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Tubularsock Heading




Tubularsock has read all the versions of the Paris tragedy and all the emotional outpouring on social media and all the crazy talk about how insane the Muslims are and how evil NATO and the U.S. happen to be and all the summations and outrage from ever corner to either justify or denounce this entire Shakespearian drama.

But who did it?

Who trained these guys?

Who armed these guys?

Who funded these guys?

Who provided these guys with the bombs and ammunition?

And who set them up to even want to do this?

Well don’t we all love a multiply choice test? Sure we do ………


(Tubularsock knows it sounds a little grandiose and it is ……. how often are you faced with the truth?)

So who is responsible?

Is it A …………… The Mossad? (The Israeli CIA)

B ………………… The CIA?

C ………………… The Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah? (The Saudi CIA)

D …………………  The Irish?

E ………………… All of the above?

F ………………… A combination of the first three?

You know the answer. Everybody who can read knows the answer.

The REAL QUESTION is just how long will WE THE PEOPLE, from every country, stop sitting back and allow this to happen time and again!

Just how stupid are we?

(Oh shit, don’t answer this question!)

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  1. That’s easy: A,B,C and F. Does this count for our final grade?

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  2. swo8 says:

    Right on, Tubularsock!

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  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    The answer is this will continue to happen until our collective complacency ends. We’re not quite there yet, perhaps if suicide bombers/ terrorist/ ISIS would please target our politicians/ banksters/ economic elite/ corporations… oh wait silly me, those are the sleazebags who sponsor this terrorist crap in the first place. So yeah… it’s really up to all of us to clean up this mess.

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  4. Lara/Trace says:

    I first thought “false flag” and still think that

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock always thinks “false flag” first because if history has taught us anything it is “false flag” first. Thanks for your thoughts L/T. Sometimes isn’t sad to be correct? Is for Tubularsock but then again … Fuck it!

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  5. donzo442 says:

    “Just how stupid are we?” –
    A)- moderately retarded
    B)- brain dead
    C)- hapless dupes
    E)- beaten about the face and neck until numb
    F)- gullible beyond the proper definitions of gullibility
    G)- incredibly craven

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  6. sojourner says:

    Is there a term paper as well? I hate writing!

    Your choices frighten me! What are you suggesting?

    Okay, enough bs on my part!

    Anyone with a functioning mind (not that I have one) should recognize the power behind this one more false-flag:


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    • tubularsock says:

      Yes! Not only a term paper but an additional ESSAY test on the subject! Take that sojourner.
      Well, Tubularsock is suggesting that all too often Ireland is often overlooked as a major Middle Eastern Terrorist Organization. That’s all.

      Great link. Pretty well gets down to the nuts and bolts. Thanks for including it.

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  7. sojourner says:

    The Irish? I have some Irish in me. Are you accusing me?;-)

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  8. Jay says:

    When war is for profit, it never ends.

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  9. As usual, I am fashionably late to the party, but I happen to agree with you, which happens all too often and this is no exception. A very astute observation, to be sure. I am in an intellectual mood today and so, I have my sensible heeled shoes on and I am wearing my bifocal glasses just in case I get the order from Obomber or are we calling him Odroner now and commence to making bug splats of what used to be people.

    We all must play our part in this Shakespearean tragedy, this drama that continues to unfold and will never end until there is no one left to kill, until every ounce of blood, sweat and tears AND life has been squeezed out of each and every one of us.

    The tragedy is that we outnumber these psychopaths and yet we sit back and do nothing but go with the flow knowing why this shit continues to unfold. We know why this shit keeps happening. And people berate me for being so hard on our military and because I am not patriotic. When patriotism stands for bombs and drones and the training of ‘moderate and vetted by John mad dog McCain insurgents, label me unpatriotic, PLEASE! This mess is in our face and what are we gonna do about it! Why is this? Because they(warmongers and war hawks)know that we are not going to do a damn thing about it other than wring our hands, send a tweet and post a message of solidarity to Facebook. THERE! That’s showing ’em.

    Excellent post Tubularsock!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your insightful and honest input, Shelby. Tubularsock likes your sensible heeled shoes, very stunning. Not that your mad-dog-stiletto-heels don’t have their place as well.

      Tubularsock agrees with you but have you noticed how much more quickly more people (not just the “Nuts”) are not buying the official story.
      That is a sign that the tactic isn’t working as well. The public may not be as asleep about this stuff as they used to be. And the tipping point may come. Oh you know Tubularsock I’ll have to see it to believe it.

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  10. onnovocks says:

    Disaster overload. Same old, same old. As per usual they are using this event to manufacture consent, already they canceled a soccer match due to a bomb threat. People are too stupid to realize that these “Allan you snack bar” operatives blow shit up, and call afterwards to claim the carnage, they never call ahead so the carnage can be averted. Duuuhh. Yes we are too stupid to save ourselves. Good thing France closed the borders, that way the operatives stay on their side of the fence :)) ,..right? No?, ok lets try this one, they closed the borders to keep out the operatives already there, ..damn! Genius! Brilliant!
    At least this keeps the Newspapers from going bankrupt, ..for now.
    Do I know who did it? Who cares anymore, so long as they don’t have to personally get their hands bloody, it won’t stop. They also keep repeating that it’s not about Islam, funny thing then, the snack bar operatives say it I.S.

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    • tubularsock says:

      The same old, same old … no question about that. And the closing of the border like they can. Yep, pretty silly stuff. But Tubularsock has noticed that more people have caught on faster to this charade this time and there has been a quicker push back to the official story. Maybe they are playing this “Danger” too frequently. We shall see, but France are now bombing Syria like THEY did it! Oh well.

      “They also keep repeating that it’s not about Islam, funny thing then, the snack bar operatives say it I.S.” Tubularsock like your point here and what I.S.,I.S.

      Thanks for your comment and don’t go to any soccer games this week wherever you happen to be!

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  11. sojourner says:

    “Well if the qualifications for being Irish are ale and whiskey then count Tubularsock in!”

    You’re making me thirsty!

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