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tube envirerment report

Want some good news from Tubularsock? Come on. I know it’s different but I’m lov’n it!

Remember the Nimiipuu? Well don’t worry if you know the Niimiipuutimt language there would be no problem.

Oh, you don’t know Niimiipuutimt? Hmmm.

Well to save you the time of learning a new language to discover this good news Tubularsock will translate this for you …….. hey, don’t thank me now.

In Niimiipuutimt the Nimiipuu translates into “the people” but the name we know these people by is what the French Canadian fur trappers called them, the Nez Perce.

They are a Pacific Northwest Native American people who now have a reservation in Idaho. How that all happened is the typical tragic drama of the U.S./Native American Holocaust relationship.

But, now-is-now and the Nez Perce have stopped the shipment of General Electric’s subsidiary Omega Morgan heaving hauling of XL pipeline supplies from crossing their reservation on Idaho State Highway 12.

It came down like this.

The Nez Perce asked the Federal Government’s Forest Service to stop GE from having mega-loads that are not allowed on regular highways to not be allowed to cross their Reservation and Clearwater National Forest due to environmental and native land treaty rights that were not being considered.

The State of Idaho gave GE a permit to use Highway 12 and said to discuss the issue with the Forest Service and the Nez Perce before moving the first mega-load of equipment for the XL Pipeline.

Instead GE started to move their first mega-load along Highway 12 and was delayed by the Nez Perce who blocked the highway and were arrested for blocking the highway.


The Nez Perce hauled the Forest Service back into Federal Court and the judge ruled that the Forest Service has the authority to stop GE from moving mega-loads through the region and that, “The Tribe’s treaty rights, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and forest management policy all trumped the megaloads on Highway 12”.

Of course this is still in play but this round goes to the “Indians not the Cowboys”.

tar sands copy

GE in return filed a motion with the federal court, asking the judge to reconsider his decision that lead to the Highway 12 closure. But that is unlikely.

The fear is that by allowing these shipments to continue using Highway12 it would become an “industrial corridor” and would ruin a pristine environment.

An interesting side-note is that GE seems pretty sure that the XL pipeline is a done deal and is still moving all the pipe and equipment into place. Now will Mr. Step-And-Fetch-It-Obummer man up and say NO to the XL? 

Tubularsock is not holding his breath!

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Tube lite Tom Heading

Tomahawk Cash

YOU might not have noticed but while Tubularsock was overseeing his vast stock portfolio he noticed a very interesting development.

tube invest copy

Obomber speaks of attacking Syria and RAYTHEON’s stock goes up reaching a 52-week high at $81.26 per share. 

Now for you hoi polloi ,your ability to grasp this development, more than likely, passed over your heads but for Tubularsock and the capitalist class this was great news.

Tubularsock cashed in buying low and selling high. Using this new found wealth to invest in body-bag sales. There is going to be a killing to be made in this market, yes pun intended.


Obomber announces attacking Syria.

RAYTHEON’s stock jumps up.

Tomahawk Missiles are made by RAYTHEON.


A Tomahawk Missile cost $1,000,000.00 each.


Once they blow up you need another one.


More than 2,000 have be fired in combat over the years.


Once they blow up you need another one.


Most American warships are equipped with 90 of them.


Once they blow up you need another one.


There are four U.S. warships set to fire these missiles at Syria.


Once they blow up you need another one.


There is BIG profit to me made by RAYTHEON here.





But there’s more.

The Pentagon buys 196 Tomahawk missiles a year. That is what is considered the “minimum sustaining rate” but after firing hundreds of them on Libya in 2011, well gosh we have had to ramp up production.

Now accounting for the extra orders, RAYTHEON delivered 252 missiles this fiscal year and 361 last fiscal year. But one can’t have enough because Tubularsock has read some place that “once you blow them up you need another one”.

