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The height of hypocrisy never seems to amaze Tubularsock. There was a time it did but those days are far gone and will never return because we live in never-never-land where all things are upside down and backwards.

Let Tubularsock present two examples for you to consider and just see what YOU think when Tubularsock clears the dust for you. No, it isn’t a problem. Tubularsock uses a high powered Makita 18-volt compact lithium-ion cordless vacuum …… “fast cleaning without the cord”.

Now PLEASE hold your laughter until Tubularsock’s presentation is complete so it doesn’t drown out the facts.

Former U.S. President Step-en-fetch-it Obummer was named the 2017 recipient of The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award!

The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award is toted as “. . . the most prestigious award for public servants.”

And one has to do a lot of SHIT to people to be awarded this recognition!

Former U.S. President Step-en-fetch-it Obummer’s surveillance of the American people and his prosecution of whistle-blowers has to be honored, right!

And his indiscriminate drone bombings of Middle Eastern and African people has got to be honored, right!

And who could not honor his legacy of war, military adventurism, and keeping the torture prison at Guantanamo open, right!

And we can’t forget the handout to the Banksters and fucking over Main-street now can we.

Oh and what an honor it is to have the most expensive health care in the world but living shorter lives than other countries to enjoy it.

Yeah, Obummer was being recognized for “his enduring commitment to democratic ideals and elevating the standard of political courage in a new century.” SURE, IN SOME ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! But not in the one real people are living in.

But really, it all fits. Kellyanne Conway would have to walk her “alternate-facts” a long way to out due the FACT that the President who kept the United States in the PERPETUAL-STATE-OF-WAR his entire eight years in office walked off with the Nobel PEACE prize! Go figure.

But really, it all make sense in never-never-land where all things are upside down and backwards.


The former President and son of the “The-Silver-Haired-Douchebag Barbara Bush” (George Carlin) has taking up a new painting project.

It is called Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors!

Not to be confused with the Profile in Courage which John F. Kennedy wrote. Shrub isn’t very title creative.


Shrub painted a mural of 66 single images of physically and/or mentally wounded veterans from all the Armed Forces.

These are the very same physically and/or mentally wounded veterans from all the Armed Forces that he alone shattered by his senseless, immoral, insane and inept wars he lied the nation into in Afghanistan and Iraq!

Besides the group mural he produced a book that also shows the individual portraits along with “upbeat stories” from Shrub about how much he admired their recoveries.

He credits himself with their “recovery” because of the “helpful” time he spent riding bikes and playing golf with them! You know, photo-ops!

Now you can get two editions of this travesty-of-horse-shit!

A $35 hardcover or a $250 “deluxe” cloth-bound edition SIGNED by the little prick himself!

It has been reported that PORTRAITS reached #1 on Amazon’s book list which goes to show that if you own your own Foundation you can make anything happen.

SIDE NOTE: Tubularsock would recommend that if you personally know ANYONE that has this book on their coffee table, politely stand up and punch them in the face. Just sayen’!

Now for you investor types you may be able to get into this WAR CRIMINAL ART early and profit later like Hitler’s Phone selling for $243,000.00 recently. Remember you don’t have to hang these maimed veterans and mental retards Shrub created in real and in painting. No, just box them up like tiny coffins and wait for the market to rise.

The Mural itself is on show at the George W. Bush Center’s Military Service Initiative in Dallas and all the proceeds go to that center to “help veterans”. It would be fun to see how much the Center pays Shrub to speak there.

In an interview Shrub stated that the “greatest honor of the presidency was looking (veterans) in the eye and saluting them as their commander in chief.”

Oh yeah, do you think he ever really just stands in front of a mirror and looks himself in the eye and asks himself just how many hundreds of thousands men, women, and children he is single-handedly responsible for killing and maiming?

You can’t paint yourself to redemption you worthless fuck!

But really, it all make sense in never-never-land where all things are upside down and backwards.


Tube Heading Fuck You


Tubularsock was just sitting around his top floor corner office of the underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see BUNKER TOUR) having his typical breakfast of scrambled eggs and magical shrooms with a single shot of Wild Turkey Single Barrel, neat.

And right off the teletype came an AP story all the way from Washington, D.C. You know the Associated Press (AP), correct? The Press that knows who has won the Presidential primary BEFORE the vote is taken! They are really smart over at AP to know shit before it happens so Tubularsock dropped everything except the shrooms and Turkey and proceeded to find out the latest.

Now you may not have known this but the White House has been debating “for months” if they should EXPAND THE U.S. MILITARY’S AUTHORITY TO CONDUCT AIRSTRIKES AGAINST THE TALIBAN in Afghanistan. (A tiny note: This has nothing to do with Obomber’s drone murder activities in the region.)

Well guess what, “There is a broad desire across the Obama administration to give the military greater ability to help the Afghans fight and win the war.”(AP)

This does not mean that the 9,800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be involved in direct combat. ( A tiny note: CIA mercenary contractors have never stopped fighting!)

What this means is that U.S. airstrikes against the Taliban when necessary have been approved by Obomber.

Tube Afghan

Now all this is as it is and the most important question seems to never be ask by the maimed-street-press, the military, or the political establishment, so hell, Tubularsock will ask the question!

The United States has spent HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to train the Afghan Military. BabyBush trained and equipped them. Obomber trained and equipped them.

Yet, the Afghan Taliban win the battles and are just much more resilient than the Afghan Military.


Now remember the U.S. started the war with Afghanistan in 2001 and now we are half way into 2016 and the U.S. is still at war with Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have tried to take advantage of the inexperience of the Afghan security forces, who until recently were incapable of going on the offensive, according to U.S. military officials.” (AP)

FIFTEEN YEARS OF TRAINING AND SUPPORTING and this is the outcome. And the White House has given permission to escalate this total failure?

Stop and think about this. The Taliban are Afghans, The Afghan Military are Afghans, so it appears to Tubularsock that one group of Afghans have a will to win and the other group of Afghans DON’T!



And sending in more bombs or drones or the U.S. military will not change ANYTHING except create more resolve with the Afghan’s who want to win, The Taliban. THAT IS THE REALITY.

The United States Military were losers in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan!

Let us all go to our dictionaries and read the definition of





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Tube heading graff

There is one thing Tubularsock will give Barack Obama.

And that is that from day one in the oval office his approach and therefore his legacy as his time as President of the United States was SET IN STONE with “a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards.”

Thereby showing to anyone that was paying attention that there would be ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE AND NO CHANGE!

And he has lived up to this view to the letter.

Future historian will have an easy time evaluating Obama’s Presidency but it won’t have to be done in extensive articles and books. It can be summed up the modern way, on Twitter!


Obama fucked up
attempts selling used car to America FAILED!

Tube Barack


Tube paint sig