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Killing PEOPLE has become redundant. It almost has come down to the fact that if you haven’t been killed you really don’t fit into the society. Somehow you are a misfit because you haven’t been slaughtered by some “loan-wolf-professed-terrorist” that is of a browned skin persuasion. Or even by a broken-home-child with an AK-47 that was treated badly by bullies that is of a white skin persuasion.

Of course not that skin color has anything to do with it but white skin just makes you act like a “non-terrorist”. By current definition.

Well, that is only the appearance that is given by the maimed-streamed-media. It is what sells papers, gains viewers or collect ears for radio talk shows. All in the name of being informed with the regular message that TIDE™ makes your clothes WHITER and so does CLORAX™!

So when the tragedy in Nice, France ended up killing 84 or so men, women and children at the Bastille Day celebration the Western Press went bat-shit over EVERY horrifying detail. Background stories on the victims, interviews with the people at the event and a complete step by step description of the perpetrator.

The New York Times, LATimes, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal all had major front page detailed coverage of the Nice tragedy. And there is no denying the fact that it was worthy of attention and discussion and an outpouring of grief. After all they were innocents being targeted.

BUT just five days later on July 19th a U.S. coalition airstrike in Syria killed more than 60 civilians according to The Telegraph (7/19/16) and possibility up to 100 according to The Intercept (7/19/16).

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But in this case the U.S. coalition airstrike which were reported as “an accident” was denied by the Pentagon saying they were investigating the incident.

“We are aware of reports alleging civilian casualties in the area,” U.S. Marine Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, a Pentagon spokesperson, said . . . “If the information supporting the allegation is determined to be credible, we will then determine the next appropriate step,” the spokesperson added. “We take all measures during the targeting process to avoid or minimize civilian casualties or collateral damage and to comply with the principles of the Law of Armed Conflict.” The Intercept (7/19/16)

And we can all be assured what “. . . we will then determine the next appropriate step . . .” means. Usually, classify it Top Secret to protect National Security!

The story of these innocent civilians were not headline news in The New York Times or The LA Times and were hardly mentioned. While The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post only gave a short front page intro then moving the story details back to A-16 and A-15 respectively. In truth, just burying the story as best they could. Adam Johnson, The 4th Media (7/22/16)

Now Syria IS a war zone and therefore civilians being killed are just expected so no need to cover “these people”, know what Tubularsock means? And hell, is it even news anyway?

BUT so is Nice! NICE IS A WAR ZONE TOO! If you follow the logic of George War Bush and Obomber. The War on Terror is a World-Wide-War where the United States can bomb, drone, kill, detain, torture, kidnap, perform signature strikes, and assassinate in order to preserve LAW AND ORDER and protect the interests of the United States!

Just how dare some terrorist interloper take the lead from the killing machine that is America! Where in the hell does one of those “tanned-skinned” Tunisian’s get off killing innocent people!

THAT IS THE JOB OF THE UNITED STATES! Fucking uppity Tunisian!

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Tubularsock was shocked, you know how Tubularshocked Tubularsock can get!

There is no place in ANY relationship for partner abuse. And anyone who has a partner that abuses them should pack it up and leave that relationship, “pronto” Kemosabe!

Yet, in the political arena the voters seem to believe that they “have to” endure all the shit the system puts forth and take even more.

Some voters just don’t have the good sense to know that the system is rigged no matter how much and how shocked everyone always seems to be when once again all the information shows the system is rigged!

The voters then all rally around their home team, like by voting for these ass holes something is going to change.

You have little Pigly-Hillary attempting to hold the straw-house together by going up against Big-Bad-Wolf-Trump that wants to blow it down and rebuild it with HIS name on it!

That is all that is going on.

So Tubularsock just wants, once again, to remind people that we are NOT in Kansas anymore and WE ARE NOT CHILDREN ANYMORE! Even though it appears that on the national stage the three-year-olds are running amuck!

And WAKING-THE-FUCK-UP is extremely difficult when you view the political conventions. You must attempt to take them out of the realm of The Big Game Rally one had to endure in the High School Gym and put them in the context of Adulthood!

Folks, is this the way to pick the leader of anything?

And for god sake, The President IS NOT your mommy or daddy deciding and correcting you for what is best for you. Please remember JUST LIKE YOUR PARENTS the PRESIDENT is only basing the decision making process on what he has been trained to do from the past. THEY ARE NOT, TUBULARSOCK REPEATS, NOT ……. ENLIGHTENED BY ANY MEANS!

