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You know? Tubularsock likes to think a little before he acts. Unless he just comes off the cuff. So this information is from the The Times Of Indian …. July 28th 2012.

“UN states fail to reach global arms trade treaty”

Now, don’t be surprised! This DOES NOT SAY:

      UN states have reached a world peace treaty ……….

Now, why do the UN states not even think ‘bout world peace?

Well, that is pretty easy to figure out ……….. isn’t it?

In fact, it is really a comedy of pathetic bull shit!

Vicoria Nuland, a u.s. lackey, has the “balls” to repeat these words in public ………..

Any arms trade treaty “ . . . should require states to develop their own national regulations and controls and strengthen the RULE OF LAW regarding arms sale”.

Tubularsock can’t figure out who in the fuck Nuland thinks she is kidding?


Now disregard that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to work this out before an election because it may give fodder to Mitt and the boys.

He’s sure not afraid of getting his fat black ass in trouble with those sniveling left progressive who are too afraid to dump their vote and not show up and support him for fear of having Mitt in the white house ……….

Barack or Mitt same corporate shit! Don’t Vote, ReeVolt! (Tubularsock says: Justice Party all the way, Fuck Barack and Mitt.)

But get real …………. “. . . strengthen the RULE OF LAW regarding arms sale”.


The U.S. is the largest, by far, arms dealer in the world. Think about this for one minute!

THE LARGEST! Is there any wonder why we have war ALL THE TIME?

Now, no one really believes that the U.S has stalled the process to “. . . strengthen the RULE OF LAW” for Christ sake.

The CIA is currently funding, supplying, and directing al Qaeda in Syria just like the CIA funded, supplied, and directed bin Laden’s al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Gosh, how could anything go possibly wrong with that?

Thank the gods for the knowledge that if it was not for the incredible respect for the sense-of-the-absurd, Tubularsock would go nuts.

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