Tubularsock is all about a view point about both cultural and political mind sets. The entire content is based on ” . . . first hand coverage, second hand news”. The views are through the mind and eyes of Tubularsock who cares nothing about agreement but rather about observation.

You can disagree with Tubularsock but he doesn’t care ……… think what you will ……… and feel free to express your thoughts ……… even when you’re wrong!

Hey, that’s the fun of Tubularsock.

Feel free to comment ……… it’s good for your ego …….. but Tubularsock will respond accordingly ……….. you may even agree with him, or not.

Hey, but that’s what’s fun about Tubularsock!

  1. I’ve been running across your comments here and there – which are fun, to be sure. Thanks for letting me visit and follow your blog! So far, I’m enjoying myself … still exploring, dipping a toe into a few postings …

    Which reminds me, how did you discern that I do in fact have solid, sizable peasant feet? [as revealed in comments on – Mic check: Tanya | Deconstructing Myths – http://deconstructingmyths.com/2013/09/05/mic-check-tanya/ ] Hope you’re not an NSA mole! (Do they even need those? Probabbly not.) Maybe your chosen nom de guerre reflects special insights or interests… Woops — didn’t mean to suggest you might have a foot fetish or anything! (Guess I just answered my own question — I simply ensconce one or both feet in my mouth so often you couldn’t help noticing. I don’t let that shut me up, obviously! (Why I wear Crocs despite their ferocity … teeth marks don’t show much, and it’s easy to wipe the spit off them. And move on.)

    As long as enough of us keep walking, dancing, marching, kick-boxing! our way towards a better world together, I’m hoping it’s all good. Personally, I mean to die with my boots on, so to speak. And I look forward to more of your good work along the way. – Linda

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    • tubularsock says:

      Let me first thank you for following Tubularsock. It makes me feel good when intelligent, insightful people take an interest in my blog. So welcome.

      I too, have run across your comments as well in several places and enjoy your perspective.

      As for being an NSA “mole”, I prefer RATS when it comes to the NSA, FBI, CIA (I’m only stopping here because there are over 18 governmental agencies spying on us.)

      Now that I have saved some time, let’s talk about your feet! NO, I am not Dick Morris, I’ll leave the foot fetish business to him and his “soul”.

      I do admire your tenacity with the crocs and your ability to put both feet in your mouth may give you the chance for a part time job with Barnum & Bailey.

      My insight into your “ . . . sizable peasant feet . . .” was due to the fact that you yourself indicated that you had a tendency of tripping over your own feet at times. (“So THAT’s my problem, not tripping over my own feet …”)

      Elementary, my dear Watson Linda. Elementary.

      Enjoy looking over Tubularsock and do take some time to review D.C. Percilla and Tube’s Own Videos that should keep you off the streets and out of trouble for a short time.

      So, keep up the “kick-boxing” with your Huge Peasant Feet toward a better world and I’ll join you with my AK47 and a box of grenades and peace will prevail.

      I’ll be looking forward to reading your work as well.


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      • SaBiscuit says:

        I’m spying on you too so that’s 19 agencies. You’re refreshing and fun to read. Best wishes for 2015.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Welcome SaBiscuit. Tubularsock says that there aren’t enough spy agencies in the world today so welcome aboard and Tubularsock hopes you have brought your magnifying-glass. Thanks for your point of view and best wishes to you in 2015 as well. Tubularsock enjoys your work. Very creative and interesting. Until later ……….

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      • SaBiscuit says:

        You are awesome too. I’m going to do lots of spying on the spies in 2015. I have got a telescope. Thank you for your kind words.

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  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Hi Tubular, I just wanted to say how much it means to have your support and solidarity over at my blog. Just want to put this out there…if you’re ever interested in contributing to the Mic check guest blogger series, I’d love to share your voice with readers who haven’t already heard from you. I can fill you in on the details if your interest is piqued. No pressure and no worries if it’s not your thing.

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  3. The only thing that I can find to say ‘About’ Tubularsock is that Tubularsock IS one-of-a-kind!!

    Happy New Year to You!

    *moan* *groan* *Oh my poor, poor aching head* Shhhhhh…….

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  4. I saw a Star Wars reference Tubularsock made somewhere, and therefore had to follow Tubularsock. I love that Tubularsock always refers to Tubularsock in the third Tubularsock. (That’s totally Tubularsock.)

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock is very happy to welcome you, domingosaurus. Thank you for following Tubularsock. Just between you and Tubularsock, Tubularsock follows Tubularsock as well. You are in good company. Just this morning R2D2 and Tubularsock were smoking dope remembering the old Star War days with Hans Solo and the time when he was asleep when we flew the Millennium Falcon to Taco Bell for lunch. Ahh, “those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end . . .”

