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The question that Tubularsock doesn’t understand when it comes to backing Bernie Sanders is just how many people miss the bottom-line-point of supporting Sanders. And that point is that the people that do back Bernie are NOT backing him because of his name BUT RATHER because of his POLICIES.

And here again the likes of Whoopi Goldberg ranting against Bernie staying in the Presidential race and not getting out of the race and backing Senile-Near-Dead-Joe comes into play.

Whoopi Goldberg who was a big backer of Corrupt-Bitch-Killery is now all in for Senile-Near-Dead-Joe! Go fucking figure. Obviously she doesn’t “get-it”.

At one time, Whoopi appeared to have some basic principles and some integrity but Tubularsock figures that for many once they get cash in their pocket they just sell out to the highest bidder.

To listen to Goldberg rant against Bernie and interrupt him to push her agenda could have been a hell of a lot easier for her to do this anti-Bernie rant without him.

But the base line, it appears, for the Democrapic establishment is doing all they can right now to set it up so when Senile-Near-Dead-Joe doesn’t win then they’ll have someone other then themselves to blame for their loss. AGAIN!

And, oh gosh, Russia won’t work any better the second time around so they’ll put all their eggs in one basket and we’ll hear that it was ALL due to those Bernie Bros!

But the REAL point that the Democrapic establishment continues to fail to understand is that their fundamental platform that they plan to stand on is as rotten to the core as usual and bankrupt policies DON”T GARNER WINNING VOTES! PERIOD!

It is not Bernie that a third of the current party is voting for IT IS HIS POLICIES!

Can you Comprendo Whoopi? Can you fucking get it?


Ok here’s the test:

Name one policy that Senile-Near-Dead-Joe stands for?

Times up.

You see, some people vote for the principles they believe in and if no one is there with those principles then those people stay home. They just don’t vote for the next name on the list …….. they just don’t vote.

And the numbers of these type of voters in the United States happens to be huge. Much larger than the silly “polls” indicate …….. they really don’t know.

But there is a significant number of “non-voters” who have given up voting because voting the “lessor of two evils” no longer is acceptable to them.

If we ever have an election which was based on principled policies rather than cult of personality THAT election would be amazing.

But rest absurd that that will likely NEVER HAPPEN because the Democrap/Republican’t Party is the only party in town and they are doing like they have always done maintain and control the power.

As for “THE PEOPLE” you should be able to see AGAIN where you stand in all of this.

Just look at this last bailout that the DEMREP PARTY just past before their three week break ………. HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT. Case in point!

Do you fucking get it yet!

However, THE FAT LADY HASN’T SUNG,YET. And that is what Tubularsock is holding out for in anticipation.

And ……….. Fuck you Whoopi!



Well a fucking HO-HO-HO to everyone.

Another year is closing and world peace and goodwill toward men is headed for the exit.

The Government is shut down.

The Stock Market is headed toward the depths of hell.

The Congress is not willing to throw 5 billion on blocks to build “The Wall”.

The Orange-Child is kicking, pouting, and tweeting about …. whatever.

And it is business as usual in good old Amerikkka.

For Tubularsock it is that happy time of year when total strangers yell out “Merry Christmas”, or the much more PC, “Happy Holidays” to you.

Of course, Tubularsock yells back …… “Same to ya fella, and so’s your mother.”


And Tubularsock’s favorite Christmas past time, sitting on a bench and watching people ladened with gaily colorful packages stepping over the homeless in order to get home with their happy treasures to share in Christmas cheer BEFORE the credit card bills arrive.


Well hell, they gave 20 bucks to a food bank what else can one do?

So with total optimism Tubularsock faces 2019 because we can all hope that it can get worse which then will make all this current shit become, “The Good Old Days”!



For Fuck Sake, Tubularsock left the front door open in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see Bunker Tour) and all the sarin gas news drifted in.

So really, without Tubularsock having to go searching for WHAT HAPPENED in Syria the information fell right on Tubularsock’s top floor corner office underground bunker desk!

Which only goes to show you that the ancient sage’s comment, “if you stand in the same place long enough the truth will come to YOU!” is so true.

So lets begin:

First the Russians have reported that there is a chance that an arms warehouse may have been bombed by the Syrian Air Force and exposed chemicals that the “rebel” forces use to make bombs.

Now before your doubting mind takes off remember that it was the Russians that got the Assad Government to destroy their chemical weapons back in 2013 and Syria has been monitored by the U.N. ever since.

So the Assad Government doesn’t possess chemical weapons.

BUT the rebel terrorists (our guys) do have stock piles of chemicals to make chemical weapons that WE (GOOD OL’ AMERICA) sold to them. AND the CIA also trained these mercenaries on how to handle and use them.

The chemicals came by way of Turkey (our ally) and according to Seymour Hersh, it was Killary that approved sending Libya’s sarin gas to the Syrian Rebels! And that is in part what the entire Benghazi mess was all about. Stevens, the ambassador that got himself killed, was a gun runner for the U.S. and the American Embassy was a CIA front.

