Posted: March 5, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, RACISM, WOMEN ISSUES

Tube-hillary-noir heading


Now that “their” election cycle has been cycling for some time we have all been treated to a third rate reality show.

We’ve had all the envies, enough to even have the Bible blush,: hair, penis size, vaginas, hand size, intelligence (and lack of it as well).

Yeah …….. these people (using the term loosely here) are the cream of “our” American Dream-crop!

Let Tubularsock take up the pesticide spray in his large, very large hands. The locust must be tamed!

Now the easiest target is Plump-Trump. Hate is the call and it has even brought out the worm rats in all parts of the country. His followers don’t think.

They react!

Just like Plumb-Trump.

Everything is simple for Plump-Trump and his followers. Really. It is the “true American Spirit”, fear of the foreign. And if it’s not like “you” you have to kill it, torture it, and demean it. Simple.

The great thing about Plump-Trump is he has an answer for EVERYTHING. And complex issues seem always to become more complex with real-time-facts so those must be avoided. So he does.

But in truth so does Ridicules-Rubio, Loose-Sruzzzs, and that other guy.

And Pathetic-Hillary and Burned-Out-Bernie are not really very strong with real-time-facts either.

No. What we have is the Liars leading the liars leading the liars that are lying about the lies that have been told from the foundation of this nation. It’s the big charade and WE are all in it! You can’t escape …… you’re trapped swimming toward a sinking ship of state!

Tubularsock Billboard Campaign NY

Tubularsock Billboard Campaign NY


Oh sure, you could get aboard the Tubularsock Vegetable Based Gravy Train Fortified With Bacon Grease and ride it to the White House or you can just GIVE UP, THERE IS NO HOPE!

What’s it going to be?

Now all along Tubularsock has said that the deal is done because Pathetic-Hillary has already been elected and all that has to happen is that we go through the illusionary “process”.

This is not because Tubularsock believes that Pathetic-Hillary is worth anything …… at least to the “little” people but she is the perfect White-Woman-Puppet to follow the Step-An-Fetch-It-Negro-Puppet. It’s like PERFECT.

Plump-Trump will not win the Republican Party Nomination. That is because the Republican Party establishment will not allow it …… it will be a hell of a Convention as circus but it will expose how FIXED the Convention System happens to be.

But he will swing to a third party slot and cause damage. But will not win the Presidency, PERIOD. But do look for great high rated TV. Revenues will be up in the broadcast sector, invest now.

Pathetic-Hillary will win the Democratic Nomination and will be the Democratic Candidate as scheduled and Burned-Out-Bernie will stand firm for Pathetic-Hillary and fade into the crumpled history of time.

Older Black’s like Pathetic-Hillary and Bill. Only because they have been told that they do by the da’maimed-da’stream-da’pressed.

The Black Caucus supports her because they know which side their chicken-wings are butted.

The Black Caucus are comprised of mostly old establishment Black men who have sided with the slave owners that pay their salaries.

The Black Caucus are as pathetic with their “blackness” as Pathetic-Hillary is with her “inner-Negro”. Disgusting ALL!

Older Woman like Hillary because she is ……… well, a woman!

Isn’t that enough?

And in truth Tubularsock has only the greatest respect for Blacks and Women that don’t think. Why should they be any different than the rest of the American population?

You see, being FUCKING STUPID is a freedom that Americans have traditionally clung to with all their hearts! Why should that change now?



  1. donzo442 says:

    Amen Brother Tubularsock. Preachin it like the preachin needs a be preached. I am being dead damn serious.

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  2. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Canada anyone???

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  3. sojourner says:

    Nothing funny here! You nailed it!

    I have been watching as this same disgusting event has happened, over and over again, for most of my life, as have you and your followers here. And as you point out, most dumb-ass Americans, whether male, female, white, black, indigo, blue or violet, fall for this same old shit, this every four year farce, this freak show, every got damn time.

    A Canadian friend, last night, while attempting to describe the Trump, Bernie and Hillary circus, ended his rant by saying, “These candidates reflect what Americans have become! The American people are getting what they deserve, for being so self-involved and willfully ignorant!” This is a paraphrased quote, but very, very close.

    “Doing the same exact thing over and over again, and, every single time, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity,” said Einstein (paraphrased again). This is the very definition of the every four year farce.

    The fact is, changing personnel (sold-out stooges), every so often, will change nothing! What is needed is a complete overhaul, a doing away with this corrupted, despotic status quo, and replacing it with a world where the truly unique and free individual then comes together, collectively, to live a life in a world where life is, once again, worth living!

    Until we, HUMANITY, figure out that mega-governments (“control of mind”) and mega-monetary/economic-systems will only serve to benefit the inbred, psychotic few, while the masses suffer at their hands, nothing will ever change, except for the worse.