“In its budget submission for fiscal 2013, the White House requested 196 Tomahawks, for a total program cost of $320 million. It’s requesting the same amount next fiscal year, for a cost of $325 million. The increase in price, defense watchers say, is the result of several factors: inflation, rising fuel costs and a shrinking supply chain.”  (Austin Wright, Politico)

But when you factor in the “total program cost” a Tomahawk Missile costs $1,658,163.26. Think about that …..

every time the Navy presses a button ……..


BOOM $1,658,163.26 goes up …… and we need another one.

A Tomahawk Missile has “advanced contour mapping” so they can fly low and avoid ground radar. They have a range of up to 1,300 nautical miles. They travel at more than 500 miles an hour. And they can hover over their targets for hours providing a real-time view of the battlefield.

They deliver a 1,000 pound warhead that can devastate half an urban block and can hit a target the size of a home’s window.



Are you impressed yet?

Well Tubularsock has come up with a couple of thoughts here.

Ahhh ……… 15% of the time they don’t have a direct hit so how many urban blocks are wiped out by hitting the WRONG home’s window?


I guess it’s not much. You know how ALL urban blocks look pretty much the same.

But to be fair Raytheon was not the only defense contractor who saw their stock price go up during the buildup for a potential strike. Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin — all missile system manufacturers — all saw sharp gains.

And can you believe that those homeless people Tubularsock has to set over ever time I walk down a city block have the nerve to ask for money to eat! The nerve of some people!

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tube heading Syian treaty

Chillin’ On Syria

Wow! Have you looked over the new “agreement” between the U.S., Russia, and Syria? Well, “agreement” or is a “treaty”. Nah. Really kind of like an “understanding”.

Ok. Hands up, how many have read the “document” about putting Syria’s chemical weapons under International Control and destroying those weapons.

Well, Tubularsock was just floating through the political cosmos and started thinking.

Just how could John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov (you remember Russia our forever enemy) shake hands and agree on how Syria is going to give up their EVIL chemical weapons?

But just what has to happen?

Oh my, What has to happen, indeed.

Now Syria has a shit load of chemical weapons and chemicals in general that are called “duel use” chemicals. You know. Those chemicals that can be used to save OR destroy people, among other things. 

Fun side note: Remember Reagan was responsible for selling “duel use” chemicals to Saddam INSANE. That was durning the time that Donald Rumsfeld was kissing Saddam’s ass.

Who would sell an INSANE man “duel use” chemicals and not expect him not to use them on the Kurds? Well who can think of that when you are in the Agricultural Department and there are profits to be made for the Chemical Industry.? After-all, they are part of “protecting American interests” don’t you know.

Shame about those gassed men, women, and children of the Kurds.

Remember which way the American Government looked when the Kurds were gassed?

Oh yeah, we were backing Saddam INSANE against IRAN!

That is not the time to give much thought to the Kurds, now is it.

My ……… how Tubularsock digresses ……..

Well in the overview, things look well ……… I guess it all has to do with what you remember about signing something and doing something.

Now don’t get Tubularsock wrong …….. signing rather than bombing any day BUT …..

I’m really not sure if Kerry and Lavrov, kind of, remembered that Syria was in the middle of a civil war. You know what I mean. They both arrived in limos to a huge marbled interior building in Geneva and both stayed in ….. well not Motel 8. And you know how “intensive talks” can go on for three days.

And then with dinners and drinks with separate entourages. Well you can imagine the stress.


Well it’s being hyped as “ . . . the most challenging undertakings in the history of arms control”.

“Excuse me, but could I have an order of escargot as an appetizer?”

Now the chemical weapons have to be secured. Currently the storage facilities are being guarded (in theory) by Assad’s troops.

So first issue …….. who is going to put “boots on the ground” and secure these sites?

AND who is going to pay for that?

Second issue ……… who’s “boots on the ground” will Assad accept to enter his country with guns and be trusted to do only their job of guarding the facilities.

And the third issue …….. who’s “boots on the ground” once accepted will want to come into Syria and guard the chemical weapons? With both the “extremist groups” and elements within the Assad government that don’t want to give up control willingly interested in getting their hands on the weapons ….. well this isn’t going to be a cake walk for the “boots on the ground”?

