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This morning Tubularsock was checking out Tubularsock’s new highly effective STUPID METER. The great thing about this meter is that it has those flashing LED lights with the dead give away that if it is flashing red-red-red it means extremely stupid.

Just driving past the Pentagon the damn flasher goes off —— EVEN IN THE OFF POSITION. Guess some things are not that difficult to recognize.

It appears that for some time the Pentagon has been passing out large sums of money to conduct GAIN OF FUNCTION research. You see, in our world today we don’t have enough to worry about so we have to go out of our way to CREATE diseases that DON’T EXIST IN NATURE and build them SO WE CAN PREVENT THEM even though they don’t exist UNTIL WE CREATE THEM!

Now that there is some sound reasoning if Tubularsock has ever heard of sound reasoning.

Think on this: The Pentagon pays out billions of dollars to create dangerous pathogens that don’t exist in order that if they did exist we would be able to protect ourselves with vaccines that would protect us from these deadly pathogens that never existed until we created them!

Don’t ask …….. it’s Pentagon Thinking. You know, kill the enemy while they are friends so as not to risk these friends that could become an enemy.

No really, Generals don’t become Generals because they are intelligent. They become Generals because they avoid war zones and “General” from a desk in an underground bunker and merely by attrition they move up the ranks. This goes for Admirals as well but now they use Zoom!

Now yes this has been a long introduction to end up in Ukraine but damn, here we are and what better way to enter into GAIN OF FUNCTION research. THEY WERE ALREADY DOING IT FOR US!

You see there are international treaties against Gain of Function research like the Biological Weapons Convention. But you can’t be naive enough that you thought that the U.S. is trust worthy enough to really follow mere treaties that have been agreed to and signed, do you? Well good. WE DON’T!

And if you don’t believe that this current scamdemic was created in the Wuhan Lab which was FUNDED BY THE U.S. then you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box! BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE IT CAME FROM AND WHO PAID FOR IT!

And then when the giant neon sign lit up saying the U.S. has “No Gain of Function” labs in the Ukraine and just to THINK the opposite means you had fallen for EVIL RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA you should have KNOWN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that we had Gain of Function” labs in the Ukraine.

All our mainstream media IN UNISON led you to believe that we didn’t BUT WE DID AND HAVE HAD THEM FOR YEARS ………… in fact the U.S. has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone.

Well gosh, our main stream media seemed to have an inability to count WHEN IT COUNTS! Nothing new there, however.

But never say that Tubularsock can not leave this topic on a low note. The UN Security Council recently convened an emergency meeting to address the issue of Ukraine’s biological labs.
(You remember, the bio-labs we said didn’t exist.)


But the BUYDONE Administration boycotted the meeting entirely. That means that the US was given an opportunity to make its case before the international community, but that would mean the U.S. would have been exposed in it’s own lie so what does a renowned “freedom loving” country do under these conditions?

Pull a no-show instead. You know, I’d be there but I missed the bus and the dog ate the homework!


Oh well, at lest Tubularsock attempted to leave the subject on an up-note. Got to be worth at least 3-points plus a free throw.

STEP BACK, let Tubularsock through here.

You have got to have recognized that we are living in bazaar times. And it is extremely difficult to get the full picture because we have been trained over our years that the movie we are living in has pretty much been standard fare.

And because of that traditional view of living we may have been really rather slow at the uptake when it comes to the blatant danger because it has all the trappings of the same old same old. BUT, let Tubularsock give you a little bit different point of view and let us see what happens.

Oh sure, Tubularsock’s view is presented FREE to you but if you wish to donate a brown unmarked lunch bag stuffed with unmarked Franklins feel free to do so. Say, like under the bus bench at 13th and Lincoln Ave.?

Appreciate it.

The current movie that we each are staring in looks like the same old good guys vs. bad guys style except that the BAD GUYS are really BAD GUYS on steroids! They are for REAL!

The entire cast has been taken right from Central Casting. And as you will see, your part is really only a stand-in part with NO DIALOGUE. That way, you get paid less than the stars. You know below scale.

No time to bitch now, you as citizens know your place.

Anyway, just look at the stars. And you will see as Tubularsock is going to point out to you that these stars ARE PERFECT!

Now STEP BACK behind the portable crowd control braided rope held by the gold stanchions.


So now let’s look at our first living film. It is almost as good as John Wayne, partners.

Shot Anyone? It’s a doctor flick.

Then there is the classic HORROR GENRE. OF COURSE “SCHWAB EVIL”.
Come on, can it get better than this, yet it is only type casting!

And there are all those CRIME IN ACTION flicks. This one involves some very heinous criminal types disguised in robes of the realm.

And then how could any period in our history be without the ALL OUT WAR scenario? It has played out over and over and over at the box office as well the streets of the world.

And then no matter how bad war happens to be there is ALWAYS some Capitalist Pig trying to make a buck. Isn’t that ALWAYS the way?

So here has been presented Tubularsock’s current reruns at the movies.