    And as much as I admire you, Tube, they would chew you up and spit you out, just like they have done with every president since this nightmare began, and as they will do with the next scumbag, which, as you point out, has already been selected!

    Couldn’t come up with anything funny about this one, my friend. Your post here, as you know, cuts too close to home for all of us!

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    • I second what Sojourner said and I do know that I have written about opening a fruit and veggie stand on the outskirts of Guatemala, but I am so not kidding. I am sick and fed up with this bullshit. Nothing is ever going to change because Americans are docile, hypnotized, easily controlled scared ass pussies!

      I knew we were completely done for when we did not even whimper at getting radiated in order to board an airplane. That right there spoke volumes. Put the fear of fear itself into these scared ass shits over here and you’ve got control of the masses and that is exactly what happened. And if Americans were actually thinking for themselves, not one person would be going through an x-ray machine in order to board a plane.

      If I allow you to take a way one of my rights, you’ll be taking them all and that is what has happened. The minute I don’t spend my money and decide to ‘live off the grid’ what happens? I am busted for loitering, trespassing, pissing up against a building, spitting on the sidewalk, jaywalking and ‘living without a lease’. And don’t bother feeling sorry for me and actually feed me because then you’ll get busted for feeding the homeless.

      I am getting out of this shithole if I have to die doing it. Because I cannot call what we are doing, LIVING! We are not living. I don’t even own a TV and yet when I log in, all I see is an ignorant bunch of morons screaming and yelling as though they are competing for top circus act instead of competing for the presidency of the United States of America. This shit ain’t even funny, just like Sojourner says. This is exactly why I don’t post much anymore because I am too busy devising ways to get the hell out of here. And folks can tell me that there is nowhere to go to escape from these maniacs, but on that, I’ll just say, “I’ll take my chances anywhere else but at ground zero, this hellhole called, America!”

      And people say that I shouldn’t go to Guatemala because bullets are flying. Well, what country has the dubious distinction of incarcerating more people than all other countries combined? How many millions of idiotic inbred stupid Americans are toting weapons who shouldn’t even be allowed to wield a butter knife? Too many millions, that’s how many. And I’m supposed to worry about what happens to me in ANOTHER 3rd world country? Because this one is certainly 3rd world, without a doubt. Just ask all the homeless people who are living underground in tunnels in Las Vegas and in homeless tent cities all across this hellhole. I am willing to take my chances even if I have to leave this hole in a leaky ass boat and claim asylum ANYWHERE. Even if it’s in the middle of the damn ocean! I am not voting for any of this shit! When they say, “Take it or leave it!” I fucking leave it!” I am done! Stick a fork in me, I am SO done!

      Thank you for posting this one Tubularsock. If we didn’t know how bad off we are before, we ought to by now!

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      • sojourner says:

        Shelby, you just wrote, here, what keeps me awake at night, grinding my teeth down to nubs! I see no hope for this monstrous system of control, or any other monstrous system of control, on the planet.

        And if we the individuals (all of us), worldwide, are not going to awaken to all of this, and then rise up together and do something to rid ourselves of it, then there is no hope for humanity or the planet.

        These elite animals, and their paid stooges (like the ones we are witnessing now: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, etc, etc), will end up destroying humanity and then the entire planet. In fact, as you know, it may already be too late to stop them.

        But like you, I will no longer take part in anything that would make it seem like I am giving my support to these insane, inbred criminals and their agendas. And if I get the chance, I will be gone from this hell hole as well.

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      • Sojourner, I would invite you to get into the leaky boat with me, but I don’t want to be the cause of your demise, but I swear if I can find a way to get myself out of here, I will most definitely post on my blog how I went about doing it because if there is one thing that I am, I am determined. I hope that you and I both can get the hell out of here because it is far, far too late to do anything at this late date about any of this crazy shit! That ship has sailed and I can only hope that another one will sail with my ass sailing with it. Be it by land or by sea, I reiterate that I am getting the hell out of this shithole!

        For the people who are awake and who are aware of what is going down, I can only hope that you are likewise, attempting to get the hell out!

        I hear tell that the U.S. is charging people thousands of dollars for renouncing their American citizenship simply because the U.S. is now capitalizing on the fact that so many Americans are leaving and renouncing their citizenship. Well, they can just bill my ass because I renounce my citizenship right now! Deport my ass, why doncha! I’d welcome deportation. And don’t think I haven’t gone to INS and begged to be deported. I was promptly escorted out by Security. That is why I am attempting to find alternate means of getting the hell out. This hellhole is like ‘The Hotel California’ where you can check out but you can never leave! Well, we shall see!

        I have just purchased insurance that will pay for my care even in foreign lands. I have already begun the process of getting my passport in order.