“Oh yes, another bottle of that wonderful Romanée Conti, please.”

Well let’s say we have that worked out in theory. Maybe a U.N. force or the Russians?

And who are going to protect the inspector? …………. and who are going to trust the inspectors?  ………….. and who are going to pay the inspectors?

Questions, questions, questions.

Now, the logistics of disposal. 


This is extremely dangerous to pull off and who will accept to receive these weapons for disposal and who is going to pay for this process?

The destruction of these weapons will take YEARS and the chances of either human error or attack of the storage areas or during transport are very high.

And according to Harlan Ullman, a senior adviser to the Atlantic Council, “ . . . many bureaucracies will be engaged including the national security councils of the United States and Russia, the United Nations, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and among others the Syrian government. Hence, delays and administrative obstacles could be huge.” AN UNDERSTATEMENT TO SAY THE LEAST.

This disposal is going to cost into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Get your check books ready!

The German’s private sector has extensive experience in chemical weapons disposal and may be called on to handle this major task. That is still up in the air.

But remember the Obomber’s use of force is still in play and if there are delays and lack of progress this county may blow Syria apart. 


Fortunately, Geneva isn’t down wind from those exploding chemical sites.


John: “I’d just love another Mille-feuille pastry to top off our work here, Sergei.”

tube pastery

Sergei: “We may want to review our agreement during ski season next time, John.”


John: “Splendid idea, Sergei. I may be able to hold Barack off for a bit.”


Sergei: “Excellent………Brandy?”

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM



You know, Tubularsock wasn’t going to bother listening to Obomber’s speech Tuesday night because when it comes to Black Jive I prefer public transportation.

But I found myself tuning in to NPR radio for coverage because I am interested in Presidential-Spin no matter what party is running it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Two things:

  1. The next time Congress wants to cut NPR’s governmental funding ……. I vote YES!

The commentators are in the BIG SLEEP and are piss poor at political coverage with any insight ………. they are very good at status quo! Depressing. Are they affiliated with FOX NEWS now? I guess it is no surprise, Tubularsock wants to go to the White House Press Corps Dinner too! Gosh, with a black tie and a suit prancing around! Could it get any better than that as a “journalist”?

       2.  There was not ONE, count them ………. NOT ONE point of PROOF that the Assad Government was the one that used Chemical Weapons. Not even a little one. No, Obomber assumed that Assad was guilty without a shred of evidence provided and NO ONE QUESTIONED HIS PREMISE. Even those that were against the action accepted the premise. Disgusting!

Yes, and children frothing at the mouth and the EXCEPTIONALISM of Americans with the ol’ God Bless America conclusion and Tubularsock almost got out his flag to wave next 4th of July with bombs bursting in air.

But the only way that Tubularsock can express this fallacious argument that Obomber is pushing is by this example and maybe those who themselves are in the deep sleep will get just a glimmer of understanding of the Obomber Logic of lie-in-the-”truth”. And perhaps better understand how this entire position was created. So Tubularsock will attempt this Herculean feat with a little allegory.

THE STORY: (all names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Let’s say that Barbrick Insomnia started to have suspicions that Michshella (his wife) was cheating on him. So he asks John Fury to follow Michshella and substantiates what Barbrick KNOWS is happening.


John Fury follows Michshella and she goes to MAIN STREET. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and he reports back to Barbrick.


Barbrick Insomnia KNOWS that John Fury must be incorrect and tells him to check again. And follow up on this sighting of Michshella on MAIN STREET.


Barbrick then calls his good friend at the N_A (redacted) General Fumbleson and asks him to checkout MAIN STREET and report back to him.


Within minutes of Barbrick’s call to General Fumbleson of the N_A (redacted) and not just minutes AFTER Barbrick hung up the phone BUT just minutes BEFORE he dialed the phone the N_A (redacted) knew the nature of the incoming call and had prepared a full dossier on MAIN STREET.


John Fury returns to Barbrick’s office and reports that once again Michshella was seen on MAIN STREET and there was nothing out of the ordinary that occurred.


