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You have herd of the XLPipeline and how bad it is for living things at all levels.

And you know that Step-And-Fetch-It-Obummer postponed his decision on the Ol’ XL until after he could be sure that all the facts could be studied and all the reports were collected. Oh yeah, and that would come after the election ……..

And those people who know Step-And-Fetch-It because they have counted the number of direct lies the guy throws like litter from a car window are still trying to awaken people and put pressure on him to stop this pipeline extension.

Tubularsock is still reeling from stacking all my extra dollars after Obummer saved the economy to pay too much attention to the XL. But here’s some stuff for the fun of it.

I do commend these protestors for the correct view but none of you really believe that Obummer is not going to pass this deal.

It was signed sealed and delivered a very long time ago and you guys are just wasting your time. You can rest assured that you are correct and time will prove you correct but jobs and diversifying our energy dependence —– between wind, solar, and guinea pig circular runs and OIL, NUCLEAR, and BOMB-BLAST COLLECTION — will “force” him to approve the XL. Really, “It’s good for the ….”

And Tubularsock will tell you right now that the fact that the Alberta Clipper [Enbridge] pipeline is already moving Alberta Tar Sand oil into the U.S. and has had 804 pipeline spills totaling 6.8 million gallons of oil since 1999. This is according to the Polaris Institute.

But that doesn’t matter.

The Alberta Clipper [Enbridge] pipeline was responsible for the spill (July, 2010) that happened in Marshall, a community of 7,400 in southwestern Michigan. At least 1 million gallons of oil blackened more than two miles of Talmadge Creek and almost 36 miles of the Kalamazoo River.

About 150 families have been permanently relocated and most of the tainted stretch of river between Marshall and Kalamazoo remained closed to the public but was reopened 23 months later (June 21,2012). It is still not cleaned up but the EPA says that people can once again swim and boat on the Kalamazoo, but that doesn’t mean the river is oil-free.

Fun side note: County health departments and the Michigan Department of Community Health have said that touching oil in the river might cause temporary skin irritation, but they don’t expect any long-term health effects. Stations with cleaning wipes are set up near kiosks at boat launches so people can remove oil from their skin and boating equipment.(June, 2012) SO BRING YOUR KIDS RIGHT ON DOWN TO THE SHORE LINE AND THEY CAN BE AS BLACK AS THE DEAD WATER FOWL. YA’ HEAR?

Hey, but that doesn’t matter.

The other Alberta Tar Sand oil is pumped through the Pegasus pipeline. That pipeline ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas dumping 300,000 barrels all over the town.

And that doesn’t matter.

Fun side note: Tar sands oil is 15 to 20 times more acidic than conventional oil and up to seven times thicker. Tar sands oil is 16 times more likely to breach a pipeline than regular crude oil. Feel better now? Why not put a pipeline full of this shit crossing the entire United States?

But that doesn’t matter.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration has given the Keystone pipeline structural exemptions which allows TransCanada to operate at 80 percent of the minimum yield strength of the pipe rather than the maximum of 72 percent required by federal regulations….

You guessed it…. that doesn’t matter.

The State Department inspector general launched an investigation into improper conflicts of interest between TransCanada and the contractor the State Department hired to write the environmental impact statement.(May, 2013)

But that won’t matter either!

The House approved legislation to green-light the Keystone XL oil pipeline (the fourth optional segment). The legislation, which was authored by Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.), was approved on a 241-175 vote. Despite the numerous pro-Keystone votes, it is unlikely that the legislation will gain traction in the Senate.

And the White House threatened to veto the bill. (May, 2013)

But how many times have we heard that!

So that doesn’t matter.

You see, TransCanada, it is believed, is already storing tar sand oil in Cushing, Oklahoma, the Keystone Pipeline hub, pending the opening of the southern leg.

That matters!

So …….. the deal is going to go down ……… it is just how the flowing words will mask the flow of oil to make us all feel better.

And why, you ask?

Fun side note: The US Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest oil consuming government body in the US and in the world! The DoD uses 360,000 barrels of oil each day. (2009)

In fact ………. our military exploits are conducted to control and acquire secure oil supplies. But it is the military that is using that oil which requires the military to control and secure oil supplies.

Could there be a self-propelling activity here?

Yes, of course Tubularsock has a solution to this entire mess. 


Over 50% of DOD’s oil consumption is used in overseas exploits. End the exploits save the oil and apply it to domestic use and gas prices go down.

Don’t thank me now!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Dearing says:

    I too have a solution – Put O’Bummer on a 60 day fast – only two things touch his lips:
    crude oil and Zionist’s cash….


    • tubularsock says:

      Dearing. That’s what the guy lives on already! Perhaps if you serve matzo ball with the zionist cash. Since a set of balls might help. I prefer just beating him with a stick.


  2. Wow! What a report! What a compendium of facts! MIND-BLOWING! If these inter-woven
    facts were brought TOGETHER to the public consciousness . . . I can’t believe there would not be a response. It’s the bringing-together of these facts that is so powerful!


  3. Bill Kueppers says:

    Tube, I always love it when you cite the sources of your facts (“first hand news”), and would have enjoyed a few citations here. I realize, however, that doing so might slow down the lava flow. There’s no doubt in my mind that Keystone is bad news, whether its first or second hand. But even worse is figgin’ fracking!


    • tubularsock says:

      Bill, thank you for taking the time to comment and for expressing your desire for citations of sources. This article was a compilation from six different sources and the information is readily available with a simple “google” search of Keystone XL Pipeline.
      I tend to cross reference the best that I can to provide my information to you but the difficulty here was one of condensing the facts that are available and therefore felt that due to its easy availability that one could find out more without direction.

      That said, I shall keep in mind your request. The nice thing here is that Tubularsock couldn’t make this shit up as well as reality spins it out. And to think fracking even exists is just plum scary!


  4. Reblogged this on little.miss.marshall and commented:
    Love this!!


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