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It appears that the economy is so bad, in reality, that the Secretary of the Inferior has had to take a part time, no benefits, low end Security Job.

Tube Security

A member of the White House staff who has not been authorized to speak, write, or even squeak about this has just spoken freely without thought about all her agreements.

It is almost like, “they wanted the news to get out”! hmmm, a “controlled leak”?

But there are dangers. So often we have forgotten that it was a low paid security job worker who was responsible for the arrests at the Watergate and the bringing down of a President.

We each have a role ………. play it well.

Wow, another life lesson brought to you by Tubularsock.

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  1. Keep bringing us those ‘life lessons’ and you look extremely ‘secure’ in your new security getup. You wear it well, oh ye of so many hats and uniforms and careers. You never fail to keep us amused, informed and amazed. May you continue in your endeavors to clue us clueless souls, in.

    ..and of course since the ‘holiday’ season will soon be upon us once again, we do understand that you will need another job just to keep up with the interest on your credit card debt. Only this year, remember to request a signed statement from every merchant stating that, “You are NOT being hacked, AGAIN!” LMAO!!!! Sorry for laughing, I really am. I am SO contrite. *snicker* *snicker*

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    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, thank you for your comment and the reminder that the “holiday season” is over the horizon and Tubularsock’s interest on the old credit card is out of this world so a part time job will be necessary for sure. Tubularsock is sure he’ll be able to come up with a scam , I mean a job this season.

      Now hacking merchants …….. hmmm. That could be a “20 year to Life” Lesson!

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  2. I’m sure you’re disappointed about not getting a high end security job with a company like Blackwater (I think they changed their name to Xe). It’s probably just as well as I hear they’re not very nice people.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. The Secretary of the Inferior did apply at Blackwater but by the time he got his application submitted Prince had changed the company’s name to Xe Services and so the Secretary of the Inferior filled out a new job application but by the time he had submitted it Prince had changed the name of his company to Academi so by this time The Secretary of the Inferior
      had run out of ink in his ballpoint pen. Life sometimes deals in strange ways.

      Thanks for your concern.

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  3. wolfess says:

    Now tell me please, what’s with all these ‘pissing games’ [controlled leaks] to see who in charge can ‘trickle down’ on us in an attempt to convince us it’s raining? When my son was a baby I got pissed on all the time, and I REFUSE to take it from any of our elected terrorists! I’ve got a guillotine that can take care of that!

    Pwr 2 the PISSED-ON peons!

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  4. As long as you’re in the security game, they’re now looking for a new head of the Secret Service … If only it didn’t involve dealing with SO! MANY! damn politicians, that could be a fine gig for you. Or a career killer. But obviously you could do a better job than the last one! (Sorry, I know that’s faint praise…) And come to think of it, it would be a big prestige step down from your Sec.-Inferior position. Just a thought. – Linda


    • Linda, your comment is ever so spot on and outrageously hilarious! I just had to give you kudos for that comment.

      Tube would make an excellent head of the Secret Service and he could sneak us into the WH and we could do some behind the scenes scheming to right this lopsided, sinking, stinking barge called the new and unimproved ‘Titanamerica’! I can just see us all behind the scenes becoming the new puppet masters. But, I wonder how long we would last before we were never heard from or of again? In fact, I don’t think we’d even make it to Guantanamo! LMAO!! But I still think that Tube should go for it!

      …and let’s just say that this Secret Service position would be on par with Tube’s Secretary of the Inferior gig. We don’t want Tube to feel bad about his change in careers, do we? LOL!! You guys are just too much fun!!!!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Tubularsock is so depressed now …….. Shelby, you and Linda BOTH knew that the Secretary of the Inferior was just another “gig” of Tubularsock’s? So much for clandestine!


    • tubularsock says:

      Oh No! The Secretary of the Inferior “gig” has been EXPOSED! Wow Linda, Tubularsock assumed that no one would recognize him. Head of Secret Service is a drop in prestige as well as pay grade for sure. BUT “secret” is enticing.
      Tubularsock …. I mean the Secretary of the Inferior will take this all into consideration. Thanks, Linda.


  5. Well hell, me and my big mouth! I’m so sorry Tubularsock, I never meant to be divulging state secrets — maybe you need to get your blog classified? I thought we all knew (usually, if I’m aware of things, they’re already in the tabloids) … that seemed half the fun of the whole Secretary of the Inferior bit. You’ve probably noticed, I can be pretty slow! Will I end up in Guantanamo or some less obvious and even nastier prison somewhere now? Maybe I’d best be applying for asylum somewhere — but damn my Russian is dismal to non-existent! Oh well, this should (finally!) teach me. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Never fear Linda. Tubularsock will just lie express that it’s not him and that the Russians are to blame with the backing of ISIS which may be at our door at any moment.

      It’s done all the time in the halls of government as well as classifying everything. Not a bad idea.


      • wolfess says:

        ” … the Russians are to blame with the backing of ISIS which may be at our door at any moment.”
        And the Khorasan Group on Wall St is backing their move at the insistence of their leader:


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