Posted: September 26, 2015 in ANGELA MERKEL, Germany, Russia, Selfies
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Tube Camera ReadySELFIE MADNESS!

Oh sure, Tubularsock is really a dare-devil. And because of this heavy duty risk taking Tubularsock has placed himself in DANGER!

This year, so far, death by selfie is greater than death by sharks! (12 to 8)

Now Tubularsock stopped eating shark years ago once it was found that the amount of mercury present in shark was so high that it would  better serve you as a thermometer than being served to you on a plate.

You see we high risk thrill seekers attempt to take high risk selfies ……..

Like, backing up and falling off a building to grab that great shot, being hit by a train, or getting a selfie with a wild animal …. say like a bear, tiger, but not a shark (so far).

Al Jazeera and Reuters has both reported that the Russian Interior Ministry has put out a leaflet that states: «Прохладный selfie может стоить вам жизни.»

(“A cool selfie could cost you your life.”)

An assistant to the Russian Interior Ministry stated, “Before taking a selfie, everyone should think about the fact that racing after a high number of ‘likes’ could lead you on a journey to death and this last extreme photo could turn out to be posthumous.”


tube merkal shark

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. swo8 says:

    Careful there, Tubularsock, Angela might bite you.

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  2. donzo442 says:

    Did you have yourself checked for conjunctive Merkelitis?

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  3. sojourner says:

    I now hesitate to hit the “like” button! So what is your point about Angela here?

    By the way, you make a nice looking OLDER couple!

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  4. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    I am currently studying the link between selfies and mental illness. So far it’s not looking good for the serial selfie snappers. I’ll let you know my findings, as well as consider your data.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Johnny for considering Tubularsock’s data on your study. Tubularsock can be of great assistance to your study because Tubularsock has the ability of arrange facts.

      So keep up the good work. And just call the Tubularsock Institute of Arranged Matter for any help you may need.

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  5. Tubularsock, Me, I’m so vain I refuse to do selfies! But that’s me. If heedless stupidity (and is there any other sort?) were always fatal, we’d have absolutely no overpopulation! Maybe no population, period … I’m not always sure about that. Thanks for this timely warning — although if one needs the warning, is one apt to heed it? — and for another fun post. – Linda

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  6. I just had a look at the Reuters article – I had no idea taking selfies had such a high fatality rate. Yet another new addiction along with Facebook addiction, shopping addiction and sugar addiction. The corporate decision to destroy our communities to make us better consumers has been deeply traumatizing for all of us. Sometimes addiction is the only way to soothe the trauma.

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  7. sojourner says:

    Ja! Ja! Jaaaaa!

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  8. Jay says:

    High risk selfies – what will they think of next?

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