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Yube lheanding learnonTMONEY, MONEY EVERYWHERE


As many of you know, Tubularsock loves everyone and Tubularsock gets along with everyone. Tubularsock is a businessman and by being a businessman Tubularsock gets along with everyone! Even Mexican waiters!  AND SO DOES DONALD TRUMP or so he keeps repeating. And no one practices that old adage, “if you throw enough shit on the wall ….. some of it will stick”, better than Donald Trump!

And so when Tubularsock received an urgent email from Eric Trump letting Tubularsock know that his father would match ANY donation Tubularsock made toward his father’s campaign Tubularsock was so excited! And hey ….. no pressure but it has to be made by tomorrow by 11:59 PM so as to hit their goal before the FEC deadline. And to help this along Don HIMSELF is “. . . putting his money where his mouth is by writing a $1 MILLION MATCHING CHECK toward [their] $10 million end-of-month goal”.

And if that wasn’t enough Eric reminded Tubularsock that “I [Eric] run my foundation based upon the principles that my father taught me: honesty, integrity, values.” And what better set of values could there be for a father to pass on to his son? It just shows you that HONESTY PAYS.

So being an honest businessman Tubularsock gave Don a minus $10,000.00. That way Tubularsock figures that matching a minus = $10,000.00 paid to Tubularsock in matching funds. So now, Tubularsock receives the $10,000.00 which brings the minus $10,000.00, Tubularsock gave to Don,  back to ZERO and we are all equal.

So to collect Tubularsock went right to where that $10,000.00 should be able to be remove from Tubularsock’s account!

Tube ATM


Wish Tubularsock luck!

And sure, Tubularsock will teach YOU the “NEW MATH”. Just send big stacks of unmarked Franklin’s in a brown paper bag to:


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Tube smoke cafe HeadingTRUMP-A-SCARE

It’s not that Tubularsock expects a great realization from the brain-dead Democraps. Many are still convincing themselves that Bozo-With-Black-Face has done so well and could have done even better if the Republicants hadn’t blocked him at every turn.

Just how much better could bailing out Wall Street, Handing Health Care over to Corporate Profit and Droning all those brown men, women and children have gone?

Bozo-With-Black-Face bent over ever time the White Corporate Elite called for trade treaties that gutted the middle class and wasted the poor. And then even went as far as reprimanding the Black youth in 2008 with his famous “brothers should pull up their pants”! Talking about the Black calling the kettle Black ……….

But now we are about to step into a “new” Democrap for President. Just how many turds constitutes a flotilla?

Tube reap sow

It really is depressing for Tubularsock to even think how stupid the population of the U.S. really happens to be and all generated by FEAR, of course.

“Oh my, I don’t like Hillary BUT WE CAN’T LET TRUMP WIN!”, is the rallying cry.


Is this what it’s all about? And did this all become this way just by chance?

The creepier and crazier Trump becomes the higher the FEAR LEVEL. Tubularsock would suggest that Homeland Security should re-instate those Threat-Level-Warnings.

You remember, “The Homeland Security Advisory System that morphed into The National Terrorism Advisory System in 2011 while the press always called it THE TERROR ALERT LEVEL.

Well come to find out a new system has been created and Tubularsock discovered this updated HILLARYLAND SECURITY system version. This system was leaked with the DNC email hack and Tubularsock is bringing it to the light of day. The Democraps use the system to control their message when necessary and to scare the American public when necessary. Say ……….. like November?

tube hilladvisory

Now remember, this is a COLORED CODED system so as to shift to RACIST MODE when necessary. The reason should be obvious and shows just how handy the updated system could be for this orchestrated current crisis.


Remember America ……… if you’re not scared THEY can’t control you. So you stay scared. That is why Trump was invented!



Tube deep heading


……… and why it’s not working

Tube small donations



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It has been reported that Wendi Deng Murdoch and Ivanka Trump went “sight seeing” in Dubrovnik, Croatia with an unidentified male that many have reported bore the likeness of the leading U.S. Presidential candidate, Tubularsock.

Tube Croatia

These early reports are based upon an Instagram photo and from this reporter’s review of that photo, the likeness of the subject does resemble the debonaire U.S. Presidential candidate, Tubularsock. However there is a question about the identification of these two women as Wendi Deng Murdoch and Ivanka Trump. They just look suspicious.

This is a late breaking critical news story so as new information is released we’ll keep you updated.

A call made to Tubularsock’s Campaign Headquarters was not returned before we ran wildly with this story so it would be hot off the press if there are any presses to run anything off of anymore.

There is a suspicion that the Tubularsock Campaign Committee later photo-shopped this photo in order to remove the candidate. At this time this is pure speculation! We have asked several renowned photo experts about this possibility. They have said that it is highly suspect.

“The give-away, “states Dr. John Knowless of MIT, is the suspicious beady-looking-eyes of the two subjects. Really? Would you trust them?”

Murdoch and Trump

Now, you may not know that People Magazine has indicated that Wendi and Ivanka have had a long time friendship and Murdoch had even set up the introduction between Trump and her now-husband Jared Kushner.

It is a known fact with substantial documentation that Tubularsock had absolutely no known contact with Ivanka or Jared but it has been rumored in the National Enquirer that Tubularsock had been “palling around” with Wendi right after Rupert Murdoch, 85, filed for divorce from Deng, 47, after 14 years of marriage in June 2013.

It was reported that Rupert grew suspicious of Wendi’s relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. And Tubularsock sandwiched himself into Wendi’s revolving door activities just before her rumored “girlfriend” status with Valdimir Putin.

When asked about this alleged “sandwiched-palling” Tubularsock offhandedly responded, “No comment” and then boarded his awaiting Lear-Jet to Havana for a quick Cuban-Style Picadillo lunch.

Tube paint sig

Tube heading news bottom



Tube Trump Big Mac

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

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Tube predict Trump

It is not that it was not bound to happen but Killary was chosen ……… a long time ago. This election, much like step-en-fetch-it-obummer, the cast was set and the puppet-show continues. Stay fooled America ……. it’s easier to believe in illusion than to wake to reality.

Oh yeah, and stay IN FEAR so as to vote for the neo-con killing machine. SHE’S A WOMAN!


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Tube hillary dead end

Tube Trump Psycho

Tube Pathetically stupid

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Posted: August 16, 2016 in 9/11, RUDY GIULIANI

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Tube Play droneScreen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Tube ruin headingTERRORIST DATING

Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see: The Bunker Tour) pondering another Saturday night. The fact that they come once a week just show how often one has to think about Saturday night.

Now that old adage, “Home Alone On A Saturday Night” comes to mind. Well, why for so many is that a bad thing? But it appears to be for many and that leads them to seek out company of some type. You know ….. A DATE!

And if you can find A DATE what are your options for a “good time”?

Well for some it still is bowling …… yes, Tubularsock is repulsed by that idea too!

Dinner ………. ahh, really? Tubularsock can’t think of eating across from somebody that he doesn’t know. Tubularsock can do THAT at any diner and not have to pick up the tab!

A Movie? OH GOD NO! Not another fucking movie. Most movies are well ahhhh ….. shit! Good vs. Evil, Love Conquers All, Lost Love, Death, well you know …… shit!

Dancing ……… well with the music at 2300 decibels you don’t have to talk!

Tubularsock knows that you have done all of the above and more.

So WHY NOT get modern and be on the cutting edge for a change?

And that is where Tubularsock’s NEW TERRORIST DATING DATE comes in.

Tube first date