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After this last imbecilic-travesty-on-truth known as a “debate” The Donald prided himself on NOT going after Bill Clinton’s infidelity because Chelsea was in the audience. All heart that Donald!

But really what more could be said about the Clinton’s infidelity and as rumor has it it worked both ways …… SO?

Well, Tubularsock does wonder about all that “protecting women rights” bull shit Hillary comes up with …. well except the women fucked over by Bill, in more ways than one.

Tubularsock has bigger questions about what is happening in the White House RIGHT NOW!

And Tubularsock HAS PICTURES!!!



It is all in the way you look at it. Now isn’t it?

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Well reality TV at its dumbest was the first presidential debate. Tubularsock didn’t capitalize presidential because it would deem it with respect. Fuck That (capitalized).

Tubularsock usually can’t stand to watch trivia-shows and doesn’t have a TV BUT a very good friend came to Tubularsock’s Bunker (see Bunker Tour if you are new to Tubularsock) and begged Tubularsock to tape this crap so it could be seen by my friend later in the evening after work.

Well Tubularsock, all heart as well as brains, had to quickly rig up a system to pull off that task. Looking more like a NSA setup for spying rather than recording this “debate”, a misnomer if there ever was one, Tubularsock set up a microphone and placed it in front of his very large speakers and used his tuner to tune into the radio broadcast from NPR.

Then connected the microphone to the computer and opened GarageBand (a Mac app) and recorded the program’s sound.

Then found a “live stream” of the “debate” from the Washington Post and turned off the sound so as to only view the picture which due to a slow internet connection during “high-peak” usage spent more time with a “spinning wheel” than picture. The delay time ran about four to seven minutes which was funny because as the goofballs started to speak on NPR the Washington Post stream pictured only two empty podiums. WHICH TO TUBULARSOCK WAS THE ONLY SIGN OF TRUTH FOR THE NEXT NINETY MINUTES!

Now Tubularsock know you techies will have questions about this set up but don’t ask. A. It’s not important and B. The reason for this round about way was the only option under NSA guidelines.

So the major question Tubularsock has after this imbecilic-travesty-on-truth that was presented as a “debate” is:


And even worse ……… are the messed-up-media-spinners and the opinionated brain dead American public THAT STUPID?????????


It is really beyond rational comprehension. These two political-clowns represent “LEADERSHIP” to the American populous? Really?

You know that old well used statement of Albert Einstein comes into play once again,


That being said ……….. the fanatic-fanciful-fantasy  continues.


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Now the debate is on and the circus that NEVER STOPS GIVING has moved up down THREE notches.

The Clinton campaign has invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of the debates as Killery’s guest. If you aren’t hip to Mark Cuban he’s a brash billionaire who has taken it upon himself to publicly shame Trump throughout the 2016 campaign. You know, stuff about Trump not releasing his tax returns and the facts of how Trump is in truth a very poor businessman.

Well, just what was the Killary Campaign thinking?

One really should know that you don’t want to one-up a sleaze like Trump but the Killary Campaign aren’t all that smart it appears.

Trump has now invited former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers, offering her a seat right next to Cuban. COULD IT GET BETTER THAN THAT?

Yep, it can!

“When Juanita Broaddrick heard Bill Clinton’s mistress Gennifer Flowers could be attending the first presidential debate as Donald Trump’s guest, she says that might be an opportunity she would welcome, too.” (The American Mirror 9/25/16)

You remember Juanita don’t you? Juanita Broaddrick accused the then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978 while he was campaigning for governor.

From Juanita’s point of view she believes that her presence at the debate would bring attention to the fact that Killary “. . . is not for women’s rights when it comes to Bill Clinton’s victims”! And she would remind Killary’s supporters how Killary, “. . . covered up and attacked so many women her husband sexually abused and had affairs with”.


So now Tubularsock is just waiting for a front row seat for Monica!

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Tube scrabble headingON ORDER




You know how it goes with ALL political discourse. A promise made isn’t a promise because you have to understand the double-speak that is used in ALL political dialogue. Hillary NEVER said she didn’t support TPP she said she didn’t support TPP *** AS WRITTEN *** which means that she will pass TPP as soon as she takes office! (That’s if Obummer and Congress doesn’t sell out the American public sooner!)


This is only brought up by Tubularsock because it is ……. same as it ever was ……..! And when “labor” starts to bemoan this obvious development Tubularsock just wants to be able to say …… Tubularsock Told You So, Dumb Fucks!

But hey, you can always move to Bangladesh if you want a fucking job. So look at the bright side.

But if it was only jobs …….. who cares? But the environmental devastation and the free ride of the corporate order all will fuck things up but hey The Clinton Foundation will make out well so ………

Tubularsock has put in an order recently through Amazon with Space God, Inc. for a huge asteroid to hit Washington, D.C. during a full session of Congress. It was a pretty god deal because postage and handling was FREE!





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Now many of you may not have seen this view. The photo was taken from inside Trump Tower looking out from the lobby. Oh sure you are going ask, “How did Tubularsock get into the Trump Tower lobby?” Well, “. . . we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know” and it is the unknown unknowns that would answer that question!

Now that Tubularsock has cleared up that question, the rest is known.

Tubularsock was invited, just this morning, by Don, to donate $3.00 and maybe win a chance to have dinner with him. BUT, Tubularsock had to donate his $3.00 within the next 24 hours! Decisions, decisions. Don also made it clear to Tubularsock that Hillary charges $250,000.00 for a chance to have dinner with her and hear her “. . . belittle and write off as “deplorable” humans who don’t belong in her America”.

Well, Tubularsock was taken by Don’s statement that, “Unlike Hillary, I want to hear your concerns. I want to hear your ideas. I want to hear your vision for a freer, safer, and more prosperous America. Now join me, Friend, as my special guest for dinner at our next fundraiser.”

So you can see that being a Friend of Donnie brings Tubularsock into the inner circle!

So Tubularsock dressed accordingly and headed over to the Trump Tower …….. yes Tubularsock is excited!


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Tub heading special report

Now Tubularsock knows that people are always sometimes interested in the makings of a political career. And it is a job that is a wonderful permanent temporary position for the individual who is looking for an expansive contracting position in life which is openly closed to any creatively mundane purpose.

By popular demand Tubularsock was asked to help the hoi polloi understand how they too could become President of the United States of America some day.

And the best way to expose explain the process is by providing DIRECT EXPERIENCE of the intricacies of the political process by using Tubularsock’s OWN, on going, campaign as a boilerplate of the political process.

Therefore, when you are ready to be enlightened, enter NOW into the catacombs of the political process. And as you proceed do be careful of the loose and decaying bones of Ghosts of Campaigns Past. Tippecanoe and Tubularsock Too! Go ahead, sing along!

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15 Years … Happy Birthday 9/11




No really, 9/11 wasn’t an INSIDE JOB … it was an out-sourced job … The United States out-sources ALL it’s terrorist activities! It’s the American Way!



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You know, whatever one does there are always downsides to a job well done. And those downsides usually lead to a lack of confidence and a bit of depression. But don’t let it get you down! If you first don’t succeed, try, try again. And the upside if you are a terrorist is that when you do succeed you have reached the pinnacle of your job cycle. Congratulations. (cue the balloons)


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