        The U.S. can go to hell and take every damn politician with it! None are worth a goddamn!!

        Sojourner, AGAIN, I sincerely hope that you too can get the hell out and I will keep you posted on how I go about getting the hell out! Believe me, I will!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Thanks Shelby, you’re the greatest! Tubularsock believes you have hit it on the head with “. . . Americans are docile, hypnotized, easily controlled scared ass pussies!”

        Need we really say more? Ok maybe we could add STUPID!

        And it is clear, as you know so well, when it comes to politics …… “the shit always rises to the top!”

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      • tubularsock says:

        Wow, sojourner! Sleep tight dude. Save your teeth. The system has become so complicated attempting to follow EVERYBODY that they can’t find information about anybody. In there lies the safety switch!

        The deeper they collect the less they really know!

        They aren’t collecting all that information because they want to track people they collect all that information because it’s a multi-billion business deal!

        Relax dude …….. breath. Relax ……. Relax …….. Now, go blow something up. Try not to hit a child-care center this time. Ok?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks sojourner. Tubularsock uses a Paslode pneumatic framing nailer for speed. It costs a bit more than traditional nails but Tubularsock can NAIL-IT twice as fast.

      And in our political environment speed is essential because Americans have such short attention spans. One can hardly explain the U.S. Government’s Imperialist Agenda in a tweet except: We’re Fucked!

      Tubularsock is sure you remember when there were only Three Stooges but today they seem to have become dominate. Larry, Curly and Moe were at least reasonable.

      Tubularsock is touched by your concern, sojourner, but you underestimate the power of illusionary holographic convergence which Tubularsock has been trained in while learning The Force. Yoda didn’t just pass off his Light-Saber skills to that little Luke-wimp!

      As the next President Tubularsock will implement Changing, Changeable Change in his first 100 Days. Bank on it. At the People’s Bank of Tubularsock!

      Remember: THE FORCE IS YOU!

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    • tubularsock says:

      STOP! Shelby and sojourner here is a Tubularsock lesson for you both.

      Tubularsock years ago bought a small catamaran sailing boat from a guy who had built it himself. The problem was that it leaked.

      Now that in itself didn’t stop Tubularsock because if it leaked …… fix it!

      So Tubularsock fixed the leak and went sailing many times …….. sweet.

      But then Tubularsock got busy with other things and left the little catamaran docked without checking on it.

      When Tubularsock finally went to check on his little boat Tubularsock found that all that was showing was the mast. The rest of the boat was resting on the bottom.

      Never one to give up, Tubularsock pulled it out of the bay and brought it back to the bunker where it sat until one day a guy came by and asked if he could buy it.

      Tubularsock told the guy that it leaked and the guy said, “Leaks! I’ll fix it!”

      So Tubularsock sold the little catamaran to the guy for the same price that Tubularsock had bought it in the first place.

      Well, much later Tubularsock found out that the guy went on to buy a 40-foot sailing boat because he had had so much “fun” with the little catamaran.

      The little catamaran still leaked so he gave it to the Sea Scouts and took a tax deduction for the donation for even more than he had bought it for from Tubularsock.

      He had told the Sea Scouts that the little Catamaran leaked and they said, “we’ll fix it!”

      SO …………..

      Whatever you two do with any “leaky boat” just make sure it is NOT a catamaran!

      Sure, go ahead ……. thank Tubularsock.

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  4. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II.

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  5. swo8 says:

    If you aren’t going to run what about Jesse Ventura. There are rumours that he was thinking about it. I bet a lot of people would be happy if he did. He’s got a lot of creditability. I bet he could beat both Hillary and Donald.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie where did you get the idea that Tubularsock had dropped out of the Presidential Race? Tubularsock is NOT Ben Carson or Jeb Bush!

      You just like Jesse Ventura’s bare chest. Tubularsock would put him to shame and unlike Trump Tubularsock has HUGE hands!

      Opps. Tubularsock got carried away ………..

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  6. I expect Trump’s next call will be to announce Sarah Palin as his running mate. That should send the ratings through the roof.

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  7. Tubularsock, I have this gnawing sense that being fucking stupid is the only right our fellow americans do cling to with anything like tenacity.
    Well … there are guns and gods, they cling to them too. Guess when we’re that stupid, we will absolutely need them? Thanks for this one, but … no, it’s not much fun. – Linda

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  8. sojourner says:

    Thanks, Shelby! And I hear you, believe me!

    I am a citizen of this planet and a member of the human race, period. I am not an American, Russian, English or any other nationality, I am not defined by religion or politics. I pledge my allegiance to nothing else other than my fellow human beings.

    I read a stat the other day (I can’t find it now), that Americans searching for info on becoming Canadian increased by 1100% the day after the last political debate.