Barbrick was so furious that John Fury was taken aback.


The phone rings, not the RED phone but the RED, WHITE, and BLUE phone, and Barbrick knew that the N_A (redacted) was calling with the “known-knowns”!

Note: This following information was given to Tubularsock by a “highly placed government official in the Administration, who is just Biden his time, and is not authorized to speak to the press on this issue.

General Fumbleson from the N_A (redacted) reported that “a foreign person of interest” by the name of ISSAID was on MAIN STREET exactly the same time that Michshella was on MAIN STREET.


It was further disclosed that even though ISSAID was on EAST MAIN STREET and Michshella was on WEST MAIN STREET the link of MAIN STREET indicates that all the signs are present that Michshella and ISSAID were having an affair.


Barbrick was convinced but John Fury felt that as an adviser he must ask at least one probing question. Which was, “Is there concrete proof? Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt?”


General Fumbleson of the N_A (redacted), now on encrypted speaker phone answered,

“Ghrgte fbfgru gkdjdhey nbh jghdtsiwoy kgghff fhdjur!”

Note: Tubularsock has gotten from a well placed N_A (redacted) official that is not authorized to speak to the press on this issue but can verify that this top secret speaker phone encrypted answer is totally the proof needed and can not be told to the public in order to protect them. A relief, for Tubularsock to be told the TRUTH.

Barbrick and John both nodded their collective heads in the affirmative.


Both men agreed that action at this time may not be optimum politically due to the fact that it may look bad for Barbrick Insomnia to expose Michshella while she was in the middle of the Saving-American-Children-From-Being-Fat Campaign.


“In due time”, Barbrick said aloud as he lit his cigarette. “In due time”, echoed John Fury.


So remember: There was not ONE point of PROOF that the Assad Government was the one that used Chemical Weapons. Not even a little one.  Obomber ASSUMED that Assad was guilty without a shred of evidence provided and NO ONE QUESTIONED HIS PREMISE.

A premise without facts to prove it correct is called A GUESS. And to push A GUESS as the truth is a LIE. How many people do you feel should die for a lie?

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Tube heading san shoot

Tube-McCain poker

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The New Face of Evil

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Shelbycourtland has expressed the truth so powerfully in her new poem that I couldn’t resist bringing her work to all of you. Shelby is a powerful and brilliant voice for truth and a political activist and a promoter of JUSTICE!

And for Tubularsock she is as angry as I am, enjoy my friends, and then go burn something down!

Dare I say PEACE?


They picked him very carefully as all the world can see.
He’s easy on the eye and with a great personality.

Those who went before him set the stage for what would come.
He’s like a phantom in the night; we ask, “Where is he really from?”

Oh how little did we know, he’d bring destruction in his wake.
No Robin Hood he is, from the rich he does not take.

He’s a banker’s friend; a corporate tool who’s sent us spiraling down.
He hails from a gangster’s paradise in a city called, “chi-town.”

He’s led us straight to hell and he’s smiled the journey long.
We crashed upon the rocks as though he’d sung the siren’s song.

What’s left is barren land and the poor are all but dead.
Those who could not lose, put a bullet through their head.

The serfs are drudging painfully as they keep the…

View original post 173 more words

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.42.35 PM

Ok. Syria has NOT signed on to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction. And the United States HAS signed on to this 1993 Convention.

Syria has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the Middle East!

The United States has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons IN THE WORLD!

Question one: Which nation is breaking their signed agreement commitment to the world community on stockpiling chemical weapons?

Now it has been confirmed that Saudi Arabia is providing chemical weapons to their paid mercenary “rebels” jihadist in Syria. Oh yeah, the CIA is involved!

Saudi Arabia signed the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction in 1993.

Question two: Which nation is breaking their signed agreement commitment to the world community on the use of chemical weapons?

Thirteen countries declared chemical weapons production facilities: one of those countries is the United States! Yet the United States has signed the Convention to not Produce Chemical Weapons.

Is it just Tubularsock or do you too notice a preponderance toward hypocrisy here?