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  5. Mary Yordy says:

    Tubular Sock! Thanks for posting about Women in Espionage, my first set of printed cards.
    There’s a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Women-In-Espionage-Trading-Cards-795892217196633that you can check out

    I post there about additional cases of Women in Espionage–just did one on Bonnie Raines, member of the Citizen’s Commission to Investigate the FBI–and welcome anyone to present their stories or leads on the subject. If I can sell enough of these, I will get the second set printed soon.

    Your site is great. Thanks especially for ‘Extraordinary Rendition.’

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Mary for your continued work on Women In Espionage. A slice of history that has been neglected for too long. Tubularsock enjoyed reading them ……… and looking forward to the ones to come.


  6. Wick Burner says:

    Hey there, Agent Tubular,
    This isn’t my usual thing, and ‘Don’t Panic!’, but I’ve nominated you for a web-log award (which means you’ve won a melodramatically-titled award composed entirely of words and pixels – yay!), and it’d be sweet if you checked it out. You are under NO obligation or expectation to do anything as a consequence; but you have been named as a web-log I value – indeed, highly. Take that howsoever you choose, and I hope you enjoy!

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  7. Miguel Booth says:

    Dear TS, I came to your “About” page to find out something about you, not to hear you call yourself “fun.” (I’ll decide that for myself.) So, please be kind enough to tell us who and what you are–a pederast priest, an Indian chief, a think-tank reject or a pimply adolescent. See what I mean? The Spanish say, “Hay que dar la cara”.” “You’ve got to show your face” if you want us to take you seriously.

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  8. tubularsock says:

    Miguel, Tubularsock thanks you for taking the time to ask your question about “who and what” is Tubularsock. Your quick overview options, “a pederast priest, an Indian chief, a think-tank reject or a pimply adolescent” are definitely a limited spectrum each an intriguing though narrow possibility. But in truth, meaningless because each could very well be taken seriously outside or within their definition of self.

    And then Tubularsock doesn’t predicate his existence on whether Tubularsock is taken seriously by others. That is for them to decide as is his “fun” aspect as you so aptly expressed.

    Tubularsock would suggest that you read Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.” and see if YOU find any value in the thoughts, insights, and jokes conveyed. After all, life is a reflection and what one views is an aspect of oneself.

    And it may be helpful to remember what Lao Tzu said, “那些知道的人不會講。那些說話的人做不知道。“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

    Thanks Miguel ……..

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  9. You appear to be the best kind of nutcase out there.

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    • tubularsock says:

      “Out There”? Thank you so much belasbrightideas for your comment. We “Out There” just love it when you “In There” visit us “Out There”. As for nutcase, well Tubularsock has always said, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” So thank you again.

      Tubularsock viewed your work and what a wonderful and intelligent blog you have created.
      Tubularsock is going to follow your work just because you are “In There” with your flow!
      Thanks again, peace.

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      • Ha! hahaha … Yeah, I guess I envision the blogosphere as ‘out there’ – me included when I’m there, as well. All technology would have appeared like that to me as a small child watching The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone. Now it’s easy just to hook up and cruise (I hear Aretha Franklin singing in her indomitable way, “D-rop the pedal and Go!”).

        Many thanks for your kind praise of my writing. I just love how creative you’ve been with Tubularsock. It will definitely give me broad smiles every time I tap in and see that head mocked up in heaven knows what scenario. Too fun! Aloha.

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  10. da-AL says:

    am enjoying your site 🙂

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    • tubularsock says:

      da-Al, Tubularsock thanks you for taking time to visit Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

      Tubularsock is pleased that you are having an enjoyable time and be sure to visit THE BUNKER TOUR, in the heading above, and we’ll have some wine.

      Oh sure you can bring your dogs.

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  11. This morning, I realized that you are one of the first people I met when I first stated blogging in 2013, Tube. That’s probably when I visited your “about” page for the first time and clicked “like.” Over the years, I have learned to see you as a dear enigmatic friend who often makes me laugh and helps me see the bigger world from many different perspectives. Thank you! Sending my best wishes and gratitude. 💜

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  12. Dave Volek says:

    Hey Tube

    I’m running for President in 2024. Check out my announcement:

    View at Medium.com

    Dave Volek
    from Writer Beat

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome Dave Volek, future President of the United States.

      Tubularsock is pleased that you have crossed the great divide from Writer Beat safely.

      And yes, “Things could get worse!”

      As you may recall, Tubularsock has run for President twice and each time the ONE PARTY two party system has won hands down.

      Many have said that Tubularsock just lacked the votes but that was a lie of the ruling ONE PARTY two party system.

      The seven minute recount seemed to appear that Tubularsock’s vote count was low but what can you do when the power structure has all the adding machines?

      But now, Tubularsock will be following you more closely because if a Canadian can’t win then the world is lost!

      Glad you popped in!


  13. Thanks for the follow 🙂


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