Hillary and the Boys

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What do you know about Syria? No really. What do you know about the Assad Government in Syria? Really.

Tubularsock would venture to say NOTHING.

And Tubularsock can assure you that what you see on your silly TV from those silly buffoons that pose as “journalists”, a misnomer if there ever was one, is nothing even resembling the truth. Nor are they really there to provide it.

Sure you already know that! And who has time to really trace down what are really the issues in Syria let alone why we are suppose to solve them?

But here is a summary of what you have been propagandized to believe:

Assad is the bad guy.
He runs a brutal government that victimize his people.
He and his wife are disengaged from the harsh life of their people.
The “people” have risen up to throw off the chains of their dictatorial government.
The “people” want democracy.
The Chinese and Russians are providing (that means selling) arms to the Assad government so it can brutalize the people.

Sounds like this is a job for SUPER-COUNTRY aka The United States of America.

Oh gosh, America can’t intervene we just can’t disrespect another country’s sovereignty.

What kind of a country would do such a thing? Certainly not one that believes in the rule of law!

And then Hillary tells the world that Russia and China, “. . . will pay a price” for standing with the Assad government.

Sounds like the same old bull shit to Tubularsock.

Now who do you think has been training and selling arms to the “rebel” side of the equation? Yep. The CIA. In fact, you can bet that it was the CIA who helped to get this entire thing started. No really, you can bank on it. The arms dealers have and they will sell to all comers.

And who is the number one arms dealer in the world today?

China? ………….. no.

Russia? ………… no.

Cuba? ……….. no.

Well, the freedom loving, war hungry United States.

Now like in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria does the United States, Russia, and China really care about the people of any of those countries? Fuck no.

As always, each of their perceived “national interests” are the ONLY thing that is really of interest to them.

So here is the question that Tubularsock has been wondering.

Just WHO believes any of this shit?

Just WHO is Hillary trying to communicate with at these international meetings?

Not the people of the United States. Obama would bomb the crap out of them if he decided to “protect our national interests” or even worse “protect us from terrorists!”.  So the American public doesn’t have to be considered.

So who is she talking at?

Look at these slim balls in their fucking blue suits and their empty hand shakes. Do any of them care about people? Do you think any of them care about people?

Well, they tell you they do but their decisions always end in this:

But for them it’s back to the fancy hotels and their jets and off they go to destroy the next country on their corporate agenda.

And the people? Get real!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Dearing says:

    Now, now Tube, she’s just trying to neutralize our karma, don’t ya know !?


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