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Breaking News …….. CornWhelm, GB

A Tube-Circle was reported early this morning according to the Greater-lessor CornWhelm Independent Gazette.

A known source that was not authorized to discuss this field phenomena stated on site of this remarkable Tube-Circle, “That is TERRIFYING!!!! TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

The local people were in awe of this new development in the Crop-Circle experience.

“I’ze seen not’en lik this before”, James Cornwell who lives in South CornWhelm stated, “Th’m Crop-Circle is ok’d but THIS has gone too fer.”

Tee shirts and Kettle-Corn venders were taking advantage of the up-tic in living rubber-neckers that caused traffic-havoc on Dirt Road 7.

This is a breaking story. And Tubularsock News and Notary Services will repair it as it breaks.

Over-looking official reports …… President Obummer said, “The North Koreans hackless community is responsible for this Tube-Circle. Using their one computer they directed a laser beam from space and burned this Tube-Circle into existence.”

Many members of Congress have formed a bipartisan committee to meet  to discuss forming a committee on Tube-Circles. Even though there has only been one.

Several members of Congress were amazed to find that Great Britain was not part of the United States and that they had no jurisdiction in that area.

Immediately Congress formed a bipartisan committee to meet to discuss forming a committee on “humanitarianly” bombing Great Britain into submission.

If you are holding your breath for more of this breaking news …….. you are going to die!

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Now Tubularsock was looking back …….. Tubularsock knows, the Obummer only wants Tubularsock to look forward but Tubularsock is so fucking obstinate!

So looking all the way back to the Ferguson Grand Jury and that fucking St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and the fact that his daddy was shot down while  performing police duties by a black man when Bobby was 12 years old would be enough for any man with integrity to step down from his role as County Prosecutor to avoid even the hint of “conflict of interest” assertions.

But no, Bobby says he is over that and he can rise above the psychological scaring to be fair ………… sure.

Which brings us to Grand Jury witness #40. The FBI interviewed witness #40 and informed McCulloch that her story was-bat-shit-crazy. No not in those words. Only Tubularsock would have used those words if he had been on the FBI team but alas, he was not. But Tubularsock has always wanted to be in the FBI so he could flash his badge as his wallet flapped open like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Yes, perhaps a 12 year obsession of Tubularsock. But he was older than that when the TV show aired but hey, shit sticks with you.


Anyway the FBI informed Bob that witness #40 was fucked-up but he allowed her to present her version of the Ferguson drama not once but twice! She was called back because of her “journal” entries.

She states that she saw Brown put down his head and charge Officer Wilson and Wilson shot this unarmed black man in self defense.

The Grand Jury stated that they believed her.

But there was a small detail that wasn’t expressed to the Grand Jury that County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch had been told by the FBI ***BEFORE*** she was called to testify ………..


Hell, picky, picky, picky!

Yet witness #40 testimony was accepted as truth and the Grand Jury decreed that there wasn’t enough evidence to indite Wilson! CASE CLOSED! gavel

Oh yeah …….. “the rule of law, not of men” is really only good if the “men” have integrity. And integrity seem to be in short supply in our culture at present.

Now the woman who was Witness #40 is nuts ……. you know “insane” but still on the streets.

So when it came out that she wasn’t going to be prosecuted for lying to a Grand Jury it didn’t surprise Tubularsock. Hey! She’s fucking bat-shit nuts!

What didn’t surprise Tubularsock as well is that no one is prosecuting St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch for stacking the witnesses. Funny how on TV cop shows tampering with a jury is like the fucking crime of the century. But not so much under “real” law.

Little 12 year old Bobby knew that witness #40 was “lying”! The FBI told him so. But he still let a known lier who he knew had not been in Ferguson at the time of the incident  to testify as a witness. He was not deceived HE KNEW!

So Tubularsock figures that the make up of the St. Louis County Grand Jury must have been a group of very fine citizens of different races that are fixated at their 5 year old selves and this has shown how persuasive a fixated 12 year old can be on younger fixations.

The big question for Tubularsock is, why do they call it the Justice Department? Tubularsock is going to have to go to the dictionary and look up JUSTICE. There must be a new definition.

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Tubularsock makes little videos every once in awhile to push a point that needs to be looked at a bit more closely.

And often just because Tubularsock makes a video about a subject doesn’t always mean that the issue is solved.

So …….. this video Tubularsock posted on YouTube on March 24, 2012.

As you’ll see …….. the issue is still the same and the players are as wretched as they have always been.

AND THE POINT IS STILL THE POINT WHICH IS THE POINT of bringing it to your attention again.

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