See what happens …………

Slowly the process weighs upon you until you are comfortable and ………………..

It all is on which side of the joint you’re smoking …………………..





ship of state

  1. blackie wallace says:

    Lyndon B. Johnson also enjoyed a stick of tea, believe it or not.


  2. Genie says:

    “the only transparency is the lie!”

    That’s brilliant, and totally hilarious.


  3. Ah, Land of Tubularsock, a sight for sore eyes and mind. Noticed a post or two you’ve left on opher’s blog, and wanted to throw my two cents in on legalization. It has been legal in this state for several years, and access to good doseable cbds has allowed reduction of some heart meds. But trying to envision sitting down with LBJ and getting high. Nope, wouldn’t work. I was someone else on WB. LOL

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  4. tubularsock says:

    Welcome radiocascadiastaff and so happy that you dropped by for a visit. So an alias from WB, how fun!

    Tubularsock’s state too has legalized and no matter how much intake one would have it would never change the fact that LBJ was a bummer!

    The underground market is alive and well due to the outrageous taxation that has been placed on sales. Fucking “high”-way robbery!

    Do stop by again, Cheers!


  5. LOL Another Tubular moment. Agreed re: underground market. The taxation is beyond belief. However, during the CV crisis pot shops are considered essential businesses and remain open. Tubular has been missed at this ranch.

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  6. Tubularsock is, IMO, never silly. I was, per usual, curious, and got a Tubular answer, for which I’m grateful. You know, grateful, like a wood stove: full of grates. Just sayin’.

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  7. In a grateful mood, a little “sci fi” for your evening or whenever delight. RAS thinks Firesign Theater is Tubular in nature.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Prince Actorist happens to be a close friend of Tubularsock.

      Tubularsock thanks you for the link to Firesign Theatre. Tubularsock never even thought about looking them up on the web

      Tubularsock does have nine Firesign Theatre 331/3 records in his record collection and still does enjoy their craziness from time to time. Some shit is just funny!

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      • Ossmun and Procter were neighbors of sorts, them being on S Whidbey island and usin’s across on mainland. They also did shows at a radio station I wes with up in Everett, WA. Firesign has been a staple of mine for decades.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Interesting. They really had their shit together. Great timing and spacing, funny but so often true and right on material. Thanks.


  8. Very creative folks, overall. Oddly have seen Tubular’s humor in same vein, so to speak. Spoke well of Tubular, IMO.


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