    So I don’t believe we are alone anymore, those of us who frequent this site and others. And as you point out, Shelby, if the government is charging big bucks to renounce citizenship, then you know this Titanic is finally going down by the bow!

    I hope you can find a way out soon!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now sojourner and Shelby GET REALISTIC!

      Americans ARE NOT about to leave and go to Canada!

      Trust Tubularsock on this …. really!

      Do you guys know how much it costs to ship a 3000 inch HDTV to Canada?

      If you add up the pixels along …….. shit, it would take a Burmese Elephant to lift the fucker …….. and you know the cost of importing a Burmese Elephant into the United States and then to transfer ownership and passport concerns to enter Canada with an Elephant of foreign descent!

      GET REAL!

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    • “the government is charging big bucks to renounce citizenship”

      Indeed it is and here is the link!

      U.S. Has World’s Highest Fee To Renounce Citizenship

      “The U.S. was criticized for hiking its fee to renounce by 422%, from $450 to $2,350. The U.S. State Department said raising the fee from $450 to $2,350 for renunciation of U.S. citizenship was about demand and paperwork. Perhaps, but American expatriations grew rather than declined. And the $2,350 fee is more than twenty times the average level in other high-income countries. The State Department has complained about all the extra workload they have to process people who are on their way out.”

      This shithole has discovered another lucrative means by which to relieve its outgoing citizens of more of their hard-earned dollars. And it has not a damn thing to do with paperwork. It’s all about capitalizing on the increased numbers of people who are fed up and who are leaving. A 422% markup is damned ridiculous, but it is exactly what you’d expect from this hole!

      They don’t have to ‘process’ shit. All they should do is state that we can mail in our birth certificate with a notarized letter stating that we are fed up with their shit and want out. If they want to send me a ‘good riddance’ note, fine. But I don’t even need that. Better yet, they can just start up a website for people who want out of here. Have us complete an online form stating all of our identification shit and upon receipt of the email, we are free to leave. No more taxes. No more Bush, Clinton, Trump, Obama, Cruz, Sanders; the whole nine yards. And into the leaky boat, I jump. But no! The U.S. government wants to make it as difficult as possible to renounce its bullshit. I am not paying them a dime when I leave this hellhole and I am making sure that wherever the hell I go, there’s no extradition treaty with this hole!

      And Tubularsock, you know I don’t care about a TV! Hell! I don’t got one now, so that’s less for me to have to worry about. I have given up champagne which is a big savings for me. I am pissed at myself over the amount of champagne that I have purchased because I could have opened up a resort in Acapulco by now!

      You say, “Get real?” Getting the hell out of here is as real as it is going to get for me because I hope to ‘really get’ the hell out!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby, Tubularsock gets it. But you can’t cry over split champagne. Sure you could have had a resort in Acapulco by now but how could you have known?

        So, pop the cork on a new bottle and pack your things. Without a 3000 inch HDTV you really haven’t really been a “REAL” American anyway so it should be easy for you to slip out without all that paperwork.

        Tubularsock will come to Guatemala for free veggies from your stand because Tubularsock likes foreigners!

        Thanks for the link, too. It really is fucked!

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      • sojourner says:

        Shelby, thanks for posting this article.

        This is reminiscent of how the Nazis pillaged the people fleeing Nazi Germany in the thirties. And the same Zionist banking-cartel powers, who set up shop for Ashkenazim Hitler and crew in 1933, rule us today.

        Hell, this government doesn’t handle the paperwork it has created up to this point.

        Just watch, this cost will continue to grow, until, just as in Nazi Germany, only the wealthy will be able to flee. Soon, they will start to close the borders on us.

        So, Shelby, get moving soon, and no more champagne!

        I think I’m going to stay and wait for the gestapo to show up at the door. I’ve got something waiting for them!

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  9. sojourner says:

    “Tubularsock too has seen those pictures BUT there is only room for ONE GIANT EGO on that stage! Won’t happen. Maybe Sarah could be “Secretary of Culture”?”

    Well maybe? After all, Palin can see Russia from her front porch! And beyond the Native Alaskans, there is no culture in her state or in the other forty-nine.

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  10. sojourner says:

    “Relax dude …….. breath. Relax ……. Relax …….. Now, go blow something up. Try not to hit a child-care center this time. Ok?”


    Never been to Oklahoma City. I have a solid alibi!

    It’s Sojourner, not Timothy McVeigh, if he even did it? My guess is, it was another false-flag, and Timmy was just another scapegoat!

    No sir, Mr President elect, I come here to learn how to be ” radicalized”!;-) You be the hotbed of radicalism, and that’s why we mere novices come to sit at your feet and learn!

    Oh, and BTW, what does relax mean? Never heard of it!

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