THAT is what bothers Tubularsock the most. I don’t think that Assad is a Mister-Nice-Guy but who in the hell are “we” (the U.S.) to call the kettle BLACK?

Now the ONLY thing the world knows FOR SURE is that some type of chemical was used in this recent event in Ghouta, Syria. That is it. 

So from Tubularsock’s research this is what Tubularsock believes happened.

The SAUDI PAID JIHADIST REBELS were moving chemical weapons into position for a future operation. This has been confirmed by Yahya Ababneh an on the ground reporter for Mint Press News. He interviewed the rebels, their family members, victims of the chemical weapons attacks and local residents. (EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack)

Because the “rebel forces” were not trained in or had knowledge of what they were moving and handling caused an “accident” and those weapons went off.

The shelling of the area by Assad’s forces contributed to the further release of the chemical stockpile of weapons in caves in the area.

All in all, disaster!

If you plug in all the different stories and explanations into THIS model it isn’t a deliberate action on either side.

Now again, Tubularsock is not attempting to make Assad out to be some kind of a good guy, he isn’t but you have to ask the question, why would he deliberately attack the SAUDI PAID JIHADIST REBELS with chemical weapons knowing full well that the U.S. would then have the excuse it was looking for to enter this “CIVIL WAR” with more fire power?

Doesn’t make any sense. Assad may not be a good guy but he is not stupid. If you remember the last time chemical weapons were used it was the SAUDI PAID JIHADIST REBELS that used them.

It makes more sense that the SAUDI PAID JIHADIST REBELS were planing to use them to get the U.S. involved more directly but they went off prematurely. Either way it becomes an advantage to the SAUDI PAID JIHADIST REBELS! 

All of the U.S. intelligence is being manipulated AGAIN in order to follow the PRE-DECIDED AGENDA rather than what actually occurred.

In fact the CIA’s Office of Weapons Intelligence, Nonproliferation and Arms Control (WINPAC) Center are evaluating the “evidence”. This is the very same center that twisted the 2002 Iraq WMD’s into a pretzel in order to make the case for invasion of Iraq.

It is clear that it is next to impossible to know what actually occurred and the Obama administration say that they can show that samples of blood and hair from medical personnel in eastern Ghouta had been found to contain traces of sarin nerve gas.


What we have here is a pre-planned attack by the United States against the Assad Government and evidence being manipulated to back the pre-planned attack.

John Kerry  just happened to mention during his meeting with the Senate Committee on bombing Syria “ . . . that unnamed Arab countries had offered to “cover the cost” of the strikes.”  Hmmm, Tubularsock wonders which unnamed Saudi Arabia was he thinking!

And then there is this: “The use of force is lawful only when in exercise of self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations charter and/or when the Security Council approves of such action.” That is a firm principle of the United Nations.”

 ………..UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

But the bottom line is: Obama said on Saturday he was “comfortable going forward without the approval of a United Nations Security

Council . . .”


Obama also has said that he is comfortable going forward without the House of Representatives approval.




Hmm. Maybe in an Obama democracy the people AREN’T the government.


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM


Well, Tubularsock feels a hell of a lot better about Syria and its future bombing. No not because Step-an-fetch-it-Obomber has decided to let that check and balance system have a chance to speak before he will bomb the fuck out of them. No, it’s because Tubularsock just read his own blog post and realized IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!

Obomber’s decision to bomb Syria isn’t about Tubularsock having a beef with a Syrian.  Nor is it about YOU not having a beef with a Syrian. No really! We have nothing to do with it! And you know for sure it has absolutely nothing to do with Chemical Weapons or helping the Syrian people.

With the exception that WE have to pay for it! (Of little consequence to us, right?)

Now aren’t you relieved?

It is simply a business move. Feel better now?

You see the entire region needs to be MORE destabilized because, “What is good for business is good for business and the business of business IS business!”

(Think of this last insight as a bumper sticker that could only fit on a corporate limo bumper.)

You see there is this pipe line deal that has to be disrupted ……… wouldn’t you know.