So if you think mommy and daddy (President) know anything YOU ARE WRONG!

It is up to you to STOP THE ABUSE! VOTE NO!

But besides POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE where the public in the partner there is even direct POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE directly in public and Tubularsock is providing two recent examples for you to consider and remember “parental-advisory”: these photos show both physical and sexual imagery.

Now this may be classified by some as just a “bro-love moment” as Donnie throws a kiss to his Vice Presidential choice Mike Pence.

However a MAN throwing a KISS to another man is suspect.

Tube abuse 1

Is it a public sign that Mike Pence needs to rush to a “Conversion Therapy Program”?

Please note: From the photo Mike smiled which would mean that “he liked it” which would mean that Mike Pence’s latent homosexuality tendencies are showing!

Oh sure, it’s a Tubularsock theory but even if Tubularsock in incorrect the fact that Trump even threw Pence (a known anti-gay advocate) a KISS in public is a sign of POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE!

There is also this from the Hillary camp just to show you that POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE can appear anywhere!

Tube on abuse 2

Physical abuse of a partner should never be tolerated and after this direct affront to Tim Kaine with him still smiling only goes to show that as a Corporate-Pro-TPP-Democrat he will endure the abuse which is a sad example for others.


But far be it for Tubularsock to leave you up a creek without a paddle. So Tubularsock is taking this opportunity to introduce you to a solution for YOU as well as our political candidates.

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Tubularsock has been looking at the obvious and the great thing about looking at the obvious is, well it’s obvious.

We have an incredible psychological study developing right in front of our eyes on our life sized television screens EVERYDAY!

And that study, of course, is the run for the Presidency.

Now before Tubularsock pushes forth let us all understand that the Presidency and the individuals that run for that office are just a composite of those who elect them.

Therefore if the candidate is packed to the brim with “The-Simpleton-Of Bullshit” (TSOS) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by Bullshit which makes them a Simpleton. Plain and simple.

And if the candidate is packed to the brim with being “Grossly-Self-Centered-And-Conceited” (GSCAC) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by the same abnormality. Plain and simple.

An so it goes with a candidate packed with a “The-Craze-For-Power” (TCFP) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by power. Plain and simple.

So to make a long theory short, Tubularsock will put it all in a “NUT” shell for you. Whatever the characteristics of the candidates are are just the reflection of the supporters. And naturally if enough fucked up TSOS, GSCAC and TCFP vote, the end result is a Composite-America.

Kind of spooky, isn’t it.

Now Tubularsock’s only point is that We The People have fucked ourselves. That means ALL OF US! Because the 1% can not control the 99% without tacit compliance.

And how do they do this?

By the oldest trick in the book ……. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

“So how does that work?” you ask. Interesting that you asked.

Well the “stuff” is divide up in a hierarchical manner so some people get a bit more than others and then the idea of fear of shortage is introduced.

Thereby those with the most for themselves are afraid of losing what they have so in order to protect their amount of stuff they come together and protect their level.

From time to time a damn socialist historically comes through the system and proposes that we share our stuff but the response is always, “IT’S MY STUFF!”

………….. and the beat goes on.

Oh sure, Tubularsock knows of the complexities but for today Tubularsock is explaining the theories in the “NUT” shell fashion for your convenience being that you are in the 99% but the lower third.

So now that Tubularsock has gotten all of today’s theories out of the way let us talk about EGO MANIA PERSONIFIED which was where Tubularsock was headed all along as hinted by the title.

Both Hillary and Don are EGO-TOP-HEAVY (ETH) a well know psychological term coined by Tubularsock about a half minute ago. But has a long history in the psychological community and why in some circles they put “Dr.” in front of Tubularsock’s name.

And there is no better way to show the ETHness of Hillary and Don but through a Rorschach type test invented by Dr. Tubularsock,TSOS-Phd. in his off hours in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see: The Bunker Tour).

The ETHness technique test has the subject (you) examined to detect “thought disorder” as well as “JHFUAY disorder” (a disorder noticed by Dr. Tubularsock at both the Democratic and Republican Parties Conventions over the years as well as the Sadie Hawkens Dance in the 8th grade.)

Now it is clear to anyone with a brain that both Hillary and Donnie have ETH. That is a given. And is proven by both of their vice presidential choices as shown here.


In both cases, Hillary and Donnie picked a non-threatening, boring, limited intelligent, vice president. One that would NEVER “out-shine” them.

This, in both cases happens to be a clear sign of ETH!

