………… get it?

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

only they will dominate ……….. not you ………… except at your level.

  1. blackie wallace says:



  2. Stam says:

    Sock: your new site is pretty sophisticated. Send me a manual or Manuel or both so I can navigate it. Are we wearing silk suits and smoking cigars yet. I see that Alexander Cockburn died Friday. You have big shoes to fill, but I have faith in you. One of Cockburn’s ancestors, Sir George Cockburn, an English admiral, helped burn down the White House in1814. Thought you’d appreciate that little tid bit…


    • tubularsock says:

      Stam, welcome to Tubularsock’s new site. Apple stopped hosting iWeb so I had to find a new home. WordPress is rather cool and took me awhile to follow the bouncing balls but I’m getting used to it. Good luck. Just keep pressing shit and you’ll finally get something.

      Read about Alexander Cockburn. Too bad. He took a different view on 911 than Tubularsock which put him on my questionable list but he did a huge amount of great stuff as well.

      Tubularsock may have more in common with Sir George ……….. send me a match!


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