In July, 2011 Iran, Iraq, and Syria signed a major gas pipeline deal.

This pipeline construction will provide for Iranian gas from its South Pars gas field to Europe via Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. (Boring, yes?)

According to the deal, Iranian gas will be transited to Greece and other European countries via a 6,000-kilometer pipeline crossing thorough Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and under the Mediterranean Sea. (Tehran Times)

This project will cut into Israel’s plans of selling gas to Europe.

This project will also cut into Qatar’s gas sales to Europe.

This project will also affect Turkey’s self-described privileged energy crossroads between East and West.

So what does that have to do with the United States’ “Interests”?

A fun side note: Whenever you hear that our military is protecting American interests, that is NOT your (the citizen’s) interest. That means American corporate interests. And now in todays terms world corporate interests. GET CLEAR YOU ARE NOT PART OF THOSE INTERESTS! (But you pay for it.)

Enter Prince Bandar bin Sultan better known to those who love him as Bandar-Bush.


Now Bandar is what makes this all too fun. He is a Saudi-sleazeball who was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States from 1983 through 2005 and had the inside track with five Presidents and with Congress. He was especially tight with the Bush family and joined, with Saudi money, into the Carlylel Group. An inside-track investment corporation where many former government officials were able to use their insider knowledge to garner wealth.

All in that grand-ol’-capitalist-spirit!

He was so tight with the Bush family that Little-Bush was the one who give him the  nicknamed Bandar-Bush.

Bandar encouraged military action against Iraq. And best of all he supported Dick Cheney’s agenda for “The New Middle East”, which called for pro-democracy programs in both Syria and Iran. (And you know what pro-democracy means to Cheney!)

Which only goes to show you that floating turds swim in the same toilet.


For years now Tubularsock has been looking for the flusher!

After 2005 Bandar disappeared and rumor had it that he had been killed or died but like a bad riyal he cropped up again as Director General of  the Saudi Intelligence Agency in 2011.

This guy runs weapons, cash, fighters and he is the main pipeline in providing chemical weapons to the “Syrian rebels” most of whom are not Syrian at all but jihadist mercenaries funded by Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Bandar was involved in the Iran-Contra deal back in the day. He arranged for $32 million in Saudi financing for the Nicaraguan Contras.

The guy’s a creep of the highest order and he is still peddling his ware.

Recently he met with Putin to try and pressure Russia to back off with helping Assad but Putin has too much invested in keeping the U.S. from destabilizing Iran.

But this pipe line deal isn’t the only issue nor is the international consulting, construction, and distribution systems that are needed to pull this off.

No, there is also the Israeli Zionist’s belief that a destabilized Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq would benefit Israel because it would cause infighting within the Arab world thus weakening a major force against Israel.

And on top of that is the U.S., Saudi, and Israeli fascination with bringing down Iran.

But perhaps the largest piece of the pie goes to the incredibly huge profits garnered by our military-industrial-complex. The amount this “limited” bombing will end up costing will be in the billions if not trillions of dollars. And that is what it really is all about. PROFITS!

And that is why you will see Congress back this insane adventure because they are mere whores of these war industries.

Our only hope is in the House of Representatives. And the key votes are going to be those crazy tea party types. The standard Democrat and Republican are way past sold out to corporate interests. But the tea party crazies might just stop Congressional approval.

That does not necessarily mean that Obomber won’t step up to the plate and order these bombing as punishment because of HIS high moral standards.*** But if he does it will be a major foreign policy blunder. And the costs are far greater than can be imagined.****


*** that was a joke!

****  that is no joke!

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Tube double finger heading

Well Tubularsock was just wrapping up his thoughts for another freedom loving night in the United States of America.

So, I ran through my YouTube review because it’s easy.

All the video about cats were all in order.

Sports all cool.

Big tits were exposed as ever.

Monster Trucks running over shit, check!

Then Tubularsock thought he’d check on Syria.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.14.48 PM


In the land of the free and the home of the brave we have freedom of thought! Unlike those Russians and those Chinese. American’s have freedom of the press.

Just Say'en

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