularsock.

Reporting live from the Tubularsock Wagon Train Campaign Headquarters.


I want you…me tooThis is a paid political announcement and does not reflect the editorial position or implied endorsement of any political candidate even if TUBULARSOCK is by far the best and most qualified candidate running for President of the United States of America in 2016.

The following is a paid political message:


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