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Now Tubularsock recently has been leaving his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA at 3AM in the morning and riding his bicycle about the city. Tubularsock calls this stealth-exercise.

But riding through empty streets in the crisp-air and very little traffic is a good way to do some thinking. So Tubularsock has been thinking.

You know how we Americans are accused of being a celebrity culture? And you also already know that we ARE a celebrity culture. The question really is, is there ANY CULTURE in celebrity?

Well if you had any doubt to this “charge” of celebrity culture the First Republican “Debate” has made it clear.

Twenty-four million people tuned into that “debate”. Twenty-four million! For a political “debate” in the U.S. of A.!

And according to CNNMoney that figure “tripled the largest audience for any previous debate” in the history of the United States!

That was One-million MORE than the viewership of the last game of the 2014 World Series and even Letterman’s last show viewership was only 13.7 million and Letterman IS a celebrity!

And you know why everyone tuned in …….. Donald Trump.Trump Speciman

And out of all the potential Republican candidates who is the ONLY ONE who stated HE HAD “WON” the debate? Donald Trump!

And who was the only potential candidate who had nearly every statement he made quoted the following day in the maimed-stream-press ……. Donald Trump.

And who hasn’t a ghost of a chance of being picked to be the Republican Presidential Candidate ………… Donald Trump.

Yet, 24 million people tuned in to see just what The Donald was going to do.

Tubularsock had more fun trying to find a way to watch The Donald than watching this boring collection of pre-paid corporate slave-boys act like they had an independent thought.


Now if you didn’t have cable TV then you couldn’t really watch this debate. Now this is a debate for the possible leader of the United States. A possible President for all the people not just those with access to cable TV. But unless you had cable access a citizen wasn’t able to watch it ……. in theory.

Tubularsock has no TV so had to hunt down a way to watch it other than the way FOX had created so as to have a revenue stream for advertising.

In those situations the solution is always …… YouTube.

On YouTube there is always someone and usually dozens of people who are streaming everything either by screen-capture or filming it off a TV and showing it on their YouTube Channel.

It is always the go-to-to-go-around.

The quality isn’t always that good but just how much of that Republican-Shit can one take anyway?

The bottom line is: Even The Donald isn’t interesting enough to carry this amount of boredom!

One thing for sure …… the next “debate” won’t have the numbers again. The public wants a show from our celebrities and when they don’t produce the interest declines.

Just how often can you really watch THE KOCH BROTHERS’ THE PRICE IS RIGHT?


Yube lheanding learnonT


Now today Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington D.C from Oakland, CA and thinking about the principle of septic tanks. You see a septic tank has to be vented in order to allow the gasses that shit produces to be released. A 2” vent usually does the trick.

Now in large cities the sewer treatment plants often burns off that gas but a single septic tank just releases that gas into the atmosphere.

And of course Tubularsock believes that there is a correlation between shit, gas and the Republican debate that is being hosted by a huge producer of gas …. Fox Ooze.

And the only reason an intelligent being would even watch this  is ……..

Ok. An intelligent being wouldn’t but let Tubularsock say that you are just absorbed in the absurd and haven’t really got a life so go ahead, dial it in.

No really. It is going to be well viewed by a huge number for only ONE REASON ……

You already know …… DONALD TRUMP.

Now you know how boring these silly “debates” are whether it’s a Democrat or Republican “debate” it is empty. It’s all show and no go ………

But because Donny may just go off ……. well that is why it will be watched and it will be well watched. Just for the possibility of A REALITY TV SHOW spin.

It does put a great deal of pressure on Trump because he’s the show.

Now Tubularsock noticed that Sarah Palin has stated that Trump is the candidate for “Joe-Six-Pack” and who could argue with that?

Sarah wrote, “The elites are shocked by Trump’s dominance, but everyday Americans aren’t. Everywhere I’ve gone this summer, including motorsport events in Detroit full of fed-up Joe Six-Pack Americans, the folks I meet commiserate about wussified slates of politicians, but then unsolicited, they whisper their appreciation for Trump because he has the guts to say it like it is.”

Well yes, why not. And with Trump’s strong foreign policy platform anchored by a higher, longer, thicker border wall between Mexico and the U.S., out dealing Putin in deal making and surrounding ISSI …….. why worry?

No, Tubularsock is excited. Tubularsock would only add a higher, longer, thicker border wall along the West Coast to keep those “Chinks” out and a higher, longer, thicker border wall along the Atlantic Coast to keep the “Huns” at bay and YES on a higher, longer, thicker border wall along the Canadian border to keep us from being attacked by Canadian Mountie Terrorists. Then we are sure to be safe.

And with Tubularsock’s additional higher, longer thicker border walls Tubularsock is talken’ so high that we would even keep Icarus out! And that dude flies really high if legend is correct. We as true Americans don’t want any Greek immigrants coming here and ruining American blood lines, now do we!

So Sarah and Don and Tubularsock are on the same page BUT PERHAPS a different book.

Oh my, Tubularsock has digressed.

Well, in reality within the illusion in which we occupy, the show will go on but the deal is already completed.

Donald could go any which way at the debate but Jeb will come off like a fucking boy scout and he has already won the nomination anyway and he’ll run against Hillary who will win the 2016 election.

Want to bet?

The deal has already been agreed to and all the rest is the show.

It is best to remember the words of the late George Carlin when it comes to politics:

“. . . it’s a big club and you ain’t in it . . . You see, the owners of this country know the truth. It’s called the American dream. Cause ya have to be asleep to believe it.”

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