And when you get down into all this, Killery approved a plan to use the sarin gas and blame Assad as a pretext for the West going in and bombing the fuck out of Syria to SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Truly, Tubularsock couldn’t make this shit up if he wanted to!

So with that information, just why did Trump bomb Syria?

And more than you’d like to think, hand size has a lot to do with it!

And also before we bombed Syria the U.S. warned the Russians that we were bombing the airfield so as not to create an “incident” with the Russians. Of course, the Russians warned the Syrian forces and all is good!

Interesting that a reconnaissance photo that Tubularsock was viewing from the Tubularsock Spy O’Camera shows the bombed out base BUT TWO THING are clear.

ONE: There are no airplanes on the field.

And TWO: The buildings were bombed BUT the air field is fully operational.

So, roll in a couple portable trailers and the air base is functional again.

And THAT, cost the American taxpayer 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles ……. $1.59 million (2014 price) each, for a total of $93,810,000.00 for the missiles ONLY. Care to add up the rest like the ships at sea and the support teams and the cost of the dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private gulf club, which between bites of New York steak Trump called for the bombing escapade.

Pretty cheap if you ask Tubularsock! And you can see that the cost to the American taxpayer of $60 million on Mar-a-Lago trips for Trump in just his first year in office is really a savings in comparison.

But we can’t, as a nation, spare a dime for preschool education from the free loading public!

Hey, it all has to go to SAVE THE SYRIAN CHILDREN!

tube-heading-hipDESPERATE TIMES?





For further information:

Tubularsock Black Arts Ltd.

SEND CASH ….. small unmarked Franklin’s.

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Tube Thought Heading


Tubularsock has been looking at the obvious and the great thing about looking at the obvious is, well it’s obvious.

We have an incredible psychological study developing right in front of our eyes on our life sized television screens EVERYDAY!

And that study, of course, is the run for the Presidency.

Now before Tubularsock pushes forth let us all understand that the Presidency and the individuals that run for that office are just a composite of those who elect them.

Therefore if the candidate is packed to the brim with “The-Simpleton-Of Bullshit” (TSOS) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by Bullshit which makes them a Simpleton. Plain and simple.

And if the candidate is packed to the brim with being “Grossly-Self-Centered-And-Conceited” (GSCAC) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by the same abnormality. Plain and simple.

An so it goes with a candidate packed with a “The-Craze-For-Power” (TCFP) then those who follow him/her are psychologically attracted to and fooled by power. Plain and simple.

So to make a long theory short, Tubularsock will put it all in a “NUT” shell for you. Whatever the characteristics of the candidates are are just the reflection of the supporters. And naturally if enough fucked up TSOS, GSCAC and TCFP vote, the end result is a Composite-America.

Kind of spooky, isn’t it.

Now Tubularsock’s only point is that We The People have fucked ourselves. That means ALL OF US! Because the 1% can not control the 99% without tacit compliance.

And how do they do this?

By the oldest trick in the book ……. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

“So how does that work?” you ask. Interesting that you asked.

Well the “stuff” is divide up in a hierarchical manner so some people get a bit more than others and then the idea of fear of shortage is introduced.

Thereby those with the most for themselves are afraid of losing what they have so in order to protect their amount of stuff they come together and protect their level.

From time to time a damn socialist historically comes through the system and proposes that we share our stuff but the response is always, “IT’S MY STUFF!”

………….. and the beat goes on.

Oh sure, Tubularsock knows of the complexities but for today Tubularsock is explaining the theories in the “NUT” shell fashion for your convenience being that you are in the 99% but the lower third.

So now that Tubularsock has gotten all of today’s theories out of the way let us talk about EGO MANIA PERSONIFIED which was where Tubularsock was headed all along as hinted by the title.

Both Hillary and Don are EGO-TOP-HEAVY (ETH) a well know psychological term coined by Tubularsock about a half minute ago. But has a long history in the psychological community and why in some circles they put “Dr.” in front of Tubularsock’s name.

And there is no better way to show the ETHness of Hillary and Don but through a Rorschach type test invented by Dr. Tubularsock,TSOS-Phd. in his off hours in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see: The Bunker Tour).

The ETHness technique test has the subject (you) examined to detect “thought disorder” as well as “JHFUAY disorder” (a disorder noticed by Dr. Tubularsock at both the Democratic and Republican Parties Conventions over the years as well as the Sadie Hawkens Dance in the 8th grade.)

Now it is clear to anyone with a brain that both Hillary and Donnie have ETH. That is a given. And is proven by both of their vice presidential choices as shown here.


In both cases, Hillary and Donnie picked a non-threatening, boring, limited intelligent, vice president. One that would NEVER “out-shine” them.

This, in both cases happens to be a clear sign of ETH!

Tube clear ETH

If for any reason, YOU don’t see the obvious … please make an appointment to see Dr. Tubularsock,TSOS-Phd. for an evaluation.

Phones are now open 415-Iamsick. Operators are standing by.



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