Tube clear ETH

If for any reason, YOU don’t see the obvious … please make an appointment to see Dr. Tubularsock,TSOS-Phd. for an evaluation.

Phones are now open 415-Iamsick. Operators are standing by.



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Bullshit Platitudes!

Wouldn’t you know it.

Tubularsock is not out to make anything Melania Trump does significant but really the way the Republican Convention is going Donald had to have Melania speak because it appears from the cancellation list Melania is the only person that will.

Anyway. She gives her speech, you know like they “all” do from the political class from the heart. Just speaking those thoughts they deeply believe and sure there may be a speech writer or two or seven but Melania spoke from her deep held beliefs of, oh say a minute ago or such.

No different from Michelle Obama really. In fact, maybe even the same speech writers for all we know.

But Melania has been accused of plagiarizing passages from Michelle’s speech from 2008.

America fucked

But here is Tubularsock’s question:

When did bullshit platitudes that Michelle spit out in 2008 and Melania spit out in 2016 become the “property” of anyone?
“. . . you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise . . .”

Sorry, but if these words were “plagiarized” Michelle and Melania, you both stole them from Tubularsock’s father back before either of you were born!


“We want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.” 

Sorry, but Tubularsock’s father was all over this one too.

So Tubularsock has to say that this plagiarism accusation is really misdirected.

The difference is when Tubularsock’s father stated these bullshit platitudes, he really did believe them in his heart. Much of his generation did as well.
Not so much with shallow Michelle and Melania. Just think the difference in our political environment if ANY OF THEM just followed, “ . . . that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise . . .”

Can you even imagine the profound changes that would take place?

Well, dream on ……. it ain’t going to happen is this life cycle.

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Will Russian athletics compete at Rio 2016 Olympics or be denied due to State-Sponsored-Doping. The favorite “cocktail” used in the past by the Russians was/is “The Duchess”, a steroid induced drink which has been perfected so as not to be detected if the athletic is tested.

In the London 2012 Olympics eight Russians tested positive for drug use and in Beijing 2008 fourteen were found to be using drugs.

Many feel that a new generation of clean athletes is being punished for the sins of the past.

“Russia could be banned from competing at the Rio Olympics after a damning report lifted the lid on a state-sponsored doping cover-up involving Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man, the Russian intelligence services and top sports officials.” (The Guardian)

The real question: does the photo above “prove” that Tubularsock is “. . . Putin’s right-hand man”? Is that what The Guardian is suggesting or not?














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Tubularsock is sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington D.C from Oakland, CA having his cup of organically grown free trade coffee and thinking about architecture. (see: THE BUNKER TOUR)

Thoughts like that come up in Tubularsock’s mind all the time. Maybe just to drown out all that political shit that comes across Tubularsock’s desk. But Tubularsock figures it’s ALL political at some level! Whatever.

Anyway, does art influence society or does society influence art? Yeah, it is a chicken and egg question and we all know the answer to THAT question!

So lets talk China and subliminal architecture. Sound fun?

When an architect sits down at his drawing table does that architect create building drawings from just what comes across his mind at that moment?

Or does that architect draw from structural experience?

Or even more to the point ……… is the design some kind of subliminal message?

Well lets just see and then YOU can decide.

This is the design and first stages of construction of the headquarters of THE PEOPLE’S DAILY NEWS in China.

The People’s Daily News is much like NPR in the United States, the BBC in England or RT from Russia.

You know, government propaganda outlets.

And because of that, is the Chinese-architect-design a message and understanding of the The People’s Daily News screw job on the public and thus just a fuck you to the propaganda?

pre construction China
But when the building was complete it looked like this.

post construction China

But hidden in the design is really a fuck you government! Or not.

And then let us look at the finished design of the new Beijing Airport.

airport China

Maybe Chinese architects just have other things on their mind.

You know from your own experience that when you do tedious work that your mind can wander to things you may be more interested in, right?

This is not to say that all idle thoughts lead one to say, ahh sex but Tubularsock figures that some may.

And then there are just basic functionary thoughts.
Like the North China University and Electric Power building.

univerity, China
But thinking of flushing experiences leads us to the Chinese Trademark Office of the State Administration for the Industry and Commerce.

Oh yes, the long and winding road.

Here we find a 14 year old Chinese Trademark for:

Trump china
Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co, Ltd produces TOILETS! They provide 1 billion toilets every year according their web page. The “U” in the above logo represents a toilet seat ….. clever, yes?

Which just may explain why Donald is the way he is ……. or not.



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